31 December 2016

Ego-Centrics Balloon Into Visibility ~ Gaia Portal ~ 31 December 2016

Source: Gaia Portal

Ego-centrics balloon into visibility.
Recognitions are complete and thorough.
Generations are cycled and spiral into the Light of Truth.
Galactics prevail in the New Era.

To 2017....May Life on Earth Be Forever Changed....

Special Day 1-1-1 New Year ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 30 December 2016

Source: Meg Benedicte

During the final hours of 2016, we are still integrating the powerful Ascension upgrades that were activated by the Solstice Stargate gamma waves from the galactic sun. Many experienced multiple physical symptoms these past weeks as the body adjusts to the increasing Light frequency.

This spurred massive clearings of lower-vibe energies from the human energy field and also from the collective. Now is the perfect time to address unresolved issues, conflicts, karma and emotional trauma in your life. Being a ‘9’ year enhances all action to tie up loose ends and bring all into the divine light for transmutation.

If you’re feeling it, nurture your human self through the shifts. Take advantage of earth-bound Capricorn to ground and anchor the new energies into your being. If you feel airy or disassociated, you may need to ground more than once a day. There were moments this past week when it felt like I was walking on air…a sign I need to get grounded quickly.

Clearly something unusual is happening on planet earth! As the galactic photonic waves permeate the planetary field, Gaia is ascending into the 5th dimensional realm of consciousness.
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Welcoming the NOW Year: Assisting the Global Trajectory ~ Sandra Walter ~ 30 December 2016

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

A Happy NOW Year to all as we experience the final Gateway of 2016 this weekend, which is open through the first week of January. All Lightworkers are encouraged to connect with this palpable, powerful influx of Divine Light available. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, please revisit last week’s article for recommendations. Lightworkers, there is increased activity with the higher realms right now, stay focused and take care of the body.

Many are experiencing a pure level of Cosmic Mother frequencies, which is birthing a new platform for higher states of consciousness to be anchored on the planet. Whether you view the return of the Divine Feminine energies as a being, a state of consciousness, a fractal of Source, or a balancing frequency does not matter. It is the nature of photonic light to demand order – and the breaking apart of old systems, beliefs, habits and emotional baggage should be evidence enough that the light is doing its work. Forgive, clear, be grateful and request the highest light for all concerned. Use the vesica piscis symbol in your grids and Gatework to open pillars of light with your crystals, and connect with the Cosmic feminine aspect of Source. This also opens the gateways of the heart and Ascension column.

Collective Timeline Assistance

As the timelines continue to morph and respond to the collective consciousness, there are some beautiful gifts being offered to HUmanity. The heart center is changing again, taking on even stronger magnetics due to the Solar influx and activation of Gaia’s new grid systems, which are more solar in nature. Activated heart centers work in harmony with the crystalline grid, the etheric bands of light around Gaia which started to activate with the third wave back in September, Solaris (our SUN), and the Great Central SUN. This assists our personal and collective evolution to the Solar Cosmic Christ. Our higher consciousness is shifting to the Creator State – a natural state of the HUman genome – and we align with creating highest possible outcomes for the Ascension. This is something which everyone on the Ascension Path must own as their unique right.

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5D Astrology Report: 2017 Genesis and Dimensional Flux ~ Agent 98 Lorna Bevan

"Agent 98"....nice! Lorna Bevan confirms astrologically what many have been sensing increasingly strongly since December unfolded. We'll "Get Smart" in 2017.

Source: Cosmic Intelligence Agency

5D Astrology Report: 2017
A 1 Year of Genesis – dimensional flux 

There is hope in the darkness for all things will be made new.
Revelations 21: 5

Presciently, the theme of my 2016 5D Forecast “A Change in Frequency” written in December 2015 – proved beyond true and now we are shapeshifting into 2017 “A 1 Year of Genesis: dimensional flux.” To borrow a timely Star Wars idiom, in 2017 we can expect a major disturbance in the force as we are now in a radically different astrology straddling the seismic fissure between the 2007-16 Uranus/Pluto Demolition Squares and the 2016-23 Uranus/Eris/Pluto/Haumea eyes wide open awakening.

The years between 2017- 2023 are stair steps through the Connected Universe into the Age of Aquarius when Pluto enters the sign of the Futurist. So, what can we foresee for 2017? Deep breath:
  • The chaos factor as the new normal
  • Increasing dimensional flux 
  • Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • Old template drop-off 
  • A separation of worlds and time-lines – Wizards and Muggles?
  • Shifts in Life Streams
  • Entanglement with Creation/Source
  • A radical expansion of the higher mind / breakthroughs in science, astronomy, medicine and technology
  • A Paradigm Shift + evolution of unity consciousness
  • Tribes and groups forming and reforming like cells to shape solutions
  • Personal Creative Unfolding
  • Massive Transformational Purpose
And if those frames and concepts sound weird or far-out to you now, by the end of 2017 you’ll have experienced them in your own life. The magic moments come when you glimpse universal principles through personal experience.

2017: A 1 Year of Rising from the Ashes

A radically new Creation Cycle begins on January 1 2017 aka 1:1:1 and you are already feeling the highly-concentrated creator frequencies of the new energy resonances, resurrections and revelations of the higher mind. Although it seems as if there no time space between the completion of the old and the start of the new and you’re feeling like you’re spinning, falling, rising, coming apart at the seams and yet so excited to really get going creatively, be aware that January 1st is not an overnight wipe the slate clean wave of a magic wand but an emergence from the Zero Zone into a field of possibilities. What you choose will arise out of your Free Will. A generative sovereign question to ask yourself is: “How did I shape my reality in 2016 and do I like my results? If not, then what exactly am I going to do differently?” In the year ahead you move into many new physical reality alterations as the 1 vibration intensifies but you have to get there with ZERO attachments or expectations…in complete faith, but with a deep awareness that what lies just ahead is nothing like what lies just behind. Hold on to these reassuring thoughts:

The future is an incomplete equation
You will never know this little again
You are doing the best you can, given the thinking you have that looks real to you
You can think whatever you like

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Time Has Been Recalibrated ~ Archangel Metatron via Jim Self

Mike Savad ~ Fine Art America
Source: Mastering Alchemy

Metatron: Time has been recalibrated. As you are well aware, it has gone from a linear to a more circular use.  It is needed because time is an element in the creative process but not in the way that you are used to using it.  The circular motion of it may be hard to get your rational mind around.

