31 December 2017

On-Going Meditations Reminder

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High Heart/Thymus Connection to the Superconscious Continuum ~ Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi ~ 31 December 2017

Intuitive or Inner Consciousness:
Manifests in the Heart or Thymus
Our connection to the Superconscious Continuum

The reason for the sometimes-alarming High-Heart Thymus thumping....

Source: Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi

Planetwide Disturbances on Mars: Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S28:Ep5 ~ 25 December 2017

I had earlier mentioned in a previous post that I was short of one gift for this month to cover all the episodes of Wisdom Teachings.  A Beautiful Soul (not sure if she wants to be named publicly, so let's just call her A) stepped up and offered her gift links. Many thanks, A 💖

Turns out I was mistaken, and my last gift (this one) will cover all the existing episodes, unless David Wilcock sneaks in one more at the last minute :)

Please watch here:

Description given:
A planet mythologically associated with conflict and aggression does not disappoint as we look at the dramatic planetwide disturbances marring the face of Mars. David Wilcock takes a look at the NASA data of a once dead and dry red planet to reveal that it is violently sparking back to life.

Martian probes display images of growing clouds, planet-wide hurricanes, and massive changes in global weather patterns. All of this is indicative of the increased energetic output of the sun, through hyperdimensional geometry bringing massive changes throughout our solar system.

This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast December 25, 2017.

2018 Prayer and Intention ~ Loving Kindness Meditation

Source: Stillness Speaks

May there be peace on earth.
May the hearts of all people be open to themselves
and to each other.
May all people awaken to the light of their own true nature.
May all creation be blessed and be a blessing to All That Is.

~ LovingKindness Meditation


Quote: Pocketful of Miracles: Prayer, Meditations, and Affirmations to Nurture Your Spirit Every Day of the Year, by Joan Borysenko: https://buff.ly/2Cqm1Rf

#PeaceOnEarth #LovingKindness #Meditation

Stepping Into Empowerment and Creating the New ~ Rick Jewers ~ 31 December 2017

Whisperers of Light
Very good, very timely.

Source: Rick Jewers

The most Amazing times yet, are upon You. You are beginning to witness Your own Truths in conjunction with Your very own Prowess. Nothing controls nor stops You when aligned with All that is Good, Just and Truth, and absent of the control of the fear spectrum.

As more let go of the fear and its control over them, they as well, will propel forward, changing their whole existence and experience here.Again, any act that perpetrates harm against another is fear-based, and it disempowers You proportionately until it is understood by You, and rectified by You. (this does not apply to every Human/Soul, for some have initiated severe complicated karmic implosions that cannot be rectified on these Timelines, some of their self inflicted punishment can be appeased, but not to the level where their gifts will be as powerful as most. They chose this though, and All must understand them without judgment, for they chose to separate from You, not You from them, let it be.)

This Timeline, as well as many future Timelines, have been enhanced tremendously for the better. This was/is a direct result of so many of You stepping into Your Prowess and accepting a Higher Level of You, over the past several days. You asked to be empowered, to change the world, Your wish has been granted.

As You Now Know, with this Prowess, comes great discipline and responsibility. You may not act out of ill intent, You may not act in vengeance. You act and seed from the root of the problems facing Humanity, You do not confront the results of the problems, this is fruitless and futile and would take precious years. You correct the systematic source of all problematic creations. Many of the ill intent Ones that were in power of governmental structure, have been taken out of the picture for You, with many more set up for their demise.

You are the Light, You begin to seed the top with good intent, and watch how it trickles down, changing everything. You are in control of this world Now, in every aspect of a good way. Continue the cleanup and Create THE NEW. Teach Your children the same.

Much is outdated with this world, much Truth was manipulated, this has to, and will, change very quickly. Some of You are Ones to assure that this is so, others may be leaving well before the incredible change is fully apparent to All.You outgrow this place once Your Divine Knowledge and Prowess reaches a certain level.

The recent and ongoing Portal work is a success beyond anticipation at this very time. It was/is required, to take Gaia through an opened dimensional window, that would have closed on Dec 31/2017, She is on Her Way!

Teach Your Children their Divine Gifts at the youngest age possible, this assures their empowerment to keep these 5D Timelines intact and aligned. The present schools will not contain these Children, for they are above the lower density and conditioning of these establishments.

Love and Light

It's That Rainbow Thing....

There were several numerical synchronicities that I had wanted to turn into a montage to post here, but decided against it. I think I've posted enough of those, for this year at least.

So I'll just use this receipt instead ~ this was for a number of items that I picked up from the Naturopath for my family and me. There were loads of 3s and 4s.
2017....what a truly remarkable year it's been. If I had to choose a single word to describe it, I would go for "polarisation". Not just in the unawake world, but also right here in our own Light community backyard. There's a lot of aggression right now in both the unawake and awake worlds, and that's inevitable when we have extreme polarisation going on. The Nine's message (via Magenta Pixie) comes to mind as I write this ~ polarisation was something they touched on quite a lot.

This polarisation has also been evident in my own personal life. 2017 has been peppered with both very negative and highly positive experiences. The negative has sometimes been so challenging that they stretched my tolerance level beyond coping limit. At the same time, the positive has been so unimaginably magical that it threatened to make 3D Life even more pointless to endure.

I would like to close the year off on a personal and positive note, to symbolically bookend 2017 on a "high" note and to set the stage for a massively transformational 2018. For this, I thought I would share an experience I had just about a week ago.

