30 December 2015

Immortalization Possibilities are Recognized, at Both Hue- and hu-being Levels ~ Gaia Portal ~ 29 December 2015

Source: Gaia Portal
Immortalization possibilities are recognized, at both Hue- and hu-being levels.
Ceremonies of connection carry through those in the night.
Anodizing of planetary elements are complete.

EM & Blue Solara Webinar ~ Updated with Notes

A brief message for those interested ~ I've just completed updating the above post with some notes. You can read them here :)

28 December 2015

This Transformation will take all of your focus. Now. ~ Sandra Walter ~ 27 December 2015

Eagle Photography
Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The stories of this Resurrection phase are something we’ll really enjoy sharing – later. The message to go silent has presented again, just when things are getting gorgeously surreal. I highly recommend that anyone who is experiencing the multidimensional merge sequences, transformation activations, or revelatory cosmic embodiment experiences (a.k.a. the Resurrection Phase of Ascension) do their best to put aside extraneous activities, simplify as much as possible, and focus on this monumental unfoldment of Christed embodiment.

We are embodying several dimensional layers in a fully conscious process, and yes – things get incredibly and beautifully intense. Keep your psyche, heart and body well cared for, Beloveds. Write down the experiences, interaction, different races, messages and guidance for later. We’ll be assisting the next wave – later. The Tribe will be fine, and we need to unify in showing them this is not busy-ness as usual. For now, everyone upstairs is saying to step away and focus.
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DNA Activation and Light ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 27 December 2015

**Text:  Accessing multiple DNA strands is similar to opening up in no-time a Spiritual Court of Equity. Once received, information needs to be acted upon as this is modifying the density of the Soul. 
Conscious or subconscious, allowing Light into our physical/spiritual/ethereal bodies is what will ultimately produce a separation of densities.
We are currently in a window of opportunity between Solstice and Equinox.
Global Dreamtime is coming to us. Introducing Choice of reception! **

Source: Andrew Bartzis

Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 29 December 2015


This message speaks to many of us who have been trying to make this festive season meaningful in some way over the past few years. And all those trees sacrificed for only a few weeks of festivity.....

Source: Oneness of All Newsletter; Marilyn's website is here.

Dearest friends, we come with joy and best wishes in this holiday season.
We observe some of you experiencing sadness and a bit of confusion because you are not experiencing the season as you are used to. For those of you who are feeling this way, rejoice in the understanding that your consciousness has changed and thus the holidays no longer resonate in the same way. Since last Christmas, many of you have evolved and integrated more light which in turn is effecting the way that you experience, understand, and live every aspect of daily living from the mundane to the most profound.
Somehow the seasonal music you loved in the past, now sounds a bit tinny. Frenzied promotions for bargains of all kinds are often just plain irritating and no longer hold power over you. Some, who never noticed before, find themselves painfully aware of how commercial Christmas has become. Everything feels different this year, but it has nothing to do with age or responsibilities. It has to do with the fact that you have become more enlightened.

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Star Races Against Mind Control ~ Almine

Almine has made freely available powerful transmissions via glyphs to assist in dissolving mind-control. You can download them on her site; instructions on how to use them are included. For those who feel guided.....

Source: Almine's Diary

Question: the star races – the Amfa-pabian in particular – have given us a ceremony against mind-control. Their powerful glyphs that you have shared with us also resemble the geoglyphs found on the Nazca Plains of Peru. What is their involvement in combatting mind-control? And how often should we do their ceremony?

Please read Almine's answer here....

27 December 2015

Weekly Event Meditation Reminder

Please keep this momentum going, our efforts really do make a difference.

The details in the following link will remind us that key developments occurred as a result of our meditations. In addition, EM and Blue Solara gave more details about the effects of the 21 November meditation in their recent webinar, one of which is that several negative branches of the current timeline were eliminated. The meditation also received much support and protection from Light Beings, which aided our efforts.

This meditation is what we can do to help ourselves and the Liberation process. It's a simple requirement on our part, and takes no more than 10-20 minutes of our time.

Please go to the Week Event Meditation fb page for details. See you there!

Happiness Codes ~ Judy Satori

Judy Satori has made available a set of 9 Light Language codes to help bring on a state of joy and happiness. Which code to use depends upon "where" we are at the moment, or what we need for our energetic balance. They can be used as stand-alone codes, or we can listen to the entire set in one go.

I've listened to about half of them, and while the first parts may be the same (or similar), I assure you that each audio is different.

Please go to Judy's site for more details, as well as for the recordings.

Abundance Deprogramming ~ Untwine ~ 23 December 2015

Lakshmi, Goddess archetype of Abundance. Art by Ananda Vdovic
Source: Recreating Balance

Abundance is not only physical. Everything in creation first appears at the highest planes of existence (the highest densities of matter), and then trickles down the planes, until it reaches the mental, astral (emotional), etheric, and physical realms.

Here is a key point : true Abundance is Unconditional
It is a natural, granted expression of Source. All forms of lack are anomalies, artificially created, and unnecessary to our evolution and experience. Lack is actually synonymous to pain and suffering.
 It is important to understand that you do not need to do anything to deserve all the goodness you aspire to. You do not need to buy it with good deeds. Source doesn't need your karma money. Karma is a lie created by the dark forces to justify their insanity and enslave people more easily. There is unlimited re-Source in all aspects of life. You can relax and know you are meant to receive all the positivity you aspire to, it is your divine right.
 Most humans on this planet actually carry so much lack and pain that they do not consciously notice most of it anymore. They get accustomed to not being immersed in the Abundance of physical beauties of creation reaching into all their senses, to not being immersed in positive emotions and Love generated by the complementarity with their soul family, and to not understanding the mysteries of the world and universe they are a part of.
This is not meant to be and it should not exist anymore.
The Goddess is present deep in all of creation and it wants us truly fulfilled again.
Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help the deprogramming :
How much are you evolving and exploring life while struggling with physical abundance ? If today you had everything you need physically, what would you do ? Would you go explore this planet, galaxy and universe, and all the richness of creation ?
How much are you evolving and exploring life while struggling with emotional abundance ? If today you were free of dark technologies disrupting your emotions, fully deprogrammed, and connected with your twin soul, soul mates and soul family, what would you do ? Would you explore the vast possibilities of loving exchanges ?

