17 January 2017

Ascension Energies Update and ReGenesis of Earth & Humanity ~ Judy Satori ~ 15 January 2017

The "invitation" for this broadcast was posted here a few days ago, and I'll write up a summary now because I feel that what Judy Satori imparts in this call just hours ago is imperative guidance that warrants our attention.

However, I should also qualify myself by adding that if you are already familiar with the depth of information brought forth about the Cosmic Energies that originate from the Great Central Sun (not the Central Sun) courtesy of sources such as Alkesh & Amun before the untimely and unfortunate removal of all their material (except for Maarten Horst's interviews), then perhaps what Judy has to say may not significantly augment your current understanding of what's going on, energy-wise. Additionally, if you generally know about what sort of changes and transitions we will go through in our Ascension process, there may not be much of new information here for you. Nevertheless, she has Light transmissions (using new frequencies) throughout this broadcast, so that's something that may be worthwhile to listen in.

You can listen or download here.

Summary (text in orange is mine)
  • Part of Divine Plan entailed high vibrational energies coming in from Galactic Centre slightly before 2000 to infuse the Earth in order to activate the grids and set off a series of changes in and awakening her Humanity. These potent energies are now giving way to even more poweful and amplified energies coming in from the Great Central Sun of 22 Galaxies that form a diamond shape in the Cosmos. These 22 Galaxies (including Milky Way) were created by the same Creator Gods.
  • These new energies have now started streaming in (15 January) when the "Royal Star" Aldebaran Stargate was activated, and is set to increase further in intensity over the next 17 years. These higher energies are instrumental in changing consciousness so that we can be adequately recalibrated. Judy says that we will also reclaim our full potential ~ we will wake up one day and feel completely different, our old issues will diminish, and we will be manifesting, via our connection with Creator Gods, our new lives. Our creations will be almost instantaneous. (This sounds to me like the Cosmic Flash / Cosmic Superwave/or whatever else it's being called.)
  • Rapid heart rates, feeling "stuck" or heavy, aching back or lower body, skeletal system adjustments ~ these are some symptoms that may have presented in past two weeks as the energies prepared to come in.
  • Judy transmits a Light activation for skin problems arising from self-acceptance issues @26:00 minutes.
  • These mega energies will transmute our karmic miasma, and if we synch and connect with these vibrations as much as possible, the process won't be as painful or challenging (in terms of symptoms).
  • Another energy activation @31-minutes.
  • Going forward, our Life experiences will depend more and more on where our Consciousness is, and our ability to receive these energies and assimilate them. As we go through our own inner accelerated shifts, we may encounter some physical discomfort.
  • The energies are to the power of 22 times more powerful than anything that's come in before. "With the power of god that I Am, this feeling of ______ is not mine, I dissolve it with Love, now and forever", to help release negative feelings. These new energies will greatly assist their release. (Some may feel that it's better to "own" these feelings by acknowledging them, then releasing them with Love.)
  • Being in vibration of Joy on daily basis will make this ReGenesis easier for us. Judy recommends Magenta Pyramid meditation for 11 minutes daily, available on her website under "Free Section". We have many Beings supporting us in this Shift, but we will need to cross the bridge ourselves and acknowledge our creator selves. 
  • The negative and evil beings currently on the Planet cannot be touched by these energies because their vibrations are too low to hold the higher vibrations. This will increasingly create a polarity between those who are able to assimilate these energies, and those who cannot, creating a situation much like a wide pendulum swing. This will affect the Planet, creating a turbulent field between these contrasting energies. But after this "storm" abates, there will be a beautiful calm on Earth. During the turbulence, we need to play our part by being strong and staying out of fear, creating the Joy vibration daily, connecting with Source and sending our positive intentions out in order to re-program/re-pattern the situation, as creator gods that we are. This ability to re-program our reality will become increasingly possible for us. Have faith and trust in our creator abilities. We will become like the creator beings who created our template (Lyrans, Syrians, etc as per "Sunshine Before the Dawn"), and even much more as our DNA receive additional upgrades ~ new letters (apart from ACTG) will be introduced to enable the unlocking/activation of currently dormant/unreadable DNA. (22 Galaxies, 22 chromosomes). 
  • Part of Judy's role is to transmit certain frequencies of new creation designed to activate previously dormant DNA script and inject new energy letters of sound vibration into the human physical template. Specifically, a 5th letter ~ this will create a new nucleic acid synthesised from Divine Breath. This is like taking the recipe book for human life for 12-year-olds and taking it to the level of PhD.
  • Energy transmission @59:19-minutes.
  • Those who are open to these energies will go through changes at an accelerated pace, enabling very quick creation and manifestation, as well as helping others through their own evolution.
  • Questioner saw herself receiving energy codes in form of symbols and fire letters. Also appreciates these energies which are like supportive "Parent" energies.
  • Left side of body is Feminine aspect, to do with creation. Pain in this side indicates recalibration taking place. Fast walking would help, also spirulina and chlorella which contain chlorophyll that helps to carry more Light energies.
  • How do we stay in the Love vibration constantly? Through practice and entrainment, and also doing the Magenta Pyramid daily until we become Love and Joy.
  • Judy is building an Online Accelerated Ascension Library where members can "borrow" the tools to facilitate our own evolution.
  • Closing energy transmission/Blessing @1:24:11 hours.
Note: Judy will hold another Q&A session in two weeks' time.

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