13 March 2016

Equinox - Eclipse Ascension Gate ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 12 March 2016


We're effectively being sandwiched between two eclipses....it's no wonder many are feeling the intensty. First, we had the Solar Eclipse-New Moon combo, and next we'll have the Lunar Eclipse-Equinox combo. I actually feel "flattened"....

Source: New Earth Central

We’re now in the ‘eclipse zone’; the intense two weeks between a solar and lunar eclipse. The momentous astrological events this week act as openings, portals to higher realms of mysticism and alchemy, so that we can evolve back into living as Divine Humans.  Next  up is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Aries Equinox, which is the time of the year when the day and night are of equal duration. The Vernal Equinox is on March 19-20th and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is on March 23rd at 3º Libra.

Just a few days apart, these powerful events create a cosmic gateway to the higher realms. They act like a threshold tipping point, propelling us to the next level of our Ascension.  Last week’s Solar Eclipse is still in effect, unraveling the limiting constraints of the Time Matrix. It is shining a spotlight on the collective shadow elements - the lower emotional outbursts, patterns and behavior of hatred, violence and prejudice. All is being illuminated in the piercing solar crystal light. The upcoming Libra Full Moon Eclipse inspires the scales of justice and balance in our chaotic world.

Much change is initiated during the ‘eclipse zone’ and Equinox Stargate. We are closing out the old timeline. We are releasing the past form of being human, so that we can open to the new divine human blueprint. We acknowledge our ancestors from the 12 Tribes of the Great Central Sun, and witness the seeding of divine Soul DNA into our bioenergetics. The time has come to relinquish all past history, to clear the way, so that the New Earth can birth alive.

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