It was mid-morning, and I was pottering around in the kitchen, making a hot drink. I felt guided to go into the study and look at the ceiling. Let me explain this before I continue with my story so that you won't be too concerned for my sanity, or lack thereof.

On several occasions this year, I had instinctively looked up at my ceiling in the study, only to find unusual and unexplainable "formations". I'm unable to elaborate further about those at this point in time, but I promise that once I feel I can, I will post it here on the blog.

So that morning, I obeyed the prompting and went into the study. I looked up at the ceiling, and there was a little rainbow-hued formation in a small section, next to the bookshelf. Since I don't have a super-duper phone camera, this is the best I can come up with:
Trust me when I say that the formation looked so much better than the photo. I did a contrast edit to help define the colours.

As usual, when I see such formations, I do a little investigation to determine the source. I checked everything that could possible create the little rainbow, but could not find anything. Furthermore, it was a cloudy morning, so the Sunlight reflecting off something wasn't a factor. I was then guided to wait for a while, and check the ceiling again. In less than a minute, I saw that another rainbow had formed ~ this time across the ceiling, almost covering one end to the other!
Again, I only applied a contrast edit.

I felt utter awe and gratitude for this rainbow! It's no Cloudship, for sure....but hey, I'm plenty happy :)

Once again, I recalled The Nine's recent message, via Magenta Pixie. It was titled, "Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two-World Split". It would seem that the Rainbow has been quite a recurring theme for me this year, although I wasn't consciously aware of it until this month.

In late May, as I started planning on a birthday card for my daughter, I felt that I just had to paint a Rainbow Unicorn for her. This is actually quite absurd, because I am no artist. I nevertheless followed my insistent inner guidance, and searched the Internet for simple outlines of Unicorns that I could at least copy, then painting it in would just be a matter of merrily splashing on some water colours. Or so I thought.

After two whole hours of struggling to even get the Unicorn outline right (yes I know, I should have just traced it), I tossed aside the three or four examples I had printed out and just winged it on my own, not even knowing what I was doing. In just over an hour, I had outlined a Unicorn-ish/Pony-ish picture and painted it in, although not so merrily. Art isn't my thing, remember?
I'll post one more personal photos (reluctantly) before I end this post. On some mornings, when the time is right, splashes of Rainbow streaks/blobs on my walls would greet me when I wake up (some examples in the first image, at the top). I assume that they are formed by the Sunlight beaming on the crystals hanging at the window. However, now and then, there are more sophisticated formations, like this one below:
This is the most complex so far, and it covered three sides of the room and much of the ceiling.

And on that Rainbow Grid note, I wish you all a most Magical, Benevolent and High-Light 2018! I believe that much compassion and spiritual maturity are greatly needed for the coming year. We really need to actually become the Higher Consciousness Beings that we're meant to be evolving into, right NOW. We have to be the walking, talking and breathing higher-vibe Human this very instant. We don't wait for "something" first in order to assume this frequency ~ we call forth and BE the New, NOW.

My heartfelt gratitude to each and every one for accompanying me on this part of my journey, via The Earth Plan. I have found Soul Family members through this blog, inspiring and supporting me throughout the year. You are all so incredible! I don't keep in touch as often as I would like ~ I'm really terrible at this, apologies ~ but please know that you each have your own special place in my Heart 💖

Thank you, Namaste and many Blessings! I finally finished editing this at 2:22pm ;)

Love Is The Question ~ Star Elders & Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 31 December 2017

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

All that you know, feel, believe, and trust,
it is only LOVE that that gives it life.
You say LOVE is the answer, but it is not.
It is the question. 

Love is what you make it.

So the question is how will you use LOVE today.

Love is the energy of the Creator.
LOVE does not judge or separate.
It simply becomes, over and over.
Everything you think, feel, and hate, it is LOVE.

So how could you create any but what humanity is.
It is always LOVE, and only LOVE... 

So if the question is LOVE, then you are the answer!
And the answer is how you use LOVE today.

Star Elders - through Aluna Joy

Blessing to ALL in this new year!
May we shine our LOVE brightly.

What Are You Focusing Your Attention On? ~ Lucia Rene ~ 31 December 2017

I believe that this is a very good reminder for us, from Lucia Rene. However, I would like to add something to it. We are here to help bring in the New, to help manifest the higher vibrational reality. This requires the transformation of the Old, and that's something we cannot just ignore or pretend it doesn't exist. I feel that this is where Mastery comes in ~ transformation the Old, but not to get caught up or entangled in it, while focussing on the New. This is our role for the Collective Ascension process.

Source: Lucia Rene

Since 2011, we have undergone a few energetic splittings of the world. Each served as a heads-up: Big changes ahead! Choose your alignment! Clear out the old & get ready!
In other words, various invitations, that have been put on the table, nudging us to scrutinize our lives, calibrate to the highest frequency of Mother Earth, and sync up with New Paradigm energetics.

Hopefully, we all took these dangling carrots and kicks in the ass seriously, so that the recent physical splitting of the worlds came as no surprise.

But let's pause for a moment and consider the magnitude of this. It's easy to throw out catchy phrases like "the physical splitting of the world", but how is that actually impacting us at the moment?

I think the answer to that question is: Big time! If there is a feeling of destabilization, discomfort, or disharmony at the moment, you need to ask yourself, "What am I putting my attention on?"

