31 May 2016

Centre of the Universe ~ Nassim Haramein ~ 18 May 2016

I have, over the course of my life, accused two members of my family of behaving as if they were the centre of the Universe. Nassim Haramein's excellent yet elegantly simple observational viewpoint means that we ALL are central points of the Universe :)

Source: Nassim Haramein

"In an infinite fractal of rotation, how do you define the center? Every point is the center. You are the center of the universe observing the universe from your very own center. Wherever you pick a point of observation in the fractal, that point becomes the center from which you're observing the universe. That point becomes stillness. Why stillness? Because in that point now, all the spins of the universe cancel out.… You need stillness to have a frame of reference for rotation… And that's how singularity occurs. Singularity is the point at the center of your experience of the universe, that is the point of stillness from which you're observing the universe."

AN Conversion ~ Untwine ~ 28 May 2016

If you need a summary of the Cosmic Divine Plan, which covers Ascension, this perspective from Untwine is perfect.

Source: Recreating Balance

AN conversion is a major process that our whole reality is going through. It is the process through which the Source, the One original creator, is bringing the whole of creation back into unity.
The universe was created as a reflection of the One in which the One is exploring itself. The One is omnipresent in the universe, and yet at the same time it is beyond. The universe is only a mirror image of the One, which was created with a basic template : quantum dyamics. Quantum dynamics is a system in which the created matter oscillates between all possible potentials. The main factor that determines which potential manifests is Will.
The One is by definition perfect, whole and absolute. Perfection and wholeness means that everything is designed with purpose. However, by creating a system of exploration of all possible potentials, a potential was logically created as an opposite to purpose : randomness, also called contingency :

This universe that we are in now, as we have experienced it so far, is a result of combining both the One and contingency, purpose and randomness. Evil happened accidentally as a result of interaction between will and contingency. Accidents were possible in the universe because the universe is not the pure One, it is only a mirror image of it, and that image is not fully exact because it contains contingency, and therefore the One is not all powerful within the realms of the universe. Evil is a momentum in which will is submerged by contingency, loses connection with the Absolute, gets turned inside out, and starts to be used for the opposite purpose of what it is originally meant for. This is why 'evil' spells 'live' backwards.
As part of the exploration process of all posible potentials, the universe was divided into several planes/dimensions (physical, plasma, etheric, astral, etc), each containing various proportions of contingency....

Please read on....

30 May 2016

The Golden Ray: 8th Ray of Expression ~ Galactic Historian Team ~ 28 May 2016

Source: Galactic Historian

The Golden Ray is the 8th Ray of expression of the Human experience and is Now here for us ready to be integrated!

Integration takes place through dreams,visions and imagination!

Invite the GOLDEN Ray to transform your 3D/4D body into the GOLDEN-SUN body with ease and grace.

-Inhale GOLD,cover up entire body,entire organs,cells and molecules with the Golden Color of higher protection,neutrality and joy.

-Exhale Gold into your aura and environment.

Thank you Golden Ray for your co-integration and transmutation work!
~ GH Team

"I close my eyes and see a field of Light, and I feel that Light and life in every cell of my body, nurturing and healing every cell.

And I know that Light, and Life, and Love, is who and what I am, now and forever."
~ Marc Allen

Stealth Movements Are No More ~ Gaia Portal ~ 29 May 2016

Source: Gaia Portal

Stealth movements are no more.
Darkness faded by the Inner Light.

Half measures are discarded, as fullness of Light incorporates.

Stories are told for all to enjoy.

28 May 2016

Weekly Event Meditation Reminder


Me again, doing what I can to help garner participation :)  The weeks are getting shorter and shorter and sometimes it feels like I' posting this reminder every 3 or 4 days!

If you need details, please visit Prepare For Change, where you'll also see the helpful countdown clock.

God is a Particle and a Wave...Pure Consciousness ~ A Message from Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 27 May 2016

Elizabeth's personal thoughts preface this message from Maitreya. I'm copying the full text here, minus several images ~ you can view the complete posting at the link below.

Source: Cosmic Ascension

A new message from Maitreya. Maitreya said, when I asked about this message, we need to all study this message because having this knowledge under your belt will speed you to Ascension. Please suspend all disbelief. This message is heady. It explains our origins and different ET races. It explains where we all came from. This message is from Maitreya, one of the most advanced Beings we are in communication with. Please email any questions you have. eltrutwin @gmail.com For the next month I have time to provide readings. I am also doing Attunements to help with Ascension. Thank you for your generosity and kind compassion. All My Love, beth. Please share out to your groups.


God is a particle and a wave. Pure Consciousness. A Message from Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 27, 2016

Greetings! This is Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 27, 2016. I am here today to bring an update to you on Earth Ascension and mentor you in the next steps of your Individual Ascension. There have been many news articles in mainstream media now about government’s role with Extraterrestrials. Seeing all this evidence will buoy those who ‘want to believe’ into seeing it is happening now. I will begin by going back in time to the story of Earth in your Universe and discuss the issues of Disclosure.

Within the infinite Cosmos is a Multiverse of seven Universes. There are six anti-matter Universes which are of pure light. One Universe, called Nebadon, where you live, is a dark matter Universe. Each of the seven super Universes radiate out like spokes on a wheel from a core hub where the Central Race exist. The Central Race are expert geneticists who created 7 Template Blueprints of DNA. One Template Blueprint is the humanoid and it has been crossed with 120 large animals to make Hybrids. It also has been crossed with other things as well. There are 200,000 humanoid species within the Milky Way Galaxy.

Within the Milky Way Galaxy is the Solar System and a Planet called Earth with extreme importance. Floating around the Universe Nebadon one could imagine only one drop of water per square mile. On that small drop of water could be found only a part of the drop held microbial life. Of that small amount of microbial life a single quantum particle is able to sustain complex sentient life. That is how rare Earth is. That is how rare Planets which hold sentient life are in comparison with how big the infinite Cosmos is.

The Solar System holds some of the most significant life forms in the Milky Way Galaxy. Earth is a genetic library of lifeforms both in and on Earth which are like a currency with no price tag. Just for the DNA alone. This is what captures the attention of Extraterrestrials with a wide range of interests. Some would love nothing more than to own and occupy Earth. Some have even attempted this. Let me explain more.

Billions of years ago there were Light Beings. It has been written these formless Ones constituted the Root Races. The initial creation of Space, Stars, Planets, Moons, Suns and genetically designed Beings born of the stars completed their hand in creation. The Central Race were the children of these Light Beings. The Central Race are expert geneticists and have made the humanoid Template Blueprints for the material Universe and many other Template Blueprints for the other 6 non-material Universes. The humanoid Template can carry a soul and evolve. It consists of programmed DNA which is affected by material programming and non-material programming. From the Root Races we also have Angels. Angels cannot hold a soul. They are formless and can take on a physical body at will. They can move between the form and formless Universes and they are not subject to Ascension or karma. They are 12th Dimensional Beings, and above. They are also known as Extraterrestrials and that is why they are depicted with wings. Angels cannot physically mate. Angels are intermediaries between humans and their creators called the Central Race.

