30 November 2016

Cosmic Trigger Amplification: Unity Meditations on Wednesday ~ Sandra Walter ~ 29 November 2016

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

GRATITUDE to all who are participating in the Cosmic Trigger/Gateway underway right now through Thursday.

Our Cosmic Trigger delivered a Solar influx, and I AM sure many of you are feeling its effects. It opens the Gateway for the sacred passage of December – January, which are expected to continually deliver influxes of much higher frequencies as the accelerated timelines overwrite the lower experience. HUmanity is challenged into action by the external unfoldments, and activated on a spiritual level within by the ever-increasing photonic affects on our DNA.

Remember that these frequencies stimulate the dimensional-shifting capabilities of your DNA. Wherever your consciousness resonates, your DNA will attempt to follow. You, as the awakened consciousness, direct the body and DNA to respond to the intentions of photonic light demanding order, harmony, and evolution.

Unity Meditations: Join Us in Peace, Harmony and Ascension

As the collective reacts to the (ongoing) surprises and effects of the acceleration, our unity is needed more than ever. This is a very powerful passage for HUmanity. Please remember that as old systems break apart, your focus must stay on the higher experience, the highest outcomes. Let the light do the work and participate in higher light opportunities which present in each moment. The accelerated timeline is vibrating, shifting all timelines – and it is still up to the high-vibe tribe to stabilize the higher timeline experiences for all. Embrace your Wayshower Self and do the good work, right now.

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The Collective Moving from the Third Dimension: Part One ~ Archangel Zadkiel via Jim Self ~ 29 November 2016

Source: Mastering Alchemy

Zadkiel: If a soul comes into form with a very intense expression and experiential level of second or third dimensional states of density, then the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays would be all that would be engaged for that soul. It would be unlikely that a soul would choose to come into that level of density if it had the state of consciousness of a higher dimensional component. But many, such as Buddha and Yeshua, did come in to that density and were able to retain a level of consciousness that enabled them to begin to transform that state in a very viable way.

Avatars who come into the physical realm for certain experiential reasons, or to elevate the consciousness of a particular planet or a particular collective grouping, would employ the energetics not only of the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays but the eighth, ninth and tenth Rays even though the state of consciousness of that planet or collective was constructed and held in the third dimension. This is what is occurring on the earth plane at this very time. Many have come to assist in that elevation and they have, through various applications of the energetics, altered the energetic patterns that were held in a very dense, coherent way.

There has been a shift out of the third dimension into the fourth, with the possibility of the fifth dimensional reality being constructed and being held in a coherent fashion so that the collective or the planet itself begins to create from that perspective. In their experience in form, they begin to utilize the energetic patterns of the eighth, ninth and tenth Rays in their creative process.

That said, before we go on I want to state that once that state is very much in place and utilized by the majority, the desire for more advanced states of consciousness will be present in that denser, experiential realm and they will elevate to even to higher states. This is where we are experimenting and where we are teaching you to construct the energetic components that can be used to provide the environment and stabilization in a coherent way so that those states of consciousness can be a viable expression in the physicality of the earth plane.

This can occur through teaching your students how to utilize the eighth Ray and the components of geometries. Teaching how to set that environment into various vibratory levels through using the sound current, through using color, through using light vibrations. There is also a process that energetically takes place with color and sound and light that not only utilizes the geometries but in which the geometries are created through color, through sound and are then adhered to one another in a very concise way so they are not isolated but are used simultaneously. This then creates variances and multiple possibilities.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course. Next week: Part Two

The Halorin Lights - Joanna Fay - 27 November 2016

Source: Heart Star

Dear All,

Today’s post is a celebration and introduction of a very high vibrational group of ‘merged being(s)’ from another galaxy who have been able to bring their energy in closer around the Earth recently. The Halorin Lights appeared here in orb form in photos taken on the night of the Supermoon, November 14th, which I’ll share below. To get a sense of these being(s), we’ll look firstly at our local galactic supercluster which the Milky Way galaxy is a ‘member’ of – the Laniakea Supercluster (Laniakea means ‘immense heaven’ in the Hawaiian language) of approximately 100 000 galaxies.

Our Halorin friends are having a little chuckle at the ‘phoenix-like’ portrait of Laniakea….as they streamed into the Milky Way via the constellation Phoenix, from their galaxy of origin , which is within the Phoenix Cluster, one of the most massive galactic clusters currently observed by Earth’s astronomers.

In the post Angels of Arcturus two soul groups were mentioned as responding to a call for help that went out from the Milky Way, at a stage where the polarity extremes had become destructive – to a degree that was causing destabilization in this galaxy. One group came from the highest dimensions of the Andromeda Galaxy, and the other came from the Halorin Galaxy in the Phoenix Cluster, a soul group who ‘speak’ of themselves as the Halorin Light(s) – a merged Light, yet with distinct ‘tones’ within it that we would call ‘individuals’.

To orient to the inner angle of their flow, the Phoenix constellation is considered part of the Southern Birds in Chinese astrology, and in ancient Arabic astronomy was named the ‘young ostriches’, also seen as a griffin or eagle. Griffins/gryphons (in Earth myths, a merged eagle and lion being) were associated with divine power and seen as guardians of the divine. In Greek myth a griffin pulled the chariot of Apollo, the Sun God, and connects through solar golden fire with the phoenix, which periodically burned and rebirthed/resurrected itself from its own ashes.

Cobra Interview by Iruka Umino - 28 November 2016

Update: Apologies, I've been notified that the original link I gave didn't lead to the English translation. I promise you that I don't speak Japanese, and I definitely saw an English transcript! Anyway, whatever happened, I see that someone from Cobra Etheric Liberation (thank you!) has very helpfully given another link, in English, and I've duely amended the links on this post.

Source: S Ameblo / Prepare For Change Japan 

Hello everyone,

My name is Iruka Umino from Japan.

Together with many colleagues, I’ve been actively involved in grid works of Cintamani stones and Tachyon crystals. I was given this wonderful opportunity to have an interview with Cobra. I hope you like it!

Iruka Umino

Cobra Interview by Iruka Umino November 28th, 2016 Japan

Iruka: There are about 1,000 pieces of Cintamani stones buried in Japan. How does it affect the plasma and etheric fields in Japan?

Cobra: About 80% of the areas in Japan are in a good condition.This is better than most other countries.

Iruka: Which areas in Japan are negative?

Cobra: The U.S. military bases

Iruka: The areas around the U.S. military bases appear to be bad. Are they affected by Archons?

Cobra: Archons in the plasma field give power to the negative people related to the bases.

Iruka: What sort of effects can we expect if we place Cintamani stones near the nuclear power plants?

Cobra: The plasma field surrounding a nuclear power plant can be purified.

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The Divine Feminine Tsunami: Violet Flame Acceleration! - Aluna Joy Yaxkin - 29 November 2016

Fabulous update from Aluna Joy, this speaks to so many of us. I recently wrote about the Magenta Flame - I would like to believe that it's a version of the new, accelerated Violet Flame to which Aluna refers. She also mentions the hunkering down in the past two weeks.... that's certainly what I had to do just so I could listen to my inner guidance again. And the "falling stars"....!

I couldn't copy the text from Aluna's fb page, so here's a screen shot of her introduction:
Source: Aluna Joy

More frequent energy reports and comments are posted only on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/alunajoyyaxkin.)

Where we are today has been building for eons, but we really began to take notice this year. And here we are at the biggest jump off point that I think we have ever experienced in this life time! If you are not feeling quite ready for the current energies, join the club... and keep reading. We have hope and solutions.

Ascended Masters all over the world are upgrading and turning UP the volume in many power points on the Earth. This action is a cleansing, purifying, violet flame on steroids according to Archangel Michael. I have been shown Mt. Shasta quite strongly, also lake Titicaca; both are major hubs for releasing this energy. Others hubs include Uluru, Glastonbury Tor, Avebury, Palenque Mexico, Sedona Arizona, the crystal mountains in Arkansas, Lake Louise in Canada. Quirigua Guatemala, Ollantambo Peru, Tiwanaku Bolivia etc.... The power hub list just goes on and on.

