29 January 2017

7 Warning Signs that Your Spiritual Path is Headed for Pitfall ~ Denver V

Source: 2 Empower Thyself

“I see everything”, he said.

We were at the park practicing the Dao Saber sword play when he came over to ‘network’.

Although he claimed to be spiritually awakened, my inclination shivers at the thought of his next words.

He picked up the Dao Saber and swung the sword like a viking swinging his cold steel axe.

As I ask him where he learned how to swing like that, he, praising himself, exclaimed, “I learned all my moves by the power of the Jedi.”

And before you know it, he argued with everyone there on why you should use a lot of psychedelic drugs to get into the state of meditation instead of learning it at will.

I have an energy healing teacher with me who was also able to see the ingenuity of the man’s words and aura as we stayed silent.

We have seen him, yet he was not able to see us.

And with eyes of sympathy, we could only wish for the man to not have fallen to the pitfalls and the spiritual traps we know all too well.

In the journey to our spiritual evolution, there will be many pitfalls and traps that will blind us from our path.

The better you avoid these traps, the better you are to know where you are on your spiritual path.

Here are the 7 signs that you may be headed for a spiritual pitfall and how to relieve yourself from it.

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