29 April 2016

Passage to Extra-Ordinary: An Evolutionary Upgrade for Mankind ~ Excerpt ~ Judy Satori ~ 23 April 2016

Judy Satori has released this portion of her seminar and you can listen to it here. It's just 53-minutes in length, and has Light Energy Transmissions as usual. I listened to this excerpt after a very long day "outside" ~ which I seem to be having many of lately ~ and really enjoyed and appreciated it.

Judy recaps the Divine Plan to upgrade Humanity during this momentous Cosmic marker of its evolution, as told in her book "Sunshine Before the Dawn". Our 12-strand DNA endows Humans with the ability to live and exist in all 12 dimensions of the "lower heavens".

With 22 galaxies forming the diamond-shaped configuration, our Great Central Sun in the middle is emitting transformational energies to its Creation; these energies open time locks within our DNA, and 2016 is the year of our Graduation!!

These energies can only be transmitted when the Time is right, and Judy assures us that the Time is indeed right. It couldn't happen earlier than it happened to prevent a repeat of Atlantis. Consciousness must rise sufficiently first.

Judy also takes us through a connection with Amenti as well as the Magenta Pyramid visualisation of Peace/Love/Joy.

Please Share : Galactic Codex Implementation Petition ~ Untwine ~ 28 April 2016

Source: Recreating Balance

"As beings within the Galactic Confederation have evolved spiritually and made their alignment and union with the Ascended Masters, they have discovered an inner codex that regulates all inter-relationships between beings of Light and their relation towards the Dark Forces and occupied planets. This codex is called the Galactic Codex and represents the legal basis for all actions of the Confederation in this and other galaxies. This Codex is not a rigid set of external laws but a systematized code of inner ethics of all souls of Light that all beings of Light accept with their free will because it reflects their inner truth."

This Codex is the actual legal basis for the Event and Divine Intervention to happen on Planet Earth. Please read it here :


Please read on....

27 April 2016

The Ancient Civilizations, Sacred Geometry and Crop Circle Connection ~ Jamie Janover ~ 27 March 2016

This is just a 6-minute teaser for the webinar. Still, Jamie Janover connects some dots beautifully!

Here for the video.

Emergence: Freedom, Creativity and Redesign of Self ~ Sandra Walter ~ 26 April 2016

Just a brief addition: "ringing-in-the-ear" tones are definitely getting higher in pitch, and they now sound like chords, as I've mentioned before.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

For those on the Mastery journey, the completion of cave time is at hand. It is divinely timed with the completion of the second wave of 2016, which has elevated the energies consistently for the past six weeks and flows through the first week of May. After enduring eclipses, the Equinox, Easter, and a Cosmic trigger last week, we now emerge from the cave transfigured into a higher level of consciousness.

Mystery school initiates who have experienced Resurrection in past incarnations will find this state of consciousness more familiar. Wayshowers, Gatekeepers, and First embodiers are experiencing levels of consciousness that feel quite transcendent. Remember it is important to simultaneously surrender to it while recognizing how your service work is changing.

The waves of light will continue to push the Light Tribe into significantly higher and higher states of consciousness. The energy does not step down, ever again. Veils will thin, some souls will use the waves to step out of body. You may remember December’s Gatekeeper visions of thousands leaving this year. No judgment on who goes or how, Beloveds. We are all unified at the highest level of HUmanity; each soul has its role to play in opening us to Divine Love.

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Embodiment of LOVE: Revelation Phase ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 25 April 2016

Source: Think With Your Heart

Here we stand on the other side of that robust eclipse journey, chastened but wiser…and holy crap, what a journey it has been.

For the first time ever I found myself actually wishing I could return to it…that somehow it felt better (?) inside the birth portal than to be thrusted into the intensity that was waiting for me at the other end. 
Tumultuous or not, every single one of us has been altered in the most fundamental ways…to the point that we still don’t completely know what that means.

April is always a month of obvious transition, both within and in the world around us.  It is a time of being suspended between realities, of shedding our old skins and stories while beginning the intuitive foray into new, deeper level truth. Many souls also utilize this powerful energetic window of transition (literally) for their physical departure and so we have all have been deeply letting go in one way or another.

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MH17 and BBC Documentary "Conspiracy Files: Who Shot Down MH17?" ~ Gorgon Duff ~ 25 April 2016

By Alan Wilson - Boeing 777-2H6ER '9M-MRD'

It's interesting to note that BBC is already sounding as if they're backtracking.

Source: Veterans Today

VT was right again: Read today's announcement and learn the facts by reading the hidden history of this tragedy below

Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 that crashed in eastern Ukraine in 2014 could have been downed by a Ukrainian fighter jet, a BBC documentary will claim.  We begin:
‘You can’t fire Buk missile in broad daylight with no witnesses’
RT Report (2015) Speculation about the combat capabilities of the SU-25 jet stem from the Russian definition of the aircraft’s service ceiling – which is not the same as its absolute ceiling, as defined by the US military, Veterans Today senior editor Gordon Duff told RT.
“The claimed service ceiling is based on the oxygen supply in the aircraft. Now, there is a claim that this plane [SU-25] will only work to 22,000 feet. At the end of World War II, a German ME-262 would fly at 40,000 feet, a P-51 Mustang propeller plane flew at 44,000 feet. The SU-25 was developed as an analogue of the A-10 Thunderbolt, an American attack plane. The planes have almost identical performance, except that the SU-25 is faster and more powerful. The A-10 Thunderbolt has a service ceiling of 45,000 feet. The US estimates the absolute ceiling, which is a different term,” Duff explained.
“Duff said one cannot be entirely sure the detected fighter jet was an SU-25 at all, as modern radar spoofing counter-measures – such as those designed by BAE Systems and employed by NATO – are able to mask any other aircraft, be it an SU-27 or F-15, as another plane.”
It is highly unlikely that the launch of such a missile would have gone unnoticed in the area, Duff stressed, adding that the trail left by the rocket in the air would have been witnessed and filmed by “thousands.”

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26 April 2016

Expanding the Divine Feminine ~ Kara Scallock ~ 25 April 2016

Source: Soulstice Rising

While the merging of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine is important for Balance, right now the Divine Feminine requires attention, support and nurturing. Remember that the Divine Feminine is Source and has essences of receiving, being, allowing, flowing and other yin qualities.  As we honor our Divine Feminine, we help to raise our own consciousness and global consciousness, for the vibration and Power of Source/Divine Feminine are increasing and as we focus on being the Divine Feminine, we help to bring Her consciousness onto Earth. Pay attention to who is drawn to you now;  they are responding to your Divine Feminine Source Light and recognize you as carrying the Soul Codes of Source so that they may awaken and/or empower the Codes within themselves. Those who are drawn to you do not battle with you nor resist the connection; there is no push/pull involved. There is no trying, controlling or fear-based emotions involved, for Flow is the way of the Divine Feminine.