Recent energies over the past months have been a self-leveling time line backwash, taking us to a depth that I have not felt for 33 years. We are in the middle of a shifting paradigm hurricane. It is massive and seriously uncomfortable for sensitive ones, and it is supposed to be. We can go a little crazy just before we have a quantum awaking. This awakening is not just for the elite and the conscious few. This is global, and most of humanity will be touched by this event.

There is a massive overhaul of all shadow aspects of humanity happening right now. What was effective before, no longer is, as the costs is too high to bear any longer. Ego lessons have been simply brutal, and our self-esteem and self-knowing is under repair and rebalancing now. Many have had an avalanche of body issues that are now beginning to clear as well. Emotionally it has been insane. But now we know where all our weak or sore places are. This time it showed us how far we were off our path, blinded by an old paradigm ... or did it? Did we just have a huge wake up tsunami!

Please read on....

Time Travel, Hadron Collider & Alien Energy Manipulation with Andrew Bartzis & Sean Stone ~ 5 October 2015

Great insights being offered in this video by Andrew Bartzis from a Galactic Historian's vantage point, although it would be nice if more details rather than topics are covered.

Here's the list of topics as provided in the video's description:

00:01 Welcoming Andrew Bartzis to Buzzsaw.
00:54 Time travelling celebrities; masters of lineage time travelling.
05:22 A source moment that beings project from; simultaneous timelines and existences.
08:10 Healing the past to improve the present and future.
09:20 Trapped in time by manipulative forces--chemical disconnection & patriot programming.
12:45 Politics and the hierarchical separation of consciousness and souls.
14:32 The pyramid culture and society of oneness?
16:45 The Hadron collider--timeline genocide and solar energy.
19:45 Manipulated by another planetary mind, and splintered global consciousness.
22:09 Gateways and hidden portals around the planet.
23:40 The most dangerous threat to humanity and all other beings in this world.
24:35 Recognizing the manipulation of reality through the placebo effect.
26:06 Chemtrails, and the collective consciousness relationship with weather.
30:15 The apex of energy and secret projects at CERN.
33:06 The ultimate agenda of Zealot’s view.
35:00 March 2013-the quarantine field gets fortified in a DNA lockdown.
36:30 The spiritual intergalactic battle with humans commercially traded by desperate aliens--the creation of the Grays.
38:26 The baphomet model of gender.
39:45 Cloning and soul abduction at the highest levels.
42:08 Predictions for the future: News for Jeb Bush and the debt ceiling.
44:23 Where to see more from Andrew Bartzis.

29 November 2016

The Language of Light by Barbara Marciniak ~ Healing Energy Tools ~ 14 November 2016

Source: Healing Energy Tools

The avatars and masters have now permeated the gridwork of the world, bringing with them their own tools for teaching. The tools that are being utilized on this planet are artifacts that are not of your dimension, symbolic forms that literally have a life of their own. They make up what is known as the Language of Light.

You are implanted with a structure, a geometric form, which triggers certain information within you. It also facilitates, for those who work with you, the sending of information directly into your being. The large majority of you are implanted, and, if you are not now, shortly you will be if you choose to open and align yourself. No one is implanted who does not choose it. This structure of the Language of Light is a way of receiving information and energy to facilitate your development. It is a method of learning without doing it through books or through the intellect. It involves opening to the belief that there is indeed a hierarchy, immense beyond your comprehension, that has been working with humanity since the very beginning.

This hierarchy works with love, cherishes who you are, and has been able to see through the time mechanisms that are keyed into the planet to know that consciousness is ready for the evolutionary leap. There are 144,000 members of the spiritual hierarchy who are infused in the gridwork of the planet at this time. Each master has its own seal that represents one portion of the Language of Light, and you have 144,000 seals of energy that will eventually be infused within your being.

We have said that the cells in your body contain the entire history of this universe. Ideally, you will come to realize the existence of this golden library within yourselves during this lifetime and learn how to read what is there. Taking the spiral within is one part of the journey. The trick is to both go within and go without-and to realize that they are the same.

The spiral exists in many dimensions. When you visualize the spiral, you will feel that you have known it, yet at first you are only knowing one aspect of it. When you begin to grow with the spiral, you will realize that it has so many dimensions that you could spend the rest of eternity-to use your term exploring it. It grows. The spiral is the key to tapping into what is inside of you. Your DNA is in the form of a spiral. Spirals are all around you, and the Language of Light rides upon the lightencoded filaments that also descend in spiral form. This is something that is experiential, and it will grow for you.

These Language of Light geometrical shapes and forms are collections of experiences of individuals who have incarnated on this planet, defied the human laws, awakened themselves to high abilities and then manifested themselves as language and geometric components. Once these energies existed as men and women on this planet. They have evolved themselves into geometric symbols, and they exist in their sphere of activity just like you exist in your body. These entities exist in a language system or a geometric system.

There are universes of these systems, and there are visitations into your own universe from those universes at this time. There are circles and other shapes being put upon this planet in the grain fields that are inexplicable as far as you are concerned. These imprints are a frequency, not a process or action. There is a song or story or language that is being implanted on the surface of Earth with language symbols. These symbols come to establish a certain frequency, and they are going to increase.

In third-dimensional reality, many portals are now being opened to bring about evolution upon Earth. At one time, the planet was sealed off and put in quarantine because there were forces that fought here. There have been incredible wars upon this planet, and some of the vestiges of these wars still exist as very barren areas upon the planet. This was the time of chaos and confusion when creator gods fought creator gods. During the most recent wave of the wars, about ten or twelve thousand years ago, Earth was sealed off because those beings who operated with light lost the battle. Light does not always win, you know. Light is not always the victor as you think of a victor, for light must learn to integrate with all portions of itself. Prime Creator is within all things, and light and dark are part of the Creator. Therefore, light must incorporate with the dark portion of itself.

Time has orchestrated and brought events together. A number of cycles were set to pass since the last wars, after which time the energy portals into the planet would again be opened so that light could enter. This is that time period. Light is being orchestrated to once again come onto the planet, and it is increasing daily. In order for energy to work its way through your consciousness, it must house itself on the planet. Intelligence penetrates in the form of waves making geometric shapes on Earth. It is not that a spaceship comes down, makes crop circles in the night, and then takes off. Although some circles have been caused by ship landings, intelligence can take the guise of any form it wants, and very often intelligence comes in the form of a wave. A time will come when there will actually be a wave of light that sweeps Earth.

Intelligence is beyond the spoken word and beyond the written word, for it is frequency that sometimes comes in geometric shapes. Pythagoras had a beginning grasp of this, but his geometry was not understood by others. Geometry is an evolved intelligence, a collection of experience that can communicate huge amounts of information. Actually, crop circles all over the planet are put there by sounds above human frequency to implement these language shapes. Many times, in the beginning, these shapes are circles. They will evolve into triangles, lines, and many other things.

The circles and shapes being put on Earth are here to assist you in holding and managing your frequency and having the courage to live your light. They make frequency information available in a very subtle way, and no one can figure them out yet. These shapes are all connected to one another, and if they were all written out simultaneously on some farmer’s field, something would happen to them immediately. They are spaced from one continent to another, and they move a frequency band around the planet that will help activate Earth’s gridwork. They will allow you not to feel so weird with what you know and to feel more comfortable with the changes in frequency as they occur.

As we have said, geometric shapes and forms are carriers of intelligence. They are frequency waves that can be modulated and changed. The shapes coming onto Earth are like energy gates or energy glyphs. They hold intelligence and are being set up to eventually connect and make an intelligent gridwork around the planet. This gridwork will have a frequency that humanity can use to evolve.

Remember who you are. You are all portions of beings who are striving in a most glorious way to become more. As you remember that, and as you remember that there are those who would assist you as your guardian, guides, advisors, as you learn to recognize who you are and what path you are headed on, you can carry this out to the fullest expression of joy. You would be astounded at what would start happening to you. Remember that you are this light being, this light entity and you will carry a steadfastness of power and beauty to wherever you are going and you will not have to feel or be affected by the vibrations of others. When you buy into any version of fear, it can become your experience because your molecules are intelligent and your energy responds to the predominant feeling in your being. The focus of your mind is exactly what gives the orders to create what you experience. You must learn to end the wars in your world by ending them in your minds.

There are numbers on your planet who have been highly evolved beings and it was in a state of grace to be in their presence. This is what you are learning. This is what you need to recognize. Do not advertise by word of mouth. Live by aura of being. It is a high state.