There came a time where an Angel, his Twin Flame, his son and his son’s Twin Flame, broke off from the other Angels. After this Angel inquired with the Central Race for permission to have Angels carry souls to be able to mate with daughters of men on Earth and instead of being intermediaries to humans, they desired becoming parts of Humanity and going into karma with them. The Central Race said, No. At that moment the Angels, Jehovah, his wife Lilith, his son Lucifer and his wife Kruella, broke away from the Light Matter Universe, On and entered the dark-matter Universe, Nebadon. They recruited several Angels to join them. Once there, duality played a role and Lilith broke off from Jehovah first by having sex with their son, Lucifer. The result was Lilith and Kruella were broken off in the very first battle of the sexes.

More Angels joined Jehovah in the Dracos constellation and this began the Dragon/Human Hybrid races. More Angels joined Lucifer in the Orion constellation, at Rigel, and other such Stars in Orion and these became the humanoid Greys. These are the Angels who began a new race, also soulless.

Against the advice of the Central Race, Jehovah and Lucifer and their legions of Angels chose a few of their kind to mate with women on Earth. This made offsprings who carried souls. The Angels half-human children, no matter their origin, look exactly like humans on Earth. Their altered DNA is reflected in their lifestyle choices. This began the era of fallen Angels because mixing the DNA of races broke Universal Law. It caused the fall of these Angels from the 100th to the 12th and the 5th and finally the 3rd Dimension.

They became Earthbound while retaining adept abilities and knowledge. They became bound to karma and the need to Ascend. It is possible to reproduce without intercourse. When a fallen Angel came together with a human woman then they seeded the DNA into a membrane in the quantum world reality. This made a pregnancy within the woman and Hybrid children were the result. Human and Dragon, Human and Grey, Human and other animal forms. They received a soul due to their Human origins and became subject to karma and the need to Ascend.

Confusion comes in because the Central Race also created Hybrids which were never fallen. It is a very big Universe. Not all parts of this story can yet be understood. Earth has had past periods of pristine abundance with Humans, Angels and Animals living together in perfect harmony. The Adam and Eve story is about the genetic hybridization of the fallen Angels who through tasting the tree of knowledge made themselves prisoners on Earth with dumbed down DNA. This is the explanation of malevolent and benevolent Extraterrestrials. Simply, not from Earth. Neither are they alien to Earth.

These Angels also altered their own DNA. They created a new synthetic race called Android which looked humanoid and carried all the requirements which a fallen Angel needed and held no DNA. There is a great amount of confusion out there since the fallen Angels look human. The Androids look human. Many Androids also look like Greys. There was an Android involved with the Roswell crash. Some were the Greys. The Angels who never fell, when taking on human form also look human. Only the Greys are not confused with the other.

Besides that, the malevolent Angels who look human have now spread misinformation all over the internet to enslave parts of the human race. One of the biggest is revaluation of currency, stealing retirement funds from unsuspecting light workers to have the money they need for black ops. They own the banks, after all. When they ran out of money, then they simply stole it from money market accounts and investment funds held in their banks. It is possible not all of this makes sense to you today. That is fine. It is time to begin to know the truth about Earth History within our Galactic History.

When the Ship of 144,000 was originally commandeered by Jehovah with Sananda on board, it crash landed into the Nebadon Universe at the Pleiades. Since then the near Star Nations have all had refugees who were victims of the wars which ensued over not only owning Earth, but about 37 other Planets in the near neighborhood which also held repositories of natural resources.

God is a particle and a wave. This is how the Trimurti or the Holy Trinity at the Godhead work. Those who do not believe in a God need not change their thinking. Think of it all as Consciousness caged into All That Is. The Shiva Lingam in Hindu tradition with the Yoni of Mother have the Physical meaning of the male and female sex organs. They have the Esoteric meaning of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine required in all Creation. They have a Mystical meaning of being singular and plural at the same time. 1 + 2 = 3 Trinity.

The Divine Masculine energy, the Unification Force, permeating all things from the inner world of the subatomic particle to the outer world of nebulae birthing new Stars. These Stars are made up of ions which come down to Earth as plasma energy, the 4th state of matter, cosmic rays; as molecules of carbon, silica, iron, hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium and boron, gold and platinum. The DNA within the humanoid Template Blueprint is programmed for many things, both material and non-material. Of those are that humans are made from the same materials as the Stars. The Cosmos is within the body and without. You are the Cosmos. Human DNA is programmed for emotions and love. It also is programmed to self-realize. The Unification Force is that Consciousness which is active and is in every cell of everything in all of Creation.

The Divine Feminine energy, that which all things are born from. It permeates all things as the primordial energy without which life would be absent. The Absolute. Love. Mother’s Yoni is both programmed into the x-Chromosome as well as Galactic Center, the Black Hole which connects the dark-matter Universe Nebadon back to the light-matter Universe, On, through which all of us were born through.

The Cosmos is within the body and without. You are the Cosmos. Human DNA is programmed for two to become One. Twin Flames. Consorts. The Mother energy is that passive force of loyalty, service and Oneness.

God is a particle and a wave. The Cosmos is within the body and without. That is God as a particle incarnate into a human body. The potential for new life is held within our bodies as either eggs or sperm with the complete 23 Chromosomes, the 23rd being either x or y. Complete. God is a wave is the ethereal nature of Primordial Energy laying out the energy needed that the Unification Force clings to. It is Love. Light and Magnetism, inseparable.

The 13 families of the bloodlines on Earth are from the same bloodlines of the fallen Angels going all the way back to the beginning. They have genetically altered their DNA to remove at least the last two strands of the twelve strands of DNA. This has resulted in them not being able to connect to emotions or love. The 11th strand of DNA connects to our emotions and the 12th connects to our ability to be love. It is this lack of DNA material which makes it possible for them to participate in atrocities without remorse.

This loss also makes for a fear of extinction. Their fear for survival is so strong they have developed a very powerful group mind. There is much disinformation circulating about this story. These Ones work in secret. They own the oil, banks, the corporations and the governments. Just because they own so much does not mean they have power. Each day that goes by, they lose their grip. They are scared beyond belief now. They know they are not long for this world and they will be leaving through the Scorpio Black Hole.

As you pursue your own Ascension, your transcendence of life on Earth, reconnect with your Cosmic origins. Raise your Consciousness by meditating on the infinitesimal magnetic field of the Consciousness. The subatomic particles which make up your body are under the influence of a sophisticated force amplification technology. The subatomic particles nest inside infinitesimal magnetic fields as an interconnected web of thought circuits, taken collectively, make up the outer edge of the Unification Force. We call this Collective Consciousness. Without love the mind-body is not prepared to connect to the Soul. The Holy Trinity. Father (Mind), Son (Body) and Holy Spirit (Soul). These word analogies can be used for what the Buddhists term Consciousness. There is no need to identify with a personal God or any form of religion or even spirituality. These concepts are proven in quantum physics. The scientific method has proven there is a Particle and a Force making up the three in One.