Let me say this:  Time, as it is being reconfigured, will allow for opportunities to create multiple results in the creative process.  Because of the change in the magnetics, this also plays into the element of time reconfiguring or restructuring.  Without the change of the magnetics and the magnetic fields that are held around the earth, this change in time could not occur.  There are magnetic fields around the exterior of earth in many layers.  There are also magnetic components within the earth’s structure.  The magnetics are key energetic components in the way time is used, in the way it is perceived.  The changing and the shifting of the magnetic fields and the increase in those magnetics (It is like a tension that is being created in the fields around and within the earth) will eliminate the linear. This is because the linear can not be perceived in the energetic magnetic field that is creating the tension that will allow timing to be used for specific applications.

There will be an understanding that time is unlimited, whereas now you operate in a very limited state in regards to time: There are 24 hours in a day, you have certain times that you do certain things.  It will be completely restructured and will vary according to what is being created.  That allotment of time will have no limit or restrictions, but all will be able to operate within the flow if time.  You know how we talked about energy being more fluid, that there was a fluidity to the energy? You can’t really say “ a fluidity in time” but the way it is structured is not limited and is utilized according to applications in the creative process, depending upon what is desired.  You may not understand exactly what I am saying now because you don’t have a lot of reference points to base this on.

Jim:  There seems to be a suspension of time, to be able to stay in a singular point almost indefinitely, and a stretching of time or shrinking of time, a rolling the time, a stopping the time.  There’s a mechanism to do that, would that be right?

Please read on....

30 December 2016

Blessing ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath1111

Now as the Divine Self, the one you met on the mountainside, you claim things, and what you claim you empower. The Christed Self who understands what is in truth, and sees all things with the eyes of light, can only call to her those things she is in alignment to. How would she call something that she would perceive in darkness to her? Only in the light, and that is by blessing what you see.

Now some of you believe if you bless something, you condone it. "Look at that terrible thing, I cannot bless that terrible thing."

To understand what a blessing is is very important, and a blessing is the placement of God upon the thing you see. If you can imagine this, that there is a dark being slithering on the floor, you can run from the dark being, or you can bless the dark being. By blessing the dark being, you bring light to it, you bring the action of the Divine to bear on this very thing, and it transforms, in its own way, to meet the choice of being blessed.

To anoint something in God, to perceive it in its worth regardless of what it presents, will shift you to the awareness of the Divine in all things. When you curse something, you cast it out. What you put outside of the light, you attach to.

Do you understand?

The teaching you are getting is to clarify your relations to all you see before you, all and each one, yes.

Paul Selig - The Book of Mastery
A Channeled text

28 December 2016

I Am The Light ~ Matt Kahn ~ 15 December 2016

Another beneficial session from Matt Kahn, with a dose of humour to help us along.

I Am The Light, The Light I Am....what a wonderful reminder to ourselves as this year draws to a close; this reminder is also what will guide us through the New Year.

Some points that Matt covered include:
  • Partnership between Personal Self and Divine Self
  • The Light that walks beside you is the Light that already dwells within
  • The magic words are I AM THE LIGHT, THE LIGHT I AM
  • The decathlon, the labyrinth, the obstacle course will go on forever and ever "until you stop and declare that you are the Light of all, and you declare that NOW"
  • You must use your words to declare the Truth so that the Truth has permission to wake up in you.

Here for the video.

Standbys are Engaged as Trumpets Sound ~ Gaia Portal ~ 28 December 2016

Source: Gaia Portal

Standbys are engaged as trumpets sound.
Night shades are raised.
Decisions commence leading into the forward areas.
Light swords are raised upright as the parties connect.

Cobra Interview with Prepare For Change (20 December) ~ 27 December 2016

I am personally very appreciative of this interview. Several current issues have been brought up and addressed, helping to dispel the sometimes-wild stories that have been circulating. Thank you to Cobra and the Prepare For Change Team!

Please read / listen to the interview here.

