15 January 2017

Ascension Update: Solar Gateways and the New Grid System ~ Sandra Walter and Lauren Galey ~ 12 January 2017

I'm about halfway through this, but will post first instead of delaying it.

Sandra Walter shares her experiences as well as discusses what's occurring now, Ascension-wise. She talks about new Gateways that have opened, allowing pure Photonic Light into the Planet, activating her and changing us from the DNA levels. It's time now for us to be the Master and Creator that we truly are, and claim Higher Truths for our reality while leaving the lower realms behind.

2017 is the time of the Dimensional Shift, which in effect has been building gradually over the past year. Sandra also explains that the magnetics between realms is decreasing, and this is evident by our waking life and dream time merging into each other.

Please listen to the show here.

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