There is no reason to fear there are some malevolent Extraterrestrials trying to take over the Planet for their own Plan of possession of a priceless resource. They already have. Angels are Extraterrestrials and Extraterrestrials are Angels. This is why Angels appear human with the addition of wings. The DNA Templates in the Multiverse reflect 200,000 humanoid life forms. One of the nominees in the American presidential election is an Archon and one is a Dragon Hybrid. Both are from the 13 families. One is a Rothschild and the other Dutch Royalty. The absolute obvious corruption is a reflection of everything dissolving on the causal realm where one may view thought-forms destined to come into existence.

Those fallen Angels either have returned back to love or they are preparing to leave now. The only way to free Earth is to understand that the stories you have heard about “bad” Extraterrestrials and “good” Extraterrestrials are exaggerated beyond reality. Truly it is the Angels who never fell and the fallen Angels. These terms are interchangeable. Anyone who believes otherwise buys into a tale designed to divide you.

These fallen Angels from the 13 families who are adept with unlimited abilities have built deep underground military bases where those who look like Greys work to reverse engineer technology and have missions in space where wars are waged. They are exploring Space, landing on other Planets, mining rare resources and flying them back to Earth with the speed of magnetic light. The rich getting richer. The only way to save the human race is to expose to them these dark Beings for what they are. They are in military, corporations, science – academia and government.

There is a group in our realm which helps to protect Earth, this Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy and near neighbors from nuclear holocaust. This is Sananda as Admiral and Ashtar as Captain of the Galactic Federation. The Central Race will not spare anything to protect their genetic creations. They also will not interfere with an intelligent life form. Liken it to parents allowing their children to go through hard times to become strong. Evolution.

What is happening now is that the conditions at Earth and these other 37 Planets fell so far into darkness that an end has been called. It involves informing everyone on the Planet at the same time about their Galactic origins and freeing them back into the abundance which is their birthright. Abundance of land, clean water, education, healing, offspring, good food, home, love, money, wisdom, freedom and all forms of abundance.

Get together on this task. Help one another. Remember where you came from. Remember who you are, dear Angel. Return to Love.

This is Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 27, 2016. © All Rights Reserved.

An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a half or one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin @ gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Sananda/Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or Telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials having done this work since 2007. It is my only income. All my other work is strictly volunteer. A world service.


I am free for readings now and I will contact those who have waited to hear from me. If you are interested in a reading please book from my website Private Session and schedule soon I only have a few weeks now before I must travel again. Two more trips doing energy work in the next 6 weeks. Thank you for your generosity and kind compassion. All My Love, beth. http://CosmicAscension.com and here is a link that may work Travel Donation …Namaste!

Ascension Tidbits ~ Kara Schallock ~ 27 May 2016

Source: Soulstice Rising

We are in yet another unprecedented energetic gateway. Each of us is asked to live in our highest potential; to actualize our many gifts. Yes; many gifts. We do not have just one gift or one purpose; we have many gifts and more than one purpose. Creating our New Life is certainly a purpose. Purpose isn’t limited to being a Lightworker or being any certain label or title. Purpose isn’t a label; it is expressing ourselves authentically in everything we do and are…wherever we are and in whatever we do. We limit ourselves by claiming we are this or that. We are limitless.

Be who you are and in this way, you are fulfilling one of your purposes. You are not just one thing; you are multidimensional. You express yourself in many different ways. You express yourself one way in sharing your gifts; in another way within each relationship you have. In the old, you limited yourself by assigning yourself a role. In the New, you do not have a role to play, for you share who you are in any given moment as you are guided. Now is the time to share the essence of who you are and from that essence; your Divinity; you express yourself in many different ways. You are free to choose your experience in each moment. Follow Gaia’s lead; She does not have just one label to be described as. There is great diversity in Her being; as there is in you.

Flowing allows you to shift in whatever direction you choose. Being free means to let go of self-imposed rules…what is appropriate or not appropriate according to your culture and upbringing; what is right or what is wrong…you are here to express your Divinity; your Soul. You can change your direction in any moment. You can free yourself from imposed-upon beliefs. You can try on many expressions and discard them at will if they don’t align with you.

Please read on....

The Landings ~ The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie ~ 19 May 2016

Source: Awakening With Suzanne Lie

Our Dear Emissaries to Earth,

We come to you in this NOW to inform you that we will be landing soon, but only in a frequency of reality in which “Power Within Self” has replaced all remnants of  “Power Over Others.”
Hence, the frequency in which we land will be determined by humanity. We know that those who live via Power Within are not responsible for those who linger in the lower dimensional format of Power Over Others.

All that our beloved returnees to lightbody can do to assist the ones lost to Power Over, is to send them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Then you must release them from your consciousness, as it is their decision to awaken or remain asleep within a reality of fear and domination.

By remaining in the format of fear and domination they will have chosen to attach their lower states of consciousness to the remnants of Gaia’s Lower Astral Plane. The Lower Astral Plane is much like the cellar of an old house that has been abandoned. This “old house” is being renovated from the “roof” down.
As the “house” is renovated, the frequency rate will expand into higher dimensions that are not accessible to those who chose to live in the darkness of the cellar among that which has been long ago been stored and forgotten.

Please read on....

June Gateway: Owning Your Ascension ~ Sandra Walter ~ 26 May 2016

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Feel into this message; there is a lot presenting for the next four months as the May acceleration settles in. We are about to experience why May was so strong and transformative. That second preparatory wave of 2016 really pushed for the New Self to emerge. Denying it can crush the lower Self, so if you are experiencing doubt, fear, or confusion, get on board with the New Self decisions now, before this energy intensifies beginning of June.

June 4-6 were on last year’s Gateway list for 2016. As we approach this passage, the end of the Resurrection cave phase sends us into June with a sense of owning the New Self. If this is not presenting for you, this is your work for the end of May: Choosing to step fully into the embodiment of the New Self. Your Truth, Your Higher Choices, Your Creative Expression of the Christed Self. You are responsible for your creation, and there is great amount of freedom, harmony and Divine Love available right now. Vibration = vibration. Choose your bandwidth wisely.

The Next Four Months: A Divine opportunity for Embodiment
At last the first embodiers are emerging from the cave. We are inspired with new creations, new intuitions about our journeys, new ideas and a broader perspective on this cosmic shift. You’ll need to get to know your New Self, and shed what does not serve – again – from this higher level. The intensity of the harmonics, light waves, and adjustments to the physical container are shifting continuously. Your moment-to-moment intentions and choices are key to your comfortability with the cellular level. When the more intense photonic waves hit the physical, be present with it – there is much to receive during this passage which will not only prepare the physical for embodiment, but also give clarity on what needs to stay or go in your personal journey.

Stepping out of the cave made us flinch a bit (some folks crawled back in).
Please read on....