For the past 3 nights I've been working something, over and over, all night, on the dream plane. You know how your subconscious works on an issue and you keep repeating the same dream? Well, finally, last night, I awoke in the midst of one of these dreams and managed to bring it down into the conscious mind:
* There are literally 2 distinct playing fields at this point
* One is the old-paradigm, 3D-Patriarchy, enslavement-to-the-system, power-over, physical world
* The other is the new paradigm, 5D-form-formlessness-intersection, no-separation-from-Source world
* Both broadcast, to those playing on that field, “this is reality”, “this is the real world”, "these issues are important"...
* And, in both camps, the belief in their own world is strong

So when the 2 worlds physically split on the December 2017 Solstice, we underwent a cracking apart and a complete disentanglement of the two.

We know, if you are reading this, what world you have opted for, but the more important, the more refined question at this moment is: Which world are you currently putting your attention on?

If, over the past few years, you have systematically examined the various aspects of your life, your associations, your alignments, then you're in good shape. Perhaps, just a light review and a little clean-up to do.

If you are new to all of this and are still heavily invested in the old-paradigm world, then I expect you're experiencing quite a lot of discomfort.

Let's take FaceBook as an example. I'm considering closing my account. Why? Because, every time I sign on, it is like opening a cluttered cupboard. Some days it's even like opening a cupboard where I forgot to purge a bunch of fruit from 3 months ago. Toxic. My attention field is hit with posts from 2 radically different worlds and anything we place our attention on, we absorb, to some degree, into our fields.

It's the same with our work environment, living situation, affiliations, friends, family...
That other world—the one where people are polarized around their President and sealed indictments are being processed—is interesting but it is not our world. The majority of the planet is happily playing on that field of duality, working out their issues in the physical. Our work happened on the Solstice. Our work has nothing to do with what is playing out in the 3D world.

So the bottom line is this: We have no more grace periods. Do your clean-up now and put all of your focus on learning to navigate the New Earth if you want smooth sailing ahead.
Attention is the most important tool in your spiritual tool chest.

What are you focusing your attention on?

30 December 2017

12 Chakras, Light Bodies and Cellular and DNA Activation, Balance, Alignment and Healing ~ Scott Grant ~ 27 April 2016

31:30 minutes of manna for the chakras....

Please listen here.

Waiting Upon Deliverance Rick Jewers ~ 25 December 2017

This gives some validation for what I felt on the 24th, and wrote about (here). I resonate very strongly with this message from Rick Jewers....it's time for us to "Grow up and put on our big girl/boy pants."  :)

Source: Rick Jewers

Message received about two hours ago; "waiting upon deliverance".

Last night PST Time in North America, a Shift was recorded here at approximately 830 PM. This Shift carried the highest frequency indicator as of yet and may be compared to a "jump" instead of the gradual slide usually indicative of a Shift in progress.

The Ascension has just become more complex for You, yes, more work to do, BUT, not within anymore. You are NOW at the stage to begin the "OUTER WORK" of this Ascension. 

For most of You, Your tests on strength, belief, and Trust, to name a few, are OVER. Any little "inner work" will swiftly come to the surface for You to blatantly see and address, for example; if You MUST stop eating meat, YOU WILL become violently sick where there will no mistaking for You that it MUST go. 

(Again, each of You are different in some ways, and it may be unharmful to You to eat meat while carrying on Your Divine Service at this Time) 

You NOW will begin to be embraced by Your efforts and intent of "Good Will" in the forms of gratification and satisfaction, with each use of YOUR DIVINE PROWESS You will be Gifted a confirmation, an energy Gift of feeling. With each act of Divine Service ALSO COMES a Higher Knowing attributed to the Divine Act You initiated. YOU MAY NOW PROCEED WITH PUTTING YOUR DIVINE GIFTS INTO FULL PRACTICE.REMEMBER, no VENGEANCE, for if it is included in Your intent, it will set You on Your butt in less than a blink of the eye.

More Prophetics will be revealed to each, as WE advance swiftly., You are to place the Prophetics BEFORE You, for those are Your VALIDATION features. These validation features ARE precursors for You, should validation; (seeing is believing) is required, then it is ALREADY IN PLACE, because You publicised it beforehand, have NO reserves.

You are here to quickly grow, on Your way back to Source.

Love and Light

Being At One with Mother Earth ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Source: Chakra Mandalas

“You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you.

Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer. In that kind of relationship you have enough love, strength and awakening in order to change your life. 

Fear, separation, hate and anger come from the wrong view that you and the Earth are two separate entities, that the Earth is only the environment. That is a dualistic way of seeing. 

So to breathe in and be aware of your body and look deeply into it, realise you are the Earth and your consciousness is also the consciousness of the Earth. 

Not to cut the tree not to pollute the water, that is not enough. We need a real awakening, enlightenment, to change our way of thinking and seeing things. 

When we recognise the virtues, the talent, the beauty of Mother Earth, something is born in us, some kind of connection, love is born. That is the meaning of love, to be at one." 

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Spiritual Development, Now ~ Gary Zukav

Source: Chakra Mandalas

"The requirements for our evolution have changed. Survival is no longer sufficient. Our evolution now requires us to develop spiritually - to become emotionally aware and make responsible choices. It requires us to align ourselves with the values of the soul - harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for life."

Gary Zukav

#harmonycrownchakramandala #vikkireed #chakramandalas

Bodyspeak ~ Kara Schallock ~ 29 December 2017

Source: Soulstice Rising

As we gracefully move to the end of this Earth year, which isn't recognized by the higher dimensions, as there is no time beyond Earth, we continue to receive frequencies that upgrade our very own Light Codes, cells and DNA. This awakens us even more to any old illusions we still carry within. It awakens our Knowing; the Truth in our Hearts, which affects how we perceive things in our lives. At this point, the only you is your Highest Self. How does it feel to radiate such Light and how does it feel to be one of the many creating a new world? It has not been an easy snap-of-the-fingers traverse for sure. As we leave the old world behind, we begin fresh again, as Ascension is infinite and it spirals. We are part of a grand celebration as we join other Light Beings in a dance of Joy.