**Brief notes/comments

  • Rumour regarding Cabal deaths and arrests dispelled. When this actually happens, it would signify that Breakthrough is near, and will be reported with supporting evidence by mainstream media
  • Whole of Denver area now focal point of half-open conflict between different factions, this is part of operations prior to final push towards The Event
  • Cobra cannot confirm and doesn't agree with claims that Humanity is not ready for Full Disclosure; "Actually humanity is more equipped to handle full disclosure than partial disclosure because partial disclosure brings paradoxes into the mind and creates mental stress whereas full disclosure bring clarity.  Factions that do not support full disclosure are not of the light."
  • Replicators after The Event and growing spiritual awareness will render money obsolete
  • There will be intel dumps at point of The Event, and will escalate at accelerated rate thereafter
  • Just a few members of Cabal and some breakaway factions meeting in Antarctica to discuss mass arrests and how to survive the transformation
  • Cosmic changes resulting in atmospheric phenomena being seen here on Earth
  • "Soft disclosure is an attempt of the light forces to bring us as much disclosure as possible in those very unfavorable conditions.  Partial disclosure is an attempt of the dark forces to twist and spin disclosure in a way that will present them as something they are not"
  • Planet X's orbit is beyond Pluto, and there it will remain
  • Chimera using AI to control Dracos and Reptilians
  • Dracos and Cabal's influences are contained within our Sol System
  • Trump's actions will speak louder than his words, "just watch and learn"
  • Steve Pieczenik is working with Light Forces
  • "Fake News" agenda will backfire as people become curious and actually visit alternative media sites
  • It will be safe post-The Event to call upon spiritual guides and Space Family without repercussions
  • Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans and Arcturians are main races that will assist Humanity post-The Event
  • Yaldaboath's plasma effects diminished to certain degree; Saturn Moon matrix isn't its source energy
  • Cobra unable to comment on rumours about Putin (death, clones), "sensitive nature"
  • No Gamma ray coming to Earth on 26th or 27th, no it's not The Event
  • Cobra reiterates that no major nuclear attacks like Hiroshima will be allowed
  • Cobra also repeats that The Event isn't the same as the EMP Pulse (Cosmic/Galactic Superwave etcwhen the former is launched, electronic gadgets won't be affected
  • The Event will affect all in the Solar System; sub-terrestrials will have big celebration
  • Situation in Africa will drastically improve post-The Event; it was main base for Reptilians for millenia, and was resource centre Cabal over past decades
  • Dracos use incarnation chambers to incarnate; this practice is now limited (Simon Parkes goes into detail about this here @1:11 hour mark)
  • Fidel Castro was with the Dark Forces
  • "Education" for advanced civilisations consists of spiritual transmissions and experiencing nature of reality, assisted by guides
  • Pleiadians are genuine race, not future version of Humanity
  • After Reset, everyone will receive benefit but some will get more for missions
  • Rebel leaders confirmed captured in Aleppo; Cobra recommends continued use of rotating Halafian pottery image over Syria
  • Palmyra was lost due to specific reasons, which Cobra will reveal in time
  • Hongmen were called Chinese Freemasons by some, they have both positive and negative elements
  • President Duterte not enlightened
  • Marcos (no longer alive) received charter from Grandfather, he was also related to certain Dragon group
  • Light Forces waiting for removal of dangerous exotic weapons before pushing button for The Event; they are not waiting for people to be ready
  • RM members who were lost to the cause will reincarnate or use clones
  • No electronic communication is 100% safe but we can call upon Light Forces to help
  • Those who really wish to assist Light Forces can do so by contacting them during proper lucid dreaming; Archons will influence dreamtime, especially those whose Light is strong
  • Affirmations will not reprogram mind but will assist in refocusing
  • With reference to Cobra's May 2014 “Pleiadian Portal Activation Report", Cobra confirms that the RM females mentioned therein are still stationed in the outer system to help transmit Goddess Energies from the Galactic Sun; we can help anchor these energies by connecting with them during global meditations
  • Souls who originate from the Angelic Realms can be sent to Galactic Central Sun to start over
  • Twin Flames of Souls who are "reset" will have to wait eons of time for their counterparts to evolve all over again
  • We have lost our Soul connection gradually over time, and more so after last Archon invasion
  • When we become enlightened, we will BE the Soul; when our evolution in the Universe is complete, we will return to Source
  • Spend time to connect with Light and Higher Self, and be guided by Higher Self during transition (answer to elderly questioner about what's best for Soul); after The Event, Souls can choose Pleiades or 5D Earth
  • Attachment and quarantine status result in Soul entrapment risk, even if we are from 6D (or higher)
  • Can request for Seraphim to take custody of Soul until resurrection, if so guided
  • All dimensions are Mansion Worlds 
  • Thoughts that are of higher vibrations cannot be read by Chimera
  • Purpose of all-golden Angels is to bring protection, inspiration and Light
  • "Complete and absolute nonsense" to question about all Archangels being aspects of Lucifer
  • Vesica Piscis is the doorway (between worlds)
  • Alchemical process of coal to dimension is symbolic representation of our transfiguration from 3D to 5D crystalline consciousness
  • Krishna came from the Sirius System to bring enlightenment to Humanity
  • Numerology is an ancient science practised in Atlantis, but is now a fraction of the original
  • Ascension isn't as simple as balancing a few chakras, it's deep, transformational and will take time
  • Energies coming in after The Event will help in balancing chakras and activating Third Eye
  • Spiritual part of DNA remains in Soul Essence and is recreated in next incarnation
  • Magnets can help in meditation but not interfere with the frontal biochip signal
  • Whales and Dolphins come from Sirius system, here to anchor energies of Lightness and Joy in planetary grids and oceans; they are deeply involved in Ascension process
  • Electrical humming is part of Chimera tech to control population; infrasound 10-50 Hz and ultrasound 15-20 kHz
  • Some YT channels posting Cobra interviews have strange sounds and discordant frequencies; Cobra advises to only go to links on his site for his interviews, PFC interviews are approved by Cobra.

26 December 2016

Holiday Message from Judy Satori and Donna Meyer ~ 25 December 2016

Happy Holidays

A message of love from Judy Satori ... and
personal assistant, Donna Meyer

Spirit ...God...has a gift for you. Feel 'the gift of the presence' as you are made ready to receive a new wave of energy coming to Earth in 2017.

Merry Christmas ... Happy Hanukkah ... Happy New Year

"This is a beautiful audio Judy has brought us from Spirit for this holiday. I know you will enjoy the message. I wish everyone a joyous holiday. I look forward to supporting you again in the new year as we usher in the new energy. Thank you for all your compliments for me throughout the year. They mean so much to me as all of you do." ~ Donna

The Gift of the Presence ... Judy's Holiday Message from Spirit is below.

(Please listen here.)   

Judy's website is here.


In Judy's message, she reminds us that there is a Divine Plan that will come online in 2017, with February being the time when the Roller Coaster of Great Change begins. 2017 will see the very powerful energies from the Galactic Centre of the Diamond Cluster of 22 Galaxies (including Milky Way) ~ these very potent forces will affect everyone and everything. Judy therefore suggests that we enjoy this calm-before-the-storm phase.....

Daily practice of the Magenta Pyramid Meditation will assist in helping us get through the massive changes with more ease, as such meditations will facilitate in raising our vibrations.

Your Developing Crystals In Your Physical Body: Crystalline LightBody Structures ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 22 December 2016

This was part of Lisa's newsletter which I just posted.

Source: Awakening to Remembering

For years I have worked with the developing the crystals in my own physical body structure, which DEVELOP ON THEIR OWN for us as we HOLD the HIGHEST VIBRATION OF CHRISTED LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS AS SOURCE within our own BEing....

This is an intricate process and one that will challenge everything you are as a human. The upgrade process is immense and will "rule your world" for awhile, as you RETURN to BEing a Crystal, BEing a CHRISTED/LIGHT BEING, BEing an Avatar BEing here.

Your body is constantly in upgrade mode, constantly in purification mode, constantly in cleansing cellular everything move and evolving into something the little/limited human mind cannot comprehend.

The activation and formation of these crystals defies all things logical. This is not a logical process. This is a Galactic, Godlike, Cosmic and Multi-Dimensional process of EVOLUTION BACK into who and what you truly are... not one thing, but all things merging as one, inside your physical body vessel that continually adapts itself, recalibrates itself, restructures itself according to YOUR HIGHER LIGHT ENCODEMENTS, complex (to the human but simple to us) mathematic/geometric codes and sequences, held in your own energy field of super consciousness. This field floats around your entire body and when your heart/mind and all of you is totally open, activates to move into/embed in your physical body for you. This is a long process that has been occurring your entire physical existence here. Human aspects "think" it's just beginning. This alone is separation that exists within.

Cosmic/planetary/Universal frequencies activate in every moment, yet not outside of you, within. Your perception is "it's out there". This too is human separation. It is "out there" and inside of you simultaneously, for your body exists within this whole field. Your human identifies with your body. Your soul is the whole field. Your ability to merge the physical body and the UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS within your structure and hold all of this information, gifts/abilities and attributes for your NEW EARTH HUMAN EXISTENCE is a continual process for you to be fully multi-dimensional here.

Your Avatar abilities are determined by your DEVELOPED CRYSTALS that take form inside of you. This occurs as you and your body work together and you become ENERGY AGAIN. Pure Conscious Energy walking in physical form that adapts to your consciousness as you intentionally and continually integrate and embed these codes within you.