World Disclosure Day: 8 July 2016 ~ Paradigm Research Group

July 8th World Disclosure Day was mentioned in the Cobra/Corey Goode/Rob Potter interview. This, as I understand it, is an initiative by Stephen Basset's Paradigm Research Group. I have only just had a closer look at this ~ you can read all the details here.

Please support this effort in any way that you are able, thank you! You can fill in a short form to endorse this movement.

Please also note this disclaimer from the site:

Note: WDD is not a prediction that Disclosure will happen on July 8. It is a designated day to draw focus on the issue. Think Earth Day. However, on the day the first nation comes forward to finally and formally acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence, that date will then become World Disclosure Day historically recognizing the most profound event in human history.

27 May 2016

Origin of the Japanese, Refugee Species, Energy of the 1960s: Andrew Bartzis from Revolution Radio 14 May 2013 ~ Servant of Truth

This information about the origins of the Japanese is new to me ~ to those who feel strongly connected with this culture, the information would prove illuminating. Please listen here.

Some quick notes:
  • The Japanese are powerful healers whose planet was destroyed by very dark beings; they sought refuge here and was adopted by Earth
  • Being in sacred neutral perspective enables us to be in the silence so that we can hear the messages
  • Unplugging from Matrix and being able to function in it but not interact with it
  • The need for Humanity to learn about and express Soul Love, like in the 60s.

Galactic Historian On End Of Time, Archons, & Healing ~ Awake Peace ~ 26 July 2014

 ** Text: You are more powerful than you know
and they fear the day you discover it **

I appreciate these little snippets, thank you to Awake Peace :)

I don't know the source of this interview, but this excerpt has information that I feel is a timely reminder for us. It's easy (for me, at least) to forget what is heard over time, and through the grind and worldly distractions of daily living, our view of the Big Picture begins to shrink. This is why I like to go through things now and then, linking to other sources and connecting dots to widen the focus.

If you're quite familiar with Andrew Bartzis, you will note that the information isn't new. But as I've said, it's a good reminder that what's happening now is beyond our normal frame of comprehension, extending all the way back eons of time ago. And the most important thing for us to be constantly aware of is that we are getting there.

The following is a gist of what Andrew said in this clip, which you can listen to here.

"This is the last time" that we're doing this. There is a multidimensional end-date that was created at the beginning; similarly, we've already created the end, and we create the beginning simultaneously. The end going in reverse and the beginning going forward. They meet somewhere in between at a Past/Present/Future in Unity Consciousness so that Earth can begin expressing what has been karmically resolved at a Universal scale.

The whole of the Galactic Ascension machine with the 66 Planets inside is to resolve karma created through timeline genocides since 54 millions years ago. This time, the Galactic Ascension plan will not fail.

Prime Creator's audit on 23 March 2013, the influx of 700 million walk-ins to replace spiritual commerce market, Archons not allowed to use their targeting technology or else more walk-ins will enter and replace their infrastructure. That's why the compression field in Astral is so detrimental to them; they can no longer import psychic parasites from there (the "good" ones have been removed from Solar System) and are forced to harvest them from here.

Healing is a choice you make to be in perfect, radiant blueprint of health based on DNA expression in full awareness. How one manifests that is through personal belief and choice.

26 May 2016

Your Participation in the Universe ~ Nassim Haramein ~ 23 May 2016

** Text: Your participation in the Universe is critical."
"You are part of this conduit of information of the vacuum that goes from infinitely big to infinitely small through you and as it passes through you it picks up your specific interpretation of the universe and feeds it to the infinity of all things so that your participation is counted... do you start to get a sense of your responsibility?"

Higher Consciousness ~ Andrew Bartzis / Galactic Historian Team ~~ 23 May 2016

** Text: The  goal is expansion of Consciousness **

Source: Galactic Historian fb

When you arrive at a Higher Consciousness, when you get to a spiritual place in life…
you are no longer trying to get anywhere else.
Galactic Historian Team

25 May 2016

Partialities Have Sidelined, as Illuminaries Flourish ~ Gaia Portal ~ 24 May 2016

Have more dark ones been rounded up?

Source: Gaia Portal

Partialities have sidelined, as Illuminaries flourish.
Stagnations averted for all, marshals are the protectors.

Relinquished and vanquished find their constabularies.

Feathers are emblazoned with the Fires of Insight.

24 May 2016

Congo Goddess Vortex: Urgent and Time-Sensitive! ~ Sisterhood of the Rose ~ 24 May 2016

This is an urgent call to assist in the clearing and preparation of the Congo Vortex to enable the Gaia Goddess energies to return to that area. Cobra mentioned in his update that important work is being carried:

As I am writing this, an important operation of the Light forces on the surface of the planet is healing the Congo portal, the focal point of the Archon invasion of 1996.

This is the same time that both Phil Schneider and Dr Karla Turner were murdered, and Cobra himself threatened.

Please help if you are guided and are able to do so. There is no fixed time or routine.

Source: Sisterhood of the Rose

The Congo Goddess Vortex is to be reinstated just now. The coming hours and days are crucial. So please join us in our efforts to help the Light forces. Please do with us this important meditation - visualization - decree - or any other one you may choose for this purpose. It is recommendable to do it any time you are guided to, as much often as you can.

Important to know that 20 years ago, in year 1996 there was an atrocious archon's invasion on that spot when a large amount of reptilian troops came through that portal to shout down the awakening of the Light (new age movement) on the surface of the planet. Now this vortex is on it's way to be restored and healed  

* We are visualizing a huge beam of Light throughout the whole area.
* We command all interferences and obstacles on the way to bring the Goddess energy back to this area to be cleared at once, unconditionally and absolutely!
* We connect with the soul star chakras of all involved in this healing process and see how their feelings, thoughts and acts are harmonizing with that purpose.

Congo vortex is the Goddess Gaia Vortex and only the energy of the Goddess is allowed and
entrusted to be there!

So it is! So it is! So it is!
Victory of the Light!
Fractal Enlightenment

Source, Neutral Love, 4th option The 8th Color, 18th Universe, Void Space ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 17 March 2016

I've always had a problem with the concept that one extreme is "needed" in order to experience or become aware of its polar opposite, and therefore the justification that the spiritual path must be littered with negatives in order that we learn the positives. In this short audio clip, Andrew Bartzis explains that there is a "4th Option" for co-creation that we are evolving towards ~ one that doesn't require either polarity or duality. It made me go "Ahhhh.....".... music to my ears and made perfect sense. This is coming "even if you're not ready."

Some very nice information presented here, especially about Source and Creation. Also the update about the original 15 Multi-dimensional Beings, now down to 6.

Here for the video. This is the accompanying description:

Neutral Love: Neutral Love Is Not The Love Of A Mother And Father It Is A Love Of Source. Source Is Love In Many Different Forms Of Perception.