Being New means you are not dualistic; you are One with and as the Light. Anyone still hanging out in the old, dualistic world; that of judgment; will have a rude awakening, because being New you simply cannot dwell in duality. The old power over others is gone, as is doing anything for purely selfish reasons. In the New, the separate ego transforms to the ascending ego; that which serves to express your Divinity while on Earth.

To help you be more authentic and autonomous, you might ask yourself if you are following anyone; deeming them more knowing and powerful than yourself. Are you giving your Power over to someone or something else? Do you feel obligated to anyone? Do you speak your truth honestly or do you hide who you are? Are you still pleasing others in order to be loved, respected and accepted? Are you attached to someone else's approval of you? If you answered “yes” to any of these, step now into your own Integrity by being fully who you are.

As duality within you dissolves, it may feel very uncomfortable because, simply put, you just haven't experienced Wholeness before. And yet, it truly is the only way to be Love. Die to the old; be born in the New. As you serve, be sure to include yourself. Be compassionate, kind, patient, nurturing and honest with yourself and all others. Ask yourself if you sabotage you by having limiting thoughts and beliefs. Are you present in each Moment; fully in your body; grounded and centered?

When you speak aloud the word “wayshower,” what does your body do? Does it open up or vibrate or do you not feel it at all? Your body tells you who and where you are, whether you are in your Heart or your head. When you are in your head, your body does not respond. When you are in your Heart, your body tells you by responding. When you have a decision to make, go in the direction your body leads you. If you are new to this, begin now to pay attention to what your body is communicating to you. This is why it is so important to be fully in your body; to be centered and grounded. You see, as a master you must be in your Heart and your body. Analyzing or thinking about something will not do a thing except to bring about doubt, confusion and a circular tautology; round and round you go; where you stop no-one knows. Jump off the merry-go-round.

Please read on....

New ’11’ Year Full Moon Activations ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 29 December 2017

"What makes this Supermoon so extraordinary is it occurs on the 1st day of the 1st month at 11 degrees in an ‘11’ year. The universe is blessing us with a rare 11:11 ascension activation to start the year off!"

Source: New Earth Central

The year 2018 begins with a cosmic bang! The first Full Moon of the year is on Monday. January 1st at 11 degrees Cancer, exact at 6:24 pm PT/ 9:24pm ET and on January 2nd at 2:24am GMT. This full moon also qualifies as a Supermoon, the largest of 2018. If you are extra-sensitive, you will likely feel the effects strongly…prepare for some emotional release. This Full Moon is opposite Venus, flushing up relationship issues that need attention. Venus highlights the need for love, kindness and compassion in all our interactions with others.
What makes this Supermoon so extraordinary is it occurs on the 1st day of the 1st month at 11 degrees in an ‘11’ year. The universe is blessing us with a rare 11:11 ascension activation to start the year off! In numerology ‘11’ is a Master number that elicits deeper intuition, mysticism, spiritual growth and enlightenment. Associated with the tarot card of Justice, an 11 year will provide greater influence of balance in a year of reckoning. 11 encourages us to reach higher, to ascend into levels of consciousness that enhance our ability to manifest our goals and intentions.
In the past, it was the matrix simulation that created the reality we lived in…down to the very thoughts in our mind. In many ways humanity was a programmed race of robotic slaves that supported and sustained a very lop-sided, corrupt system. Its days are numbered!
With the matrix lockdown unraveling, more and more souls are awakening to their inner truth and reconnecting to their divine essence. The timelines are upending, loosening the hold of prescribed life plans. As 3D and 4D dissolve, it creates a strong sense of time displacement…as human reality is becoming more fluid and fluctuating in between dimensions.
With the dawn of the digital age, humanity is sliding in and out of timelines at lightning speed. We are plugged into the world wide web, disembodied and floating in virtual realms of our own making. We are consciously inserting new reality sound bites, visions, and holographic scenarios that are overriding the false matrix.

Please read on....

2018: Year of Individuality & Totality ~ MT Keshe

Maturity of the Soul of the man...
Opening of Space to man...
Once the scientists understand the work of the Soul,
All the resources we see today of different nations,
Will come together as one nation.
Humanity will change in a very big way...
We will become more aware of our conduct...
2018 is an 11 year ~ it's very balanced
It is the beginning ~
It is Individuality & Totality
MT Keshe 

What a beautiful vision...or prophecy! Thank you, MT Keshe, a most under-rated and under-appreciated Light Warrior.

Thanks to Making A Difference Today for posting this.

Meet Keshe Foundation knowledge seekers at 2018 plasma tech classes ~ health, ag, transportation, space travel http://www.keshefoundation.org/

Creation in the Field of Truth ~ Paul Selig ~ 29 December 2017

Source: Empath 1111

"I witness the world before me as something made manifest, something created by mankind to fill a need. And what I will now do is claim that I am witnessing these things with new eyes in truth, so that I may be brought to witness the essence of their creation. And as I do this, I say these words.

'I claim this thing in truth. I claim this manifestation in alignment to Divine truth so that I may be witnessed in its highest form outside of what's prescribed or decided upon by others throughout time.' 

As I lift this thing to higher vision, I claim these words. 'I see you in your truth, and you will be made new in the field of truth. I am here. I am here. I am here.'"