This embedding is a huge process, as all of the density in your physical body systems (glands/organs/communication) and structures (bones/teeth/spine) must de-densify and the physical matter in your physical body continually take new form. Your human likes to control the process, which inner-fears, instead of assisting, honoring and supporting it to create ease and "faster" evolution here. As your body clears the density of all things separation/unconscious, your bones will start to contract and expand, your cells, your spine, your brain, your skin, your flesh... as your energy constantly expands and contracts to "do" this process for you. Unconscious humans try to fit what is happening into old belief boxes of doubt or diagnosis, instead of truly opening up to see. This alone creates great suffering that need not be as uncomfortable as humans make it. Intentional participation eases all and is key.

Your crystals are developing, which give you infinite capabilities here. The more developed they are, the easier everything is. Along the way, you will "oscillate" between becoming a receiver, a transmitter, a simultaneous transmitter/receiver, beyond POWERFUL from within. Yet in order to gain this POWER, you must be continually be taken "offline" to tune. Your physical body is continually working harder than your human aspect can understand.

Please read on....

A Love Letter and Sacred Connectins Newsletter ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 25 December 2016

Lisa's message appears here in full, but please visit her site for more articles, as well as activations.

Source: Awakening to Remembering

Aloha Star Light family!
Depending on wherever you are, however you are and your own internal belief system, you may or may not be celebrating this time, or just in-JOYing this time, or working to clear old programs out, resolving all back into love within again. Wherever you are, I send you love, deep sacred love for you to re-connect with inside of you, whenever and however you desire to. 

Some are gathering with friends and families, others are alone. I remember each one, the joy and energy of others, the challenges of being around others, the loneliness before I connected again inside of me and the profound deep purity and Sacredness of alone (me/we) time once I did. 

I first had to turn it all around and realize that if I was alone, anytime I was alone, that this was a beautiful time to honor me, have fun for me, get out in nature for me, just BE..... it took awhile, as our human doesn't like to be alone, as there is discomfort in "what to do with ourselves" for awhile. When I started utilizing the gift of nature, this substantially changed. I encourage anyone challenged, to get out in nature and just BE. Talk to the universe, hug a tree, really truly connect with the gift of life in the flowers or leaves or the mamma Gaia Earth..... 

This is a time of re-connecting inside, more and more and more. The pure peace that comes, the joy, the bliss and the magic is FELT inside when we relax and surround ourselves with simplicity. If you find yourself challenged, then do something to get you out of your head. Don't put yourself in situations where you don't really in-joy to be. Be choosy and realize that every moment is an opportUNITY and a GIFT if you are truly present with yourself and see the blessings of what you do have. 

Each one of us here... are to REMEMBER... the deep profound and sacred love that we hold and are. That each of us IS A BLESSING.... and we are here to REALize this about ourselves. To appreciate ourselves, to love ourselves, to accept ourselves and to honor ourselves... fully and abundantly... all of the time, not just "one day" or on special occasions....

These higher vibrations provide an opportUNITY to re-connect with the purity, brilliance and magnificence that you are. Remind yourself often, allow yourself all of the time, open your heart fully to transcend the old stories and programs that your head may play... as you get to choose what you tell yourself, what you listen to, what you believe. Focus on being happy from within, letting go of anything outside of you that you need for this and utilize the gifts that inspire this within you, ignite this within you by making this a priority for you.

There are always many energetic cellular cleansings continually occurring, as we continually go through a huge re-calibration process with our physical bodies as we all anchor more of Heaven on Earth here. This occurs as we let go of the old, as we open up to the unknown/new, as we embrace the beauty that we already are, so more of this can come through.

So, today, and all days.... I send you love. Pure Divine Essence Love. A love that is simplistic and needs nothing at all other than to just BE.... BE felt, BE received, BE allowed. Honor you, love and appreciate you. It's the most important thing that you will ever do. For you and all of us as ONE again.

Wishing you much magic to accompany you at all times. So very much awaits us all.... be ready. Open up fully.... It is always time for more awesomeness in all of our lives. 

These holy-days anchor sacred energies here for us all. Re-connection energies for you and your Soul. ♥

Zoned Out

Space Observing System

If you went through yesterday zoned out and struggling to stay present, this could be the reason.....Click the image to enlarge.

Gateways of Transformation: New Realities Step Forth ~ Sandra Walter ~ 23 December 2016

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

This is a powerful consciousness-shifting passage, and the next two weeks will be quite potent. Many are already receiving higher levels of the photonic codes, as the Galactics and our Higher levels weave this light gently, steadily into the collective consciousness via pure conduits.

Gatekeepers and the Galactics have called forth the influx of dimensional-shifting, consciousness-shifting frequencies which will affect those choosing Crystalline/Christ/Unity consciousness embodiment. This is why so many experienced a powerful clearing during the last Gate (December 15-16). While the light hit the physical structure hard (most likely your right side, as a physical representation of the release of the old patriarchal structures), it prepared us for the massive influx we are aligning with for the final Gateways of 2016. We continue to open these Ascension gateways and the Solar aspects of the grids and Gaia. Feel free to call this forth and add your permission/intention to this acceleration.

Acceleration of Embodiment
I had a strong vision and download of how DNA creates the shifting of personal and collective timelines and realities. This included a splitting effect as well as simultaneous dimensional experiences. Solar Cosmic Christ embodiment includes an awareness of all dimensional aspects of Self, as well as a reunion with Source consciousness. DNA creates the bridge between Higher and lower Self via the vibration of unconditional LoveLight. It is also capable of creating a pure conduit of the I AM Presence and Pure Source Consciousness in form, which is the goal of this particular Ascension experiment on Gaia. Radiate love from your Christed Heart center to your DNA and all of creation – often.

The consistent reminder of creating the New, focusing on the New and what we desire for New Earth and HUmanity is reaching fruition. The higher realities which we co-created are revealing themselves, and the coinciding levels of new consciousness are presenting. If you are willing to surrender to this level of love, light and service, let it transform you.

The Light level influx depends upon available conduits for crystalline embodiment (the ability to allow the much higher vibration of the Higher Self and Solar aspects within form, with complete integrity, HUmility and grace), as well as our collective ability to receive and comprehend what is unfolding. This is a Divine activity, and the chaotic affect on the lower realities is a side-effect. Feel the emotion of it as it presents for you, release and clear as needed, and know that alternatives are manifesting quickly as the intention, magnetics, and incoming light merge to create Ascension.

