04 March 2016

"Alien Invasion" False Flag ~ Dr Steven Greer ~ 17 December 2015

Dr Steven Greer has warned us many times about the possibility of the dark creating a fake "Alien Invasion" scenario, with the sinister intention of securing complete control over a hapless Humanity and an even more diabolical objective of pushing Humanity over the edge to fester a total fear and hatred of ETs. Dr Greer often quotes Dr Wernher von Braun and his assistant, Dr Carol Rosin, in support of this dark plan, of which we are all by now aware.

This topic is covered by Dr Greer in this 26-minute excerpt; he introduces new "chilling" evidence by means of a document prepared by the Strategic Studies Institute think-tank that outlines the master plan for this "invasion" (see images below, taken from the video). He also covers in more detail the secret plots and manipulations that led to the plan to unleash this mother of all false flags.

Please watch the video here. I believe this excerpt was taken from Dr Greer's four-hour workshop, which you can watch here.

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