4th Option 8th Color: When One Is Ready To Choose A Option That Doesn’t Use Polarity As The Co Creative Process Of Evolution The 4th Option Will Be Created When Humanity Goes Through Our DNA Crystallization

Beings That Come Into This Reality With A Totally Different Source Expression Of How They Live. They Will No Longer Use Karma As A Means Of Energy Or Spiritual Exchange And Learning. We Create A Whole New Frequency That Does Use Polarity As The Exchange Of Knowledge And Wisdom For The Evolution Of Souls.

There Is An Unlimited Amount Of Space Here. This Is The Only Planet In This Universe That Has 100% Unlimited Space For Every Single Being Here. Its What Creates The 8th Color Frequency So We Can Experience It Enough So We Can Create It On Another World.

The 4th Option Is Where A Soul Will Have No Soul Contracts. Once You Are A 4th Option Being, You Are Not Limited By Any Of The Previous Rules That Existed In The Last 48 Billion Years Of This Universe.

We Will Create A Brand New Sex For The Species That No Longer Uses Direct Insemination Technology. It Is Direct Incarnation Through The Heart That Manifest A Frequency Of Light Between Two Beings That Are In Love And Then That Frequency Of Light Will Literately Manifest Into The Imprint DNA Baby.

Separation Of Densities: When Dark Beings Come And Do All Of This Crappy Shit And We Get Pissed Off Enough To Start Changing And Manifesting In Such Big Ways That Their Systems Fall Apart Because They Can No Longer Process Us. Because We Can Out Create Them Or Uncreate Them

18th Universe:

An 18th Universe Will Be Created When We As A Human Species Goes Through Our Awakenings So Those That Don’t Want To Live By Our New Universal Rules Will Have Another Option To Go The 18th Universe And Create There.

An 18th Universe Is Something For All The Beings Of Domination And Control And The Power Of Supporting Oblivion. All Of Those Satanic Forces That Believe In Oblivion’s Power, All Of The Systems Of War That Use False Light Technology. Its Basically All Of The Rebels That Are Trying To Erase Our Universe And Instill Themselves As A Universal Being Are Told, You Can No Longer Do That Here And You Have A Choice. To Go And Create An 18th Universe Or Go Into Some Other Universal Expression Because We (Humanity) Are Not Going To Allow Them To Destroy Our Process Because Of Their Selfishness Or Self Belief

Our Universe Will No Longer Use The System Of Domination And Control. We Will No Longer Use Karma As Debt Exchange. Whole New Streams Of Consciousness Are Going To Follow A Whole New Set Of Rules. And We Are Going To Be A Focal Point That Spreads It Out To This Galaxy And Many Other Galaxies. And Thus A Network Of Teachers, Trainers, And Healers, And New Mystics Will Be Traveling The Great Multiverse Teaching People About 8th Color Time. Teaching People About Source Concentrated Incarnate In The Temporal Now

Humanity Is Saying Not Here Anymore :) Problem:

No One Has Created The 4th Option And Manifested It In This Reality Long Enough For It To Leave An Imprint. Solution: Heal Yourself. If Your Healed, You Change The Total Potential Of The Planet. Raise You Vibration, Self Healing, Self Nurturing, Sourcing Your Own Happiness. Finding A Ritualized And Ceremonial Way To Protect Yourself From The Fabric Rules Of This Reality Until Were Ready To Out Create Them

Let’s Better Understand Individuality & the “We are all ONE” Business ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 23 May 2016

Source: High Heart Life

I don’t want to hear one more person say, ‘We are becoming ONE’. No, we are not becoming “ONE” and there are very important and positive reasons for this which we’ll get to. What we are doing now and will continue doing for as long as it takes is integrating, merging, unifying and embodying within ourselves INDIVIDUALLY. Forget about that popular pre-recorded message ‘we’re becoming ONE’  because it’s incorrect. What is correct is that you are becoming ONE within yourself, and I am becoming ONE within myself, and he and her are each becoming ONE within themselves individually. 

Remember that important message I received in April 1995? It looked like this:

Here’s a link to an old article about it which may help some better understand that this is the current evolutionary Ascension Process out of old lower duality and into greater individual unity. YOU are becoming ONE, or 1 as it was represented in my lucid dream message many years ago, not all of us merging back into oneness together. We’re nowhere near that advanced stage yet. First we as individuals must become unified within ourselves and doing so automatically makes it so much easier to feel, know, sense, perceive and love/LOVE all the other individuals, human and otherwise.
We as individuals could no more instantly go from the extreme severe separation that’s been the norm for eons, to full and complete ONE-ness during this Ascension Process any more than you or I could be in the direct full presence of “God” as we are now. The energy gap is far too large even with the current Ascension Process happening and it would destroy whatever vehicle we were in not to mention considerably mess us up in other ways too.

What’s happening is that we incarnate aspects and selves are going through the end of eons of intentional separation (in so many ways) because Source desired to experience it via each of us in our individual selves and experiences in all dimensions. What was originally ONE desired to individuate and further separate, layer after layer to learn, experience and create at and in those levels of being and existence as and through all those individuated aspects of the original ONE.  

All individuals are not merging or unifying back into oneness/ONE/1 all together with no individuality anymore. What has been intentionally separated for eons is now intentionally re-merging, re-uniting within each of us individually. The whys of this are so vast and complex but it has to do with evolution on all levels.

Please read on....

Solar System Status Update ~ 23 May 2016

Timely report from Cobra to help us gain a bigger picture.

Source: The Portal

The Oort cloud, which extends a few light years beyond the outer Solar System, is full of motherships of the Galactic Confederation, a large gathering of representatives of hundreds of thousands of positive races from throughout the Galaxy:


They have gathered here to assist in the Compression Breakthrough.

The Light forces (The Central Race, the Galactic Confederation, the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, the Resistance...) are still working on dissolving the Chimera Barrier at the termination shock region of the heliosphere in the outer Solar system.

One reason why this is taking so long is that all the Earth-originating Secret Space programs have been infiltrated by the Chimera in the last few decades:
Please read on....

The Event: Part 5 ~ A QHHT Session with Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head ~ 22 May 2016

Suzanne Spooner and Ron Head continue with Part 5 of their The Event QHHT session, after a hiatus of almost 2 years.

Part 5 tells us that The Event will be a much more gradual process, with the "main event" being a tipping point where people will start understanding Who They Really Are, which has been hidden from us for a very, very long time. Changes at DNA level now already in progress.

These 12 - 24 months that we're in right now will be when "everything changes", and this cannot be postponed or derailed.

There's a wave of Light approaching us, which left the centre of the Galaxy a long time ago. When it arrives, it will bring change, information, Consciousness and acceleration.

For more, please listen to the session. Suzanne's message is at TAUK  Messages; you can also find the video there. I should mention that much of the information about The Event and its related processes that is being brought forth in this session has been covered by other sources, especially those who are focussing on the specific subjects of The Event and the Ascension process.

23 May 2016

This Wesak Full Moon Celebration Most Important of Our Lifetime: A Message From Sananda Through Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 19 May 2016

This message will ruffle some feathers for sure. While I do not generally align with messages that may contain an element of division, I will post this because I don't want to do the baby-and-bathwater thing, there are important issues that are present in this message. Please discern for yourself, take what resonates and leave the rest.