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Pathways of Abundance are Now Inlaid to Gaia Energetics ~ Gaia Portal ~ 26 December 2015

Source: Gaia Portal
Pathways of abundance are now inlaid to Gaia energetics.
Mental pathways for hu-manity are cleared and prepared for higher discoveries.
Somatics are eliminated in due process.
Flairs of possibilities present to all.
Combinings are approved.

26 December 2015

Christ Is Born: BE the Revelation ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 24 December 2015

Source: Think With Your Heart

As 2015 draws to a close, we end this universal “8” year of spiritual-meets-material mastery with quite an exclamation point.

For the last 36 months…since the 12-12-12 gateway…those solely dedicated to their personal ascension have been diligently working as a collective to merge the spiritual and material worlds (as above, so below).  Of course, that merging of heaven and earth began with(in) each and every one of us (as within, so without) so that by this coming year (2016) we could begin to witness the physical emergence of this ultimate union in the world around us…beginning with ourSelves.

Needless to say, this year’s 12:12 gateway represented a major turning point…the anniversary of/ending to the 3-year journey of our descension leading to this present phase of embodiment that many are realizing thru the resurrection process.  In 2016 (a universal 9 year marked by completion) we will move into the many ongoing (hu)manifestations/revelations of this “3” year process.
And what a three years it has been. 😳

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The Ascension Plan, Ascension and Light Body Process: Webinar Recording ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Solara ~ 20 December 2015 (Updated with Notes)

** 29 December: Updated with highlights, below.

The recording for the above webinar is now available, covering the topics shown above.

I will start working on a summary in a few days' time, for reference and indexing purposes. There is a lot of guidance and updates in the webinar from EM and Blue Solara, so I do suggest that you watch the video first.

I'll just mention the general development of our collective timeline becoming more positive, made possible after our Event meditation on 21 November where several negative branches were terminated. The overall situation Ascension-wise has become more stable.

Please watch the webinar here.

Webinar Notes (text in ochre are my additions):
  • Starts with purification and relaxation meditation which felt expansive and liberating, reinforcing our connection with the One, Gaia Mom, Alcyone, and stepping into the power of our own Sovereignty
  • EM explained the codes used for a status update on 21 November, one hour after the meditation for The Event: “BDM under process.. TL under change .. CG & DF temporary freeze , asteroid under process , GM under protection, BP pending to active .EM13”, where BDM = Blue Dark Merkabah (not Dark Blue Merkaba, as I had previously thought); TL = Timeline; CG and DF = Chimera Group and Dark Forces; GM = Gaia Mom; BP = Blue Pulse
  • Meaning: BDM supported the The Event meditation and stopped CG and DF from disrupting it; this temporary “freeze” lasted 40 minutes so that free will on both Light and Dark sides will not be affected. As a result, the Timeline became more positive as many negative branches were erased. Hostage situation and cleansing of asteroids (Kuiper Belt) in Solar System still on-going. Gaia Mom came under the protection of Central Civilisation, Avatara and Light Forces. Blue Pulse was activated to a certain degree to raise the frequency of the Earth's core
 Timeline changes (14:14 minute)
  • After the Event meditation on 21 November, timeline is now stabilised although not all negative branches have been erased. Previously, there were 3 possibilities for 4D Ascension scenario; with the timeline now stabilised, the new scenario for 4D is for all to remain on the Planet and go through the Ascension process collectively, no more alternative reality or parallel timeline
3 sub-timelines
  • 3D: those who choose to continue with Life/Death cycle in 3D, their physical bodies will not be able to handle the vibrations ~ they will enter alternative 3D world
  • 4D: Continue their evolution into 4D (on Planet Earth) with assistance from Light Forces until they reach 5D in 7-10 years (2025); about 4.5 billion humans are in this category
  • 5D: Leave for New Earth
  • EM stresses that the Ascension Plan is a Cosmic Plan rather than a Light Forces plan, and it's not just limited to Earth and her Humanity as hundreds of thousands of other Planets are involved; it's the end of several major cycles (precessional Pisces-Aquarius, Kali-Satya Yuga, Mayan, amongst others)
  • Mother Gaia already in process of Ascension, and we are all receiving energies from Central Sun in preparation for our own Ascension, ie. Many individuals already undergoing their own process, be it 3D (death) or 5D (Light Body preparation) ~ these are on individual/personal basis
  • Where Light Forces are involved are with 4D collective group, who are unable to undergo the process on their own. Therefore after The Event, this group will receive the required support from Light Forces to proceed on their collective Ascension; so as far as Light Forces are concerned, their general focus and plans for Humanity are for this 4D group
  • EM stresses that each individual has the Sovereign right to choose to ascend, based on one's spiritual account and past experience. One does not need to “allow” DF to prevent one's own ascension, nor does one need to wait for Light Forces to initiate the process
  • For Natural Ascension, there's “vertical” timeline beyond 5D, more on that later.
  • 5D (not Natural Ascension): many portals opened after 15 December to enable Galactic Wave and special Blue Pulse energies to assist this group in their process, so that at time of The Event they will be ready for Ascension. These energies will continue to shower them until The Event.

What stage are we at now? (29:29-minute mark)
  • Natural Ascension: between Light Body process and Transfiguration
  • 5D: between Process of Ascension (awareness) and Ascension, with some entering Light Body process
  • 4D: between Awakening and Preparation
  • 3D: still not awakened
  • Ascension ~ what does it mean? Light Forces define it as going beyond Matrix, going from one state of vibration to another, transcendence from thoughts ~ psychological, emotional, mental ~ reaching spiritual maturity
  • Actual definition: going beyond Light Body process and into transformation and transfiguration; and also an inner process. It's a two-pronged process: Heart, Navel , Sexual and Root chakras; and Light Body process for Throat, Ajna and Crown chakras. Upon completion of these two stages, we reach transformation phase, then to transfiguration ~ to go from this physical state to another (can be higher physical, or non-physical).