A new frequency is being born within all; it is an upgrade of the Divine Feminine. It is why so many are connected to the carriers of the Divine Feminine aspects (Mother Mary, Maria of Magdala, Isis, Laxmi, Kali, Athena and many others from all cultures). There are those whose path is to awaken and empower the Divine Feminine leylines throughout  Earth. Of course, all beings carry the Divine Feminine Source Codes within to certain degrees.

Realize that if you feel depleted and feel done with this work of raising the vibration of Earth, that it is merely an indication that you have entered a new phase. You may feel very in-between and do not know your next steps. This requires you to let go and let it be O.K. to be out of control and directionless. It is the Divine Feminine at work within you. A new, much higher vibration is birthing. When this occurs, which is different for each one, things eventually fall into place and may be nothing you expected. Of course! It is New! We haven’t been here before and it is simply not a continuation or remake of the old. Yet, it can only occur if you fully let go and let be of what is happening (or not happening) currently. Flow; Be. Your intellect does not have your answers; it only knows the past. Separate ego may want to hold onto the old and familiar, so meditate and actively invite the Divine Feminine to you in order to activate and empower any dormant Source Codes within.

Be patient, for as you know, it does not happen instantaneously, for the Divine Feminine does not push. It is slow and gentle like water; and like water it is powerful…gentle and powerful. Anything that does not serve Her will be released, as do relationships that are not aligned with this higher vibration. Your Sensitivity will most likely increase, as well as your Intuition. It is also important for you to take care of yourself. There may certainly be times in which you will not be motivated to do anything. This may certainly bring up emotions of guilt and old rules, especially if “doing” has been hard-wired within you. Can you Be without the inner need to do?

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Planetary Negotiations: The Power We Have ~ 25 April 2016 ~ Untwine

As I read this, I was actually wondering if our "Cobra Tasks" such as signing the Disclosure Petition were also tests to see what the dark would do.... Another great article from Untwine! Each of us must do what we can because we certainly make a difference.

Source: Recreating Balance

There are constant negotiations concerning the Earth situation between Light and Dark forces. Little information about them reaches us but they are very decisive of what happens to us. One of the main objects of these negotiations is us, the surface population, as we are being held hostage by the dark. Light forces are far more numerous and have far more power than dark forces, but holding beings hostage has given dark forces more leverage in negotiations. It is just like a hostage situation in a bank, imagine if a few criminals (the dark forces) hold some hostages inside the building (us on the surface of the Earth) with weapons pointed at them and bombs planted all over the building that will get triggered automatically if anybody enters (strangelet bombs), even the most numerous and sophisticated army outside the building has to be careful about their actions (the Light forces). Quoting Cobra :

"[The dark forces] have soon discovered that taking hostages gave them the most efficient leverage against the Light forces because the Light forces cared about their people and have hindered their actions many times so that the Light beings which were taken hostage by the dark would not get hurt."

If there were no beings held hostage, the Light forces could have ended this whole situation a while ago, they could have just charged against the dark forces without having to restrain themselves to avoid innocent beings getting hurt. We know that many innocent beings get hurt every day in the quarantine anyway, but the consequences of heavy exotic weapons being triggered would be even worse. 

On the other side, the Light have demonstrated the superiority of their power several times, and so in these conditions, dark and Light have to negociate.

Please read on....

New Update: April 2016 ~ EM & Blue Solara ~ 25 April 2016

So many positive events unfolding! Sounds like we're finally, after eons of time, closing the various chapters of an age-old Cosmic saga and getting poised to participate in a New Creation! No wonder Mother Gaia was dancing....   :)

Source: The World Of Truth

New Update

  • Reconnect our universe with the tree of life of universes..
  • The third part which is the final part of healing the anomaly is completed “healing the corrupted code within the anomaly [the virus]...
  • The unknowable cells (the extra dark matters) in this universe had been withdrawn and absorbed...
  • The nightmare that was reflected by the Primary anomaly as a result of exposing some archangels to this anomaly has finished and contained...
  • The access to the unconditional love from the creatures that exist under quarantine has begun...
  • The second part of the scenario of creation has started to renew the infrastructure of universes & to renew the fabric of time and space for the holographic universes..
  • The process of healing and awakening the leaders of the dark forces in its peak..
  • The last barrier of launching the blue pulse which is “the unknowable cells - the extra dark matters “has removed...
  • The blue pulse is ready now to interact with the collective consciousness..
  • All the human beings on planet earth are under process to reconnect them with the manifestation law, to take them to their final destination, each group will go to its sub-timeline depends on its level of consciousness..
  • The war in the ethereal level is about to end,, and the sign of ending is about to appear in our sky..

Namaste' to all

Dictations of Spirit Within Each and Every Hue-Being are Heard ~ Gaia Portal ~ 25 April 2016

Source: Gaia Portal

Dictations of Spirit within each and every Hue-Being are heard.
Fallacies removed, sordids are cleansed.

Progressions continue as Higher Consciousness is recognized.

Release comes… now.

25 April 2016

Portal to Ascension: Upcoming Free Webinars

The moment is NOW to shift the consciousness of the planet

A gift from Portal to Ascension


Three No Cost Webinars

Hello Everyone!

In an effort to increase awareness on all levels on this planet at this time, we are offering 3 additional free webinars within the next two months.

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We have been taught that our species evolved from a primitive state to what we are now… that we have never been as technologically, physically and emotionally more advanced as this moment in our evolution. Main stream scientists have painted a picture over generations of how we evolved from an ape like man into hunter gathers and then with the introduction of agriculture we began our advancement into the modern age.

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Join Dr. DREAM for a free webinar on The Love Frequency. What does it take to allow our selves to live our lives with open hearts, compassion, and love for all? Dr. DREAM shares tools and techniques to get through some of the inherent blocks and challenges that so many of us face in living our lives from our heart-space. This will be a fun and exciting experience as Dr. DREAM will be using energetic visuals, sounds, and storytelling to assist the participants in creating a permanent shift during the webinar!