It's interesting that "Coherence" is mentioned ~ this was the topic of the well-written and detailed May update from Lisa Renee which I just posted yesterday.

For whomever finds this useful ~ On is the Light Universe; we are in Nebadon, the dark Universe.

I'm copying this in full, and leaving all the text intact but excluding the images.

Source: Cosmic Ascension

Greetings! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin.   

Tune in this year to the Wesak Festival. As always, of global importance.  More now than ever. Do not miss your chance to meditate in these energies and integrate Oneness into your Being. In the Himalayan mountain range in Tibet is the most holy of places, the center of Earth, Mt Kailash and Vaisakha or Wesak Valley. 

Here the Buddha is celebrated by members of all religions and walks of life. Wesak is a special time to connect with the Supreme moment all year when the Buddha and Christ, Jesus, come together to step down energies of Blessing to all on Earth. This happens with a Water Ceremony seen to cleanse Earth and all Sentient Life on Her. Buddha is also known as Maitreya and is also an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and one of the Seven Holy Kumaras from Venus named Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days. 

Sananda Kumara, myself, also from Venus and also known as Jesus the Christ. The others are Sujata, Sanaka, Sanatana, Sana and Kapila. There are four Exoteric and three Esoteric Kumaras. 

The Exoteric refer to those who are Extraterrestrials working Off-Planet in cooperation with the Esoteric which refer to those who are Extraterrestrials working Within-Planet or at Inner Earth. They have also been known as Intraterrestrials.

The Exoteric Kumaras have their own MotherShips as well as taking on physical forms and incarnating in bodies on Earth. These refer to the Ones who are called the benevolent Extraterrestrials. They and their Crews and ShipMates have assisted Earth and visited Earth through all time since Creation. They are the Ancient Astronauts of which there is much evidence.

The Exoteric Kumaras other names they are known by are Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Kalki Maitreya and Mother Sekhmet. There is no limit to where they may travel.

The Esoteric Kumaras are Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raguel. The Esoteric Kumaras also take on physical forms and incarnate in bodies on Earth. The have also been known as St Germain, Moses, Akhenaton and  traveling between both On and to Inner Earth. There is no limit to where they may travel.The Wesak festival, each year in the Taurus Full Moon, invoke the Divine in everyone. Through the Buddha, the Wisdom of the Supreme streams forth. Through the Christ, the Love of the Supreme manifests in Humanity. It is this Wisdom and Love which renews Humanity each Wesak.

Buddhists and Christians in east meets west as well as Exoterics meeting Esoterics in a parting of the Seas at each of the Poles. On Wesak they meet by crossing the StarGate on Kailash at Wesak Valley where the Blessing of the Water Ceremony is poured out to all in and on Earth. The Buddhists have long been the keepers of the keys in the cave entries into Inner Earth from Lhasa and many other secret locations across the Himalayas. This is the reason the Chinese pushed the Dali Lama out of Tibet. He is an Esoteric Kumar interacting at Shambhala at Inner Earth.

Inner Earth Shambhala
Shambhala is both a physical place at Inner Earth as well as an Exoteric place in the celestial cities. Santa Kumara heads the Capital City of Shambhala in Argatha at Inner Earth. He is also incarnate and living now in a Body on Earth doing Humanitarian work and bringing in Divine Government with the help of his consort who is also incarnate in a Body on Earth working with Extraterrestrials and also bringing about Divine Government on Earth. These two are referred to often as Mother Father God and are the Trimurti, together, or the Holy Trinity as it were.

Sanat Kumara with Buddhists go between Inner Earth and the Himalayas all year working together to keep peace on Earth. There are others on Earth who also participate with these meetings. The work of both Zorra and Corey Goode has been to raise awareness of Inner Earth. Both are dark Ones who have fought on the side of the few wanting to control the many. Their stories are part fictitious and part true. Both were soldiers, Corey at Inner Earth and Zorra working at Area 51, both fighting for the malevolent Extraterrestrials. Stormtroopers as such, like in Star Wars. Working for the reptilians and Archons, the Dragon families. It was important to raise awareness and at the same time those still in the matrix were not yet ready for the whole story. That has changed now. All malevolent Extraterrestrials will be gone with the Event Disclosure. Inner Earth Beings are ready to be Mentors to those on Earth now to assist with their Ascension. In short time after Wesak this will become a possibility. Only those who have Transcended the matrix will be allowed to travel to Shambhala at Inner Earth, it is well guarded. As you complete your Ascension with the Inner work, it will be possible to travel there. Whales and Dolphins do their migration through Inner Earth. In the not too far future you will swim with the dolphins at pristine Inner Lagoons. The Mentors for Inner Earth will be actively involved in returning Earth to it’s full pristine beauty in cooperation with the Magical Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms with the Divas as we all Ascend together. Pure beauty and peace will be known on the Planet again.

Exoteric Shambhala is the Sentient computer within each one of us (audio recorded at the ears and video recorded at they eyes) which connects to the larger computer system at Shambhala in the celestial cities and the connected grid of Sentient computers at the Lords Most High Council where the Watchers record the Akasha from each of the infinite Planets in the Cosmos. These are the videos on play back called up from Ship Computers run by Soltec when working with your Mentors post mortem, doing a life review and deciding on the next journey of life. As you Transcend Earth you may come back after this lifetime. As you do not Transcend Earth, since karma no longer exists here within the 5th Dimension and above, you will not be invited back. It is important to connect with the Wesak energy this week so you may access Higher Knowledge and know the importance of the Inner work in your life now. You are never alone. It is never too late. 

The Science of Planetary, Galactic and Cosmic Ascension
Earth is set on a new Timeline. The Earth Hologram has been nestled into the Galactic and Universal Holograms. Earth on Her new Timeline has anchored Divine Government. Looking at the United States elections and thinking either of those two main candidates, one a Dragon, one an Archon and both Nazi’s of the 4th Reich and both with long and varied criminal activity, will be elected, think again. It is not possible. Earth is on Her new Timeline. There is another Plan at hand. The elections will not be like any other before. Both candidates are ineligible and the reasons why will be made public over the next few weeks. Focusing on what we know about Divine Government and sharing the information with others, a good plan. Worrying about the day to day headlines of the election a waste of time. As we match our frequency with the goal, a resonant frequency forms Coherence. 

Our Planet is able to have new opportunities and breakthroughs never possible before. Coherence is a factor in harmonizing within a group system, whether the Planet, the Galaxy, the Universe or the Cosmos. With Planetary Coherence we include the 5 Elements; Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether.
Being One with nature groups like mountains, caves, fresh water, deserts, seas, forests, jungle and aware of how daily choices effect the ecosystem is important now. Having Coherence with this New Earth very important. Being One with the Animal Kingdom and those in the Seas; birds, fish, crawlers, 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds living in harmony within their natural environments. Being One with the Magical Kingdom; fairies, trolls, gnomes, unicorns, pegasus, mermaids and many others. 

