17 July 2016

Lion's Gate: Major Transition ~ Celia Fenn ~ 15 July 2016

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Source: Celia Fenn fb

We are approaching a time of major transition to a new cycle of being at the Lion's Gate. At these times it is essential to keep our frequency high and to focus on what we want to create in the next cycle. If we succumb to fear and anxiety we keep our frequency at a low level and we are unable to shift to a higher level, we simply remain at the same level going round and round in the same "stuff". This is why such traumatic things happen when we approach key shifts, it is an attempt to keep us all vibrating in fear, anger and low frequency.

The way to deal with this is to understand that even in chaos we can hold a frequency of order and harmony within ourselves, and that by holding our focus on love and creativity we can channel our own creative energies into ensuring that we shift into the next "level" of evolution as gracefully and creatively as possible. The more of us who can achieve this, the greater the impact on the collective energies and the more chance we have of lifting Earth and Humanity to a new and clearer level of evolution. It all happens" Now", as we focus our energy and our Heart. 

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