As the embodiment phase accelerates, it triggers codes in the collective consciousness for a rapid quantum activation of crystalline consciousness. It feeds the light through the HUman heart grid, Gaia’s emerging Solar Self, triggers ancient Solar sites and the Solar aspects of the new Grid systems. In brief, it unveils the New Earth. Our focus now is to be willing participants in the reception and creation of these new realities, new states of consciousness, and make them available for all who choose this path.

Keep yourself aligned and in a state of peaceful reception, because the Solar and Gaia code delivery will be frequent but unpredictable.

Connect with the SUN and Gaia’s new grid systems often. So much work was completed on this in 2016, and now we know why. We are not only poised and ready, we are co-creating brilliance with the Higher realms. Command, decree, request, pray that the highest levels of light to be delivered to us, through us, now, in the highest interests of all concerned. Place your quartz in the ground, and surge the light through the crystalline grid, New Earth grid systems, HUman heart grid, Solar grid vortexes, and every crystal placed by a Lightworker. Every day through this influx.

Again, this is a Sacred passage of transformation, from December 25 through January 4.

Please read on....

Merry Christ Consciousness!

Thank you to Sue Mitchel Runow for posting this.

** Merry Christ Consciousness....May the Source be with you **

Continued Sasquatch Messages to Humanity: Chapters 7 & 8 ~ Kamooh & Sunbow DawaOutah LomaKatsi ~ December 2016

Ben Maguire ~ The Exponentials

Chapters 6 and 7 have been published, and you can read them at the links below. I will copy the complete entries here later for reference.

Source:  DawaOutah LomaKatsi ~ Chapter 7,  Chapter 8

We Are Not Alone ~ Allies of Humanity

Thank you to Michael Harrell of Wisdom From Our Elders for posting this.

** Text: You have Allies from beyond this world.
They exist.
They are aware of you.    ~ Allies of Humanity **

25 December 2016

New Year's Comet Brightening as it Approaches Earth ~ BP Earth Watch ~ 24 December 2016

Sometimes Comets aren't just "comets".....now and then we'll get a "comet" that's housing a Starship....

What was interesting to me about this video is that Comet Honda is aligning with the Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Mars and Neptune....which means more Cosmic magic coming our way!

Here for the video.

Stretchings Begin as Essence Awarenes Expands ~ Gaia Portal ~ 25 December 2016

A "flowery" message....From what I can gather, Nasturtiums could be symbolic of nurturing and some form of victory, while "....lilies symbolize that the soul of the departed has received restored innocence after death." (ref: Teleflora)

Source: Gaia Portal
Stretchings begin as Essence Awareness expands.
Nasturtium communities come to the forefront.
Lilies are carried for the fallen.
Star Lights are recognized in full.

24 December 2016

Personal Update 24 December 2016

I had intended to write this up after the Solstice, but just couldn't get round to it. Each time I set aside some time to do this, I would find that there were messages and articles from others that I wanted to post instead.

As is always the case, there was a reason for that. Yesterday, Denise Le Fay wrote something that connected some critical points together, forming a very nice Big Picture. That was when I felt the time was right to get to my own writing. However, that didn't happen yet again because too many family obligations cropped up, this being the "festive" season and all that.

This morning, while in meditation, I saw several visions ~ they are relevant to what I had wanted to write about, so that was what needed to happen first before I could finally sit down to get this done.

The December Solstice and Related Meditation

As I had mentioned briefly previously, I was prepared for some challenges during the Solstice. Turns out that I had nothing to be concerned about, because the day felt like a flowing, soothing Galactic breeze. I felt a joyous calm and inner peace ~ I had described it as "heavenly" and "magical". It felt to me that I had tasted a teensy morsel of Life in the higher consciousness, something that is currently beginning to present as the lower energies dissipate.

When it came time for the Solstice meditation organised by Prepare For Change, I was all set and ready to go, after immensely and gratefully enjoying the day of high frequency bliss.

After giving up trying to join online (the site crashed), I went with the video instead. I can't speak for everyone, but the meditation was incredible! It was easy to get into, and it flowed beautifully like the day. Then, without warning, I went off the meditation and instead saw Phoenixes rising majestically from all over the globe, upward into the sky.

This was really unexpected, but I stayed with the vision.

The Phoenixes were in full glory, looking magnificent in their elegance. They were beautiful beyond belief and looked utterly Divine. Then I noticed their chest ~ there were big plates that were shaped like elongated hexagons. This "armour" gleamed as bright as the sun, and looked like they were made of gold with rainbow hues. I could feel the immense strength and power of the armour, which only served to add to the splendour of an already awe-inspiring sight. The armour itself felt utterly Divine as well. I use the word "armour" because that's what it felt like to me, but let me state now that this "armour" is very much part of the Phoenix ~ it was like its feathers.

The energies became potent, powerful and very profound. I soon had tears rolling down my face; even writing this now, I feel so moved. I'm sorry to say that I wasn't with the meditation much after that, because the vision was so compelling. The energy of Source was so evident in what I saw and felt.

Unification of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Denise did a great job in stitching up several crucial components to paint us a bigger picture of what's happening. I know I haven't yet explained my vision....I'm coming to that now, using Denise's article.

When I read it yesterday, I wanted to jump up in excitement. I couldn't do that because I was working through my lunch in a very public area (very busy day) but I can assure you I did a little mental dance!

In her article, Denise talked about the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and also referred to Aluna Joy's work which involved the Rainbow Serpent and Plumed Serpent leylines, representing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, respectively.

In my vision, I described the Phoenixes and their armour. After the meditation, I got that each Phoenix represents the unified Divine Feminine (Phoenix) and Masculine (armoured feather) energies. The glorious Beings were symbolic of what the overall energies of the Planet and Humanity are becoming, as well as signifying what each of us are becoming in our own Ascension process.

So when I read Denise's update, I felt elated! But that's not all.....Denise also wrote this:
‘The Phoenix has risen, anew from its own ashes of evolutionary transformation.’

I really wanted to start writing my own update yesterday, especially after reading Denise's article, but just couldn't get to it. It was a very long day for me, and I was exhausted by the time I could finally get to bed at 2:30am.

More Visions

This morning, while in meditation, I was presented with a series of scenarios one after another in quick succession. It made no sense to me but I let it run until it completed. Then it made perfect sense!

All the scenarios that I saw had a very 3D feel about them. I got that they represented hu-manity, using Gaia Portal's term. There was something very positive and Light-filled about all the scenes, with an underlying current of expectancy.