  • In Ascension terms, we liberate ourselves from the domination and control system, cleansing and healing ourselves from the physical, emotional and mental conditioning and beliefs, such as religion, family, traditions, culture. We need to have our own belief system, based on our own experiences. Not to react (emotional) to psychological issues (external) created by our thoughts (mental, beliefs). Our thoughts (mental body) span thousands of years over several lifetimes....Time to update our thoughts!! 90% of them are influenced by DF
  • Raw power/energy originates from between Sexual and Root chakras ie. Our Sexuality ~ “the Spirituality is the Sexuality”
  • Generally 90% of current beliefs about Sexuality corrupted and perverted by DF through several systems (mediums) in our world, this negative energy then harnessed by DF
  • Awaken our Kundalini to properly, energise and stabilise our Navel (psychological), Heart (unconditional Love), Throat (expression / high creativity), then Ajna (memories and seeing beyond the physical), and Crown chakras (connection with Higher Beings)
  • If energy between these two chakras (Root and Sexual) are stagnant and negative (guilt, depression etc), our spiritual account is hijacked; this energy needs to be released as explained above; when properly activated, this is the Power of Creation
  • Light Body process: when the Ascension process begins to affect the physical body ~ transforming from dense to less dense, from lower to higher vibration ~ when it reaches a certain level (together with the ethereal body/aura), portals/gates will open and we can then enter higher states of vibration, either on or off-Planet. Light Body process enables transformation and transfiguration, which is the last stage.
Stages Involved in Light Body Process (43:40-minute)
  • Level 1: Rid yourself of all low vibrations such as sadness, fear, pain (not physical pain), bad attitudes, negative thoughts/memories etc by expanding our consciousness, updating our thoughts/belief systems, confronting the low vibrations with purpose to understand and later heal/release (like asking where did this thought/feeling/etc come from? Who placed it there?). Pets (Wisdom/Animal Kingdom) are especially proficient at removing and healing negative energies; Cats spread stable and positive energies, Dogs absorb negativity and releases it outside home. Stay away from propaganda and media
  • Level 2: Cleansing of physical organs to reach state of health. Do what you can to heal, the current energies will assist in healing as well. Eating meat? Depends on your perspective and level of understanding; Masters abstain from eating meat because animals are also sentient. However, vegetarian diet is healthier as well as more Light-based. Slaughter of animals generate fear, pain and trauma energies within their cells
  • Implant removal: Etheric and Astral ~ can be done even before The Event. We need to step into our own Sovereignty with strong intent and determination. As explained in previous webinar, these implants block us from raising our vibrations, but they can be “resisted”. When we transform our thoughts and beliefs and put them into action with our deeds (walk our talk) ~ ie. Embodiment and activation in outer reality ~ our vibrations will be “...like tsunamis to the implant”. Liberate ourselves and we can deactivate these implants, don't wait for someone or something else, we can do this ourselves, naturally. We need to be honest in all we do ~ can be diplomatic but still stand in our truth, without having to be untruthful or hurting others
  • Implants can also be removed via *1.Light Chambers *2. Devices from RM, Dragon families, Light Forces *3. Master ~ either by guiding you to remove, or to remove it for you if your Sovereignty and Free Will are strong
  • Implants can be reinstalled if we don't have protection; however, if we remove them ourselves naturally, this situation won't arise because we are already living, embodying and activating our Sovereignty, and constantly raising our vibrations
  • When we do anything negative, it's construed as “invitation” to DF
  • Level 3: Activate 4-strand DNA ~ related to ethereal, astral, mental and wisdom planes ~ when these are activated, our memories are restored and we have flashbacks from past lives and beyond, accompanied by the same feeling of the source experience
  • EM and Blue Solara recounted a recent episode where when they shook hands with two females, they remembered the girls as their adopted daughters in Atlantean lifetime. This can also be triggered by touching something
  • Level 4: The Perfection of 4D (The Beauty of Who You Really Are) ~ physical body changes from DNA activations, eg. Not just healthy but more beauty, more Light, more presence
  • Level 5: Receiving Abilities ~ Light Wisdom codes for memory, telepathy, living and experiencing in different state of vibration (eg from EM and Blue Solara ~ Feeling like you're at the beach and wanting pina colada when you're actually sitting in your couch), bilocation, teleportation (which requires Planet to be liberated first because this requires ley-lines network, just like we need telephone networks/Internet to make calls)
  • All these levels form the different stages in building up the aura to achieve magnetic pole reversal (MPR) to create the Merkaba. Just as Earth will flip her poles and transform her core from 3D to 4D and thereafter 5D, our etheric and astral aura will also undergo MPR and form the star tetrahedron Merkaba which is the merging and alignment of our Higher Self and physical Self. Spiritually known as “1 in 5 abnormal” ie. You have your own Merkaba, you're now a Master. Next stages are Spiritual Master, Ascended Master, Enlightened Master, and onwards
  • Level 6: Re-birth ~ Shattering the Matrix; this means when you've reached a certain point, you feel that your reality is like a dream. You can see the “borders” of the hologram, which uses your brain as a projector for this illusion. You're able to exit the Matrix, therefore no longer feulling the hologram creation. How to tell if you've reached this stage? When you are conscious and aware of how you enter and exit the dream-state, instead of suddenly slipping in and then snapping out of the dream, which means you're being inserted into the dream and then yanked out into this “reality”
  • Transfiguration: Physical or Non-Pysical ~ how does one feel from moment of Light Body process until transformation? *1. You'll realise the heaviness of 3D as your body becomes lighter and less dense; it's as if in 3D you're carrying a hundred-pound weight. *2. Sensory field is expanded further eg. You can feel someone even before they actually touch you due to higher vibrations in aura, which is achievable through meditations. Eventually, you will have your own “bubble” of reality as you build your Light Body, enabling connection with alternative realities. This leads to feeling of being in two places simultaneously, which is a challenging phase. You will begin to feel and communicate telepathically with other Light Beings, eventually seeing them
  • Finally, you will be aware of how you enter this 3D Matrix, thereby enabling you to fully unplug from it. You will then be able to have ghost-like experiences such as OBE (out of body experiences), astral projections, bilocations, alternate selves
  • Then you reach stage of transformation where body “burns” to create a supernova charge, the body levitates 2-3 metres from ground, surrounded by Light, then your body becomes crystalline as it becomes transparent with Light flowing in the veins, resulting in higher physical or non-physical body. Ghost-like state for 48 hours before finally vibrating out of 3D
  • Level 7: Types of Light Body ~ 7 different types, depending on Who You Really Are, level of vibration, activation and consciousness, spiritual account, as well as place of origin
  • White Light Crystalline for 4D (when they reach 5D) or 5D group. Also Diamond, Gold-Diamond, Purple, Diamond-Purple, Blue, Violet Light Bodies depending on race and origin, total 7 different types.
1: 19-hour
  •  Slide shows different alternate dimensions and realities, horizontally and vertically
  • There are 7 Universes (vertical), with the bottom one being the Physical Universe, where we are at. The other 6 are the Inner Realm/Light Universes (Etheric, Astral, Mental, Wisdom, Will, Enlightenment)
  • 5D group will have horizontal Ascension, still within the Physical Universe (etheric, astral, mental, wisdom, will, enlightenment dimensions), with the density becoming lighter from the etheral to enlightenment dimensions
  • Natural Ascension (NA) will have vertical Ascension into one of the 6 Inner Realms/Light Universes, with increasing Light from the Etheric Universe towards Enlightenment Universe. Similar to the Physical Universe, each of these Inner Realms/Light Universes have their own horizontal dimensions, from physical to enlightenment.
  • NA would mean “Oneness”, going beyond the experiences of Light/Dark, so their ascension is not into a different dimension, but into a different Inner Realm Universe. This is also because they are not originally from the Physical Universe
  • Non-NA would mean there is still unconsciousness within them, so the ascension is horizontal, going into another dimension but still within the Physical Universe
