08 December 2016

Wisdom and Guidelines for Multidimensional Human Beings ~ Peggy Black: Morning Messages

Peggy Black ~ Morning Messages

Thank you to Kelly Lapseritis for posting this.

** Text: Know that it is your birthright to awaken.

With a gentle heart love yourself free of all imagined limitations.

You are a vibrational being, practice raising your vibrations
with each breathe all the time.

You are here to transmute and transform energy
through the alchemical chalice of your heart.

Practice simple dedicated actions infused with your joy, gratitude,
appreciation and compassion.

Always ask yourself is this word, action or emotion being offered
life-diminishing or life-enhancing.

When you place your awareness in your heart you will naturally dwell
in the synchronicities of now.

Remember the important key is in the asking and the willingness.
State your intentions and surrender.

Each time you shift and emotional response from anger or judgment to love, joy or gratitudeyou are doing global service work on a personal level.

Your sacred heart space is the gateway to all awareness,
well-being and the oneness with all.
It is your link to the cosmic grid and your way home.

Honor your total magnificent multidimensional Self
. **

Thanks to Healing with Love and Light for text

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