18 January 2017

Continued Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Chapter 11 ~ Kamooh and SunBow DawaOutah Lomakatsi

I will copy the entire message below. Please know that all messages will be compiled at Psychic Sasquatch.  DawaOutah's fb has more postings about his on-going experiences with the Sasquatch.

Source: One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace

''Little Brother, as time passes in the 4D plane, everything that has a beginning must also come to an end. We could speak on and on to you, and we will, but there is only so much you can transcript in written word, so we are coming close to conclude on our message. You have been devoting yourself sincerely to share our teachings, for this we thank you. But before we turn the last page of this book, we will give you some more of our thoughts to translate in Human words. Albeit we will never be done learning about the Omniverse, we will be able to say we contributed our share and completed this message with you.''

''Just like last year, when we asked you to transcribe our message, you were provided with space and time to do this work, again you have been this year for this new message. You have noticed increasingly in the last year, with gratitude in your heart, that when you do the spiritual work we ask from you, you do not need to worry about your survival and are well taken care of. We put our allies on your path, for your mutual empowerment. Those good souls and allies are led to meet each other, by their spiritual guides, like us.''

''In fact Little Brother, we have chosen you to do this work with us, not only because we have been connected for many life times or because you carry our genes, but also for the reason that you have been prepared. Since three and a half decades in this life time, you have chosen a path of spiritual learning and growth, through service and devotion, over a path of material benefits or personal self-interests. You have learned to develop your psychic abilities and have seen many paranormal phenomenons, spirits, interdimensional beings and star ships since youth. You met spirit guides in vision quests since teenage and have followed their guidance. You started transcribing the first information downloads you received from the Akasha over thirty years ago, not understanding the full meaning yet, but knowing that one day, it would be your life mission to share this knowledge. You have learned with many Native Elders, doing ceremonies, listening humbly in silence to their teachings, even when you knew differently. Since a young age, you were given leadership to move crowds, but you soon have learned not to misuse it. ''

''Experience taught you that leadership is not a privilege, but rather a spiritual task and responsibility for conscious or older souls, to help, take care, watch over and guide the ones put on our path, demanding much self-sacrifice for the well-being of the community. You were given many medicine names and pseudos to use in a variety of occasions, and have kept changing them not to bring attention on yourself, or claim credit for your work. You have believed in freely giving to the community without expectations, although you have been a victim of injustice more often than your turn. You have followed the path of forgiveness, righteousness and truth the best you can, even if hard and rocky at times. For these reasons and more than needed to say, we appreciate working with your soul.''

''As we have asked you since the beginning of these transmissions, you have shared our message freely online for it to be made easily available for all who seek to learn from us, agreeing for it to be widespread on several pages with the ones who asked respectfully, before they were turned into a very affordable paperback version with beautiful art work. To see our efforts reach out and bear beneficial fruits for souls is your greatest reward.''

''You have noticed since over a year, and increasingly recently, that there are some who have used our words, information or images that we have given you, without mentioning the source, even trying to take credit for them, at times quoting us as their own words; just like our ally Kewaunee has seen several times in the last years people using content of his books or republishing without asking or consent, in unfair copyright infringement. Do not worry about those who lack the basic respect to ask or try to misappropriate the results of our works; the message is more important than the messenger, it must go out. Even if misappropriated or misused it still can reach out to more souls seeking the truth.''

''To these we would say, if you hear our message and want to help in spreading it around, do not forget to help the messengers in their mission of bringing it to you in the first place. Authentic messengers do not seek profit, wealth, glory or fame, nor any personal benefits, they just humbly offer their spiritual service as their dharmic duty and mission. But the truth disclosers, the way showers, the path blazers, the scouts and pioneers of the coming new world cannot accomplish so much without the support of a community.''

''You have noticed as well that there are some who use our name, trying to make one for themselves, seeking recognition, attention and notoriety. When the ego gets in the way and self-interests are the motivation, then truth suffers and can be diluted in many lies. Some will even put out hoaxes or make up stories to attract admiration on themselves. The key to know if they tell the truth is by observing their hearts and behaviors, as our message is one of Peace and Love, and all spiritual Elders will teach this by example.''