  • The level of consciousness increases as you go further upwards in the Inner Realms/Light Universes; eg. Level of consciousness in 5D Wisdom Universe is more than 12D in Physical Universe
  • Enlightenment Universe is called “First Universe of Light”
  • Beings who are assisting our Planet/Solar System's Ascension are from these Inner Realms/Light Universes, or from higher dimensions within the Physical Universe.
  • Horizontal Ascension will have Horizontal Light Body, one of the seven described previously under the White Light Crystalline Light Body section (Level 7)
  • Vertical Ascension will have Diamond-Golden Light Body, related to the Divine
  • Beyond these Inner Realms/Light Universes are 7 Dark Universes.
1:28 hour
  • EM and Blue Solara have experiences of leaving and re-entering Matrix, like many Masters who delayed their transfiguration process to stay on to support Humanity until The Event. Thereafter may return in Light Body to continue assisting or to continue onwards with their journey
  • Are 5D Pleiadians from Physical Universe? Physical Pleiadians are from 5D-6D (Physical Universe, horizontal) and there are also 9D non-physical Pleiadians who are Higher Self of physical Pleiadians, but still in horizontal Physical Universe. Then there are Pleiadian Spirits and Souls (from vertical Inner Realm Universes) who support these 9D Higher Self Pleiadians (Physical Universe) who then support 5D-6D physical Pleiadians (Physical Universe)
  • The horizontal Physical Universe Pleiadians deal with GFL/GCL; their Souls in Inner Realms Universes deal with Confederation of Oneness while connecting with Consciousness of Blue Dark Merkaba; the Spirits connect with Heart of the Freedom of the Spirit of Blue Dark Merkaba with the Avatara. There are many levels of vibrations
  • Why are they all here now? Reset is for ALL Universes, this is Gate of Ascension and Reset of ALL fabric of Space and Time, related to Mula Brahman (Primordial God, Unmanifested Universes) and Para Brahman as one unit of the Spirit of the Source of The One; from the beginning of Creation and cycles of 13 billion years.
Break-time, resumes at 1:33-hour
Update on current situation
  • GFL formed by positive ETs to remove Draconian/Reptilian Empire, after hundreds of thousands of years of liberating their own worlds; the plan was also to assist Planet Earth, which is the last planet under occupation. However, their scope widened to accommodate the Reset of all systems. Because of this, Central Civilisations from vertical Inner Realm Universes entered the picture in 2000-2001 to carry out their own role in liberating this quadrant of the Milky Way, including 84,000 galaxies around us.
  • On top of all this, the 7 Unknown Universes from Dark (beyond Light) and the Light Universes will unite and merge with the Blue Dark Merkaba of the Avatara
  • In other words, there will be a Reset for ALL OF CREATION, to rectify all mistakes. This is why so very many races and civilisations are involved, and so much playing out between Light and Dark.
Q&A (1:37-hour mark)
Will a huge development occur on Christmas Day?
  •  If anything significant were to happen, it would not be because of Christmas Day, which is to be viewed as a joyous festive day, however Jesus wasn't born on Christmas Day. Lots of changes will occur between end-December and March 2016, due to further stabilisation of timeline since 15 December, but there are no specific plans for Christmas
Is it true that The Event, Ascension etc has already happened in 13D, and that it has yet to manifest on 3D?
  • Creation starts in higher dimensions, then descends towards physical manifestations. The Higher dimensions and worlds already have their “Event”, but it's different from Planet Earth. Here, our situation is related to The Event (a physical occurrence) as well as Blue Pulse (spiritual) which enables dimensional alignment and shifting. So the question becomes, when will 13D of Central Sun allow the Blue Pulse (highest Galactic Goddess representation) to enter Planet Earth? Only Planet Earth is under control by Dark Forces, so situation is different. But in answer to questioner, generally 3 months is “fixed” timeframe for creation to manifest. Eg. when something is completed in ethereal plane (nearest plane to physical), manifestation in physical will take 3-4 months and during this time, the creation cannot be stopped. Therefore, if The Event occurs in ethereal plane, it would take 3-4 months to manifest.
  • Since timeline stabilised on 15 December, major new creations after this date in etheric will manifest after March 2016. However, EM reminds us that sub-timelines are still in effect, where different groups of people are in different stages related to The Event ~ some are waiting for it to occur soon, for some it's far away, while others they are already preparing their Light Body. Also to remember that deadline for Light Forces to trigger The Event is March 2016
How do we know which category of Ascension we are in ~ 3D group, 4D group etc?
  • Ask yourself about psychological, emotional and mental states, your thoughts. Is your belief system changeable? If belief systems not very changeable, then 4D. If belief systems and thoughts are updated every few months, then between end-4D and 5D. If they are updated weekly or daily, then 5D, because you allow your own experiences to change your own thoughts, accompanied with huge Aha moments. Also having inner changes, feeling lighter, feeling awake while in dream-state, having a mission or role to play. If you feel One with yourself, aligned with Soul, then you are beyond 5D.
  • Do not allow fear to prevent you from feeling all of this, have faith and be in the Now moment
  • Currently, there are 77 Enlightened Beings under Council of 8 of Enlightened Masters who are overseeing what's happening on the Planet, while being incarnated here on Earth in physical bodies at the same time.
  • Answering such a question isn't advisable, it's not like an application (for Ascension). Vibrations can change from day to day, so the thing to do is to remain at the highest optimum level of thoughts and vibration
What happens to people who have died recently?
  • We cannot assume that people who passed on recently or whenever, are in 3D group ~ this isn't how it works. 3D group are those who choose to continue the same existence in another world, but not all who passed away fall into this category. They could be higher vibrational people with physical bodies that are unable to handle the frequencies or they are fulfilling their contract, so they will ascend from their non-physical state to physical or non-physical in another reality. Many will return to Planet Earth after The Event as Light Body Crystalline beings or incarnate anew.
  • Some of those who passed may have been Warriors, like Spirits of the Wolf (which EM and Blue Solara are part of) where they go into doorway of Death to capture Archons, having no fear of any state of existence.
Is Reincarnation process hijacked, or do we have free will to choose?
  • 55000 to 56000 years ago, before Quarantine, Planet Earth was unique and precious planet for migration of Souls, with 5 Genesis timelines and 4 womb chakras. This migration was by way of inhabiting, where there was free will to decide when to come and go as well as life contract. After Quarantine, this system was hijacked, and migration was by way of incarnation. Lots of belief systems, karma, hellish conditions and concept of hell/heaven were planted and implemented. Souls were trapped after death, then forced to reincarnate again after “life review”. Humanity was under influence of karma and duality, which reinforced their false belief systems
  • Quarantine was further fortified 18,000 years ago and the last 500 years were the darkest. 300 years ago, all of Humanity had to sign their lives away to Archons
  • After the 1996 Congo invasion (as reported by Cobra), the Light quotient was further impacted, erasing the timeline of The Event happening in 2000/2001. This was when Central Civilisation stepped in with Blue Dark Merkaba of Avatara and 13th Free Will of Central Sun. In 2003, Source/The One counselled the Divine (Council) about mistakes they made with regard to situation on the Planet but the advice wasn't followed. This resulted in the Divine (Council) being replaced by a temporary Council of Light. In original Council, there were 4 neutral, 4 Light and 4 Dark; then it became 8 Dark with 4 Light. The Council has been changed several times.
What is “Divine”?
  • The Council that oversees the Solar System; bearing in mind that different Councils oversee all the different sectors and different levels of the Universes, and Higher Dimensional Immortal Beings form these Councils
  • Light Beings also have their own agendas, albeit many of them are positive. DF feed on us and hijack our free will, because we allow them by not occupying our own chair, not stepping into our own Sovereignty, through our own free will.
  • We need to connect with our own Higher Self, then Soul, then Spirit, then Source. In other words, we connect “vertically” through our Heart centre.
Webinar ends 2:10 hours. Grateful thanks and much Love to EM and Blue Solara for their time, effort and unwavering guidance.

