08 December 2016

The Slow Merging of Higher & Lower Selves in the Physical Body & Incarnate Self ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 7 December 2016

I can definitely relate to Denise's fear of going out into "the world". As a child, I would instinctly get anxious moments before having to leave my home. It was as if once I go out, I would either have to learn to go under the radar, or turn up my antennae to detect any sign of danger, without even knowing (at that time) what "danger" looked like. I was filled with dread, even at that young age, each time I had to go out. I'm certain many of you felt the same way as well.

Source: High Heart Life

There’s been periods throughout 2016 when I knew my physical body and DNA were rather dramatically evolving again. My first human thought usually is if any of these weird changes I’m feeling are age related, and no doubt some of them are, however most are added changes due to it being the third 9 energy year (2016) within the Ascension Process and Galactic Alignment.

I’ve been very aware of some of these changes because the way my physical body responds to certain things, usually emotional things, is wildly different from anything I’ve experienced in my life. The first time I felt this was early in my physical, biological Ascension Process around 2000. I was driving and my Mom said something funny and I laughed out loud. Nothing unusual about that except that I was instantly shocked by the dramatically increased amount of energy in me and my body when I laughed. To me it felt and sounded HUGE and I was surprised, confused and slightly embarrassed by such amplified force blasting out of me through my laughter. I’d never felt that before because it had never existed before and it was a really startling change.

After some time I realized that what I’d felt, and from my perspective heard, was a tremendous increase in the amount of energy I had within my physical body, and when I laughed it felt and sounded massive and unusually loud and powerful. It took some getting used to this sudden change in how much “voltage” I suddenly had running through me and my physical body back in the early days of the Ascension Process. Of course this Process has never stopped or ended since then, but continued and increased in the amount of Light Energy I (and you reading this) was consistently taking on and embodying as I energetically climbed these many evolutionary Ascension Stair-steps over the ye
ars and decades.

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