– Barbara Marciniak

How does the pyramid energy works, how you can protect yourself

 from radiation, electromagnetic pollution and  how you can raise your vibration Here

28 November 2016

November 2016: A Difficult Month Having Old Patterns Shattered ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 27 November 2016

Denise Le Fay talks about games, too! Synchronicity is beautiful 💖  And Blogger finally has emoticons......

Source: High Heart Life

November 2016 no doubt went down as a cosmic record-breaker for most everyone. I’m still partly shell-shocked over such a huge chunk of old lower patriarchal reality having been exploded in everyone’s faces and hearts like an unexpected Uranus transit that permanently changes things in a traumatic split second. As you well know there’s more to come so get enough rest and focus (and re-focus as often as needed) on the NEW higher and not the old negative rushing about with different faces and seemingly different game plans. There’s a lot more waking up coming for people (on all sides) and many of them won’t take the 2017 revelations well. Discovering that you’ve been played, again, won’t be easy for many but it’s part of the descending of the patriarchy so allow them to go through their growing realizations (or not) because it’s necessary and important. There’s only one way out and it’s not through another person, leader, savior, group, party or country.

I want to thank everyone again for your love/LOVE, Light and support during my utterly unreal Zero Zone, best friend cat passing period. The Zero Zone is not a time/place/space to spend extended timeless no time in while your heart is breaking and grieving! It lasted forever from my perspective, then it was over and I landed in a NEW space but that 9 energy transition through the 0 Zero Zone energies felt incredibly surreal the entire month of November 2016. I know many felt this transitional Stair-step shift this month and very little of it was easy or comfortable.

December won’t be much different I suspect as the 2016 9 energies of Completion complete and everyone continues traveling through the surreal Twilight Zone-like Zero Zone energies in preparation for entrance into 2017’s 1 energies of NEW Beginnings at a NEW level of being. From one perspective this is only mere moments long; from another it’s half an eternity spent in timeless Zero Zone no time so use it well, use it wisely because we’re (we meaning the Forerunners) going to hit the January 2017 NEW Higher Ground running so to speak.

From early childhood I’ve always known that “the system” in place here in the USA wouldn’t be available for me when I reached what’s been the traditional retirement age. That lifelong knowing has pissed me off, frustrated and worried me and I’m so tired of it all. December 2016, I turn 65 which means I’ve got more mandatory patriarchal hoop-jumping to do and apply for Medicare but still pay for medical services and drugs I don’t want (and won’t take) or have ever believed in. I don’t want to play this horrible game anymore which means I’ve got to Consciously Create a NEW higher, better “game” for myself. We all do no matter what our current age is in 2016 and 2017. Baby Boomer Hippies (many of which have been Forerunners all our lives), do you get the timing of all this now?

Please read on....

Indigenous Sub-Race Agenda ~ My Own Observations


As the title says, this is just my own take on things so please go with your own guidance. If it doesn't sit well with you, give it a miss.

Thirteen years ago, a small group of Australian friends took it upon themselves to re-educate me about the Aboriginal history of their country. It was a sobering lesson which left me horrified yet angry; I'm forever grateful to this remarkable and brutally honest group of friends because their truth-telling inspired me look beyond appearances and "official history" for Indigenous People around the world. My research uncovered a common thread of intentional and often brutal marginalisation of these sub-races, coupled with a steely determination to snuff out their true identity and origins, replacing them with fake versions that mock everything these sub-Races represent.

The assault and decimation continues unabated today in varying degrees, with Standing Rock being the very visible representation of what the dark is doing to these people and Mother Gaia. In my own country, a milder version is taking place ~ our Natives are being systematically converted by Christians under the guise of "education" and "outreach programs".

I thought I had properly learnt about the genocide of the Native Americans, until about a month ago when I came upon an article bearing the following image:

Arts and Justice

I had never before thought of Thanksgiving as something that was linked to the atrocities committed against the Native Americans, so this was indeed an eye-opener.

As I spent some time mulling over this and the awful situation at Standing Rock, a clearer picture emerged for me ~ this is yet another sinister and occult program with deeper objectives than just a holiday. I had written this in an earlier post (here):

"The Standing Rock incident is, to me, a microcosm of the macro agenda ~ of suppression and control of the Planetary life force and energies, by the negatives; the culling and pollution of organic life; the beating down of resistance to their diabolical goals."
Now I know there's so much more to it than what I wrote.

If we acknowledge that we're being controlled, manipulated and programmed every which way we turn (they've had a very long time to become experts), then the unholy purpose of Thanksgiving makes sense. If we are also aware that Black Magic is woven into the tapestry of daily living so that we are continually entrapped in its dark energies, then we will begin to see how we acquiesce to their agendas without even having a fleeting moment of suspicion.

In Australia, they built their churches on top of sacred Aboriginal lands. This is not just to obliterate the Aboriginal influences and symbolically raise their (bloody) hands in triumph ~ this is so that each Sunday, people stream into these churches and carry out their religious rituals, casting a Black Magic spell that continues to suppress and pervert the Native energies. (Don't they question the symbolism of drinking the blood and eating the flesh of their Saviour?)

Thanksgiving is yet another religious ritual. In essence, people give thanks and celebrate the mass murders of Natives, grateful that the land has been conquered and the Natives rendered largely silent and absent.  Again, it's the annual casting of Black Magic that ensures the Native Spirit stays beaten down, their bond and connection to Mother Gaia and their Star Families greatly diminished. Imagine how strong this gets, energetically, when millions and millions of people reinforce this every year.

What can we do to negate all this vile evil?  Plenty.

We are creator gods and goddesses who are rapidly becoming more aware of our true origins, increasingly taking back our power and reclaiming our Sovereignty.

We can un-create the conditions that we unwittingly helped to create.

We can revoke all negative contracts made without our conscious awareness.

We can weave and cast our own White Magic.

Similar to what I suggested for the voting Soul contract revocation previously, we could nullify our implied support of the massacre and instead give thanks to the Natives and their ancestors before them, expressing support and gratitude for what they do to hold on as tenaciously as possible to what is authentic. We could call in the Divine Feminine energies to once again imbue sacred lands with Love, and call in the Divine Masculine energies to protect them.

Everything is energy, frequency and vibration, as Nikola Tesla so wisely counselled. With this in mind, we can come up with so many ways with which to counter the situation using positive intent and White Magic. I know, from our communications, that many of you are very skilled and wise in coming up with your own practices, some of which leave me gobsmacked in their elegance and potency. That's White Magic at play!

The dark had plenty of time to get very good in their twisted games. However, in any game, you need players and you need to follow the(ir) rules. The games can't be played if there are no players or if the players play according to different rules.

When we quit playing, the game ends. Then we can get to creating our authentic world.

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 27 November - 3 December 2016

"....all is in a state of flux...." My exact thought as I woke up this morning. A very important message from Hilarion.

Source: Rainbow Scribe

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love. Many of you are weary of experiencing the strong energies of polarity that have been rampant during these times. It has not been an easy task to stay detached so that you can continue to hold steady the Light that you have brought to this world for the purpose of maintaining stability within the planet. Your every effort is very much appreciated by the higher dimensional realms of Light. You are the ones we are relying upon at this time to hold that Light steady.

Many Lightworkers have become distracted from that which they set out to do. It is incumbent upon everyone to remember the higher perspective of the reason for which they came. Many of you are turning away from the Ascended Master realms seeking to find answers through other avenues and this is, of course, a decision made through free will choice. As always, we stand ready to work with each one of you. Some of you have forgotten this and so we gently remind you that you are never alone, that we are always with you.

We work together – we have come this far together - please do not give up now! Continue in your Light work - continue to BE the Light, to hold the Light. This is very, very important. There are no easy answers to the questions that have come before you. There is only acceptance and the seeking of a better way, a way that has perhaps not been considered before. Be like the river that comes to a mountain or a cliff, just flow around the obstacle without resistance and soon you will find your way again.

There is much that will continue to unfold in the coming days. Many, many changes will take place within the consciousness of humanity and within the systems that have been in place for a very long time. All is in a process of transformation, all is transmuting. There will be many systems and procedures that will be removed from the need to be worked with as new ways come into being which will ultimately result in a better way for everyone upon the planet.