Additional Notes, for further reading:

**Additional Information**
Q1:  If new Ascension scenario for 4D means staying on Planet Earth, does that mean she doesn't get to ascend to 5D sooner? Previously, 5D were supposed to remain on Planet Earth, meaning she was supposed to be 5D?

A: Gaia, at the end of 2017 will change her core to the 5D “ will ascend ”, and will complete her ascension in 2024 [complete her full 5th Dimension],, this means that the 4D layer will remain from 2017 to 2024, [this period which all people of 4D will be prepared to reach the 5th D in 2024].. so in this period there will be 2 density of vibrations 4D&5D..
The 4th Dimension will stay only to 2024,,, and after that Gaia will include [5th,6th and 7th Dimensions ]..

Even in the previous scenario of the 5D, Gaia will enter the 5th Dimension in 2017, but the people of 5th D will stay with her,, but in the new scenario the people of 5th Dimension will move to another new earth 5th D..(Not with Gaia), but people of 4th Dimension who will be with Gaia in 5th Dimension after 2024 + many of light beings from other planets as immigration whom will inhabit this 5th D earth …

[ The meaning of ascension for Gaia does not happened in one day; It started in changing the core of her until reaching the full ascension in 2024...]

Q2: Core of Earth to be 4D ~ does that mean that Agartha etc are not 4D/5D now? What about Amenti ~ I thought this was a higher dimensional plane in Inner Earth, is it correct?

A: the meaning of the core of earth is not her Heart Core “The Agarthans” but her physical core ,, and the agarthans are 5th Dimension since thousands of years …This means that changing her core is changing the chemical composition of her physical body to the 5th D vibrations..

The Core of her heart is Terra “the ethereal & Astral body “5th – 7th Dimensions..
The core of her spirit is Sophia which belongs to the 13th Dimension...
So at the end of 2017 Gaia will start changing her physical body to match with her heart... as a higher vibration...

Q3: On the horizontal plane of each Universe, is there no "Will" dimension?
Meaning, are there only 6 dimensions on each horizontal plane?

A: Of course there is a will plane in all Horizontal of each Vertical universe “from physical universes to the Enlighten universes…
In the picture I drew; the text of Will was hidden by other text word “mistake”…

Q4: What happens when deadline of March 2016 to trigger The Event has passed and The Event still has not happened?

A: the deadline of March 2016 is from Gaia to the light forces” she put this time as a deadline in order for her to have enough time to change her core slowly,, and not at one time… because if the event delayed until 2017, there will be a strong impact on her physical body, which will cause a huge geological changes &natural disasters, and in turn will affect badly the human beings..

It is a critical situation for both sides... so from Gaia point of view, she needs time to make the changes smoothly,, and from the Light forces side, they agree with Gaia in this issue, but they have barriers still to trigger the event , and if they trigger the event before the stability of everything on earth , this will cause a huge  Chaos..

And the meaning that Gaia placed a deadline of March is to rush them to move, but she is not ordering them …

Both sides are trying to make it easy on people,, and make it happened before March 2016.. So the question here “if there is a possibility for the event not to happened at that time..?? Yes if there are big circumstances prevented this.


Q&A With Cobra and Rob Potter ~ 15 December 2015 (Updated with Some Highlights)

Here's the link to the edited version of December's Q&A with Cobra and Rob Potter:

The Promise Review

I had only very quickly scanned through the original version but didn't get to post it due to time constraints. I haven't yet read this edited version, except for the introduction. There is only the transcript available for this session.

