09 March 2016

Twin Eclipses: An Opportunity ~ Guruji Krishnananda & Revolution By Light

** Text: Eclipses are the best time to meditate or channel Light. Twin Eclipses amplify the effect. 
Eclipses release subtle Spiritual energies which cover the Earth and bring major changes at all levels ~ individual, societal, national and global.     Guruji Krishnananda **

Following their recent update, Revolution By Light has provided more details regarding the Eclipses.

Source: Revolution By Light

TWIN ECLIPSES – AN OPPORTUNITY (9th March and 23rd March 2016)

Guruji Krishnananda had said that Eclipses are very important events. They bring major changes at all levels – individual, society, nation and the entire globe. We may not notice them. All these changes depend on the Karmas and the Time.

Generally, the effect of an eclipse begins 48 days in advance and lasts for the next 48 days. Every eclipse has its influence all over the world. That is why during an eclipse, we choose to meditate. Eclipses are the best time to meditate.

Every eclipse releases a lot of subtle energies which cover this entire earth. If we meditate during the eclipse period, the eclipse energies clear our Karmas, heal us and bring us enormous inner strength. Every eclipse is important; every eclipse brings us wonderful new energies which help us to positivise and transform.

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