At this moment, all is in a state of flux and it is very hard to know the way forward and so there is a heightened sense of anxiety and fear as to what will transpire in the very near future. This anxiety and fear is making itself felt upon the higher planes of existence and it is of great concern to those of us who have worked with you. It is making things difficult in terms of working together as we have been. If this influence continues, we might be more or less forced to close off the higher realms, the veils that have been thinning, we might be forced to close them to the energies that are now rampant upon the planet.

This will be a temporary measure but it means that those upon the planet will not have the benefit of our counsel. This we may have to do if the energies of hatred, division, derision, cynicism, racism, the strident need for justice and feelings of anger continue. A mutual fellowship that we have developed in working together will have to be postponed because of the density this has created. Humanity is at a crossroads now and each person upon the planet must make choice – to fear or to love, that is the choice condensed to its simplest terms.

We counsel that each of you follow your own unique path, do what works for you in the manner that is best for you. You have laid the foundation and it just requires that you continue in all that you have learned works best for you. Follow your own path, follow your own rhythm. Be at peace within yourself and with others. Allow what is unfolding upon the world stage to take its natural course without becoming embedded in those energies.

We would hope that this message will awaken within you the need to stay centered, the need to continue on the path you have already created and been following. Yes, change is upon you, change is upon all humankind and the Earth. Everywhere you look there is change, but within you that which you have worked towards in your mastery of life to this point is still there, the core essence of your being is always there. It unfolds and expands, if you allow it.

Therefore, that is a part of you that never changes and this is a part of you when taken into collective consciousness helps to maintain the stability of the energies during these times. All is unfolding, changing and renewing. It does not necessarily mean that it is not the highest outcome. It means simply that it is time to ride with it, you have the tools, you have the experience, you have the knowing – just remember this.

We are ever with you, you are never alone. Do not forget this.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

The Hilarion Connection©, Book One available here

Notice is hereby given that the creation of videos by people other than the author/channel/scribe of any messages from this author/channel/scribe is prohibited unless authorized by her and the same applies to the publishing of her articles in a magazine. Permission is given to share this text message on other blogs and websites as long as the text message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and author/channel/scribe's credit, copyright and live website links are included as the source of the messages.


The End of Artificial Intelligence ~ Cobra ~ 27 November 2016

.....and not a moment too soon! Perhaps Cobra would give more details in the coming days ~ if this is indeed a sort of sitrep, then the implications are truly significant.

This update carries "Mr Roboto" by Styx, a hit in the early 80s, and the picture below, labelled "Zen" (edit: I had forgotten to include the picture!)

Head over to The Portal for the video.

27 November 2016

Weekly Ascension Meditation Reminder

If you need further details, please check here.

Sasquatch Continued Message to Humanity: Chapter 5 ~ Kamooh and "Sunbow" DawaOutah LomaKatsi ~ 25 November 2016

The Exponentials ~ Ben Maguire
Source: DawaOutah Lomakatsi

Kamooh's serene face has appeared to me a few times, as he sends images from an alter-dimension, where he has been accompanying his beloved long life time consort Wohola in her passage to a happier spiritual realm. After honorific ceremonies were performed to the memory of this Eldest Grandmother of the Sasquatch People, her body of venerable age was put to rest in deep underground caves, below her homeland of Vancouver Island. Her soul was teleported to a mother ship hovering by, and from there through a star gate beyond the Milky Way. Kamooh was also taken aboard that ship, to give her his last blessings for her long journey through the stars. She will be allowed to sojourn in highly spiritually evolved worlds and dimensions where the Star Elders reside. Her soul will be granted rest from her long years of living in the higher density physical Earth she just departed. Kamooh has remained silent in respect, but now urges me to continue our work with the Council of Star Elders. Tonight, a bright ship was hovering by, until it was joined by other crafts and disappeared. Elders are speaking: 

''Behold, it is with compassion in our Soul that we offer our loving help to our Little Brother, whose home-planet is in peril, due mainly to his own behaviors, under the misguidance of dark lords keeping your people enslaved, domesticated and programmed. An alien invasion is not to be apprehended in the future: it has been already happening. We know that it might be too late for our message to reach out and transform your collective consciousness in time to realign with the Cosmic Order and avoid terrible destruction, but would it be beneficial only for the sake of a few, it would not be in vain.''

''In our Council of Star Elders, we dedicate ourselves to our spiritual mission as guardians. Our task and responsibility is to encourage the spiritual evolution of the Soul in all worlds. We talk in One Spirit, from the first dimension of existence where our souls join in Unity, the Universal Consciousness and Divine Self within all, including all and connecting all.''

''We shall explain better to you the dimensions with mathematics, a universal language that was not invented but discovered, as everything is made of equations and numbers. Waves, particles, molecules, all is made of calculable quanta and mathematical formulas. In the apparent chaos, nothing is unaccounted, all elements carry values in the equation. This intricate and complex universal structure proves the preexistence of consciousness.''

''The first dimension is described as a straight line stretching infinitely in time; hence, it is eternal and the only infinite dimension. A line is made of dots; but neither exist in space. Dots are in fact units of zero or no-space, while the line is an infinity of zero-space units. Dots beings zeros and the line being one series of organized zeros, the first dimensional plane is made of a binary code for consciousness to process information through time. Thus, the first dimension is one infinite timeline of consciousness organizing information. The dots carry information and the line is the consciousness that processes it eternally. The dots and the line, information and consciousness, define the first dimension as the only one that exists in all dimensions, in infinite time, and the only one outside of space.''

''When you multiply one by itself one time or an infinity of times, it always remains itself. This is the first singularity of dimension one: it exists in one time and an infinity of times. One infinite time multiplied by one infinity of times, equal infinities of times, or eternities. This is the second singularity of the first dimension: it is the only infinite and eternal one. Here is its third singularity: it is the only dimension of time-consciousness beyond space.''

''These three singularities apply likewise to the zero dimension, the non-being, providing the necessary units of no-space information to be organized by consciousness into a line. Thus the first dimension depends on the zero to define itself; what is not defines what is. This fundamental binary code is essential to the processing and compilation of any data. The dimension zero and the first one are two infinities, equal but different, antithesis mirroring each other. Zero D and 1D are two linked aspects of one and the same infinity.''

''Consciousness processing all information infinitely can be defined as infinite knowledge. In infinite time at infinite power, this 1D is Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent Self. It is making each part and contains all the elements; it is in all of us, we are all part of it.''
''This Higher Self has diversified in a multitude of selves to experience faces of existence. Just like biological life develops with cells multiplying themselves to give birth to new ones, the same principle occurs first on the spiritual planes, where infinite consciousness separates itself into a myriad of finite beings with limited consciousness and potentials. When lower selves reconnect with the Higher Self, they can channel its energies and wit. They recognize the futility of lower ego and temporal self-interest in the cosmic picture.''

''Beings of higher spiritual consciousness, such as the Eldest Elders of our Star Council, connect in this first dimension of Universal Knowledge and infinite time-consciousness. This is how they can know and agree on the set of Divine Laws making the Cosmic Order. As the first dimension defines and creates all others, it also controls the laws ruling them. Some of the most divine beings never incarnated in physical form; others are powerful avatars who reached immortality, becoming ascended masters of dharma and destiny. They are co-creators and destroyers of worlds, watching over entire universal sectors, including galactic super-clusters of proportions beyond linear time limited understanding. By merging in One Spirit in the Universal Consciousness, they maintain absolute Unity.''

''Understanding that the greatest knowledge, the highest power and the only everlasting reality is this Universal One Source of all, connecting all in Oneness, the Soul realizes that this Higher Self is our true essence and nature, beyond the faces we wear through time. By elevating our consciousness towards this transcendent and immanent eternal unity, we access universal knowledge of Cosmic Laws of the Plan of Creation, or Divine Will. These laws of cause and effect involve attraction and repulsion, unification and division, polarity and opposition, preservation and destruction, compassion and consequences.''