Some highlights:
  • Cobra stresses that instead of giving in to the fear generated by the Cabal to lower our vibrations, such as false flags, we should instead do what we can to assist in the liberation process
  • There was a plan for NWO to be implemented by 2000 but obviously this didn't work; 80-90% of their plans don't play out thanks to Light Forces, who play significant role in protecting us
  • Encourages us to become aware of our Higher Self or I Am Presence (I use the term Divinity) by simply being
  • DNA activation and Ascension process, which will be initialised at the time of The Event, depends on the individual. The Event will trigger massive transformations and accelerated evolution
  • Cabal still artificially suppressing evolution of collective, which is reason why people feel so unhappy with present situation
  • Osho's mission was to help awaken the Western world; he was killed by Cabal
  • (There was a question about Anunnaki, which Cobra said his sources don't use that term ~ I think Corey Goode has said that this term generally refers to ETs, literally those who descended from the sky)
  • Hyksos are forefathers of Khazarians, who portalled through Chechnya vortex during the invasion
  • Monotheistic religions were created to control peoples' connections with Source (like an intermediary), and to distance them from Absolute (Source)
  • Moses had positive contact with Light Beings but his teachings were later distorted, as with teachings of most other prophets
  • Absolute always was, is, and will be
  • Universe created through interaction/tension between Absolute and contingency, which are two strong opposing forces
  • Contingency wasn't "created"; it was an outburst of random function, an anomaly
  • Yeshua was first to bring message of unconditional love, which is key message to ensure success of liberation; but like the others, his messages were also distorted later on
  • Education post-Event will be truth-based
  • Much economic restructuring after The Event, including nature of work. People should not fear loss of jobs or loss of industry (eg, nuclear plants) ; this fear blocks the evolution process
  • The Veil is very ancient, 25,000 years, using ancient scalar wave technology but with more added on in modern times eg. Haarp, microchips, infrared, satellites
  • Larimar stone from Dominican Republic, has Atlantean temple energies
  • Empaths are like emotional clairvoyants
  • Mecca was important Goddess vortex before Islam suppressed it; cube charged with occult magic and is energised by the rotation of the people performing Haj to keep them further enslaved in 3D; same with Vatican
  • Haupburg family part of Cabal, but that doesn't mean all Haupburgs are Cabal supporters
  • Eating meat generally lowers vibrations, also tainted by fear energy at time of killing
  • Agrees with honeycombed Earth but not Hollow Earth, polar openings, Inner Sun or civilisations nearer the centre of Earth
  • Why didn't the one million students meditating in Thailand trigger The Event? Because they were meditating for positive resonance for the Planet; therefore to visualise manifestation of The Event is important
  • Non-Earth based Light Forces are also present in Kuiper belt, apart from Chimera bases
  • Project Blue Beam ~ not going to happen.

25 December 2015

Open Letter to Our Spiritual Family ~ Lee Binder ~ 24 December 2015


I'm reproducing this strong, heartfelt call from a dear Soul, Lee Binder. He left this as a comment to my Christmas post. Many will appreciate his plea.

From Lee Binder:
Please read, spread, re-post, make viral, all over the web

Beloved Elohim, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Family, Light Resistance Movement, Brothers and Sisters from Inner Earth.

This is an outcry, a solicitation, a plea and hopefully a wake-up call from your suffering ground crew. Please do not let another Christmas, and especially not another year, pass with tangible or at least visible SIGNS for everybody with eyes to see, that the heralded Golden Age is not just letters and voices in channelings, books etc., and experiences during meditations, but is REAL as in a pat of the 3D perception reality.

This *might* still not be the "perfect", "divine" time as per your high definitions for open landings, the financial reset, broad disclosure, the pouring of all the new technologies, let alone the blue planetary ascension pulse from the galactic core.. but from all the blogs and forums you would need to be blind not so perceive that SO many of us feel that the road has become too long, feel left alone, forgotten, abandoned, and are losing our breath..

PLEASE, for our, heaven's and God's sake, GRANT your serving ground crew FINALLY at least ONE unmistakable kind of sign ALL over the planet before the new year has begun.. there are SO many possibilities, which are in your technical powers even still within the current quarantine state, which will rekindle our hope, faith, light, joy, and accelerate what all of us so much long for..

• signs and projections in the sky (images of Jesus, Buddha etc, spiritual symbols like the Flower of Life, OM, Yin-Yang, the Tibetan Knot, space ships)
• accompanied by beautiful celestial sounds ("angelic choir")
• for many hours all across Gaia

I know I am not alone when I say that if when Dec. 31 has passed around the planet and we wake up to the same outside world, again, tears will be pouring down the cheeks of many many MANY of us..

A second note is directed specifically to our Agarthan / Inner Earth siblings. I encourage, urge, *solicit* you not to wait any longer for what will NEVER come - the *perfect* moment when to rise from hiding.. we NEED you here, now. Please overcome your fears - jump into the water and swim, my friends - it is only cold at first. Even if your ships do get shot at, and there might be some losses, PLEASE do it for us - we are worth it. PLEASE rise globally during Dec. 31, and celebrate with us, so we can celebrate with you..

Re-union can ONLY be celebrated MUTUALLY, and this is so so overdue.

Please, higher dimensional family, refuel us beyond words but for real this year - we are worth it. If the Agarthan are still to fearful, grant humanity the signs at least. You have your ground-crews' permission!

In love, light and joy - sincerely,
Lee Binder

PS: now please spread, re-post, make viral, all over the web - thank you(rself)

Hebridical Consignment are Distributed for All ~ Gaia Portal ~ 23 December 2015

The previous time something "hebrid"-ish was mentioned in Gaia Portal was the update from 20 August 2015 (below). As mentioned then, I was guessing that it could refer to something "ancient" based, as Hebrides are ancient islands off the coast of Scotland.

Storms of transformation bring clear skies.
Consciousness upgrades continue accelerated.
Hebridized conformations are now ion fashion.
Such are leading to Inner Knowing.
Essences are released as veils fall.
Tandems are no more.

The recent one follows:

Source: Gaia Portal
Hebridical consignments are distributed for all.
Gaia energetics are aligned and upgraded to next level.
Sterilizers for all remaining implants are active.
Naturalized themes are now employed with strong result.