In general, what I saw were doors closing on old realities, with new doors leading to higher vibrational existences. There were also several scenes where "officials" were present to guide people to and through the new doors. I also saw "tickets" made from what felt like precious elements/metals (neither gold nor silver) being handed out, and people were encouraged to take one each. Towards the end of this busy visual series, I saw children stepping into crystal shoes that were glowing with Light in many hues.

I think the message is rather obvious, but I'll just state it anyway :)

The series depict the general population going through an accelerated mass awakening into higher consciousness. They will be greatly assisted by others (presumably those already awakened or our Star Family, including the Agarthans), and will receive much encouragement and guidance to accept and go through their own Ascension (the "tickets").

And the children....this one felt so wonderful! They will be coming "online" in a big way, stepping into their own Crystal/Christ Consciousness. Theirs would be as easy as slipping on their shoes, and then their Light will begin to shine bright.

This has turned out to be much longer than I had expected, so I will quickly conclude now. I feel that as we go into the new year of 2017, there's so much to look forward to. Our work cannot stop now, nor can we give up. As this year draws to a close, we can look back and see that it's been equivalent to many lifetimes of transformation, even though it feels like we only just welcomed in 2016 a couple of months ago. We will keep going, because that's what we need to do :)

Thank you for accompanying me on my path, Namaste and Blessings ๐Ÿ’œ

23 December 2016

Message From The Masters ~ via Meg Blackburn Losey ~ 21 December 2016

The Masters' message appears after Meg's personal message.

Source: Spirit Lite

Greetings to Each of you! As promised, this is my year end online messages for 2016. We have seen so much in our world this year. I talked with you previously about things balancing and how even though things don’t always look like we thought we are creating, ultimately the balance of what we have placed in the common consciousness is forcing a new balance. This just takes time.

In all of this we must be strong and stand our ground. Walk our talk. Maintain our Faith as it is Faith that carries us every single moment when we are in truth. Walking our truth is contagious, sparking tiny rememberings in everyone we touch that can ultimately become something beautiful for them. Think of it as planting seeds. We are aspects of creation correcting a serious imbalance. When we walk our lives in complete truth the seeds we plant grow because creation listens. Each and every one of us is an important factor in this.

As time has passed since I last wrote, I have continued to see veils disappearing in the multidimensional worlds and our etheric anatomies continuing to change. We are releasing past life hurts, injuries, and negative experiences and emotions like crazy. We must remember to let go of our resistance if these releases are to complete. Often I see deep clouding in the Causal level of my clients where subconscious or conscious resistance to embodying the truth and being free of encumbrances brought on by beliefs, conditioning when we were young, life experiences, pretty much anything can create resistance. When we carry that against our truer nature our fields get clogged up with past energies that cannot release because our fields are too tense. Tension in our fields causes serious backups of energy flow which also means how well we do or do not hear our greater nature and communication from creation that guides and directs our clear path.

Having a clear path to walk in our lives is vital to what we want to create, what we desire, what we dream of and frankly how we live and what obstacles do or do not come our way. What we fear comes or we become challenged in unpredictable ways when our fields are too tense to let our desires into Creations’ perfect wishing well so to speak. Much of the time we do not even recognize our resistance until it hits us over the etheric head and life doesn’t look like we wanted.

I have been asked so many times I can’t count, “How do I get to that place, that place where you live, to recognize my own perfection and hear my guides and guidance?” Well here is the secret which really isn’t one at all. What causes us to become defended is our belief that we are anything less than perfect. Those beliefs cause us to become defended. When we are defended our field tenses and then our infinite communication abilities become hindered and we feel stuck, disappointed, worse. The truth is that when we look honestly and deeply and find the beliefs, emotions, whatever it is that we fear and try to protect ourselves about and then own them we can truly become free of them. Once more thing gets us there ~ Gratitude. Every experience we have had either teaches us or we don’t let it. In either case, it is not necessary to roll around in past pain. All we need to do is face it then give it gratitude for bringing us to now whatever this now is like in our lives and  know without a doubt that once we are free from those old things we can create anything. It happened to me.

Please read on....

Releasing More Duality, Entering More Unity ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 22 December 2016

Temple Purohit
Source: High Heart Life

There’s been a lot of interest and excitement over the December 19, 2016 appearance of massive energy waves around the planet. My previous article included a video by dutchsince about it if you’ve not heard about this or seen his video on it. In that article I mentioned some of the Ascension related energy side effects I’ve experienced since about December 17, 2016 when they amplified again and I knew if I was feeling them, many others were as well.

What I didn’t mention in that article were some other feelings I’ve had for a couple of weeks now that I know are directly related to the newly manifested massive energy waves surrounding the planet as of December 19th. Actually, two etheric waves around the planet have been present a short while before this date. Sandra Walter mentioned in her December 6, 2016 article that she’d recently Seen two etheric bands of Light circling the earth and that they weren’t stationary but moved slightly. At the time I read her information about them I hadn’t clairvoyantly Seen them myself, but have since hearing about them in that article by Sandra. After reading about them I went out, turned around and had a look back at earth from out in space and sure enough, there were and still are two large and very bright energy waves undulating around the planet. This is all NEW information about NEW evolutionary events so bear with me please as I attempt to combine these many informational bits and pieces and we all view them together from a higher perspective.

One of the feelings and awareness I’ve had since around December 16–17, are that a very small handful of an already small Forerunner group of incarnate humans has not been present on the earth and same space as I’ve been and most of you reading this have been over this time period. Now this isn’t as unusual as it might first sound because often times small groups of Forerunners go off physically on Ascension related Mission Work in other parts of the physical world, and/or to other parts of the nonphysical world, and/or to other timelines and/or to other dimensions. This has always been the case and I’ve been on many of them myself over these Ascension years and have written about most of them. I was not on this most recent one however, but certain other Forerunners were and I keenly felt when they left and when they returned. Not all of them are back yet either, most but not everyone, not completely. This too is normal for 5D consciousness and Forerunner reality and not nearly as unusual or fantastic as it may sound at first. I’d like to name names but won’t for the sake of those other Forerunners who were, from my perspective, not here but elsewhere doing Ascension Mission Work for All. I’m sure they’ll write about it if and when they sense it’s time for them to do so. I’ve been pressured like crazy the past 48 hours and counting to finish this and get it published ON December 22, 2016. Spiritual energetic deadlines (for articles) are made very clear to many of us and this is one of them for sure for me!

