19 July 2016

Equal Arm Cross of Ascension ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 18 July 2016

Angel Fire

You can imagine the grin on my face when I read this update from Denise Le Fay. I was just telling a dear Soul yesterday how absolutely necessary it is for us to do our Inner Work if we wish to progress on our spiritual path. It matters not one iota if we call ourselves "Awakened" or "Lightworkers" or "Conscious" or whatever.....if we don't embark on that self-torture Inner Work, the going will be very challenging ~ and this is what Denise addresses in her message. She's also asking us to stay the course in the midst of all the insanity, something I just did in a previous post :)

Additionally, I had just read something from the Galactic Historian site about the cross a few days back ~ you can view it here. Synchronicity makes me very happy....

Source: High Heart Life

I’m not and never have been a religious person, but the Equal Arm Cross has been emblazoned in my Higher Awareness and HighHeart for years now because it’s what some have lived for many years via the evolutionary Ascension Process. We’ve been, and continue to, integrate and resolve polarity/duality in ourselves individually no matter which sex body we incarnated into during this time of planetary and species-wide evolution induced Ascension.

Male bodies and consciousness have needed to integrate female/feminine energies within themselves; female bodies and consciousness have needed to integrate male/masculine energies within themselves. We’ve needed to alchemically live through the Process of Sacred Unity, of Sacred Marriage of the male/masculine with the female/feminine within ourselves individually so that regardless of which sex body one incarnated into, it and Self are evolving into an integrated, complete whole Sovereign unit that’s able to exist within a fifth dimensional frequency range physically.

As if the horizontal line energies and Process alone wasn’t a big and difficult enough spiritual, energetic and conscious task, Forerunners have also been working on the vertical line energies represented in my drawing above. They’ve been and continue to integrate, merge, unite and embody their Higher Self with their Lower Self in their current physical bodies. While the unaware mindlessly trace a cross in the air with their fingers over their body, Forerunners are actually living it, actually doing it energetically from the inside out and the outside in within themselves body and soul. One is an old well-known religious gesture; the other is a small group of Forerunners actually living, embodying, becoming and being the unification of the Higher with the Lower Self because the feminine/female has been integrated and unified with the male/masculine and vice versa. One is merely external and a mostly mindless habit; the other is internal, acute, alchemical, vibrational and energetic and when individually accomplished automatically creates and manifests something very NEW—a Christed/Crystal human in the physical on Earth.

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