11 January 2017

Antarctica ~ Simon Parkes & JayPee ~ Clif High

Daily Journalist
There's so much buzz around the topic of Antarctic recently. I'm posting brief highlights ~ as points of interest ~ from two possibly lesser known (as compared with David Wilcock et al) sources about this same subject, and as always, go with your inner guidance.

Simon Parkes
I've only just finished listening to the Connecting Consciousness show with Simon Parkes and JayPee although I posted it some days ago (it's been that sort of month so far.....)

For those who haven't yet listened, in the final 12 minutes (or so) of the show, Simon talked about the Antarctic visit by Kerry, Buzz Aldrin and the Pope. Simon's information is that certain individuals were there to negotiate with both positive and negative Beings, and seeing what each party had to offer. The Pope is there to sign off on whatever has been decided, having greater power than even the Queen. Here is the video.

Clif High
I'm not very familiar with Clif High's information, having only read or listened to his reports sporadically over the years. A few days ago, however, I posted something from Clif (here), and mentioned his coverage of the Antarctic and how he sees it as the focal point of what Clif calls our "Sci-Fi World" in the near future. This is covered in greater detail in Clif's full report.

The Antarctic may be the spot to watch closely in the weeks ahead ~ we must intend for nothing less than FULL DISCLOSURE.

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