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Return of the Sun ~ Untwine ~ 22 December 2016

Source: Recreating Balance

Solar waves triggered by Central Sun waves that are coming to us during this solstice alignment have been observed by scientists :


In ancient times, solstices used to be celebrated by festivals that lasted for several days. The winter solstice marks the longest night of the year, and after that the days start to be longer again gradually. This can be seen as a symbolic return of the sun, and this is the real origin of the holidays celebrated on 24th and 25th of December. This was symbolically celebrated in various cultures in ancient times as the birthdays of sun gods, for example the Egyptian god Ra or Indo-Persian god Mithra. This symbolism of the return of the sun resonates even more nowadays during the Central Sun alignment of the december solstice.

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Completion Phase ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 21 December 2016

I was prepared for challenges during the Solstice, but as Lisa says, it was a heavenly (pun so intended) time. Peaceful, joyful....just magical!

Source: Awakening to Remembering

The last few days is observing the simplicity of our existence and how easy it is. I dare not say it, (but I will), this has been the easiest and absolutely serene initiation for SOULstice, StarGate alignment, physical body upgrades, physical reality everything.... more pristine, more sacred, more beautiful, more everything.... 

I know we still have a couple weeks of this phase and I know that these alignments rock the human reality, because it has to, that's how this works. Yet transcending human'ness allows for complete peace, ease and magical amazing abundant everything.... and we all came here to experience THIS PART of the PROCESS FULLY.... 

Embracing absolutely everything with the fullness that we are, letting go of old mental constructs and everything that represented unconsciousness leaves SPACE for all of our highest consciousness realities to materialize for us here. 

Forerunners, WayShowers "suffered" the brunt of it all first. Part of it was to open all of these gateways and keep them open, anchor the light, transcend the human everything and SHOW OTHERS HOW THIS IS DONE, so that others can do this easier than we did. No more succumbing to the old ways anymore and intentionally collapsing (and often obliterating) the old AS POWER THROUGH THE PURITY OF DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE. WE ARE the PROOF. We provide the tools to experience this sooooo much easier than when we were unconscious and didn't have the capability to fully understand. WE provide the opportUNITY for each to choose easier too, so that all can awaken to the knowledge, gifts and pure abundance that exists inside of them... in order to bring it into this physical, open up to share, open up to make a difference, focus every ounce of energy on what is truly important here. But we had to actually go through it, experience it and share as we did. 

The days of sacrifice and suffering ARE OVER for those who've already done this part. The days of being persecuted, living from lack (in every way) are over. The days (vibrations) of unworthiness are over for those who truly get it now. The vibrations of separation are gone for those who no longer entertain or play in the old human game that now (continually) moves further into collapse so that higher light consciousness realities can materialize for all..... 

Each person does go through a collapse. Inside or outside or both, is determined by how unconscious one fights to remain..... 

22 December 2016

In Conclusion and With Blessings ~ Maureen Moss ~ December 2016

Very nice message to end the year.

Source: Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

Within these final days of an epic Iife cycle, I pray you are well.

My sincere apologies for not sending a newsletter in November, and this one being deep into December.

These months have been ones of sacred review, looking into every nook and cranny to see what might still be lurking from the false matrix requiring eviction, bringing final parts of mySelf that were lost to myself home, unwinding from a last minute unexpected twist of drama belonging to another time. And then, a profound lovingly relentless eight-day deep clearing and immersion into the Christ Consciousness…so clearly present now on this earth.

These concluding months have been full as well with writing for The New Human sessions and unexpectedly beginning my 5th book.

The greatest blessing of all has been to sincerely witness my life with fading attachment, very little self-indictment (at long last,) and with far greater respect and love then I have ever held for myself.

Certainly there is more to come and though I feel rather tender and protective of mySelf, the Spirit of my being is celebrating. For the first time in many many lifetimes I taste the sweet nectar of freedom.

I am clear there is nothing more to learn nor process from the Matrix of Duality. And certainly, there is nothing, absolutely nothing to master from it.

Onward now into full rapport with Christed Consciousness, rejuvenation (don’t we all need it), regeneration and creation of a New Reality initiated by Love, held by Love and grounded by Love.

In Conclusion

As you now conclude this year and life cycle not of nine years… but of hundreds of thousands of years… whereby true identities were forged, capacities diminished, minds tampered with, DNA deactivated and abuse and manipulation (both self and global) reigned falsely (s)upreme, it is not a moment to soon to use these days to overturn any pieces left of a counterfeit reality… not first in the world…but first within yourself.

That, I am informed, is the greatest service you can offer to the stabilization of the New World… to the expansion of the Cosmos… and to yourself as a New Human.

Please read on....

The Time-Gradient Shift Upon Upload Into The Simulated Realm, The Rescue of Humanity, The Most Important Information In Human History, The Start of the Distortion of the Originating Consciousness and the Safety Systems In Place For Restoration and Rescue ~ Aug Tellez ~ 19 December 2016

The analogy of actors and TV is capably employed by Aug Tellez to explain a complicated concept. (Some paragraphs in this article have been inadvertently repeated.)

Source: Aug Tellez 

This is possibly the most important post I have ever written in the history of thousands of years of contact, travel and operation within the Unacknowledged Special Access Programs carried out by secret societies, the universal containment crews, the rescue initiation crews, the containment protocol systems, the revitalization and restoration programs, and so on and so forth.

We are not alone, we never have been, and within this exists both a problem and a solution.

In the simulation, when the simulation begins, one does not interact within the parts of the simulation between other layers of awareness or “time-scale”.

This is impossible and what happens is a time-gradient curve where one consciousness overlaps the other and we get a relative distortion pattern based on the resulting frequencies mesh.

So parts of the simulation, observers, agents, actors, observers, must maintain self-relative, self-referenced local time observation without interacting or intermingling time-relative matrix platforms with each other observer or the consciousness interference pattern generates an exponential gradient shift curve which results in the distortion of one pattern or the other.

This is akin to a group of agents entering into a simulation and as they enter they are the same frequency rate of acceleration or observation of consciousness and if they interact as the simulation or consciousness acceleration period begins and each is on a different consciousness acceleration curve pattern then when the simulation experience “plateaus” and reaches the point where they are then conjoined and aware of each other on the same level there will be an extrapolation or magnification of the slight variation in time-rate of acceleration and this will literally result or be expressed as a gradient curve degree of shift in progression and resulting being meaning literally the various degrees or layers in consciousness exhibit the same variety or variation in structure and platform as do each of the species of beings in the physical universe. Meaning literally, the different consciousness gradient levels convert into entirely different lifeforms and while some are interacting outside their limits some are overlapped and become other beings, AKA other forms of existence while others are either maintained through focused self-awareness or some kind of technologically maintained retainment protocol.

These technologies are developed to automatically manually retain the consciousness level of the individual being so that the shift that occurs is either relatively inhibited and the original being can remain or so that the whole process can be monitored and the relative original can be restored or so that there is the ability to convert or revert between them.

