03 January 2017

2017 Energy Report (Part 2): Continual Convergence ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 1 January 2017

Source: Awakening to Remembering 

Quantum Collapse/Unify/Converge: Cycles Increase Substantially

These higher light consciousness frequencies collapse and merge all. The higher we go, the more this "speeds up" and increases in strength. Quantum Timeline Collapses shall increase substantially for UNIFICATION to occur continually now. We complete this transition phase for anchoring new higher light filaments and codes cultivated through the "9" (completion phases) that converged 12/21/16, initiating a whole new exciting cycle on our New Year that began on 12/26. We are still anchoring strongly through 1/11, which is the culmiation of our 11/11 gateway that opened. Powerful is an understatement for us all! 

2016 was the year for all to experience many things since the December 2015 total dissolution of the energetic gridwork that acted as the "glue" to hold the old Matrix Program in place. For some, this was "instant" awakenings to higher truth and many realizations that they had been living in a veiled existence. The unconscious masses entered the chaos and confusion phase, which is necessary for one to challenge what they call REALity. The powerful Root Chakra Kundalini Electrical Energy strongly activated for many, activating old distorted illusory programs (beliefs) of fear, safety and lack were palpable and strong, while other collectives entered the "fog" where the veils amnesia are lifts, which can be an intense process. Much sleep is required and the brain doesn't work logically when the heart opens, which is all very much an important part of the process of leaving the old matrix and upgrading the Physical Crystalline LightBody to come online with NEW Earth frequencies and realities now. EVERY THING in the physical that is not in alignment with these higher frequencies gets "reworked" on a cellular/molecular/atomic level. The body, the outside world.... ALL must constantly re-align, re-calibrate, and re-construct itself in accordance to each's SOUL/SOLar & Galactic encodements through the embedding/integration of intricate geometric overlays, codes and sequences activated by increasing bombardment and saturation of PURE cosmic light. Then there were the forerunners, who experienced a very different experience than the collectives did, the polar opposite of what was going on for "Old Earth", for they "left" Old Earth, vibrating out of those dimensions completely and stepping into Source/Creator Roles to become the anchor points for NEW EARTH, to open the portals & gateways and hold them open for all to walk/vibrate through as they are ready. This is what is happening now and it's beyond exquisite to experience! Each ONE who is truly ready, can completely shift into a higher vibrational resonance and existence. Tecnically, everyone already has, they are just not aware of this, because the lower vibrations are still housed in their physical bodies, which is what leads us into the next part of the process....

When Earth Gaia completed her "link up" of the Crystalline LightBody Gridwork for NEW Earth, we then moved into a phase where Earth held the 5th Dimension (and higher) frequencies and began deep Inner Earth Alignments (shaking, eruptions, etc.) to cleanse the earth structurally. Through a constant alignment of StartGates inner earth and also galactically, these StarGate alignments that used to only occur only every year or Equinox/Solstice phase, increased too, so much that now we have continual StarGate alignments on an "every few days" cycle, which now increases too. Galactic Stargates open portals to other dimensions that were not accessible before. Our atmosphere is now merging the other dimensions in this physical one. The weather, the amount of electrical, photonic, plasma energies are profound. This is what is increasing the weather. It's a "mix" of SOLar & Galactic energies "all in one space".... Our breathable air changes, especially with the anchoring of increasing Divine Feminine Energies, Christed (Crystalline) Light frequencies and the strength & power of Divine Masculine/God frequencies and more. Our entire atomosphere changes to evolve, our bodies dramatically & subtly change/evolve as each physcially move into higher dimensional existence (whether conscious of this or not).

Humans will attribute all of this to everything else, discounting what is occuring and seeking answers that fit into their boxes/mentalities. We've left the frequencies where this will work. The physical body will no longer allow for suppression, avoidance and the old ways of lack of love and respect. Basically, the unconscious human doesn't get to stay unconscious anymore. Every SOUL was awoken in the Grand Awakening in 2015. Everyone has been waking up "slowly" through their entire "human experience/experiment" here. The 2012 Gateway "sped this up", which has increased substantially since and shall now continue this increase at a rate that is "mind blowing".

Now we have the linear year of 2017, and wow what a "year" it shall BE!

Please read on....

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