''You have seen increasingly lately that some who choose such paths try to attack you and our allies we work with involved in the cosmic disclosure and convergence process. There are also many agents of the cabal who have noticed your work with the cosmic disclosure and try to interfere with it, discredit it, 'debunk' it, or attack you personally. Do not worry about them, everyone ends up meeting their own karma; truth will prevail. The people choosing those behaviors hurt our Soul and make us Sasquatch discontent. They cause more harm than good by bringing confusion in the collective consciousness.''

''We do not seek revenge, as we forgive the younger souls still at that stage of evolution. But if some try to hurt or harm any of our allies, we will stand by you and protect you. When in Nevada last summer, you asked for my help while a police agent was showing an excess of zeal in trying to nail you for whatever reason, as you saw me appear and stand behind him, he suddenly lost all interest in your medicine bundle and soon let you leave. You have also noticed that we changed government computer files, to help your travel.''

''Everyone creates their own timeline; a trail of truth is the key to a peaceful conscience. Lies or misbehavior along the way create an imprisoning web of karmic entanglements. This being said, we encourage all our friends who have had authentic encounters and contacts with us or with our Star Elders to keep sharing openly their experiences and knowledge, so that a greater number of your people awakens in a faster disclosure of the cosmic truth about us and about yourselves, for the spiritual evolution of your collective consciousness with a growing understanding of the interdimensionality of the Omniverse. So focus only on fulfilling your mission and walking your path in truth and righteousness. As you know by now, we walk with you, blessing you with our presences and teachings.''

''To encourage, cheer and empower you in continuing this work with us, we keep giving you signs and blessings, like we do to all our friends we love to visit, for their respect. Days ago, I told Kelly that I wanted you two to come on the hill above Chewelah, not far from where the conference was held, just right between where she and Kewaunee saw me in March, the day after you wrote to her that I would go visit them, and where Leigh, riding by there with our Australian friends, saw me during the conference last September. There, you were amazed to find several trails and many of our tracks of different sizes.''

''The trails were meandering around in the deep snow on the hill top, crossing each other. You felt it was a family reunion and indeed, we had brought you two there to visit you. Some of the footprints were twenty inches long, with a six foot stride, from a tall Elder. The most surprising was that in places, the trails of our footprints disappeared suddenly where strangely, cougar tracks or tracks of other animals started, replacing them. Then a little further, the animal tracks would disappear where our Sasquatch footprints started.''

''This was to show you clearly that we can shape-shift and turn into any animals at will. When we materialize and dematerialize while changing dimensions, as you and many of our friends have witnessed, it shows that we can rearrange our density, frequency and molecular structure, so for the most advanced of us, we can also take any shape we wish. Likewise, we can increase or decrease our size, and for the rare few and most skilled among us, we can double, or even multiply our shape into numerous avatars and bodies. To accomplish this process of shape-shifting, we need not only to reorganize our energy fields and molecules, but to blend in with the ever present universal flow of Alter-Matter.''

''This also confirmed your feelings about your experiences from the last couple weeks. When a few nights ago, you found for a second time since winter solstice some wolf tracks on your doorstep, with again just a trail going around the backyard, but never crossing the fence anywhere, you understood that it was in fact one of our Sasquatch People that was shape-shifting. This explains why you saw that white wolf just forty feet away when walking with Buddha, while a normal wolf would not let any Human with a dog surprise them from so close, not would it come to walk in the backyard around the house. Your host Susan also saw her by the house one night; you both felt it was a Sasquatch.''

''Tonight, just before you started writing these lines, you heard her howl close by again. You looked out your window and saw her standing there, looking at you, then walk away. Her name is Tsa'Hila, or Mountain Flower. She is a respected Elder and clan mother of the regional tribe in this territory here, where you have been led to transcribe this message.''

''She is the first one who appeared to you four moons ago, when you first walked to the woods along the creek, where she has been specially appointed as a guardian, and where you have been meeting us each time you went, and we have given you some images. She is also the one who appeared on your footage, standing just behind the dog, Buddha. She was our host when you met representatives of our tribes, with visiting Star Elders. She knows all the wild plants that heal, and likes to walk in the shape of a white she wolf. That is why you often heard her howl among the pack of coyotes, that she leads lovingly. That is also why we all howled with you that night, to honor her animal spirit and yours.''