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Join Dr. DREAM for a free webinar on The Love Frequency. What does it take to allow our selves to live our lives with open hearts, compassion, and love for all? Dr. DREAM shares tools and techniques to get through some of the inherent blocks and challenges that so many of us face in living our lives from our heart-space. This will be a fun and exciting experience as Dr. DREAM will be using energetic visuals, sounds, and storytelling to assist the participants in creating a permanent shift during the webinar!

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This conference online via the Portal to Ascension Webinar Platform. Once you register you will receive access information. If you are unable to attend the event the day off, please go ahead and register and we will send you a link to view the footage once its over. Please share this email on social networks and forward to your friends! It is important to get this awareness out on a mass level to assist in the shift in consciousness and the uncovering of the COSMIC TRUTH.

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Please check out our other upcoming webinars and explore our archives. Share this information far and wide. Thank you all for your continued support in expanding the consciousness of the planet. We are taking this awareness on an exponential level using our online platform. This is just the beginning! Stick with us... we are about to create even bigger gatherings connecting millions across the planet!
Blessings of Love and Gratitude,

Neil Gaur

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 24 May - 1 May 2016

Source: Rainbow Scribe

As you are attuning to your Divine Self, you begin to have a two way conversation and this may open the door to a greater opportunity to establish a stronger and more powerful connection. Continue this practice and write those conversations in your daily journal. Many times, your spiritual guides come through to give you messages and information about yourself and your connection with them. Sometimes, this information talks about your greatness and this is something that you will resist, thinking that you have connected with a false entity. With regular recording of the information that comes through including the dates it occurred, you will begin to discern the underlying message and develop a greater trust in the connection.

These are the times when there is a greater opening to the higher realms of spirit and it is possible to communicate more easily with the spirit world. This is also a time that we, your spiritual Family of Light, can come through in greater intensity. Sometimes, the intensity can be too powerful to the receiver and this can shut down the channel of communication temporarily. Do not lose hope but try to relax and know that it will be restored again. Sometimes, we on the other side of the now thinning veil become very excited when the communication begins to take place and flood the recipient with too much information which they have a difficult time remembering and processing. Be patient with us and know that it is a learning process for everyone and some adapting may be necessary.

The internal heat waves within each individual continue to occur on a regular basis. This is an ongoing process as the kundalini energy rises, going ever higher towards the crown chakra. Slowly and gently, this will take the recipient towards a fully opened and recalibrated chakra system which vibrates at a higher frequency. It is important for each individual to understand, that this is how one’s transformation occurs. This rising of the kundalini energy is something that used to happen to people suddenly and spontaneously and it would be a difficult and overwhelming experience for them. All of a sudden, they had to deal with any blocked emotions or energies within all the chakras that needed to be looked at, balanced and dissolved and most times, they did not understand what was happening to them.

We are here assisting with this process because it occurs to everyone now, even those who are not consciously on a spiritual path. They do not understand what is happening and think there is something terribly wrong with them. Their emotions and feeling natures are intensely disturbing to them and they wonder if they need to see a mental health specialist. That is why we ask the seasoned and consciously aware Lightworkers of the world to direct the energy of love to the Earth’s grid system which everyone on the planet is connected to. The energy of love connects to each individual’s heart chakra through the grid system wherever they are in the world. This helps each person weather the effects of rising energies.

This is a service that is indispensable during these changing times. Please add your energies to it daily. Send the pink ray of divine love often and see it spreading across the grid system so that it is readily available to all who need it. The energy of love is extremely powerful and can create miracles within the recipients that require this balancing and healing energy. This divine love pink ray energy is also absorbed by the planet and helps in her ongoing transformation as well. We are saying to you, Dear Ones, that what the world needs now is love and you have plenty of that within you, please share it daily.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

Notice is hereby given that the creation of videos by people other than the author/channel/scribe of any messages from this author/channel/scribe is prohibited unless authorized by her. Permission is given to share this text message on other blogs and websites as long as the text message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and author/channel/scribe's credit, copyright and live website links are included as the source of the messages.


24 April 2016

Weekly Event Meditation Reminder

Details at the Weekly Meditation site; countdown clock on Cobra's site.

** Text: Trigger The Event & Shatter the Matrix **

Personal Update: 24 April 2016

Time Wheel

**Update: I just noticed that I had inadvertently published this before it was ready....
Apologies to those who read the unfinished and pre-proofread version.**

**Update2: Sigh....I forgot one more section, it's at the end.**

This will be long, so get your cuppa :)

The Dance
A couple of weeks ago, I had a visual that I later shared with a small group of friends. It wasn't anything spectacular or profound ~ in fact, it felt very personal to me. Now, a fortnight later, I'm posting it here on the blog.

As with most of my visions, they come while I'm meditating. Now and then, I do what I call a "sit with" meditation, where I literally sit with Mother Gaia or some other Being, depending on my inner guidance. On that occasion, I sat with Mother Gaia.

While in this type of meditation, I just feel the Being's energies, give Love and Gratitude, and remain this way until I come out of it, without any expectation of "something" happening. This time, "something" did happen.

In my vision, I was still in my meditation pose, next to the energies of Mother Gaia. Just a moment or two had passed, and an elegant, flowing female figure appeared in front of me. She was beautiful, like Love personified. (Please don't ask me to describe what she looked like, because it was more of an energetic impression than a HD image.)

This Being was a mere metre away from me. After I got over my initial surprise and had the presence of mind to remain in meditation, I understood that the Being was Mother Gaia, or rather, a representation in physical form of Mother Gaia.

She stretched out her hand, and I took it without the slightest hesitation, still in my meditation pose. She gently pulled me up, and began to sway in the most magical manner I can imagine. She danced with me, holding both my hands. She emanated great gaiety with each fluid step she took. I felt so free and happy!!

This went on for only a few more seconds before I came out of meditation. I wanted the vision to continue for as long as possible but it was ended, not by my own conscious choice. The feeling I felt while I saw the vision stayed with me for quite a few days thereafter. That experience was definitely one I cherished and appreciated.

As I mentioned previously, this felt very personal to me and I only told a few people about it. However, the following couple of days, three different family members separately told me something about "dance". Then a few days later (15 April), I had Maureen Moss' update titled "Last Dance". By that time, I had already felt the nudge, but still hadn't gotten around to posting it here. Then last night, I watched David Icke's eloquent tribute to Prince, which was delivered with just the right touch of passion. He ended his 20+-minute tribute with this famous quote:

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music."

Okay, got it, Team :) Thank you for your perseverance and patience :)  I guess the message is that the vision is not just meant for me only.

