26 December 2016

Holiday Message from Judy Satori and Donna Meyer ~ 25 December 2016

Happy Holidays

A message of love from Judy Satori ... and
personal assistant, Donna Meyer

Spirit ...God...has a gift for you. Feel 'the gift of the presence' as you are made ready to receive a new wave of energy coming to Earth in 2017.

Merry Christmas ... Happy Hanukkah ... Happy New Year

"This is a beautiful audio Judy has brought us from Spirit for this holiday. I know you will enjoy the message. I wish everyone a joyous holiday. I look forward to supporting you again in the new year as we usher in the new energy. Thank you for all your compliments for me throughout the year. They mean so much to me as all of you do." ~ Donna

The Gift of the Presence ... Judy's Holiday Message from Spirit is below.

(Please listen here.)   

Judy's website is here.


In Judy's message, she reminds us that there is a Divine Plan that will come online in 2017, with February being the time when the Roller Coaster of Great Change begins. 2017 will see the very powerful energies from the Galactic Centre of the Diamond Cluster of 22 Galaxies (including Milky Way) ~ these very potent forces will affect everyone and everything. Judy therefore suggests that we enjoy this calm-before-the-storm phase.....

Daily practice of the Magenta Pyramid Meditation will assist in helping us get through the massive changes with more ease, as such meditations will facilitate in raising our vibrations.

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