Paul Selig - The Book of Truth
A Channeled text

Cobra Interview by We Love Mass Meditation and a Group Healing Meditation for the New Year ~ Cobra ~ 29 December 2017

This interview has already been posted earlier, but I'll still post Cobra's latest because it also has an announcement for the remote group healing organised by Golden Ages.

Please visit The Portal for the update.

Light Pillars - Bored Panda

Please visit Bored Panda for more gorgeous photography of Light Pillars.

Thanks to Meg Benedicte for posting this.

Less Is More - Emmanuel Dagher - 29 December 2017

The less we need,
The more we receive.
Source: Emmanuel Dagher

Still Active

Space Observing System
Continuing burst of energies, albeit reduced in intensity compared with the previous days.

January Ascension Energies: The Year of Amplification ~ Jamye Price ~ 29 December 2017

(At around 1:11-minutes, what are those white things shooting out from the top right area of the video? Pollen? Lens effect? Sunlight? Special effects? Or....?)

Source: Jamye Price (with video)

2017 Review
As we look toward a new yearly cycle, it is helpful to appreciate what we are transitioning from. 2017 was a year that called us to go deeper into our Empowered Sovereignty as an individual, so that our connections with life are stronger and clearer, rather than lacking healthy interactions.

2017 was a year of transformation as change reached a peak of flow. The first 3 quarters of the year were intense and constant changes, with that evening out for those that went with the currents. Internal change was moving to a new level or pushing to a new level.
You’re always worth the effort.
2018 - The Year of Amplification
According to Areon, the Lyran Council of Time—2018 brings more amplification. You’ll see where you are at on an internal level. You’ll be called toward more clarity and Love, with that focus of the new operating system being strong in 2018.
When we respond differently to challenges or creativity, real change is created.

Observe your internal response, your external response and find new solution that is based in Love.

Sometimes that means holding a boundary, saying no, or taking a creative risk. Sometimes the way is not clear as things form in the subtle realm. Sometimes you are to care for yourself before another, sometimes another before yourself.
Always look for new solution based in Love, as the energy is amplifying.
Please read on....

29 December 2017

2018 Transformation ~ Romeo Baron ~ 23 December 2017

Source: Ascension Energies

Solar activity is a key to turning on genetic switches for Human DNA Activation. Our Sun is like a giant portal for the Cosmic Christ Light that is coming in the first part of 2018 as we stand at the threshold through 2022, with a massive wave carrying High frequency light codes that will completely descend upon our Earth, raising the vibrational frequency like no other. The Light will shine down and interpenetrate the density of matter, making it translucent, less dense. We will experience a dynamic recalibration in the electromagnetic fields of the Earth's grid system on a global scale.

This energetic wave pattern Event is what will trigger a radical shift in consciousness, activating our highest DNA potential. Resurrecting the ability for full regeneration that is our natural state. The activation of our bio-circuitry system, new neural pathways, and the recalibration of our DNA will trigger new perceptions, and new sensory impulses.

As our Earth transforms from the inside out which is a necessary purification, a great purge of all that is not in resonant with our ascending planet and all within us, the veil will be lifted, and our new earth will emerge. The formless will take form, the form that animates our divine blueprint. And we will perceive the world with unimaginable beauty. Multi-Dimensional reality and the interconnectedness to all things will be as clear as Sunlight.

Our majestic radiance of Christ Light Expanded Consciousness will set the world a Light in its magnificence. Our new Earth will be without fear, without war, without greed. In a safe custodianship of an awakened divine human species. Manifesting peace, love, light, and celebration.

Released and transformed, into a multi-dimensional, eternal, sovereign, Soul Humanity. Conscious, Whole, and Free. 🌏 

The Hyperdimensional Evolution of Venus ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S28:Ep4 ~ 18 December 2017

I will post one more episode before month end, and that will be my last gift for December. That would leave an "extra" episode that is as yet un-gifted by anyone. Hopefully someone else with available "gifts" for this month will cover that.

This episode can be viewed here:

Description given:
Venus is going through a hyperdimensional evolutionary transformation, unlike anything we could ever have expected. David WilcocTk guides us through NASA images of Venus which show that universal geometric patterns are effecting the surface and cloud formations on Venus.

Dark vortexes appearing at the poles, lengthening of a plasma tail and winds blowing at super speed are all indications of the energetic swelling of Earth’s sister planet, at the behest of supercharged particles moving along hyperdimensional geometric patterns.

This presentation by David Wilcock was originally webcast December 18, 2017.

Unity, Gratitude and Blessings for the Now Year ~ Sandra Walter ~ 28 December 2017

Sandra Walter includes a brief update about her unfortunate accident plus a link for a December 2017 interview she had with Ethann Fox. (And I just posted an interview of his with Laura Eisenhower!).

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Once again we are in a describe-the-indescribable phase. Visions have been active, vertigo and lifting sensations have increased, and this sacred passage turns up the intensity on Divine alignment. Let us honor this deeply introspective and transformational passage with our unified focus on peace, spiritual revelation, and highest trajectories for the Ascension.

SUNday December 31: Unity Meditations
Last week’s meditations revealed New Earth visions and Cosmic Gateways for many. As the cosmic energies intensify, we require stability in the heart, mind and energy fields. We hold this space for all willing hearts to align with Peace, Divine Love and Ascension. 

SUNday at 8:11am, 11:11 am, and 5:11pm Pacific Time.  Join from wherever you are, offline in the field of unity consciousness, preferably in nature. Meditate in stillness for 33 minutes, or use a guided expansion meditation, such as the Christ Light Activation (link below.)