''We all speak now to you with one mind and one voice, from the Universal Source of all. The choir of our voices, the echo of our thoughts, resonating powerfully within your Soul send shivers of awe along your spine, as you feel the intensity of the place we are from. Many of our voices sound like children, as immortals can remain ever young and radiant. You hear also voices of Elders mixed with them, as if they were voices of the same Soul. What resembles an assembly of multi-faced cherubim and seraphim in resplendent garbs, seated on shining golden thrones, is an image we can send you to visualize our realm. Tapping in this Supreme Consciousness beyond space and time, we are its many voices. The closer we get from the Source, the more we merge with it, the less separate we are.''

''From this first dimension of time-consciousness emerge all other planes and existences. When two lines cross each other, two dots or no-space units meet in one point in space. Two multiplied negative values cancel each other and form a positive value, although this positive unit of space made of units of no-space, only exists in a conceptual 2D space.''

''When time intersects itself, or when two timelines meet at a crossing, it defines a space. An infinite line squared by another crossing it, produce a flat plane stretching indefinitely. The first manifestation of space is through the two dimensional plane of the Flat Universe, the time space takes, or One Time-Space, where infinite time is multiplied by finite space. It is the conception born of the 1D time-consciousness, the projection of the plan for the Omniverse, the blueprint containing all the information codes and data of all existences.''

''The Flat or Meta-Universe is not just an abstract concept, but another existing plane of reality, made of what you know as anti-matter, that we call Meta-Matter, a twin reflection of physical matter existing in 2D plane, outside of 3D material space and 4D linear time. The Flat Universe is One Unified Field, within which all values are equal and connected. Its surface has length and width stretching indefinitely, but no depth or height, so it cannot host physical matter; its two opposed faces divide the space above from below. This boundary marks the separation between the Self and the selves, One and multiples. The 2D Flat Meta-Universe is a finite dimension dividing infinite 1D from created planes. It is the Universal Mind and conceptual plane where the transcendent becomes immanent.''

''This non-temporal blueprint of all universal information is programmed like a holograph. It contains the whole information in every fractal part, each fraction carries the same image, except that the smaller is the fraction, the less details and precision it can record. The whole Meta-Universe is fractionally reflected in every single particle of Meta-Matter. To access any part of this non-temporal plane, is to connect with the space-beyond-time; the space referred to in Sanskrit as Akasha, containing all archives or Akashic records.''

''By extension, when Meta-Matter is collected and harnessed, past and future events can be read and projected as holograms, by accurately focusing photon beams or laser rays. This highly sophisticated technology comparable to a magic mirror foretelling the future or deciphering the past, uses Meta-Matter as a time-reading reflector throughout space. This interdimensional time-compass is still beyond the reach of your materialistic science. But Meta-Matter sensors, holographic projectors or technical means are not necessary.''

''In this etheric or supramental plane of the Meta-Universe, we can read the history of the Omniverse backward or forward, in any layers and depth, as our consciousness can focus. It is how remote viewing can be practiced, either with benevolent intentions of protection, or with malevolent intentions of spying. Higher telepathy is also practiced on this level. Souls connect in consciousness in 2D, to share thoughts beyond space-time limitations.''

''Activating the particles of Meta-Matter composing data, consciousness transcends time. When one's consciousness can combine in polarity physical particles with meta-particles, time travel in the physical form can be achieved, as matter dissolves out of linear time. Some beings and ships can travel this way through the Meta-Universe Unified Field, then separate and project back their physical particles into another space and time, at will.''

''There are several other ways to time travel, but this is the most advanced and evolved. It does not twist, stretch or alter the fabrics of continuums, nor their space and time, like the use of magnetic corridors or artificial portals, such as wormholes and funnel vortices. Instead, it combines material particles with their Meta-Matter twins, transferring them as information codes in the 2D etheric space-out-of-time, to be projected in another time.''

''Masters of dharma and destiny watch over many aeons at once, and over time travels, to prevent exaggerated alterations of timelines, although their continuous occurrence is unavoidable. Quantum leaks are happening naturally between parallel planes existing in different timelines. In simpler words, different time dimensions influence each other.''

''Time travelers may also influence or alter timelines; it must be done with extreme care. Changing the past can transform destinies and introduce superimposed linear timelines. Time travel for self-interest is highly risky and can cause very dangerous repercussions. Its causal loops implications are too karmic to be practiced by spiritually evolved beings.''

''Your Human governments have now explored those avenues, guided by their alien lords. The levels of technologies they are given access to are very rudimentary and carry high destructive potentials, like all you have inherited from the controllers, from oil to nuclear, pipelines to power lines, fuel propulsion and explosion engine, all destroying this planet.''

''Gross mechanical devices such as gigantic particle colliders artificially create time warp vortices by accelerating particle beams near the speed of light and then colliding them, causing extremely powerful nuclear reactions capable of releasing tremendous amount of energy akin to gamma rays and gravitational waves, breaching dimensional continuums. Harnessing such energy fields allows to extract 'dark' and 'anti-matter' into extremely condensed forms capable of creating micro black holes, when compressed in an entropy. A black hole of miniature proportions, invisible to the naked eye, holds a gravitational pull strong enough to stretch the fabrics of space-time, allowing some localized time travel. These artificial time travel techniques are very limited, and their use mostly detrimental.''

''The Omniverse itself is not calculable in space, but in dimensions of time-consciousness. In 1D, everything exists eternally as One, beyond space. In the 2D Flat Meta-Universe of One Time-Space, everything exists at once in the same space-out-of-time. In the 3D Alter-Universe of Hyperspace, all things exist in many different timelines, in One Unified Space. In the 4D linear Space-Time your consciousness is so used to, all things exist in different spaces and in multiple successive timelines; the plane where all things seem separated.''

''In the 5D Toroidal Para-Universe of Hyper-time or circular time, all things can exist in different spaces and timelines simultaneously, transcending all 4D linear time limitations. The material Universe being only a 3D holographic projection in 4D linear time, multiple alternative timelines exist in layers and can be accessed through interdimensional travel. In the 6D Supra-Universe, all possibilities of timelines exist in levels of relativity of reality. In the 7D Ultra-Universe, all possibilities carry infinite potentials of manifestation in time.''

''In the 8D Macro-Universe, waves of possibilities are multiplied by infinities of potentials. In the 9D Hyper-Universe, infinities of possibilities encompass all the possible existences. In the 10D Hyper-Omniverse, the equation equals that of 1D Omniverse, except that it is resolved backward, from multiplicity to Unicity, rather than from the One to the multiple. Infinities of infinity are of equal value as an infinity of infinities; two sides on a same line.''

''There are infinities of dimensions, but if you can understand ten of them, you can know their infinity. If you understand twelve, you surely can demonstrate exceptional abilities. But to understand any higher dimension of time-consciousness, you must understand the first dimensions making the fabrics of the Omniverse, defining laws for all continuums. This is why you have been insistently told that interdimensional knowledge is the next necessary step for your collective consciousness to reach, in order to keep evolving.''

''Only in the 1D Omniverse is the Multiverse contained, everything is One Consciousness eternally. In the 2D Flat plane, everything is connected in One Time-Space Unified Field. For this Flat Meta-Universe One Time-Space Unified Field, to become a diversity of values, it takes movement and speed to divide the Unified Time into various separate timelines. Movement appears with the different vibrational frequencies giving every separate value its energetic signature. These initial vibrations create waves of diverse length and width. Their wavelengths, amplitudes and speeds create cycles as measure units of linear time.''

''The waves are the interdimensional connections between the Meta-Universe and the next subsequent planes emanating from it: the Alter-Universe and the material Universe. Waves carry the data as possibilities, to be manifested in the next unfolding dimensions. This data is made of electromagnetic messages like sounds, images, equations, matter. The knowledge and the use of a variety of scalar waves allows interdimensional travels.''

''The fastest frequency detectable is the original vibration of the Meta-Universe, you know as the Cosmic Ray. It is in fact not a ray, but a continuous emission of extremely fast vibrating infinitesimal particles of 'dark' or Alter-Matter, mainly composed of a variety of types of neutrinos, representing the first transformation of Meta-Matter into Alter-Matter. It is the data contained in the Meta-Universe, carried on waves in the 3D Alter-Universe.''