''For the two days after you first found her tracks on your doorstep on winter solstice, you kept smelling her pleasant musky perfume following you around, even smelled more strongly when walking out your door in the cold winter air, where her tracks were found. She sends love and thanks you for having come to her home to transcribe our message. She knows you are leaving soon from her home and will bless your journey with prayers. Like all of our Sasquatch People you have met in the last two years, dozens by now, she will stay connected to your soul wherever you go, as you are known by our Greater Soul.''

''In the last few weeks, you have been regularly visited in your dreams by many different Star Elders from the Council, coming in turn to introduce themselves and to greet you. They are the ones we have been working with, and with whom I have the honor to sit in Council. They visited you when you started writing this message, promising to assist you. They have been flying their ships over your location and watching over your good work. Since then, they have come to you in dreams, and they are so many that your limited memory cannot record or recall in 4D linear time, nor list or name their wide diversity. They also thank you for doing the work you were assigned to do, for the good of all.''

''Among the countless representatives of so many different intelligent species that came to you in dreams, one of the latest individuals struck your memory. As opposed to all the other Star Elders who stood respectfully in your door frame while introducing themselves in turn to you, he came into you room and walked around. He is a green Lizard-People, who stands four feet tall, a very wise ancient soul emanating powerful love and deep joy. You felt uplifted and empowered by his presence, in a profound serenity and happiness. He visited you to teach you that not all reptilian-looking beings are to be avoided, by far. His name would be impossible for you to pronounce, made of clicks, gargles and whistles. But its meaning would translate as Cosmic Force Originator, or Orgonic-Chi Generator.''

''Just a few nights ago, as you were taking a hot bath under the moonlight, Buddha your dog friend came out and pointed for a long time towards a corner of the apple orchard. When you got out of the tub, you saw a Human-like silhouette clearly visible on the snow. You observed for a long time and first saw a Sasquatch, but at times it was shape-shifting into a Human form, with ample royal garments and holding a long staff. After some time, you realized that the image was shifting between me and this man of majestic stature.''

''You recognized him as the same who had appeared to you in dream the night before. You saw him meditating and trying to connect with your soul, telling you where he lives. His name is Absilios Ta'Hansa, or Ancient Seer Teacher of Souls, the actual priestly king of the surviving Lemurian colony living under Mount Shasta, with my Sasquatch People. They have kept observing the Cosmic Order and maintained contact with the Star Elders. That is why many ships are seen flying around that mountain, even entering it in portals. The vast complexes of stone walls all around the area are remains of their past colonies.''

''There are cults and sects founded by the secret elite aware of those facts, that have set bases at the foot of the mount, pretending to represent the Lemurians, while replacing them with a pantheon of man-made gods and self-appointed so-called ascended masters. They are impostors trying to take credit for the healing powers and profit from the hidden knowledge of that sacred sanctuary and refuge of ancient wisdom from the stars. In fact, their supreme master they call the Count of Saint-Germain, was a secret title of the Black Nobility transmitted through generations in medieval Europe, and its last famous bearer was the master-mind behind the foundation of the secret order of the Illuminati of Bavaria in 1776. They have succeeded in fooling numerous sincere and innocent souls.''

''Now Little Brother, we have spoken enough about your personal experiences, as it is not the purpose of our message. They simply are examples we give you to share, explaining who we are, and only have significance for the understanding and teachings they carry. Many of our friends and yours could also share similar stories, with the same or related teachings coming out of them, since the message is more important than the messenger. So while we still have the space and time available, before you leave on a new journey towards other spiritual missions and lessons through explorations, discovery adventures, more connections and ceremonial duties, we will transmit more knowledge to seekers.''

''As our last words of this message transmitted through you, for the good souls who have followed us this far in reading these pages, we will share more information about our Star Elders, interdimensionality, the Omniverse and some of your forgotten Human history. There will always be more to say than we can tell, but our contribution is the only gift we have to offer to the universe, and if it is not given, it becomes useless as a lost blessing. So we will ask for a little more of your time and efforts, to complete this mission with us.''

''We will start by explaining the meaning of the teachings we have given you recently. As you have observed many times before, without clearly comprehending it, since the understanding usually comes after the experiences, we have shown you clearly this time that highly spiritually evolved souls can blend together in shape as in spirit to talk as one. When we come to you together and talk to you in one spirit, you can see our faces and beings blending and mingling with one another, sometimes many at once and very fast. When we project our thoughts to you through astral telepathy, you see us all together.''