Everyone in Service to Unity Consciousness and Global Peace is welcome! Invite your groups and Tribes to join in, the more hearts the better.

In our Mastery, we know how the collective consciousness functions. We have unified like this for nearly two years, and the HUman Heart grid field is very strong. Healing, activation, amplification of visions and deep sensations of balance and peace are reported each week. Participate to feel and amplify the Light!

Please read on....

The Untold History of the World ~ Laura Eisenhower & Ethann Fox ~ 4 July 2015

This was from some time ago, so you may have already watched it. Since I wasn't feeling too well and needed to lie down, I thought I'd finally listen to this two-hour long interview.

Much of what Laura Eisenhower covers you will already know, but I still appreciated her interview because she speaks from the perspective of the Gaia energies, which usually makes perfect sense to me. I didn't take any notes except in the last 30 minutes, but I will add to it what I can recall. Laura covered a wide range of topics, and Ethann Fox asks really good questions, allowing her the opportunity to speak at length.

Please listen here.

The first thing that Laura talked about that made me take a mental note was the topic of Gnosticism. Although there are parts that I find resonance with, there are many others that I'm unable to agree with, for example the fall of Gaia-Sophia and her subsequent creation of the demiurge. Laura has explained that the Gnostic texts, like much of such sacred teachings, have been manipulated.

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are now hosting the Ascension process. If I remember clearly from this interview, this role was previously the Melchizedeks.

The importance of "13" and how this has been perverted by the Illuminati ~ they have 13 bloodlines which to them represents their "creator" status. They have manipulated much to prevent us from aligning with the organic importance of this number eg. there are 13 zodiac signs, 13 moons/month in a year, 13 disciples with Mary Magdalene being the missing one, and Gaia's 13D inner core-Stargate.

They took advantage of the Kali Yuga to derail our organic Ascension process, which would have taken only a few generations. Instead, it's taken 26,000 years of control to prevent this from unfolding.

We were meant to fully integrate "missing" DNA strands from the other Root Races ~ this is the true meaning of Unity Consciousness. (Noel Huntley's "Fall of Man" describes this "collection" of DNA strands from the Root Races.)

Trauma disconnects us from Source.

Benevolents are like the immune system for the Planet and Humanity. They help and protect us in many ways, allowing us a chance to empower ourselves and exit the control system so that we can ascend. Our own consciousness is also our immune system.

Guardian Races from Andromeda have entered our Solar System to help with our Ascension process. Our two galaxies were one before, and they are also now helping to pull us back into wholeness (our two galaxies are merging).

Energetic maintenance is key ~ we don't need to "add" or take in more to raise our consciousness, we just need to keep our energetic fields clear.

"It's up to us as individuals to ascend."

Cobra Interview by We Love Mass Meditations on 23 December 2017 ~ 28 December 2017

Source: We Love Mass Meditations

Hoshino at We Love Mass Meditation has done an interview with Cobra on Saturday, December 23rd. This is the first time that WLMM has such an opportunity to so. During the intereview, we managed to go through a number of questions about mass meditations, current situation about the planetary liberation and a number of general questions at the end.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Cobra for the time doing an interview with me and I hope everyone will enjoy it.

This interview is transcript only.

--- Beginning of the interview transcript ---

Mass Meditations

Hoshino: Would positive ET do mass meditations in their own time as well?

Cobra: Yes, they do mass meditations as well.

H: Do they do these at their own time or for a specific purpose?

C: They do it for their missions many times when they helped other planets and other civilizations, and they do it to connect with the Source.

H: At the moment, are they doing any meditation to help planet Earth?

C: Yes, of course.

H: Are Resistance Movement or the Pleiadian aware of any of the mass meditations we are doing daily on the We Love Mass Meditation (WLMM) blog?

C: Yes, of course they are aware of this and they are supporting this fully.

H: Would they be joining us in the meditation as well?

C: They are joining in many of those meditations in their own ways, yes.

H: How about the Dragons?

C: You need to specify this question?

H: Like the Red Dragons or the Blue Dragons? Are they doing meditations with us as well? Are they aware of it?

C: I would say the Blue Dragon especially is having their own meditations, and they are also aware of our meditations, especially the larger mass meditations which are announced on my blog (The Portal) and when they go viral they [The Blue Dragon] are aware of it and supporting it. 

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28 December 2017

More Rainbow Clouds!

Thank you to 海明 for posting this.

There are more photos on the page :)

Cintamani ~ Alan Vargas ~ 25 December 2017

I saw this posted somewhere, but can't recall :/

Source: Order of the Star

In 2014 I found myself back at my childhood home after a traumatic event in my life. I was living in a small secluded town where I connected with a good friend. We united through the Sisterhood of the Rosegroup from the area. This friend had just recently found the location of a very sacred stone known as Cintamani.

We chose the date and traveled into the desert for a few hours. During that time we both found a few small pieces, I found 13 pieces. I kept one piece for myself and decided to gift the remaining twelve as I found people that I thought could connect with it. The stone radiated a strange energy, within a few weeks of finding this stone my whole world flipped upside down and I found myself traveling to Colorado for a few months.

Since I found this stone, my healing has accelerated. My issues, traumas, projections, all of these came to the front and I was forced to deal with it. I removed all the negative things from my life naturally and I got healthier through instinct. It began with removing toxic people from my life. Then I took several months of my life to be alone in self reflection and healing. I then started to align with like minded people. I started to do all of the things I loved and only worked doing things that I enjoyed. I started to eat healthier, I became vegetarian and then eventually vegan. I drank only the best water, distilled, alkaline water. I am by no means a saint or think I am fully healed of my traumas, but at least I know where the issues are and am taking steps to address them. The reality I wanted to live in started to manifest. Now I am provided with amazing opportunities and I will use all of my abundance that is arriving now and coming in the future toward building an area of light.