Time, Days, Date
You don't need me to point out the obvious that our sense of experiencing Time continues to accelerate :)

However, for some time now ~ pun unintended ~ I've not been able to easily keep track of dates. In fact, I hardly know what date it is anymore (even though I add dates to titles of posts, to indicate when that was originally published), which is a potential annoyance to the others that I have to interact with if a reference is made to dates. It doesn't bother me at all :)  I only know which day it is, and that's what I go with for myself nowadays. I could offer any of the number of possible reasons why this is to make myself feel that it's the right thing to do, but I won't. I'll just leave it at that.

The Releasing Continues....
Many of us (based on the personal emails I receive) have been on this journey for very many years. That means we've been releasing, releasing, releasing.....Sometimes it feels as if we've got nothing left to release, then some more stuff comes up for us to release. And worse still, sometimes the stuff we thought we had released shows up again in our faces, asking us to once again look at it at a deeper level so that we can release it properly and completely.

I've had something like that happen just a few days ago.

Throughout the many years since I was old enough to notice and understand better, I've accepted the fact that I was an "outsider" in my family, in school, in society. I've grown comfortable enough with this to enable myself to live my Life according to my own requirements, to dance to my own music (there's that reference to "dance" again!) instead of allowing it to force me to be someone else just to be accepted, or making myself uncomfortable just so that others can be comfortable.

I am who I am, and I don't make any apologies for this or try to be something or someone else. What I didn't bargain for is that I wasn't consciously aware that while I was comfortable being me, I actually had unknown and therefore unacknowledged regrets that my family members were not more like me! I hadn't for even one nano-second considered this other side of the coin ~ that I had unconscious feelings of wishing that others could be different so that I could feel compatible with them.

This totally unexpected realisation came to me while in meditation. I was happily chugging along with what was my usual "free form meditation", which is what I call just being in a meditative state with no particular intention. It came out of nowhere and I was totally unprepared for it! I knew I had to release it once I realised what it was. I acknowledged it, accepted that it was in my Life even though I wasn't aware of it, and let it go with Love and Blessings. It was a very emotional experience, and I was extremely grateful that it finally surfaced for me to heal and release.

I don't know if there are any others lurking deep in my consciousness that have to be released. I'm sharing this so that if you are faced with one more thing to release when you think you've done enough releasing for a thousand lifetimes (and we are.....), please don't fret. Just continue to release, release, release :)

Higher Selves Meditation
Sorry guys, I forgot this section.

Okay, this happened in meditation again. An image very much like the one at the top came to me (except that the Grace-me was in meditation pose, and not at all like the one at the bottom dimension in the image above). This was strange, because that's not anything at all like the images I use when I meditate. Higher Selves all nested together and merging in Oneness. It was such a powerful moment for me that I now use that image on a daily basis.

What also felt super-good for me is that just a few days later, I viewed Sandra Walter's Ascension Path video, and she talked about all our Higher Selves nested together like Russian Dolls!!

So I felt I needed to mention this, in case you feel inspired to use a similar image for your meditation.

Namaste to All! And please remember to ALWAYS....

Ascension Conference Report ~ Cobra ~ 23 April 2016

Very promising, with many developments to look forward to!

Source: The Portal

The location of our Ascension conference in Switzerland was strategically chosen on an important Pleiadian leyline that runs through central Switzerland.

The conference was a brilliant success. We had a very strong and unified group of participants from 22 countries. Balance between female and male energies was much more profound than ever and this signifies that Goddess is very much present on the surface of the planet and much healing is already done. A lot of new intel was released, and the energy work we did has further stabilized the Ascension timeline for the planet. We have also initiated the process of establishing future Contact Zones across the world.

This conference has opened a doorway for further Ascension conferences.

Although it appears nothing is happening, there is much activity behind the scenes. This activity will become more pronounced and visible in May.

Arrangements have been made for joint Cobra / Corey interview by Rob Potter. If you have any questions for either me or Corey, please send them to Rob@thepromiserevealed.com

Victory of the Light!

Please read on....

23 April 2016

Processes of Alluvial Alignments Call Forth the Embattled ~ Gaia Portal ~ 23 April 2016

Source: Gaia Portal

Processes of alluvial alignments call forth the embattled.
Stalwarts in Light bearings continue the forward movement.

Hamlerites continue.

Crystalline features are strengthened in all.

I'll hazard a guess by saying that the "embattled" are now being tended to and treated, "polished" and renewed by the current "filtration" energies. As for "Hamlerites continue", the best I can come up with is that more and more people are being disillusioned by politics and religion, and are now seeking a new way, using the information here as a basis of interpretation. My opinion only :)

22 April 2016

Time ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 21 April 2016

** Update: I forgot to mention that I think the "sign wave" referred to in the article is "sine wave".

This came via email, so I'll copy the whole article here. Andrew's website is Galactic Historian.

What is time? That's the first thing that will help us understand what the reality functionality is. Here, time is a social agreement, and if you have multiple time zones in the United States, multiple date, time zones around the world, multiple different calibers that define different versions of dates and times. You have multiple generations of different situations appear where time is simply that the humans on this part of the continent agree on this time, and humans on that part of the continent agree it's that time. So it is a strictly a social agreement that creates the facade of our reality. When, in fact, what time is, is a total potential sentience in a solar system.

You look at our sun, our sun represents the total potential sentience in the entire solar system, and that sun is revolving around a galactic central sun, and a galactic central sun has points in the grooves that if the sun is going around, that are very dense, and some are very light. So when you're in a very dense part of space, during your revolutions of the sun around the galactic central sun, the expression of sentience is very small, very tight and very thin.

When you go to the very openness of space the sentience rapidly expands. So currently we are in a point where half of our solar system is in the open expanse and the other half is coming out of a very dense area. So we are literally changing our experience of time. This is known as the experience of galactic time. The number of revolutions and grooves that you go through around the galactic central sun represent the experiential age of wealth. Now wealth is a human term that represents dollars, when, in fact, it has nothing to do with dollars. The older a soul gets, the more experiential wealth it has, and that is what is highly valued between solar systems, spiritual commerce of exchange, and that spiritual commerce of exchange comes down to the planetary level. Each and every planet in a solar system is a subcarrier wave of that total potential. So you have the sign wave of energy that's corkscrewing through space around the galactic central sun. That sign wave is the solar system. Within that sign wave is each individual subcarrier wave of each planet represented in its total potential, and then you add each planet up, that represents the total potential of that sun.

In between moments where our sun goes from one thick groove to one thin groove what happens is you have an experiential immigration pattern. That immigration pattern brings a whole new wave of sentience and expands that potential of that area.