23 December 2015

Christmas....With a Disclosure Twist

Epoch Times

Some of you may know that I've featured Chris de Burgh's "Spaceman Came Travelling" over the past couple of years at this time of the year. It's my little token of "protest" against the control, manipulation and deception of Humanity. It's also my effort to further popularise this song :)

Most unfortunately, this year is no different (albeit much progress has been made), so here it is....again. This time, three versions.

May the Christ Consciousness energies shower abundantly upon you, and here's to a massively transformative 2016!!


Click on the image for the respective version.

1. Chris de Burgh (original)
Crazy Website

2. Celtic Woman version

3. Gregorian version
Kaye Crawford

HighHeart Merge Shine ~ Denise LeFay ~ 22 December 2015

Source: High Heart Life

Said in my best Tom Hanks A League of Their Own voice — There’s no crying in Resurrection!

Well, Sometimes A Little Maybe

If you are living this ‘resurrection’ process now too, and if the past few days you’ve had moments of wondering how in the Universe your physical heart and body are housing, containing, embodying and surviving the latest energies and further merging via the December 2015 Solstice and beyond without burning the house down, then you already know that this is some incredible and extremely potent stuff happening in, to and through us now.

Since December 19th, I’ve had to stop and do no thing other than live this resurrection phase of the Ascension Process. The level of NEW Light here now is so potent and different that it reminded me of how I and my physical body and sense of self felt sixteen years ago at that level and strength of the Ascension Process. Stair-steps indeed.

Some of us have entered a very new level and phase of this ongoing Process and it feels Divine, glorious, deeply sexual at times, weird and crazy, overpowering at times, pure God/Source/Bliss, intoxicating, infatuated, in love and LOVE, downright physically painful at times and yet promptly leaves you desirous of housing even more of IT.

I am in love. I AM LOVE.
Please read on....

Grand Portal of Manifestation: 25 December 2015 – 6 January 2016 ~ 5th Dimension ~ New Kids ~ Human Origins ~ New Technology ~ Karma ~ Manifestation ~ Miracles ~ via Anna Merkaba ~ 23 December 2015

Source: Sacred Ascension

“Beginning December 25th, 2015 with Uranus stationing direct, all major planets in our solar system will be moving direct/forward, Manifestations can be quickened during this time.

Through the planetary alignments you shall feel a difference in your understanding of self. You shall be presented with various outcomes and timelines from which to choose from in order to continue your mission here on earth, and the timelines that you shall see, shall be seen by all and selected by all whom you are to be walking with on your path.  A mutual cognition of a new reality structure and a mutual agreement upon the timeline and experiences to be had shall be made…

…For through fully aligning yourself with the Fifth Dimensional frequencies you shall then be able to manifest the realities of your choice! You shall then be able to fully move into  a new phase, whereby all the senses of your present cognition and those unbeknownst to you yet, shall activate and allow you to see beyond the veil, allowing you to experience a different type of reality of BEing, allowing you to walk through veil of forgetfulness arriving at the very core of your own being, communicating freely with those of the higher dimensions and those of the third dimensional earth…

…The acquisition of new technological prowess has allowed humanity to enter a new era of technologically driven automation. And it is through the technology sector of your world, that your earth shall see a rise in new biological structures which will allow you to propel the knowing of your true origins and agendas placed before you by your higher selves upon the entrance into the Matrix System of Planet X…

For through the knowing of your past the knowing of your the true origins, humanity shall be able to take the final step into the destination of full awakening, into the destination of full awakening to that which they are, and propel themselves further still…
….It is through the new seedings, who shall walk freely amongst humans, carrying the collective consciousness of all who have come and gone. It is through these new beings the “new kids”, who shall transform said energies and absorb said energies and erase the past in human cognitive understanding, that the change that you all are longing to uphold shall take place.

It is through your endeavors and the endeavors of your kind shall the earthlings finally be able to grasp the understanding of Karma, and release it once and for all from their memory banks. And it is through the endeavors of each and every single soul presently occupying time and space continuum on the planet known as Gaia that the experiment of the 3rd dimension shall come to an end…”

Please read the complete message here.....

22 December 2015

Dramas Unfold as Dreamers are Rewarded ~ Gaia Portal ~ 22 December 2015

Lots happening at Gaia Portal's end lately....

Source: Gaia Portal
Dramas unfold as dreamers are rewarded.
Flamboyants are moderated in priorities aligned with the New Light.
Predilections set aside.
Hue-manity can rest no more.
Steps are taken to correct the imbalance.

The 2015 Soulstice ~ Kara Schallock ~ 21 December 2015

Source: Soulstice Rising

During this Soulstice (occurring here in Mountain Standard Time: 9:48 P.M.), which is further empowered by strong solar activity, is the “return of the Light” (in the Northern Hemisphere). Well, we never left the Light, yet this Soulstice helps us empower our Light more. As we end this year, we have very strongly let go of much darkness so that our Light can shine brighter. This Soulstice carries on the work that was done during the 11:11 Gateway and many have let go of their wounds, victim energy, duality and so much of the old. We are asked to step more powerfully into Who we are now; no more acting small.

The Light flowing forth during the Soulstice will further purify and prepare us to receive and express more Light. The Purification will sweep through our cells, which hold old memories. This Purification helps each of us receive more Light and this expands our essence of Love. The preparation is so we may greet the New as new. We simply are not who we used to be. The clearing may feel intense and yet, it is all for our continual Ascension into being Source. The Light we receive also awakens Light Codes within us. As these awaken, anything that needs to be released will come up for us to choose whether we want to let it go or wait a bit and perhaps say, “This isn’t so bad; I don’t have to let it go.” Of course, it is always our choice.

For those of us who are committed to ascending, you might notice how truthful you are and how it may be very difficult to relate to those who are not moving forward (or at least not obviously moving forward) as if you are living on two different planets. Well, in a way you are! Let me say that the two different planets are both on Earth; it really is a different consciousness that you are experiencing. As an example, my sister called me to ask about what was in the email I sent her, because it was blank (a definite clear message). During our conversation it was clear she didn’t understand one word I was speaking. She finally hung up on me, obviously feeling very separate from me and frustrated. All is in Divine Order.

