26 January 2017

Conscious Relationship ~ Galactic Historian ~ 31 August 2015

Source: Galactic Historian

Once upon a time/no time people did not pick a flower without communicating with the whole bush telepathically,saying:
"-Is this all right,is this a good time for you? Because I will not do it if you do not want me to." And the flower usually would say:
"-Oh,just hold on...let me pull back my frequency a little bit so it does not hurt."
There was an open conscious relationship with Everything!
People in those societies did not feel lonesome...because there was a Love.

In this Moment of the Now the doors between the Worlds (Higher Dimensions of Existence) have opened.
This means that our perception can more easily observe the pure energy and the waves of Light.
We can touch this Realms of High Love frequency,vibration..

Now we can regain the lost Kingdoms...It's NOW the Moment to make your dreams come true...choosing LOVE
GH Team

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