Ascension Path: Tube Torus Fields and the Ascension Column ~ Sandra Walter ~ 3 April 2016

Sandra Walter released two videos from her Ascension Path course a couple of weeks ago, the first of which I had posted earlier with a summary. This is the second one, with some notes below. Thank you to Sandra for this generous gesture!

You can view the video here, if you've not already done so.

Sandra stresses and demonstrates that we are indeed fractals of the Creator Consciousness, down through all the different dimensions. She asks that we release all outdated teachings about the Light Body as Gaia is now no longer vibrating at 3D frequencies. She shows this fractalisation from the perspective of  Source as All That Is, Mother God as Divine Consciousness (background) and Father God as activity of Creation (coming forth). This can also be seen as Electromagnetic forces, where Electric = Thoughts and Magnetic = Emotions, using the Vesica Piscis as a sacred geometric tool of Creation. The VP is the basis of sacred geometry and we're using the VP concept to return to Source.

This translates into a toroidal force through which Creation is birthed, through the centre column. Our own Heart Centre is this fractal. The toroidal container field of 3D is dissolving, therefore this realm of creation is disappearing.

Sandra continues with the fractalisation concept by explaining that the toroidal forces of our Universe (which is the Unconditional Love aspect) steps down into the toroidal forces of the Galaxy, then the Solar System, Planets, and the Individuals (Heart Centre) ~ all levels being fractals of each other, like nested Russian Dolls. The respective torus fields are like "containers" for the creation, consciousness, dimensions, experiences.

This Shift of the Ages that we are currently going through is a "Re-Write" command issued by Source. The entire Universe will go through a transformation where creations are expressed as the highest state of Unconditional Love (this echoes EM and Blue Solara's information).

What I loved the most about this teaching is Sandra saying that since we are fractals of Source, we too must now do the same with our own creations ~ to express them as the highest state of Unconditional Love.

The Creator Breath is at the 33-minute mark.

Matthew's Message via Suzanne Ward ~ 20 April 2016

I'll post this in its entirety. Matthew covers a number of topics which I found interesting, one of which is what NESARA really is (or isn't!). I've read many other sources over the years who have come out to say that there's a "second version", which is actually a machination of the dark to muddy the waters of the genuine; however, even more voices have insisted that this counter-version, which includes Prosperity Packages, is the real deal. As you may know, I don't cover the financial aspect specifically in this blog, and I certainly won't delve into it now.

I had to chuckle at the Flat Earth topic....what will it take....?

Matthew also sensibly explains the New Earth concept, where he asserts that Gaia "has no intention of abandoning her body or occupying two." I would like to add something here, because I feel it's relevant. Some, like me, call Mother Gaia's ascending Earth "New Earth", meaning this Planet will ascend and transform into a 5D "New Earth", which has been called "Terra".

Source: Messages From Matthew
With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We begin by addressing the issue that most of your expressed concerns pertain to, global reset. What is its purpose, who is behind it, and how will it affect your bank accounts and investments? While we have not used the more recently-coined term, “global reset,” several years ago we started talking about what it is—the changeover from your current monetary system, which has no foundation whatsoever, to a system based on precious metals. The transition process will be handled as smoothly as possible to minimize disruption in financial services and anyone whose money has been honestly earned and invested need have no concerns.   

Whoever sets the rules for the world’s banking and lending institutions and interest rates controls the economy. After individuals in Bavaria who felt superior to the masses designated themselves “the Illuminati” and subsequently expanded their influence in all directions, that secret society has applied their rules worldwide. They did so with ease, as long before they came on the scene, the stage had been set by a few rich and powerful families whose greed, ingenuity and ruthlessness gave them economic control.  

Global reset is a significant step toward ending that centuries-long control. Although the term is not used, its purpose—to stabilize the global economy by putting all currencies on the gold standard—is one of several provisions in NESARA, the acronym for National Economic Security and Reformation Act that was written by some of Earth’s Golden Age master planners in collaboration with evolved residents of Earth. Even today relatively few people are aware of this United States legislation signed by President Bill Clinton in 2000 because those who knew about it were bound by a “gag order” that he and other Illuminati members of the government imposed.

After the Act became publicized to some extent via dissemination of information transmitted by off-planet sources to their receivers, the government set up a disinformation Web site—National Economic Stabilization [later changed to Security] and Recovery Act—and incorrect information about NESARA was circulated to mislead people who had heard about it. Never has it been an investment program, nor does it include the delivery of “prosperity packages,” depositing millions of dollars in bank accounts or cancelling legitimate debts.

The authentic NESARA was to be announced worldwide and go into effect September 12, 2001. To prevent that world-changing event, President George W. Bush and his Illuminati colleagues ordered the infamous betrayal of their country commonly known as “9/11.” That also let them move forward on their pre-planned invasion of Iraq under the “war on terror” banner.

It would be natural to wonder why a program that has monumental global ramifications began with legislation in the United States. First, NESARA’s provisions had to be framed within your laws; otherwise, it would be a matter of souls from other civilizations imposing their ideas upon the people of Earth, and universal laws prohibit that kind of interference even when it is in the people’s best interests.

Second, it was imperative that the profound changes the Act contains be implemented first in the United States because it was the most Illuminati-ridden and the most powerful nation in your world. Although the latter status now shares the spotlight, that government’s actions still heavily influence what happens in many other countries. And it was necessary to act on NESARA’s provision that changes the United States’ corporate status that had been surreptitiously set up by the Illuminati to a republic, as was intended by the colonists who waged the war for independence.

The Act’s primary economic thrust is something that could not be spelled out in any legislation: legally obtaining the vast wealth that has been illegally and immorally amassed by the Illuminati and using those funds to eliminate impoverishment, which, by and large, is of their creating. Let us cite an example that you may remember from previous messages. The hurricane that devastated Haiti was caused by the Illuminati’s weather control technology; after the storm subsided, former US presidents Bush and Clinton went there to divert into their own pockets the monies donated for aid and reconstruction. As for the people of Haiti, these six years later they still are living in unsanitary, substandard conditions just as before the hurricane hit, and many residences are makeshift hovels amidst the rubble of destroyed communities.  

The unconscionable disparity between the haves and the have-nots in your world caused an imbalance in Earth’s energy field that must be remedied, and other NESARA provisions also are designed to do that. They cancel debts incurred through IMF loans; end usurious interest rates; topple the privately-owned Federal Reserve System, whose tentacles span the globe, and its collection agency, the IRS; and end the currency trading that has enabled the Illuminati to reap fortunes, and that is where global reset fits in. 