''Alter-Matter is made of particles of much smaller sizes than physical ions, appearing and vanishing in and out of existence at unseen speeds and the highest known frequencies. This never ending flow of information on waves, which you wrongly call the Cosmic Ray, and erroneously believe to be the radioactive signature of the so-called Big Bang, is in fact emitted permanently from the core of the Universe, which is the Meta-Universe. This explains why the Cosmic Ray does not travel from one source, nor in only one direction. This constant emission of neutrino-like Alter-Matter particles emerges into 3D space from the 2D Meta-Universe, pervading the Multiverse beyond 3D space and 4D linear time.''

''When Alter-Matter particles slow down below the speed of light, they become material. The first manifestation of physical matter appears as a chaotic composition of raw plasma made of undefined ions, manifesting in and out of space-time at incalculable speeds. These shape-shifting ions gather to form plasmic masses of unmanifested potentialities. As it stabilizes in linear space-time, the plasmic substance or original fifth element, which some esoteric schools call 'ether', divide into the four elements, in atoms and molecules.''

''When particles of Alter-Matter materialize into physical ions below the speed of light, their first reaction, as they get caught in linear time, is to radiate light. This light-creating process causes the infrared background, producing most of the light in the physical universe, on the edge of your visible spectrum, through the perpetual churning of ions in the sea of plasma. Added to this main source of light in the universe, atoms hit by light undergo a photoelectric reaction, releasing from the atomic structures free ions that return to plasma. Hence, light is the thin veil between material space and its linear time, and the Alter-Matter vibrating at frequencies faster than light, beyond 4D linear time.''

''Some spiritual masters can tap into this immeasurable reservoir of Alter-Matter particles carrying information from the 2D Meta-Universe on waves of possibilities, and extract its substance through interdimensional portals to materialize goods, gifts, or even entities. The beings having reached this level of psychic power never suffer from physical needs. They can retrieve from the Meta-Universe the information codes of any possibility, in the form of Alter-Matter, densify it into plasma, and materialize the thought in atomic form. But to perform Alter-Matter extraction artificially, with technical means, as your scientists have been doing, is a very perilous enterprise, threatening the balance of continuums.''

''We have now covered a lot of ground in explaining dimensions, in essence and principle. Those boundless domains can never be covered in their entirety, in limited linear time. The awareness that the Omniverse contains the Multiverse, or multidimensional Universe, suffices now, for your consciousness to realize the vaster reality of parallel existences, so you do not get trapped into the limiting perceptions and deceiving appearances of the material plane called Maya, in linear time confounding cyclic illusion known as Samsara.''

''The physical plane and its linear time offer the possibility of transforming thoughts into denser forms, in an admirable diversity of beings, shapes, colors, vibrations, movements. It allows souls to write their own stories and create their own timelines through free will.''

''The innumerable diversity of forms of beings carrying consciousness is inconceivable. Even by merging with the Universal Consciousness, no finite being can know the entirety of the whole Omniverse in the limited time of its created existence. Only One knows all. To this One Supreme Self, Master of the Great Mystery, we surrender all our decisions. With reverence and adoration, we recognize that us, created beings, are its offsprings.''

''Thus, in the Omniverse, we are all relatives, connected, interdependent; we are all One. This is why the Star Elders Council gathers spiritually elevated beings to sustain balance. We guard and protect worlds, guiding and teaching souls, preserving the Cosmic Laws. Our role is to develop peaceful, spiritual, interdimensional, interspecies cosmic relations.''

''Our Council counts representatives of numberless species, planets and star systems. Some Sasquatch People are among us, like your relative Bolo'Bolo, we are now teaching. Since your first encounter with him last year, he has done a remarkable spiritual progress in healing past karmas and getting involved in learning from his Elders and from us about interspecies peaceful relations and interdimensionality; he has evolved at a rapid rate. For these reasons, he was appointed to missions, including transmitting our messages. He has already expressed his gratitude to you and continues to do so by working with us. So we will let him have the final word, to conclude this channeling session for this night.''

''Gratitude to our blessed Star Elders for allowing me the honor to speak as a Sasquatch newly admitted in their Council, and for granting me the immense joy of greeting you, my Little Brother and beloved relative, on behalf of this powerful gathering of spiritual Elders. Our Eldest Elder Kamooh has not let you known yet, out of humility, that he has been greatly transformed by his latest journey in the Alter-Universe and with the Star Elders.''
''After leaving his footprints on this Earth for over ten thousand of your years, his ultimate test was to escort to the alter-world his life time beloved consort, his most intimate and faithful ally, Wohola. He displayed loyalty to her by supporting her journey as far as he could go, and to you by choosing to remain connected in the physical incarnation plane.''

''He could have chosen to let go of the silver cord, as it was stretched beyond attachment from the physical plane. But he knew the fulfillment of his lifetime mission is just starting. Although he has seen enough of the Human world, and more than any of ours or yours, he knows that our Little Brothers are now in dire need of our help and guidance at this time. So although he has mastered interdimensional travel, he has decided to keep anchored in the physical realm, to keep helping you and others who help Humanity in its evolution.''

''For his advanced mastery of interdimensionality and his exemplar devotional services to the betterment of the greater interest of all beings, in accordance with the Divine Plan, Kamooh is now admitted into the hall of immortals, being granted the gift of immortality. It is a rare achievement, that very few of my Sasquatch People had the honor to reach. He will sit with the Eldest Elders of the Star Council and take part in important decisions.''

''It will keep him busy, but remember, linear time limits are not an issue in higher planes. He will reconnect with you shortly to continue your education, but you are always linked. His next lesson will concern the diversity of intelligent incarnated life forms in the cosmos throughout aeons, the two-legged beings you call humanoids, others of various shapes, with antennas, multiple limbs, eyes or heads, winged, horned, scaled, feathered, hairy. These diverse beings have representatives sitting together as One in the Star Council.''

''On your smaller Human scale, there has been a long lineage of different hominid species that have evolved consecutively, or simultaneously side by side, interbreeding over time. There has been as well an important proportion of horizontal genetic additions, meaning introduction of external genetic material from different species, developing hybridization. Your modern paleoanthropology has barely scratched the surface and has a very poor understanding of your true genealogical tree, due to manipulation of the information.''

''We will let Kamooh explain to you in details, when your linear time will allow connection. For now Little Brother, we will let you return to your Human life to rest and enjoy its gifts. You know as well as I do, that in silence our Soul awakens and expands beyond all words. With this understanding, I Bolo'Bolo, will now give back to silence its omnipresent place. But, it is with Love in our hearts and a peaceful satisfaction of having accomplished our common mission for another step further, that we part in time, but not in consciousness.''

As I finished the transcription of this message, I heard Bolo'Bolo singing, as he slowly walked away in the dawn.

Silents are Empowered as Cosmics Arise ~ Gaia Portal ~ 27 November 2016

From what I've briefly researched and based on my own interpretation, "florentines" could have something to do with the Italian Renaissance, or even a Machiavellian influence. Then again, it could have something to do with the Medici family, who ruled Florence over a long period of time. They are involved in the banking as well as Papal circles. However, they have also been said to be connected with the White Nobility. All very contradictory.....

So in the various contexts, the message could be some sort of surrender, or a positive outcome being relayed to "Higher Ones".

"Gehenna" is much easier...."hell".

Source: Gaia Portal

Silents are empowered as Cosmics arise.
Florentines deliver the message to the Higher Ones.
Ecstatic communications are tempered with Joy.
Flowers are observed in Gehenna.

26 November 2016

Prayer of the Mothers ~ Yael Deckelbaum ~ 15 November 2016

Thank you to Eceti for emailing out this link. Please watch this video if you haven't already, no further words necessary.

Our Current Global System

Good example to share with family and friends....who are still in our circle.....

Source: Cobra Etheric Liberation

11.11 Regenesis Transmission Replay ~ Judy Satori

Judy's website is here.

Thank you for being on the 11.11 Regenesis call. We ran out of available phone lines so I have posted the call below, especially for those of you who missed out on the live call. It is also available on my website home page.

Topic: DNA recoding and regenesis

A new beginning for us all is coming in January 2017. This call will help you understand the many changes that are occurring and get your body ready to pull in the new energy coming soon.

Listen to the call: 80 minutes

Regenesis Follow-Up Q & A call

Many people on the call this week did not have their questions answered as we ran out of available time. I have scheduled a follow-up Q & A at 1 pm PST and 4 pm EST on Tuesday, November 29 which will be 8 am and 10 am on Wednesday, November 30 Sydney and New Zealand time. I will send a quick reminder and access information next week. It is posted on the home page of my website as well.