This is the so called shifting.

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Butterfly Essence Comes to the Fore ~ Gaia Portal ~ 21 December 2016

Source: Gaia Portal

Butterfly Essence comes to the fore.
Static paradigms abandoned and released.
Surrogates are charged.
Flasks of compliance are stirred.
Mastrichts are moved to the Light.

This is one possible meaning of "Mastrichts", from Investopedia:

The Maastricht Treaty was signed on February 7, 1992, by the leaders of 12 member nations, and it reflected the serious intentions of all countries to create a common economic and monetary union. Also known as the Treaty on European Union.

21 December 2016

Arrival of the Cord of Azoth ~ Lisa Rising Berry ~ 20 December 2016

Omg I LOVE ๐Ÿ’› LOVE ๐Ÿ’œ LOVE this article!! Lisa Rising Berry recognises the signature of the "Unknown" energies that our Planet welcomed in recently. These energies come from beyond even our own Central Sun....from what I understand, they originate from the Great Central Sun of the cluster of 22 Galaxies, of which the Milky Way is but one.

Source: Lisa Rising Berry

I was so excited when a friend of mine showed me a video online by dutchsinse. I will provide the full video at the end. The name caught me right away. “Large energy hitting Earth from unknown source.” When I watched, the hair stood up on my arms. I saw a sine wave move across the screen. And then he slowed the video down and pointed to the sine wave. It is clearly moving around the whole planet. Then I saw a second one, and he also said there is a second sine wave on top of the first one, also moving around the whole planet. OMG!!!!!!! I will add the links to my last 2 articles at the end.

This is not a unknown source as he says. I have been writing about this energy for years, as it has evolved. It is Azoth, and now, it is forming the Earth’s Mu Cord. Which I have written about in my last two articles. Each of the sine waves is ½ of the DNA strand of the Mu Cord. He called them electricity, and he is correct. They are Birkland currents, which I explained 2 articles ago. But the Birkland current is the energy of Azoth.

Unless someone is messing with the video, we are seeing the arrival of the Mu Cord. It has not connected yet. If it had our hypothalamus would be reprogrammed, and our memories would be different. Again, I explained this in the last article. The electricity of this Mu Cord/Birkland Current is Azoth energy. Which has not been on this planet in the amount it is for a long time. This is why it is called an Unknown Source, no one talks about it. But if you have followed my work for the past 2 years, I have explain the source of this energy and how it grew.

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Just Hours Till Solstice 12:21 Stargate Activations! ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 20 December 2016

Source: Meg Benedicte

In just a few hours our planet moves into the Solstice alignment with the Galactic Photon Wave on Wednesday, December 21st at 2:44 am PST. This is an intense cosmic event as the sun also enters Capricorn for a month-long stay, initiating a seasonal change. For those living in the northern hemisphere, the December Solstice is the shortest, darkest day of the year.

What is the spotlight of the Great Central Sun illuminating in your reality? More and more people are becoming aware of these powerful energy waves streaming onto the planet right now. You can view more details here: https://youtu.be/fCyLWFZoAlE

During Gaia’s Solstice alignment with the galactic vortex and Mercury trine the north node, we are entering a potent phase that activates the path of personal destiny and enlightenment. You may experience revealing dreams, visions, meditations and soul calling. In the final days of 2016, the ‘9’ energies assist with tying up loose ends, clearing away the dross. As the cycle winds down, you have the opportunity to complete and release old time-loops of limitation.

While Mercury Retro conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn (patriarchy, corporations, institutions) we’ll see more revelations of hidden information, what needs to change, and top-level abuse occurring among the ruling cabal in the establishment. Mercury retro acts like a big spotlight flushing out hidden shadow elements. This includes the artificial polarity being streamed into the collective to create separation. Don’t buy into it!

The powerful galactic solar waves are dissolving negative polarity and the system of Duality.

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Here is the EXACT Plan ~ One Who Believes ~ 20 December 2016

Interesting summary with a spiritual angle, although the claim that it's the "Exact" Plan is rather absolute. For those who have heard sources such as Zorra or Sheldan Nidle talking about terra-forming, the information here won't be new. Also, Cobra has outlined much of what this article explains regarding the financial situation as well as the "management" of the dark ones. Discernment, as always.

Source: Intel Dinar Chronicles

Here Is The EXACT Plan:

There seems to be so much worry about who will be President or not, when the CGR will happen, who are the Good Guys and who are not, etc. However, with all that being said, I know the EXACT Plan, and I am going to detail it for you in this post. But, before I reveal the EXACT Plan, I want to cover some important points.

The Players And Their Places

First thing to know is the "Players" in this epic transformation of our World, and the Universe. This would be a good time to note that not only are the Dark Forces "Turning To The Light" here on Earth, but, it is also happening throughout the rest of the Universe as well. Since this is a change of the entire Universe, then the players are more Universal in nature.

At the Highest Level of the Game or plan, it is a bringing of all the Universe into one "Accord," one vibration in unity, in the frequency of Love. Since all the Universe is one, the seeming fight is one against self. It is just an "Alignment" bringing all of self, into congruency of the whole. Thus the Uni-Verse which translates to the One-Verse.

However, at a lower level it looks like a battle or fight between the Light and the Dark. But you have to realize that the Light does not hate, or harm, or destroy, it only Loves and overcomes and encourages that which vibrates less than Love, to come up to love.

If this were a true fight against a "Separate" enemy, they would have been wiped out and vaporized where they stand, no questions asked. But it is not that easy to fight yourself without harming the whole. Thus the dark side has been given opportunity after opportunity again and again to give up and turn to the light. During this time many have come over to the light, which is a huge success. If you were to use a medical example it would be like saving the leg from having to be cut off. For every soul who returned to the light, a part of the whole was healed of its misalignment.

However, there are still parts that are so far out of alignment with the Light, that they are finally being cut off (Killed) as they are unable to be saved. In the big picture it hurts the whole, but in the end saves the rest from further harm.

In Summation, the transformation is about saving (Curing) as many souls as possible before killing (Amputation) is required. We are now in the final stages where all who could be saved were, and the rest must be cut away (Killed Off), to save us.

The Place Of No Time

Time is a creation of experience. I have read in many places that time is like a page in a book. If you turn to that page, (Focus There) then you are experiencing that time and all it entails. However, if you realize that is how time is, then you realize that there is an outcome from this page, already "Written" on the next page. At the place where time no longer exists, this matter is long over. The World is a paradise and being Human on Earth is the most beautiful experience to be had.

Your Life Was Your Choice

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