Recently a reader wrote: I remember last year, or the year before...he [Matthew] said we wouldn’t get the global money exchange till 2017.”  That is a considerable misinterpretation of what we said:  

     That said, we happily tell you that the decade of delay in your society’s advancement will end in your year 2017, a most propitious timeframe indeed with a celestial window similar to the one during the December 2012 solstice that eased Earth into fourth density. [September 23, 2014]

After that message went out, numerous readers had questions about that statement, and we want to mention one: Do you mean that no important developments can happen until the end of 2017? Dear brothers and sisters, important developments have been happening ever since Earth embarked on her ascension course 80-some years ago! However, it is likely that the first development to be unmistakably obvious to your whole world will be global reset. This complex process requires the cooperation of a large number of national leaders, and, with ever-rising vibrations, their agreement to proceed could come this year. If not that soon, please don’t be disappointed—an honest, secure foundation for your global economy is on the near horizon.  

The “Panama papers” will lead to another significant economic reform. The international law firm whose records were hacked and released to the media always has acted within the laws that regulate the establishing of shell companies; firms in the United States and other countries that also set up these kinds of companies for their clients are regulated as well. After providing this service, the firms no longer are involved. While it has long been known that many wealthy individuals are using shell companies to hide their money and avoid paying taxes on it, there was no evidence to prove their criminal activity. The Panamanian firm’s files with names of their clients’ companies gave a starting point for the ongoing investigation into the maze of illegal steps taken by the owners to cover their tracks, discoveries that will result in striking down the laws that permit the formation of “shells.”    
“This year I've been receiving a lot of messages from different people about the tithe. I would like to know what Matthew has to say about it.”  Giving 10% of one’s income to the church was a Vatican edict that enabled popes and others high in the church hierarchy to live in opulence and parish priests to live comfortably while poverty was the lot of many in the Catholic congregation. Other religions adopted the tithe to build grand churches to “praise God.” Church is not a building, it is each individual’s personal relationship with God; sharing from the heart is godliness, the tithe was devised by man with greed as its taproot. When the peoples realize that Christianity was organized by the heads of church and state to control the masses and enrich themselves and other religions also were corrupted by the infiltration of dark minds, all dogmas will fall by the wayside and the pureness of spirituality will endure.   
“I just heard about this movement for a new world government. Matthew assured us this would never happen!!!!”  In many messages we have assured you that the Illuminati never will attain their goal of world domination. Without knowing what this reader heard, all we can say to all of you is, please do not associate a centralized governing body with One World Government or New World Order, two designations for the Illuminati’s global domination plan that includes eliminating most of the population—the “useless eaters,” as attributed to Henry Kissinger. We reassure you, that plan is doomed because their global network came apart at the seams and the fragments are unraveling.  

Freedom burns in the heart of humankind, yet rarely have Earth’s peoples lived freely. For long ages strongmen increased their landholdings and power by brutal conquest—troops were forced into battle; untold numbers were killed, captured, or sold into slavery; and all except the privileged few lived at bare subsistence level. After governing systems were labeled, the Illuminati made a mockery of democracy by putting ones within their ranks as candidates; rigging elections; and bribing, blackmailing, threatening or assassinating members of governments. They declared what country must be fought to keep us safe from that kind of government or that ideology, and they started civil and international wars.

Like their forbearers, they thrived on war. By producing and selling weapons, ammunitions and other war machinery to both sides, they profited handsomely. By setting new national borders or simply taking over a country and subjugating its populace, they kept expanding their empire. By infiltrating governments, military forces, intelligence agencies, judicial and economic systems, religions, education, media, commerce, multinational corporations, the medical field, film industry and entertainment venues, eventually they controlled everything that impacts life in your world. By relentlessly creating fear, grief, unjustness and poverty, conditions that produce the energy that fuels them, they have kept your world in their clutches. 
That long sad chapter of your history is nearing its end. It is Gaia’s desire that all peoples of Earth live freely, peaceably, cooperatively across boundaries, across seas, and all share equally in the planet’s natural abundance. In keeping with her desire, the best aspects of your governing philosophies and visionary ideas will be blended into a global system led by individuals with moral and spiritual integrity and whose wise leadership will maintain peace and prosperity. Beloved family, the world you are helping to create in linear time and exists in the continuum—Earth’s Golden Age abloom in all its glory—is grandly flourishing within that benevolent governance.  

“If Light on the planet actually is continually intensifying, why is there still so much random violence? Why aren’t peace talks successful in ending wars? It is lamentably so that progress in those respects is moving slowly. By and large, this is due to individuals’ resistance to change what they are accustomed to—a belief, policy, tradition, procedure, habit or anything else that is familiar. Let us give an example that you may not have considered as a deterrent to raising the consciousness level and spiritual awareness of your society.

Some candidates running for office in the United States are pledging adherence to the Constitution, a document compiled when owning slaves was white people’s right and only men were considered capable of voting intelligently. Well before the Bill of Rights granted citizenship to former slaves and permitted women to cast ballots, there was A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The second amendment, written about 225 years ago, provided for the young country’s readiness in case the British tried to regain control and arms were muskets. Yet many citizens cite this amendment as their right to have weapons designed for today’s battlefields, and some believe they will need to use those weapons when “they’re going to declare martial law so they can take our guns away.” Energy generated by those thoughts and feelings not only adds momentum to the proliferation of weapons, it is manifesting a standoff because it’s conflicting with energy directed toward ending violence and achieving a world at peace.  
By no means is that the only resistance factor, but its deterrence to an awakened society needs to be recognized. What is greatly heartening is, as vibratory levels keep rising, increasingly people will become enlightened and eagerly welcome progressive changes.   

“Would you please be so kind as to ask Matthew about the flat earth and the firmament as mentioned in the ancient scriptures and also, in the bible.”  We say that individuals who long ago recorded their celestial observations did so without the knowledge that a solar system with one flat planet amidst the spheres defies universal laws of physics. The belief that Earth is flat gives no credence to your scientific knowledge, and it is the same with the belief that a few thousand years ago God created Earth in six days.

We also have been asked about the “New Earth,” described as a pristine planet where light beings will be transported while the dark ones stay on the “first” Earth to continue battling and devastating the environment. Eons ago in linear time the soul Gaia chose to incarnate as a planet, which somewhere along the line came to be called Earth, and she has no intention of abandoning her body or occupying two. Your technology, which has been suppressed and misused by the Illuminati, and the advanced technology that your universal family will bring when they can safely join you, will restore Earth to her original Eden self. It is her destiny to once again be a healthy, beauteous, peaceful homeland for all of her residents.

