26 January 2017

Beginning Again: Moving Out of Time ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 24 January 2017

Source: Think With Your Heart

Welcome to the new everything!  The good, the bad, the magical…it’s ALL new and it’s all YOU.

Together we, if barely, made it out of the 9 vibration that defined each and every nuance of the last 12 months…a pervasive overtone that painted our lives and the world with a clear sense of finality at every turn. There is just no question left that life on earth is/has been radically altered and tho we may have a bit of a 2016 hangover, beneath the disorientation of such a major transition there is a definite sense of “making it to safety” for those breaking free from duality.

The paradox is that this internal sense of budding security comes at a time when the world and its contents are (seemingly) the most insecure. And that, for those ensouling, is exactly as it should be…how it was designed to be (by us, for us), and at the very beginning of “time”.

It’s true that as the awakened ones turn right-side up the (3D) world will continue to be turned upside down (that’s just the law of polarity so pervasive in duality) but only until humanity is prodded enuf to wake up, to unify in solidarity as an empowered collective and reclaim the systems that govern our society…by reclaiming the individual sense of sovereignty that truly governs each and every of us.

That is no easy road, and so yes, collectively we have an “interesting” journey ahead…but it is imperative that those with eyes to see don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, of why we are here, and what the end result will be.  With the right perspective, this pivotal moment is actually affirmative, a clear sign that those anchoring the light on this planet for so very long have finally acheived undeniable physical proof of the arrival of Source on earth, compliments of the inevitable healing crisis undoubtedly in store.

We know this because so many of us have been thru the very same process, personally.  If you’re reading this, it’s very likely that you have been slowly grounding Source light thru your very own body since the opening of the Galactic Underworld (via the Mayan Calendar) in 1999. And I don’t have to tell you what your life has been like since the inception of those incoming light

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