15 March 2016

Energy Update ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 14 March 2016

Source: Lisa Transcendence Brown

If it doesn't feed your spirit and inspire you, it's not going to work in these higher frequencies. The old realities were brain driven and worked logically, these are the opposite. What used to be true, explanations and beliefs are no longer.

Here everything is heart driven and the higher mind works in conjunction, in tandem.

Thinking is different here, which is why the brain does not work when acclimating to higher frequency bandwidths. Here we don't think, we observe and process, compute equations and see by way of energy patterns, feeling all through our entire systems. We are stimulated visually and with our senses and our hearts connect us up. If the heart is not operating at the highest frequencies of purity, then there is no connection and there is no purpose....

Existence is very different than it once was. Truth is visible, truth is felt, truth has a frequency. It's open and expansive. Truth is no longer the words one speaks. It is instead the energy of the words and actions that speak here. Human hears words. WE hear/see/feel energy through the unified field of consciousness.

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