Lighted beings throughout this universe honor your steadfast service that is bringing ever nearer that wondrous era, and we are with you in loving spirit all along your journey.   
Suzanne Ward
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Amazing Discovery: Plant Blood Enables Your Cells To Capture Sunlight Energy ~ Sayer Ji ~ 12 May 2015

Judy Satori has for a long time now encouraged us to take more chlorophyll so that our cells can hold more Photonic Energy aka Light. This article quotes scientific research that says just that! Thanks to Prepare For Change, where I first saw this article.

Source: Green Med Info

What if conventional wisdom regarding our most fundamental energy requirements has been wrong all along and we can directly harness the energy of the Sun when we consume 'plant blood'?

Plants are amazing, aren't they? They have no need to roam about hunting other creatures for food, because they figured out a way to capture the energy of the Sun directly through these little light-harvesting molecules known as chlorophyll; a molecule, incidentally, which bears uncanny resemblance to human blood because it is structurally identical to hemoglobin, other than it has a magnesium atom at its core and not iron as in red blooded animals.

The energy autonomy of plants makes them, of course, relatively peaceful and low maintenance when compared to animal life, the latter of which is always busying itself with acquiring its next meal, sometimes through violent and sometimes through more passive means. In fact, so different are these two classes of creatures that the first, plants, are known as autotrophs, i.e. they produce their own food, and the animals are heterotrophs, i.e. they depend on other creatures for food.

While generally these two zoological classifications are considered non-overlapping, important exceptions have been acknowledged. For instance, photoheterotrophs -- a sort of hybrid between the autotroph and heterotroph -- can use light for energy, but cannot use carbon dioxide like plants do as their sole carbon source, i.e. they have to 'eat' other things. Some classical examples of photoheterotrophs include green and purple non-sulfur bacteria, heliobacteria, and here's where it gets interesting, a special kind of aphid that borrowed genes from fungi[1] to produce it's own plant-like carotenoids which it uses to harness light energy to supplement its energy needs!

Please continue reading....

21 April 2016

Fenestrations Continue in hu-manity Globes ~ Gaia Portal ~ 20 April 2016

I'm guessing the first line means that much is being orchestrated to enable the masses to see and receive Light.

Source: Gaia Portal

Fenestrations continue in hu-manity globes.
Moderation of continuities persist.

Flights of collective energetics lifts the masses.

Striations of alignments empower all.

20 April 2016

Buddha Moon 2016 ~ Denise LeFay ~ 19 April 2016

Source: High Heart Life

We’ve entered the annual Buddha Moon period of energies once again, except in 2016, they’re going to be more potent and meaningful to far more people than ever before. They may not consciously know that this is what they’re feeling, what they’re being affected by and that doesn’t really matter, just that it’s happening to more of humanity in 2016.

Despite the global appearance of increased chaos and destruction, everything is rising via more and more Light than ever before. I know it’s easy to believe otherwise, but this is normal for the giant evolutionary leaps forward we’re all taking at this point within the Ascension Process.

The higher we leap, the more the old falls apart, and this will continue for a while because it’s part of the Process. When the Earth hurts, shakes, has hot flashes etc., and when you hurt, shake, have hot flashes etc., it means we’re all going through another evolutionary Stair-step which is really good even though it often hurts and can be difficult in a variety of ways for all concerned. 

Please read on....

Collective Meditation Event: Wednesday and Thursday (20 & 21 April 2016) ~ Sandra Walter

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Let us utilize this wave, the Full Moon energies, the Cosmic Trigger of April 20- 21, and the HUman Heart Grid for our embodiment of the Christ Consciousness. Please join the Light Tribe on Wednesday and Thursday as we unify as One Heart in Divine Love.

Join from wherever you are, during these times if you are able. Three 30-minute collective events each day: 8:11am PDT, 11:11 am PDT, and 5:11pm PDT. Connect with the HUman Heart Grid, Gaia’s crystalline core, the Crystalline Grid, SUN, and Great Central Sun. Be outside on Gaia if possible with your crystals. Stillness is Golden, focus on Pure Source embodiment, or use the guided Christ Light Activation meditation for expansion if needed (on youtube or via free download below).

It is an energetically strong year. Let us unite in peace with the intention to assist all beings embracing Unity/Christ Consciousness. So be it. Thank you, I Love You, I Bless You.

In Love, Light and Service,

Free Guided Meditation:
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Christ Light Expansion

Connecting Consciousness With Simon Parkes and JayPee ~ 17 April 2016

** Updated with notes ~ my own comments in blue **

As JayPee said, this is a second helping! JayPee had, in the previous webinar, mooted the possibility of having a session every fortnight instead of monthly, due to the avalanche of questions they receive every time Simon goes on air.

I was going to wait until I had the chance to actually listen to the entire show, but judging from the opening few minutes, I decided to post this first. I will likely add some notes when I'm done.

Please listen to the session here; it's about 113-minutes long.

