24 July 2016

Permanent Spiritual Notice and Revocation ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 21 July 2016

** Text: It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.   Anthony Robbins **

This could almost be a response to Cobra's Terms of Surrender. The Spiritual Court of Equity and the Ancestors are the ideal solution, in accordance with Universal Laws and the Galactic Codex. We have better things to do than to get mired or held back by a lower consciousness existence. We proceed onwards and forwards with our Ascension!

Source: Galactic Historian

Those who have targeted me in this time stream and matrix I put you now on permanent spiritual notice.

If your energy violates my I am presence in this matrix or any other matrix network you will be placed in a spiritual court of equity outside of this Universe so you may find remedy and resolve without my signature frequency as a teacher for your DNA linage ever again.

I am putting all matrix personalities on notice of spiritual court of equity summons of truth.

Bring your petty lies and dictatorial comments to the Ancestors they will have infinite time to hear your words and exchange energy while you pontificate on false light philosophy.

Let the Ancestors teach you at the core of your being what true sovereignty is.

I can no longer entangle with you in any way shape or form until you have seen, accepted and integrated the common moral code of Unity Consciousness in the global dreamtime of Earths mind.

I call to all Soul shards of myself and others who have been forcedly entangled consciousness energy via Technology.

We now separate all Akashic record frequency from this matrix mainframe.

We dismantle all matrix components and sever all etheric connections that create a backup system of false Akashic truth.

And so be it!
-Andrew Bartzis

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