If there is any darkness in your cells, it may very well be released in your physical body, which could result in some body pain in one or more areas. If this applies to you, speak with your pain and ask what you can do to let it go. It could be resistance; it could be old memories or old wounds; it could be that your body is asking for Forgiveness of self and/or others. Follow the guidance of your body. Surrender to and follow what is shared, rather than wondering what it means. We are surrendering much of the old, so let the sacred waters of Soul help you let it go. Some other physical experiences you may have are disruptive sleep, headaches, feeling as though you aren’t even in your body; feeling disoriented, not remembering things that happened even a few minutes ago, things disappearing in different dimensions only to reappear in the same place or someplace different, nausea, rashes (especially where your chakras are) and more.

Any time you experience these or other things, it is probably due to receiving new, expanded downloads of Light and it is exacerbated by the solar activity (flares, storms, etc.) that is present now and has been for some time. These downloads shift our consciousness to a higher degree of Divinity. Follow your guidance as to how to help yourself. Being outside in Nature helps the most, along with meditation, deep breathing, and visualizing Light flowing into all of your cells and DNA. Don’t focus on the “symptoms.” Know that all this is for your evolution into being Divine and Soul-merged. There are some other things that help as well, for not only are you releasing and downloading, you are awakening Light Codes within you. https://youtu.be/VGzoupym-Zg.

Please read on.....

Solstice Gateway: Strong Energetic Shifts ~ Sandra Walter ~ 20 December 2015

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Our Solstice Gateway (December 21 – 25) is upon us. This is an amazing year of Mastery that will end with a deep inner shift for many. Allow this, make time for it, bless this planet and all of creation as we (gently, slowly) migrate an entire reality to the Christed grid systems. Note the emerging peace, the 5/6D lucidity emerging as this unfolds.

Photonic, Christed energies always have a purging effect. It is what it is. We had dramatic shifts during the Gateway last week which surprised many in the Light Tribe. Refresh your methods if you were one of them; this is a passage for comprehension, wisdom, and spiritual maturity. This is our three-year Mastery marker, Beloveds; the predicted passage of transformation for the Wayshowers through mid-January. We are at the place in the higher Ascension timeline when full embodiment begins to occur, let us unite in its Divine purpose with ease and grace.

Focus on the New Light, and keep your multidimensional torus fields aligned with your Ascension column for physical, emotional and mental balance. Gridwork with crystals truly assists; Gatekeepers work with every crystal placed upon this planet by a Lightworker. The magenta Gateways of 5/6D Unity consciousness, and the Golden-crystalline Christ Gateways are delivering a very high frequency Light right now. Some of you can hear the piercing tones, which just amplified yet again. (You hear them because your vagus nerve, which receives these frequencies, wraps behind your ears.)

Please read on....

A Counterargument For “Meditation Haters” Everywhere ~ Nova Biscotti ~ 20 December 2015

Another message that needs to be said, this time from Nova Biscotti.

Source: Prepare For Change

This is written in response to comments I received tonight concerning “meditation haters”.
People misunderstand the purpose of the meditations all the time.  Some of the most absurd arguments I have heard are that mass organized meditations are “dark & satanic” in origin, and that we are to send love and forgiveness to the dark ones running this planet.

For starters, the above is something Cobra has never stated – that we are to “love and forgive the dark ones”?  He has stated forgiveness for all of those being forced to live under this electromagnetic dome of pain and anguish, because many of us have been programmed or even forced to hurt others simply to survive on this planet.  But there is a big difference between loving and forgiving other humans as opposed to forgiving the Cabal and their masters.  He has never stated anything to suggest we are to send love and forgiveness to the dark ones.

Below is a visceral “micro” analogy as to how I believe the meditations work energetically:
If someone is beating you into submission, it is probably NOT wise for you to do the do the Ho’oponopono exercise.

At that moment you need one thing above all else:  you need the beating to stop, or else you will die.  Ideally, this can be accomplished with little physical violence on your part…because any physical violence on your part amplifies the violent energy within the situation.  It will likely only invite more violence back at yourself.  Furthermore, you may simply need to conserve your physical strength in order to survive.  The point is to survive – isn’t it?

But…if returning blows is all that will work, do what you must to get the violence to stop, but most importantly minimize the total damage within that particular situation.

Please read on....

21 December 2015


 Take in all those lovely energies.....with Love and Gratitude :)  Perfect Solar storm over the Solstice period ~ perfect Divine timing.

PS. The Tesis site has charming falling snowflakes!! A bit unusual for a Solar activity site, but somehow it works wonderfully well!

Solar System Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 20 December 2015

Well said, Cobra. And very good news, too!

Source: The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light Forces have started to clear the Chimera bases of the Kuiper Ring and are thus beginning to disintegrate the main defense line of the Chimera which previously prevented the Light forces from taking full control of the outer Solar System. There will be drastic changes in the outer Solar System from now on until early January next year. It is not a coincidence that astrologically speaking, this will be a time frame of great progress:

People complaining about my previous post would need to understand that I am not God and I am not visiting outer Solar System on a daily basis and therefore intel about the Kuiper Ring was new to me as well. Nevertheless, it is not a big setback and operations of the Light Forces are progressing nicely. I would also suggest you not to wait passively for the Event, not to make your life dependent on it, but to work actively towards the planetary liberation. To refresh your memory, here are some things you can to when the Event comes:

To prepare spiritually, you can gain more understanding about the etheric, astral and mental planes and learn how to liberate yourself from the Matrix, from this excellent article:

Our Weekly Event Meditation is an important manifestation tool to accelerate the process of liberation and therefore I fully support this call for unity:

Disclosure process through the mainstream media is accelerating. People are beginning to talk openly about future colonies and a future breakaway civilization on Mars:

Please read on.....

The Event Meditation Reminder

Conscious Life News

We can co-create the world we were meant to have, through the powerful and profound force of our collective intention and action.

Please see details at the new site, Weekly Event Meditation.

For videos in various languages, please choose from the following links, taken from The Portal:

Our Weekly Event Meditation now has its own website:

Beautiful videos have been created for our meditation in many languages.












20 December 2015

Heralds of Ionics Bring Voices of New Life ~ Gaia Portal ~ 19 December 2015

Source: Gaia Portal
Heralds of ionics bring voices of new life.
Guardians are alit with passion.
Masterfuls are recognized.
Masteries are accepted and utilized.