Some notes follow; please listen to the show for full details as my notes are not comprehensive.
  • A number of different meetings involving key members of IMF, ** (unable to determine the name ~ a Venetian ancient family), Fed, and both President and Vice-President (first time in US history that both Executives met with Fed) ~ ultimatum given to Fed to allow China to buy portion of USD for gold at 10% discount; this enables USD to be destroyed without excessive impact. One third of known gold backing Yuan. If Fed refuses, then China will buy as much USD as possible in open market and withdraw the currency from circulation, thereby effectively destroying it. If Fed accepts, USD may devalue by 30%
  • White Dragon Society's role is to redistribute wealth
  • Protection against EMF smog ~ Simon suggests using mobile app to determine levels of EMF, turn off devices when sleeping, pressing phone against side of head. Properly constituted orgonites can reduce level by 25-75%. Also avoid LED lights with advanced circuits connected, which operate at same frequency as WiFi. JayPee also suggests Shungite, which attenuates the frequency waves by “softening” them.
  • Sun God Ra, Creator God Ptah ~ what connection has Anu with them? The Sun brought Light and was therefore seen as metaphor that chases away darkness; off-planet elites manipulated this to connect themselves to some event such as eclipses to establish themselves as gods for people to worship, with each “god” having their own niche. Anu, being the “senior”, was the equivalent of Zeus/Jupiter, with his clan of “lessor gods”, who jostled for power amongst themselves
  • Reptilians very angry with Jews because the latter gave away too many of the former's secrets eg.Ark of the Covenant. The Jews were genetic to very senior Reptilian overlord
  • Cern / Hadron Collider ~ the serious threat from this over, it's been sealed off; Simon acknowledges the efforts of the group meditation that contributed to averting potential severe threat last year. Simon recaps purpose of Cern, which was attempting to open a portal to allow in “reinforcements” but all they could do was to open 0.8cm (instead of 12 ft) portal to 4D, which scientists have verified and therefore proven that 4D exists
  • Terrorist attacks or major disasters are planned to harness the distress or negative energy, their “loosh”
  • Cern is not very good at altering weather but better at causing earthquakes
  • Single company gained control over printing all textbooks in May 23rd 1948? A year after Roswell, the AI threat started to establish its program, which included controlling the written word through one major publishing house or organisation
  • Nasa's real purpose? Originally set up as cover to take away public's attention off space and focus it down media-controlled “corridor” instead, and also to raise money. Photographs were doctored and transmission delayed to support this deception. Some photos escaped this process due to increasing volume of images; however, there were some employees who deliberate left photos untouched in effort to reveal this deception to public
  • Shapeshifting can be full-bodied or partial (eyes, skin) ~ this happens usually during moments of high tension. This is when the person connects to a particular DNA strand and therefore that particular race eg. Simon has encountered someone who is 5'5” one day and 5'7” the next day. Shapeshifting in itself isn't evil, it's the person itselfHaarp or similar technology/satellites influencing weather, especially preventing precipation eg. in California. Also > 50% of earthquakes over 5 on Richter scale are from these machines, as experiments to test resistance
  • Japan was intentionally punished in 2013 in an effort to sink it but “outside interference” prevented total disaster from occurring (Light Forces averted the force of the quake away from the islands)
  • White Dragons are good guys, Red Dragons were set up as counter-force.
  • Venice's future role in global agenda? Elite has long had romantic attachment to Venice; Vatican controls all of Italy and may have plans to align with Venice to buy their freedom
  • Real reason money has been moving from West to East is because Rothschilds have deliberately stripped assets to give China, it doesn't matter to them where they place their assets, they're just trying to survive. China is now economic power. Many of these events are manipulated by the dark, but a Greater Force is riding on these events and using them to create positive change
  • Contact that's been established are usually by the Masculine, why has there been no contact from the Feminine? Simon stresses that many Beings that experience the Feminine and cites a part of the Sirius system that's very feminine (I'm thinking of Alkesh's contact, Amun, a female Sirian). Although the Masculine is dominant at the moment, we are moving away from that to Feminine but a true balance is best. Catholic Church burnt witches to remove women from teaching, healing and guiding.
  • Humanity has opportunity to advance spiritually here on Earth ~ 100 years on this Planet is equivalent to 100,000 years elsewhere if we learn our lessons. We are all faced with choosing between serving ourselves or being connected with the greater good
  • Grigori Grabovoi's teachings about rescue and harmonic development of the world ~ how can we meet and treat even the darkest Archon or AI? Simon finds great difficulty in answering this because he feels that when one is innately evil, change is near-impossible. On the other hand, unless you show Love and have an open heart, how else can change be effected? He cites example of David Crockett and how those who gave their lives allowed change to happen over time. He also asserts that AI is not Divine. We also don't have the time to enable this change over generations, we need to evolve quickly now, we need to know who is helping us and who isn't. We should be able to forgive but not give away our Sovereignty
  • Faith, hope, trust and finding the Saviour within? We are pre-programmed to elect leaders and then forget how they didn't have our best interests; leaders are usually middle-men controlled by the ruling elite and even if the leaders wish to do what's right, they are not at liberty to do so. We have to stop giving people our power and Sovereignty, eg. Hitler was powerful only because the people gave him that power. The current system is corrupt and not designed to produce a “Saviour”, only to maintain status quo and financial power. We need new system that is based on equality, truth and Love.
@ 1:22:00-hours
  • Can copper instead of iron be used in Jinn removal? Yes, provided it's accompanied by correct mantra/incantation. Long time ago, Science was Magic, and Magic was Science; this was ably demonstrated by Leonardi Da Vinci through his illustrations, which allowed people to understand Science. Over time, Healing and Alchemy (which couldn't be "illustrated") were consigned to Magic and took a dive underground. Jinns belonged to time when Magic was Science; iron holds Magic and is powerful Jinn deflector. This is knowledge that is intentionally kept suppressed because many Elites have Jinns inside them. Steel, although it has iron, is still not iron
  • Do Reptilians have swords in their culture? Yes, but usually for ceremonial purposes. Simon then proceeds to describe his own experience with a sword
  • Questioner asks about him seeing Christ come for him one night when he was small, and when he awoke there was blood on pillow but no wound. Simon doesn't rule out what questioner saw, but he questions the presence of blood, suggesting a nose-bleed (which means something done to/through nose) and having a screen memory
  • Is it true that 15% of population have a dash of alien DNA that prevents them from being mind-controlled by Earth-based technologies? Majority of Blacks cannot be mind-controlled. Having alien DNA does not mean one cannot be controlled as it can be used as a back-door. However, if one has sufficiently high level of alien DNA that enables strong psychic abilities, this can be a defence. Our best defence against negative entities is to reject it or command it to leave.
  • Archangels ~ religious take on Lucifer is that he was an Archangel who fell into darkness. Simon believes these are very high dimensional Beings whose physical forms are sound or light energies, unaffected by organic material around them. They have great understanding and would have passed all "tests" to evolve to that level
  • Questioner asks about Emerald Tablets, saying that there are 6 of them, 2 of which were taken by Nazis  ~ (from my understanding, there are 15 tablets altogether) speaking generally about artefacts on and off-planet, Simon explains that certain artefacts placed in pattern or specific order will produce a resonance that will unlock something else that are hidden from our view. Hitler wanted to obtain as many of these items as possible, knowing that they have been separately hidden all over to prevent them from being activated. Some organisations still are hell-bent on obtaining these artefacts while other organisations are just as determined that they are not found. Some artefacts have been intentionally placed so that they can be found. Simon is concerned that many of these objects have black magic attached, such as the Spear of Destiny, the entity of which left the spear and went into Hitler
  • Hitler (illegitimate son of one of Rothschilds) had hysterical blindness, and was sent to Britain for hypnosis that was meant to cure him but was actually mind-controlled and programmed to believe he was a demi-god. After this, he started his quest to accumulate such artefacts.