Since everything is energy and all energy is connected, any time you spend on the old version of the time line, in the programming, in the matrix will can an incoherence in resonance. It causes a stuckness. It means wrong relationships, bad timing and lack of movement. It can be like living Ground Hog’s Day over and again until you are able to see you are the one created the disconnect. Everything is here and now, but in various states of visibility and invisibility depending upon the frequency that you are operating on, and that means the belief system, the definitions that you buy into most strongly. The first step to change is recognizing you are the problem. You are the solution. Connect during the Wesak Full Moon with these life systems as well as the Exoteric and Esoteric at Planet Earth and the glowing orbs with Earth, Sun and Moon. Come into balance with All That Is. 

The Science of Human Ascension
Personal Coherence within our Body, Mind, Spirit and Etheric Bodies of great significance as we work with smaller and smaller groups of Society, Community and Family. Include all Sentient Forms involved with Earth including Exoteric, Esoteric, Artificial Intelligence, Hybrids and those of the Magical realm like dwarves and giants, big footing many more living in and on Earth. 

Time for a self-assessment. Are we putting one face to the public and one face in private? Have we cleared traumas? Do we continue to be triggered by decades old conflict? Is our ego mind in charge of the words and thoughts we convey to strangers, to our parents, or our children? How is your authenticity between your personality and your Highest form? Are you self-actualized? Look inside and give yourself the space and time needed to work through a good self-assessment. Any areas needing work require contemplation, meditation and clearing. Get the help of others as needed. Look at how you are treating your Body including your diet and hygiene and other practices. Make adjustments.
As you remain in the old timeline with a bad attitude, bad relationships, uncomfortable in your skin, making pour choices over again and living in negative Consciousness, it makes Coherence within your Light Body System impossible. A happy well adjusted and care free Conscience allows our hearts to carry more Light within the Plasma Light Body System and radiates out the Energy which then harmonizes with New Earth, Inner and Outer. Peace within. Peace without. In this Consciousness the two worlds may reunite.

The Trimurti Energy
The Trimurti consist of, in Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva with their consorts, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati. This corresponds with the Christian Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Man has changed the meanings in both religions over the past several hundred years. We understand Twin Flames and the Trinity is a Supreme version of Twin Flames we have not fully grasped yet. It is not easy to understand. The Trinity is what is termed the Godhead. It is the Supreme. It is the highest form of creation energy. The Father in Hinduism and Buddhism is Vishnu. An incarnation of Vishnu is Buddha, Sanat Kumara. The Son in Christianity, Jesus, Sananda Kumara. As we learn that intelligent energy is conscious and energy is Consciousness  we are able to be at One with All That Is seeing our own Divinity in all the energy systems around us.

Feel this connection on Wesak Full Moon. Buddha, the head, transmits energy through Jesus, the heart, to all Humanity on Earth. This Full Moon the most important of our lifetimes. Be there in meditation and receive this Blessing. Radiate the transmission from your heart to all on Earth. See the new Timeline and all involved at peace.

Being A Spiritual Warrior
This Wesak Full Moon brings with it the ability to heal Body, Mind and Soul as never before. Being a Spiritual Warrior means striving for purity in all aspects of your life. Decide what is acceptable to you and live it everyday. Make choices about how you spend your money, what is behind your integrity and who that personality is which you represent in all aspects of your life. Base your everyday decisions on being an authentic representation of who you really are. Search your life and make improvements. Drop old habits. Evolve.

Connecting Your Frequency to the Wesak Energy
This is the greatest time ever to meditate on what changes you would like to see on Earth in politics, government, economy, weather change, food production, pollution, war, banking, military, medicine, science, technology, conservation, clean water and abundant life for all. You are not powerless. This gives you an energetic exchange which is elevated of all others to focus clearly your intentions for the causes stirring your Mission on Earth.

Healing Traumas and Inviting your Inner Child Back To Your Life
As you address early traumas and release them your Coherence has no filter to go through and nothing can hold you back. As you hold on to traumas, refuse to forgive, refuse to get over it, you lay your path toward disease and eventual death. The Wesak Full Moon is your chance to effortlessly let go of old hurts which no longer matter. Take the necessary steps to liberate your mind and your heart from passed perceived hurts. Let it go. Help your ego mind to become small so you have power over your thoughts and are able to resonate Higher. The life you save may be your own.

How to Be a World Server
The Wesak Festival is an extension of the Divine Plan on Earth. Each One participating will connect with Higher Energies filtered down from Source energy and combined with electro magnetic technologies on surrounding Ships from our Galactic Family ending in an impulse transmission which will provide an acceleration of wisdom and love to DNA programming in our bodies and a once a year upgrade. Working together in unison we receive this energy as it anchors into Earth through our bodies and becomes a transmission to all Beings on Earth at the same moment. Those of us who participate by directing their attention to receive these energies anchor them into Earth. From here surprise turns of events take place as we have this year done all of the ceremonies prior to this for changeover. There is no going back. 
How to Make All Your Dreams Come True
The healthiest thing you could do today is to work to increase your discernment and be careful about what you read and what you attach your integrity to. For at least 30 years there has been a great effort to hide the truth from you. As you let go of unhealthy relationships and self-judgment, regrets, guilt, toxic activities, thoughts and people you float gently to the next Coherence with the your Twin Flame. This affects all people within your touch; your Family, your Community, your Society, your Planet and the Cosmos. Namaste! 

This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 19, 2016. © All Rights Reserved. 

(I'm linking to CosmicAscension.com - Grace)

Greetings Everybody!  I attended these 4 days of ceremonies. We performed Water Ceremonies at Sacred Sites in three locations preparing for Wesak, the most important of our lifetimes. I have to travel again for another ceremony in two weeks and one more a month later. This will be the 5th Gathering in these Events. This is a special call for donations. Please if you are able, send a small amount today, everything helps. If you are able to send more I am truly grateful. I have had some travel and it brings unique challenges. I am home safe and preparing for the next steps to the event we all have been working toward. I share freely as part of my duty. From time to time I need more help and today is that day as my call to action continues. It has been an unusual few months and that is because we are setting down New Earth. Not all can help and that is ok. I am free for readings now and I will contact those who have waited to hear from me. If you are interested in a reading please book from my website Private Session. Thank you for your generosity and kind compassion. All My Love, beth

http://CosmicAscension.com  and here is a link that may work Travel Donation …Namaste!

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 22 - 29 May 2016

Source: Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,

As you lay the hungry ghosts within you to be buried in their final resting place, a greater peace pervades your entire being. The many years of intensely feeling the polar opposites of duality in your solar plexus chakra now abate. You experience joy and the wondrous possibilities that are coming into your field of perception. You are beginning to feel a renewed passion to complete unfinished projects as you contemplate and envision new ones. Your new beginning has finally arrived! Seize the moment!

