28 March 2016

Ever Beyond Roundtable : Alex Collier, Simon Parkes, Jim Nichols, Tolec and Win Keech with JP ~ 27 March 2016

Updated 29 March 2016:
Although several wide-ranging topics were discussed, I will sum up the general feel of this discussion in a few lines. The overall message is positive, with Simon Parkes reiterating that this is our 7th attempt after six failed ones previously, and this is the furthest we've ever got. He's confident we'll make it this time with Human Consciousness calling the shots ~ we're on a positive timeline now.

Alex Collier expresses agreement about Humanity's direction. He feels that we'll have a "traumatic" learning curve that will be "wicked fast", but sees Humanity coming out of it positively, in a self-empowering manner. People will wake up really quickly.

The negative situation in the future has been re-written, due to what's occurring here. It's up to Humanity how fast the change-over will unfold. No other Race has gone through what we have, and we'll have much to teach others when this is over.

There's been a big shift in the way things are. Before, we were trapped in here with them. Now, they're trapped here with us (because they have no escape route off the Planet).

It's time for us to become as one Race and grow up spiritually.

For those interested, here's the recording of the above Roundtable discussion. I've only just started listening.

This video is 2:38-hours long ~ please listen here.


  1. This was a wonderful round table! I really enjoyed listening to these guys (as I always do). I'm very interested in Jim Nichols' upcoming discussion on Wolf Spirit Radio on April 1 about "Tomorrowland", as that movie just "happened" to pop into my attention a week or so ago--an excellent movie, by the way! I noticed lots and lots of parallels to things happening energetically now and many of our current issues.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Grace!

    Much Love,


    1. Most welcome, Stargazer:) Yes, my ears perked up when I heard "Tomorrowland" (which I enjoyed!) so I was glad when Alex asked for "a crumb". Tesla and Edison together....that's news to me though! Interesting times indeed.

      Love and Blessings, Grace

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