Throughout the years I have heard of many powerful stones but one always interested me, the Philosopher's Stone. I was interested in Hermetism and Alchemy was fascinating to me. I felt as though I knew it from before, but I also felt it was symbolic and most of what was explained was not literal. I kept looking in to the subject and found that many cultures revered a stone like this. In the Asian culture there is the Cintamani Stone- the wish fulfilling jewel, a stone that is said to grant the wishes of anyone who possess it. I was obviously immediately interested!

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Embracing the Light ~ Plato

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;
the real tragedy of Life is when men are afraid of the Light.

Thanks to Boyd Veriaan for posting this.

2018: A Look at What’s To Come ~ Taryn Crimi ~ 26 December 2017

It's been a very long while since I posted anything from Taryn Crimi. Here she is, with a general overview of the potential energies of 2018.

Source: Angelic Guides

We have been asked to share our perspective of the upcoming energies for the New Year, the year of 2018. As with all years, each has its own vibrational signature if you will. We would be delighted to share our perspective upon this New Year, but first we want to briefly touch upon your calendar year of 2017.

For most of you, 2017 was filled with plenty of up’s and downs. It was a tumultuous year for many but with that, there were many changes that took place. We labeled your year of 2017, the year of propulsion. We likened the process to that of a bow and arrow. The first quarter of your year was where you took aim; to carefully choose the intended target, and the rest of the year was spent letting go of the arrow, and trusting the process. Once the arrow was released, you had to learn to trust the process as there were so many areas of your life that were “up in the air” so to speak.

In the beginning of your year of 2017, we encouraged each of you to become very clear in what you wanted to create. Trusting the process is often a challenging experience for humans. Though, you are now in a very different place than you were in the beginning of the year. You have grown exponentially, your perspectives have shifted drastically, and you have gained some much needed clarity about what you would like to create going forward.

There is a natural ebb and flow to all energy; just as the waves of the ocean must pull back in order to thrust forward yet again. Many of you will find 2018 to be a particularly busy year. We have labeled your year of 2018, “The Year of The Harvest”. You have spent this last year, continually fine tuning and recalibrating your alignment. Just as a farmer plants his seeds and tends to them carefully so that he may harvest his crops when they are ripe, so too will you.

This year you will certainly reap what you have sewed. You will see the tangible manifestations of all that you have diligently prepared in your mind. 2017 provided each of you with much needed clarity through the many experiences that you manifested. You were able to see very clearly what you did not want, and as a result you were able to define more clearly what you do want going forward.

Due to the hectic nature of the energy that will be so prevalent within your reality this year, it is important that you make time for yourself to rest. It will be very important for you to listen to your body, as it will be all too easy to get caught up in the abundance of productive energy. Remember that mind, body and spirit are all equally important and all must be carefully tended to in order to remain in alignment.

Please read on....

Energy Update ~ Eric Raines ~ 27 December 2017

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

Hold onto your hats

We are moving into the potential for massive physical shifts and changes. On the surface, the physical world is following the collective consciousness.

We do not agree to eat poisons in our food. We do not agree to breath poisons in our air. We do not agree to drink poisons in our water. We have spoken with the collective energy, and we are speaking with our energy and the system is being forced to bend to the will of the people.

We do not agree to be slaves. We do not agree to be in debt. We do not agree to scarcity. We have spoken with the collective energy, and the physical ramifications are moving faster and faster.

What has happened up until this point is a widening of the flow from the Christ-consciousness Source field to the potential of flash point induction. What once were waves of energy are now becoming streams of higher and higher levels of multidimensional resonance. There is becoming no more ebb and flow to adjust humanity into the new paradigm, but a steady stream of brilliance and slightly dimmer brilliance.

Focus on you. Forget about the latest intel, forget about "what is happening right now?!" and begin to bring yourself back into the body with the breath. Begin to focus on the deeper sensations that the micromovement throughout the body that the breath creates. Bypass the thinking mind and sink into the movement of the body....take the awareness into the bones, the muscles, the blood, the skin....

Allow each exhalation to become a deeper sense of relaxation as you focus on each point of tension and discomfort, feeling it relax, open and drain stagnancy on all levels. Emotional, mental, psychological, energetic and physical. Full spectrum release.

Be responsible with your thoughts. Be responsible with your emotions. Recognize that we are collectively stepping into a place of ultimate co-creation. Your thoughts, feelings and images will become real with almost immediate manifestation. What do you want to see in the world and in your life in 5 years? What are you going to do today to make sure that happens? What are you going to hold in your heart to make sure that happens? Life and abundance does not grow out of death and decay. Make sure your mindset fits your image of your future. Hold onto this like your best friend, a lover, a co-conspirator in all the shennanigans

Take it easy on yourself. Take some time out for yourself. Look yourself directly in the eyes and tell yourself, "I am sorry, please forgive me for all the damage I have put you through due to ignorance. Thank you for being you. I love you."

As humanity continues to break free on an economic, financial, industrial, environmental and energetic scale, expect the false world painted by the mainstream media to become much more terrifying.

The first month of 2018 is going to sweep the world with a new level of consciousness to most, an old friend to us. Contributionism societies have been flourishing theoretically for decades now, but the major difference is the call to action.