November 22 at Maharangi, just north of Auckland, New Zealand

I am now back in New Zealand.The call took place from this most beautiful location, just north of Auckland. I am holding two events in New Zealand in February (True Colors two day Masterclass - Auckland - February 4-5) and in March, (The Fundamentals of Physical Regeneration - Mana Retreat Center, Coromandel - March 19-22). Why not take advantage of New Zealand in glorious summer and join us. Registration and content information will be online by the beginning of December. I will also be presenting a Fundamentals of Physical Regeneration class the weekend of February 24-26 in Sydney.

A Free Gift: Clearing Lineage Line DNA Trauma

This transmission comes from the True Colors program, which will be released early in 2017. Lineage line trauma is the trauma energies that we have inherited from our family.
I personally found that listening to these audio tracks brought up extreme sadness...feelings that I sometimes experienced that were not really ME. After working with lineage line DNA trauma clearing I feel lighter, physically better and much more joyful.

Especially for Pat in Burlington, VT, this transmission will help all of us express more of our authentic truth and not be swamped by old family stuff outside of our control. Listen once per day, or if you feel daring, (it will bring more up), listen three times per day until you feel better...three, five, or even nine days. If you do not feel fabulous after this, your problem is not within your lineage line DNA!
Listen to Lineage Line DNA Clearing

(To download, click on the link, right click on the screen (control click on MAC)
and choose Save As option.)

25 November 2016

Cosmic Trigger: Assisting the Acceleration ~ Sandra Walter ~ 24 November 2016

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

A Cosmic Trigger passage is upon us, with the energies beginning today (Thanksgiving here in the US), and peaking on November 27 (SUNday). This provides additional support for the accelerated timelines. Alignment in thought, word and deed with the higher experience of Divinity, Purity, LoveLight and Ascension is key. There are deep shifts occurring in our consciousness and lifestreams; be sure to honor the new direction as it presents.

Currently I AM in Mount Shasta after three months of travels and gridwork. It feels surreal to be back here, like visiting the past. Obviously I have gone through several transformations in my travels, and it feels like the travel has not ended yet. I AM still being very present with myself and my journey; simplicity is key as these passages unfold.

Cosmic Trigger: Collective Activation

All Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers in Service; we will be getting out on Gaia to receive the incoming Solar codes and DNA-shifting photonic light. We focus on peace, stability, and the highest good for HUmanity. As conduits of pure light, we watch the effects of our unification; the purification and revelation energies are intensifying. The principles of this photonic light – order, harmony, evolution – penetrate everything. Let it purge your lifestream of disharmony, especially as we experience a great disconnect from the lower realities. Our choices are powerful now; be sure to use this trigger to call in pure LoveLight to yourself as well as Gaia, kingdoms and elementals.

24 November 2016

Cultivate That Special Relationship this Thanksgiving a Message from Sananda ~ Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 23 November 2016

Source: Cosmic Ascension

Greetings! Happy Thanksgiving. A message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. You are constantly cultivating special relationships in your life. Let’s first take a look of that relationship you hold with the sacred fire in your heart.

All of the power in the Cosmos is also within you. The electric plasma light which surges with every heartbeat is capable with connecting and healing everything else.

The Trifold Heart and the 13 Chakra System

When you align all 13 chakras at once then you may utilize the violet fire of love, an extension of the plasma light pulsing in your heart, down your shoulders and arms and shooting out of your hands. There is nothing love cannot heal. (see image above)

Please read on....

Schumann Resonance ~ Space Observing Station

Space Observing Station

No Solar flares and only some low geomagnetic disturbances after that fairly long lull in Solar activity, but look at the Schumann Resonance chart.....

Someone said (sorry, I forget who, could be Denise LeFay) that we cannot assume "nothing" is happening when there is low Solar activity because we have no existing instruments to measure all that massive streams of Divine Energies pouring in. 

Crisis In Consciousness ~ Lisa Renee ~ 22 November 2016

There are some Wayshowers ~ who should know better (there, I've said it) ~ who are coming out with messages carrying very divisive and aggressive undertones. I've mentioned this before in a personal update, so I truly appreciate someone like Lisa Renee whose message is written in a manner that is as forthright as possible.

We're on the path towards becoming Higher Consciousness Beings.....we need to walk and talk like one.

"The game is Divide and Conquer of humanity. The goal is to create division amongst us all and that is what the controllers really want.
So, my question is: If you know what they want, why give it to them?"  *Lisa Renee

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Recent events have proved to be very painful, very confusing and very hurtful for so many people that it seems fitting to bring this up, even though I don't really want to. It seems that any word that I may say or write can easily be taken out of context or misunderstood, as when tempers flare and emotions are triggered, mind slides tend to operate and dominate in the landscape. I speak to the larger controller agendas that are behind influencing the collective consciousness movement in order to feed into larger systems of mind control programming, as my role is to identify these schisms. Sometimes people do not hear what I'm saying from the overview perspective of the collective consciousness on our planet because they do not perceive the existence of the collective fields. As a result, sometimes a person may take an observation of the field as my personal opinion and then they are easily offended if the perspective differs from their own.

I want to remind us all that there's always room for all of our own experiences and in my view, there is nothing to be offended about in having a difference of opinion or range of experiences. As a person, it is the right to have our own experiences and perceptions, and to express our experience is a basic human right. However, what I hope to express is of importance in speaking in terms that create unity, and to not take offence at other’s opinions because they are different from your own. What I've tried to convey is that the larger system is broken and corrupt and until the control system is revealed along with disclosure of off planet control mechanisms, it really doesn't matter who becomes the face puppet for the masses. The strings are on everyone that take on that role and they're put there on purpose to fulfil a larger agenda. I'm sorry that is the reality on earth, and I report the unpopular perspective of current energetic observations.

We, as a collective have to change the system by changing how we think and changing how we treat people in our own small microcosm. It starts in our own personal life, in our own personal relationships and in our relationship to group consciousness, like in our community and that is where change needs to happen. Change will not occur if we are blaming others, hostile, and emotionally triggered or we're feeling personally insulted and divided from each other. In order to be effective, we have to see the larger game in play.

The game is Divide and Conquer of humanity. The goal is to create division amongst us all and that is what the controllers really want. So, my question is: If you know what they want, why give it to them? Why become an agent of anger, hostility or feeling offended by letting them get you emotionally triggered and upset towards committing aggressive or destructive actions? It is critical to understand that this is the reaction they want from you. That's what they're betting on, they can press a button and the majority of uninformed people will jump in the direction that they have been mostly influenced by, the broadcast of the mainstream media promoting division with an hostile diatribe. That's what they want, kneejerk automaton behavior that the masses will follow, in order to stay in the underpinnings of the controller program of Divide and Conquer. And they're culling the harvest of those emotional energies in the collective consciousness right now with alien machinery. Please don't feed them, as they will only hurt you and others around you.

Please read on....

The Secret Story Never Told ~ Author's Name Withheld By Request ~ 19 November 2016

If I remember correctly, sources such as Steve Rother and Sandra Walter have mentioned the significance of the Vagus nerve in relation with the Ascension process.

Thank you to Therese Fitzgerald for posting this.

Source: in5d

It’s been hidden from mankind forever and great lengths are still taken to keep it hidden from us.

This is the story of a journey that something inside of your body makes every month. And once this happens to you, awareness, and comprehension are increased a thousand fold. This story has been hidden from you by myth, allegory, metaphor and deception. This is an esoteric truth and comes from very ancient wisdom.

There’s a thing in your brain called the claustrum and modern science is still not to sure what the claustrum does. Sir Francis Crick once published an influential review proposing the claustrum as the seat of consciousness as he had discovered the truth of its existence.

When a human child reaches about the age of 12, this claustrum produces an oil, a very sacred oil. In ancient Greece this oil was known as the Chrism, the Christos, or Ichthus, because they said it was oily and had a fishy smell. When the claustrum secretes the oil it makes a journey down your central nervous system, your spine and ultimately to the bottom portion of the spine, the sacrum. Most humans are born with 33 vertebrae and as they age the vertebrae start to fuse in the lower portion and form the sacrum and coccyx. Could the story of the fall of man come from the descending of the oil?

