15 January 2016

9 Little-Known Facts Based on Solid Proofs That Can Change Your World View ~ Untwine ~ 10 January 2016

Source: Recreating Balance

A few examples of obvious 'cracks in the matrix' that can help see through the other side:

1. Mainstream history dates the discovery of Antarctica to early 19th century, and its complete mapping to the 20th century. However there are countless maps dating several centuries before, which clearly show very accurate mapping of Antarctica, many of them even show the map of the land underneath the ice :


2. One of the biggest and most powerful country in history (until 1775 roughly), Tartaria, is mostly unknown nowadays, because its history makes the official history of our planet, which is full of lies, impossible. This vast and powerful country is depicted on countless official maps and referenced in many texts from back then :
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