Families around the world have been feeling the pull to their own piece of Paradise, that they can co-create with like minded people around them in a space of love, safety and growth. The energy is calling for a mass dispersal from the cities into smaller village-like communities and this is going to light like a sun inside of those already feeling the call.

Soul families will begin connecting to create Spaces of Love, Tribes of Starseeds will emerge from these fertile grounds carrying the codes and knowledge needed to continue the Great Work.

This planet a thousand years from now is going to be the jewel of the universe. This is a Living Library, cataloging every plant, animal, species, frequency, resonance and energy in the entire universe, and WE are the custodians of this Paradise.

This is OUR planet. We stand here, unmoving and unafraid. We stand here, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand radiating what we want to see in the world. Love. Joy. Hope. Community. Peace.

We do not fight for peace, we see the world as it will be. And so it is.

From my heart to yours


Undersea Bases: Cosmic Disclosure ~ David Wilcock & Corey Goode ~ S9:Ep5 ~ 26 December 2017

Thank you to Nansee Greenwich for gifting this.

Please view the episode here:

Description given:
Corey Goode tells us that, for nearly as long as the secret space program has been constructing stations on distant worlds, they have been building bases deep under Earth’s oceans. Several whistleblowers have come forward to tell of such clandestine sites and the vast network of underground tunnels connecting them. Who built these undersea bases and why? If we follow the money, we will uncover the source. No matter how luxurious or securely these bases have been built, they are still vulnerable to advanced technological attacks, as the secret war rages on between the Cabal and the Alliance.

This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast December 26, 2017.

"Energy Dump"

Space Observing System
We had another sustained burst of uber-high frequencies, scrubbing out and transforming dense vibrations. No stone left unturned, all will eventually be exposed to the Light💖

Will and Why-Power ~ Untwine ~ 26 December 2017

Source: Recreating Balance

Matter, circumstances, the visible world, are not fixed, determining factors. They are only the effects of a deeper cause. They are waves, stemming from the quantum world.

Looking at quantum level, we see that the state and position of things are not fixed but constantly fluctuating between various potentials. This fluctuation is a result of primary anomaly, which is the principle of separation (in this case, seaparation of various potentials), and randomness.

The factor that determines which potential manifests is Will.

This is simply the expression of the fact that Source is not an external God, but the primary cause of All, in other words the deepest original state of our being.

So our Will manifests our reality. Here it is important to understand that certain programming hide Will under the disguise of other things. Belief systems, expectations, habits, emotional and mental patterns, etc, all of this is actually Will that has been set in motion, then frozen and forgotten.

In the book 'Isis Unveiled' by HP Blavatsky, we find this quote :
"We have said that to acquire magical power, two things are necessary: to disengage the will from all servitude, and to exercise it in control."

This expresses the fact clearly enough.

However the situation is not as simple as only holding your hand out, and concentrating to make some gold appear, or throwing a tantrum demanding that the Event happens now, or demanding to have Abundance now for example. The work is to 'disingage the will from all servitude', this means to clear all belief systems, all inner unconscious doubts, all expectations based on previous experiences, all programming, all negative patterns and attachments, etc, because all of these are Will. The work is to bring every single energy we spend in every single moment under control of our Will, physically, emotionally, mentally. Also, to make sure that what we are doing is white magic, that we are serving the Light, the work is to merge all Will with the Inner Spiritual Will of our Higher Self, which is Will magnetized by Cosmic Love.

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27 December 2017

Massive Energy of Total Rebirth - Judith Kusel - 23 December 2017

Source: Judith Kusel

There will be a massive release of energy within the next week as the Sungate to Sirius and the 7th Central Sun is now opening up to the full. It is truly now lifting us into a total rebirth - an incredible shift in consciousness, which will have a ripple effect on all and everyone.

I cannot stress just how important this is, for we are in truth we are now reborn on so many levels. The new human race is being born, (apart from the volunteers, the fore-runners, the pioneers who paved the way for this to happen, since the Second World War).

Our soul memory banks will get triggered, as well as the collective memory banks. Slowly but surely the truth will be revealed, and what has been purposefully hidden will rise up again, and will be accessible to humankind again, as they are ready to access this. This is a gigantic shift.

I cannot stress the enormity of this, which started to happen in the middle of November this year. We are being returned to our original planetary blueprint, our original Creation as Elysium and the Lion Kingdom rise again!

(Judith Kusel)

13 Moons: Now is the Time - Stephanie South - 26 December 2017

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift

Rhythmic Moon 14. Kin 217: Red Solar Earth. Yellow Crystal Seed Year

2018 will mark the 436th year of use of the Gregorian calendar worldwide. This timing program is the dissynchronous infrastructure that our present world operates on. It is through the Power of Time that Reality and perceptions are manipulated and controlled. “Who owns your Time, owns your Mind.”

Created and implemented by the Vatican in 1582, the Gregorian calendar, with its loaded belief systems, is a subconscious implant that has become second nature to almost the entire human population. Subconscious refers to pattern thinking. Our entire perspective of reality, what makes things real or not real to us, is the sum of patterns built up in our brain that replay over and over like Christmas and tax-time. This is what we call “consensual” reality.

From the point of view of the Law of Time, consensual reality is a function of a type of erroneous thinking that at its root creates a fundamental misperception of not only what and who we are, but what the Earth is and what we are doing on the Earth.

If you are new to this, now might be the time to educate yourself on TIME and the effect of Calendars (timing programs) on our psyche. Let 2(0)18 be the “year” we take back Time. The Future depends on it.

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