As it settles in this sacred place, the sacral plexus, the five fused vertebra of your spine, it then begins its return journey, the ascension if you will. The oil must return up the 33 vertebrae, and while it’s making the journey, and before it reaches the 33rd and it crosses the vagus nerve. This amazing nerve, called the 10th cranial nerve, as there are 12, touches all the vital organs of the body. Damage to this nerve accounts for a lot of different diseases with in the body. This nerve can only be healed through chanting. Perhaps a reason chanting is so prevalent in your ancient religions?

After it crosses the vagus nerve, it enters the hypothalamus.. Here the sacred oil is mixed with serotonin from the pituitary and with DMT from the pineal gland. And here in the hypothalamus, it sits for 2 1/2 days, just as the like sun does on December 22nd and arises December 25th. just as in the story of Jesus in the tomb, inside your body, the Christ, the chrism, the ickthos, the oil, the sacred secretion that comes from the claustrum and makes the journey up the 33. The Santa Claus(trum), that brings great gifts from the North Pole. Serotonin was known as milk and DMT was known as the honey, and hence the land of milk and honey, and combined they were known as the manna from heaven.

The sacred oil is now transmuted into this new substance of the Christ within and then arrives at the very top, the crown and and touches the optic thalamus, which is esoterically known as the third eye. It is here where it is exploded into a thousand lights, and pure consciousness, enlightenment is reached. The ancient Egyptians called this the light of the world, as they understood its power. It feels like one is glowing and radiant. Everything in the body that was asleep is now totally awake. It’s an incredible experience that is truly indescribable.

Some of our stories, celebrations and history are allegories about this journey, this wonderful, indescribable journey that happens inside you each month when your moon sign crosses the sun sign of your birth. Go back and re-read your holy books and stories and look for the allegory of this story.

The ancients were able to live for thousands of years by preserving and conserving this sacred oil and transmuting it so that it reaches the optic thalamus. The oil has both physical regenerative and spiritual regenerative properties. This is the story of your fountain of youth and the true story of physical regeneration. What happens is when the oil reaches the optic thalamus is that new blood is generated in the body. And in order to regenerate and produce new blood, the oil must be raised to the optic thalamus where healing can occur.

This sacred oil is extremely volatile and the ancients taught that if one could live a life of peace, harmony, and in balance with nature that they could save the oil for the whole month. But there are certain practices that are very detrimental to this oil, for instance over eating, creating an acidic body, alcohol and sex practiced at the wrong time, these would destroy the oil, which is known as eating from the tree of life. The ancients knew that once the oil was depleted because of poor living choices the fleshy organism dies. Death results from using up all of the oil.

This is the sacred science of Kundalini and the third eye.

If you are willing to embrace the discipline required to preserve the oil created within every single one of us, the Chrism which is born in the claustrum and makes the journey of the 33, then the universe will reward you with your spiritual gifts. These gifts are innate within us all, but we’ve lost our ability to access them.

If you want to experience this holy journey, wait for the moon to be in your star sign, eat moderately, sit patiently in meditation, and don’t expect the universe to gift it to you, unless you’re willing to give up your television and climb out of your carnal mind.
Upcoming Moons by Sign

Nov 19, 2016 03:14 AM Moon enters Leo
Nov 21, 2016 09:34 AM Moon enters Virgo
Nov 23, 2016 07:42 PM Moon enters Libra
Nov 26, 2016 08:01 AM Moon enters Scorpio
Nov 28, 2016 08:46 PM Moon enters Sagittarius
Dec 1, 2016 08:52 AM Moon enters Capricorn
Dec 3, 2016 07:44 PM Moon enters Aquarius
Dec 6, 2016 04:31 AM Moon enters Pisces
Dec 8, 2016 10:15 AM Moon enters Aries
Dec 10, 2016 12:41 PM Moon enters Taurus
Dec 12, 2016 12:41 PM Moon enters Gemini
Dec 14, 2016 12:08 PM Moon enters Cancer
Dec 16, 2016 01:15 PM Moon enters Leo
Dec 18, 2016 05:52 PM Moon enters Virgo
Dec 21, 2016 02:39 AM Moon enters Libra
Dec 23, 2016 02:32 PM Moon enters Scorpio
Dec 26, 2016 03:18 AM Moon enters Sagittarius
Dec 28, 2016 03:12 PM Moon enters Capricorn
Dec 31, 2016 01:28 AM Moon enters Aquarius

Abstain from sex during this time, and make sure your body is extremely alkaline, eat moderately. Exercise at this point as it helps your body to maintain an alkaline state.

This is esoteric truth, and if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or a member of any other religion, you were taught a different story. You were taught that the Christ is outside of you. All religions teach that the savior is separate. Once you experience this illumination, you know the truth of your body and what it really is. I was given this gift and have chosen not to abuse it or seek material gain from it. I believe that if more of us knew this truth that we could overcome what is happening to our world and ourselves.

This is the sacred secret which is hidden from all of humanity. And many entities that we bow to are guilty of keeping this hidden and keeping us in this illusion because they fear an empowered populace.

This illusion , that has been created so that you will not become aware of your true power, is made up of your belief systems. You’ve gifted your power away to this illusion in order to empower parasites that feed on your emotional energy. These parasites are not of your frequency and vibration. But they are able to access this world through human controllers in your world that are themselves controlled by this parasite, they are just puppets. These humans are motivated by a hunger for power and physical riches that can only be satisfied by the dominance over others of their species.

These puppets are creating a world that is one of survival and competition where everything is eating and being eaten, where the strong have the right to feed upon the weak. They do it for the love of money, sex, drugs and above all power over others. They are pedophiles, misogynists, rapists, liars, sociopaths and evil in a variety of different exposures. They are in positions of power over our money, the media, our food supply,our government, and the healthcare systems. They go to your churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship. In most cases you won’t readily recognize their nature. Some may be your employers, teachers, clergy, neighbors, and relatives. You will only know them by their actions and deeds, not their words.

Most of us trust the person or institution that we’ve learned to give the power to: The doctor of medicine that prescribes the poison. The educator that teaches us the truth that they are taught to teach us. The politicians that serve the interests of the richest bidder. The newscaster that repeats the news instead of reporting it. The bankers that keep us in debt. Our religious leaders that tell us of a God that is to be feared. The scientist that creates a miracle cure that makes you even more sick. The government that writes laws to keep us in bondage.

We need to question every belief system we have. Question where it came from and how you came to believe it. Then ask yourself this, is it a belief system that empowers you or is it a belief system that enables another? A belief system that gives you a carrot and stick, or keeps you in fear is a system of imprisonment.
How to escape the system

There are two ways to escape this system that has been created to hold you in its grips.

The first way is to wake up to the journey that the oil takes in your body each month, and awaken the Christ consciousness within you. With enlightenment, you will have all the knowledge you need, to banish this parasite from your life forever.

The second way, is to live a life of empowerment by understanding how their belief systems have created somewhat of a matrix for you to live in that keeps you in a state of fear. Fear robs your spirit of power that you will need to transcend this frequency and get out of the endless loop of recycling lives.

They cannot change or prevent the divinity of your Christ with in, but they can and do control your ego through the belief systems they currently have in place.

These controllers invented the recycle system of your afterlife and reincarnation. Their greatest fear is that you will discover who you really are and become empowered and tell others.

They wrote the stories that you have learned and believe in that are illusions.

The world that has been created for you is all about power, not allowing you to know about your power and Christ within and them feeding and enriching themselves off of your fear. We have been within this manipulation for eons and it continues because they need our permission and we readily give it.

They have given us through the ego, their mind, which is the mind set of the narcissist, sociopath and psychopath. They can tap into these faults through the electro-magnetics that surround us.

So now you know, we are a wonderful, incredible body that has more potential than we give it.

We are a mind that has been infected by an outside source and wishes to consume our entire being.

We are a soul, that records every emotion, thought, happening of every existence within physicality.

And we are also Consciousness, which is our True Self.

There was no big bang and there was no beginning. Consciousness is the all, and contains the potentiality of everything. When Consciousness turned inward and became aware of itself, we became.

Consciousness is the ocean and we are the drops. We are individuated units of consciousness, and are the True Self.

This is the secret story never told.