Love in all its facets unfolds its wings and opens new doors for you. Many puzzle pieces now come together and begin to make sense. As you process these new revelations, healing within takes place and is deeply welcomed and experienced. Upon your brow, you wear the mark of the enlightened one, not seen by human eyes, easily seen by the wise ones who have guided your path and spiritual journey. They celebrate your victory and it is well deserved. Take time to savour these moments as they appear for you and drink deeply from the well of abundance that lies within you.

Life is unfolding for you in all its glory. What wonders await you around every corner? The entire universe is at your command – rise up and greet your destiny! The world waits for the gifts that you bring to bless and heal others and your beloved planet. As you realize how deeply loved you are and have always been, a joy unbounded is felt like a warm blanket that surrounds and enfolds you. This is the new beginning you have long sought and was formerly so elusive; it is a fresh start of renewal and hope and it waits for you to claim it.

It is the time for you to fly free! It is time to shine your radiant Light that others may discern their own! Shine in your brilliance and step into your own potential - the only thing hindering you has been your own former limited perceptions. The gate is now open to move beyond them into a new horizon. Follow your heart and the nudges from spirit, for these lead you to your highest good and greatest joy. Make feeling joy your daily focus, do whatever it takes to bring that feeling from within you, for joy is the rainbow bridge between heaven and Earth and you are the conduit.

Blessed are the peace lovers, for it is they who will inherit the new world that has dawned. Yes, there is much in your world that still needs improvement, yet here you are, making the changes and attaining it. The changes that need to be wrought take place within you and spread outwardly. That which you have done and accomplished shines as a beacon of hope and possibility for those who come after. You are loved beyond measure by those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear your message. Be peace now in all ways.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

Watch video version here: https://youtu.be/Qb4me-2KIW4

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

The Hilarion Connection©, Book One available here

Notice is hereby given that the creation of videos by people other than the author/channel/scribe of any messages from this author/channel/scribe is prohibited unless authorized by her. Permission is given to share this text message on other blogs and websites as long as the text message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and author/channel/scribe's credit, copyright and live website links are included as the source of the messages.


Coherence ~ Lisa Renee ~ May 2016

This is such an excellent article, explaining the current situation of the Ascension process in detail, and how it's impacting Humanity as well as how each individual is affecting their own path.

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Dear Ascending Family,

This planet is ascending into the higher frequencies of plasma, which greatly impact the principles of CoherenceCoherence is a necessary energetic principle to understand on the Ascension path as we progress towards personal consciousness expansion. When we dismantle the old enslavement profiles from this reptilian based Controller society, each of us must make the effort to explore new models of spiritually beneficial behavior, focusing on those humanitarian traits that support individual and collective growth to help evolve spiritual advancement. As we undergo successive levels of bifurcation, this is the point where the decision framework comes in for each person. People make decisions based upon the kind of motivations, thoughts, and actions they have as general thoughtforms influencing their lifestyle. 

The higher the quality of overall energy made available to a person, place or thing, the more stable and connected the personal and environmental experiences in that area become. Energetic stability increases harmonization within the overall energy available and this contributes to increased Coherence. As personal coherence increases, this increases the quality of energy that supports the higher functioning of the mind, emotions and body. When Coherence is present in the mind, emotions and body, it supports spiritual links that connect us into our higher spiritual consciousness.

The lower the quality of overall energy available to a person, place or thing; the more unstable, disconnected, and chaotic the personal and environmental experiences in that area become. Energetic instability that is created from the loss of energy, as well as the inability to access higher frequency, contributes to the downward spiral of energetic incoherence. The functions of human thinking, human emotion and behavior, as well as the overall functioning of the physical body, will lose coherence when the frequency operating in that person is too low. As a result, all of these areas of collective human behavior are increasingly losing coherence on the earth, when they are not capable of shifting into higher frequency patterns. If we refuse to change negative ego behaviors or address personal emotional conflicts, these mental and emotional blockages will persist. If intense emotional conflicts are not corrected, they produce energy blockages, which further block access to higher frequency and higher consciousness.

When the extreme polarities present in the environment produce a mixture of coherent and incoherent energy fields, these combined forces will reach their highest peak of opposition, and when this happens, an energy split occurs. This event is called the point of divergence, which is when the fixed point of equilibrium in the energy field reaches maximum pressure and a bifurcation or frequency split transpires. This is the result of the equilibrium pressure that exerts force in between two opposing energy fields, one coherent field, the other an incoherent field, which cease to be able to co-exist in the same time and space. The point of divergence that splits these energies apart, acts to harmonize these energies to become more naturally synchronized to the frequency level, to which they are best matched or most compatible. When the synchronization of these new groupings of energy occur they align themselves to their vibrationally matched timeline. As well, they are matched to the probable outcomes in that timeline that are connected to that specific overall frequency. Frequency synchronization is how our spiritual intelligence aligns us to the best timeline, in order to support our continual journey of spiritual evolution, so we can learn how to become more energetically coherent.

Many of us are observing these patterns of bifurcation, or splitting apart, and the synchronization of the energy fields based on personal resonances that either create increased Coherence, or lack of coherence. This occurs during the Ascension Cycle, and impacts everyone and everything. Most people do not understand the principles of energetic coherence. Hence, this information serves the purpose to help better understand that Coherence, or lack thereof, is the result of the present bifurcation occurring in the energies of the earth, and is greatly impacting human behavior.

Please read on....

A Small Fragment of Solara's May 2016 Surf Report

Source: The NVisible


May is when the wheels within wheels transform into a giant motor which propels us deeper into the New Ultra Greater Reality. This newly created motor doesn't just give us normal propulsion; it is an unique configuration which is exactly what is necessary to take us into the core essence of the New Reality. When this happens, we are given a bigger, clearer and much more detailed picture of our place in the New Reality.

During May, when the Wheels within Wheels move into their new rhythm, this sets into motion the bringing together of elements which belong together. New True Connections are made and existing True Connections are strengthened. As the resonance of True Connections magnifies and expands, more True Connections on innumerable levels will be magnetized to come in.

For several months we've had the intuitive knowingness that the momentum was building up for a monumental shift. This shift will happen in May. There will be many breakthroughs in the area of True Connections. The most important facet of this is our reconnection with our True, Authentic Selves. The Q'eros people of Peru say that we are in the Time of Pachacuti when we Return to Ourselves - to our True Authentic Selves. As this happens, it will enable us to more fully align with the New Reality.

May is the month that we've been waiting for. Many of us will emerge transformed from the transition zone which we've been traveling through since the beginning of the year while we made various levels of adjustments so we could more closely merge with the New Reality. We are going to be taking our first steps into entirely new territory. The energy of the New Reality will show us how to do this. We will place each step with a great sureness of purpose. Every step will be in complete alignment with our Heart's Knowingness and this will feel so good!

May is one of those life changing months for many of us in which we can truly say that nothing will ever be the same. Many elements are going to flip over in May. This will enable us to see what is real and what is false with ever greater clarity. Many of us will find ourselves merging with the New Reality like never before. This will bring us a profound and deeply comforting, sense of returning home to our True Selves.
Please read on....