05 January 2016

The New Now ~ Kara Schallock ~ 4 January 2016

Source: Soultice Rising

While most celebrate the “new year” labeled 2016, I see that separating years is a reflection of the separation in us and Source. I choose not to play in this game of illusion and rather view it all as a continuum. There is no separation between last year and this year. We continue to evolve and release just as we did “last year.” So rather than buying into the hype of “the New Year,” I view all as the New Now. There is more Awareness and more truths and lies revealed now, be they within, in families, in society or globally. With everything, you are the ultimate Authority, so that rather than accepting all you hear and read, check within for Truth. Also realize that we all are in different phases of Ascension, so I speak of our potential. Do honor where you are and then take a step forward.

Look deep within yourself and see where you are enslaved by certain familial and cultural illusions. Ask yourself if you still want to play in the illusions or free yourself by stepping away from convention, even if it means you step away from being a part of something and more into being your Authentic Self. This is standing in your own Authenticity & Power. It takes Courage to not play in the old game. Old structures and beliefs and illusions and patterns are revealing themselves, so that you can choose to either keep them or let them go. We continue to let go of our old stories that have kept us in old energies of guilt and shame. Isn’t it time to let them go? Can you choose now or do you need a shake-up or catalyst to get you to change? The choice is yours. Remember also that anything that looks like it happens to you is actually created by you. You designed everything in your life so that you wake up to the Love you are.

We are moving more strongly out of our comfort zones and as this occurs we walk away from any silliness and living on the surface. During this time, one may feel uncomfortable, which is a sure sign you are stepping further away from your comfort (old familiarity). Surrendering and non-resistance helps you not cling so fervently to the old you. We are more and more becoming New and it simply isn’t familiar. By acknowledging the change in you, along with anything it brings up, you surrender to the Truth and to the New. You can avoid it all you want, yet avoidance is also resistance and both create pain. It is much like the hermit crab, who looks for a new home, exposed and vulnerable, because the old shell/home is too small to be in comfortably. We are the same. While we transition into the New, we are vulnerable; yet this vulnerability is the opening of our Hearts. This is when you trust that all is flowing in Divine Order. As you focus on Love, all is taken care of.

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