''The most highly evolved beings can blend with the whole existence by connecting in 1D. Those Eldest Elders are the rare ones who have reached ascension and merged their individual consciousness with the Omnipotent Omniversal Eternal Divine Consciousness. They are know as the Grand Avatars, while there are also several levels of lesser avatars. The next level of consciousness below it can connect to any beings in any space or time, through the 2D Meta-Universe. The Masters of dharma and of time are immortals who attend in that second dimension of time-consciousness, sitting among the Eldest Elders. They watch over universes and their evolution, to maintain the Cosmic Order eternally.''

''In the third dimensional plane of the Alter-Universe, there is a wide range of frequencies, densities, vibrational scales, as well as a large diversity of energetic and spiritual levels. We can blend in essence with our spiritual allies, when we raise our frequencies and lower our density into Alter-Matter, to travel into the Unified Space of the Alter-Universe, where we can all exist in the same space, as well as in different spaces at the same time. In the same way, we blend with the molecules of the elements, we blend with fire, water, air, earth, and with ions of plasma making them all, born itself of subtle Alter-Matter.''

''In this way, our Alter-bodies can interpenetrate and permeate any other being or space. With our higher spiritual allies, we can commonly blend and morph into one energy field. In absolute mutual respect for spiritual purposes, this helps our consciousness to merge. This is how incarnated beings can become channels, by letting spirits talk through them. It must be done in total mutual consent, and never as an imposed invasive possession.''

''As Forest People, we love to blend with trees and glide through them, because they are such peaceful, ancient, venerable and generous beings, with purer souls than you know. This is why many have reported seeing us turning into trees or stumps, as we love them. We blend likewise with plants and animals, and our consciousness can travel within the physical shell of any animal friend who loves us and enjoys our company and presence. We blend and morph also with rocks and stones, not needing a tunnel to go across them. Because in 3D Hyperspace, everything can exist in the same space and in different spaces at once, it is hard to understand this from the limited 4D linear time perspective.''

''The fourth dimensional level of time-consciousness, being restricted by linear time as the limit to space, can be described as a tubular tunnel representing the extent of any consciousness in a timeline. In 3D Unified Space Field, there is no linear limit to how far consciousness can reach outwards, so it can be depicted as a spherical expanding space. In 4D, linear time adds a limit to the extent of consciousness, and movement in space becomes the scale that turns the 3D spherical Hyperspace into 4D tubular timelines. Imaging as well this tubular passage of timelines in 4D are the orbits of planets and stars, or the trajectory of other celestial bodies like comets, forming tubular shaped trails in the cosmos and marking the passage of linear time in the physical space-time continuum.''

''A wormhole is nothing more than a tubular timeline that bypasses the limitations of the 4D linear space-time continuum. They are interdimensional tunnels created either by technology or consciousness, connecting two points in different spaces and times through quantum entanglement. We explained earlier different ways of creating wormholes used by our Star Elders, and more primitive materialistic ways known by your scientific elites.''

''In 4D, the linear timelines leave their print in the material world. Meteorite impacts, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, glaciers, floods, leave clues to decipher the distant past. Likewise, petrified bones from extinguished species, ruins from vanished civilizations, ancestral stories from oral tradition or ancient scriptures, provide information about time. The 4D is the plane of the evolution of the creation, through experiences and timelines.''

''If you fold the linear tubular 4D timeline upon itself, you get the 5D Toroidal Hyper-time. We showed and taught you how in this torus-shaped circular time of the Para-Universe, timelines can be altered or modified through time loops, opening the possibility for alternative timelines to exist in parallel, simultaneously or successively, in 4D linear time. So archives and memories can be changed, or different versions can exist all at once.''

''If you fold the 5D Toroidal Para-Universe upon itself, you reach the 6D Helical Supra-Universe, where all possibilities of timelines can possibly exist in relative levels of reality. To translate this in 4D time-consciousness, we can for instance walk as a Sasquatch and at the same time, or suddenly after, walk as a wolf or a cougar in the 4D physical plane. In another example, the same individual could be seen and interact in two places at once. In this helix-shaped vortex of the Supra-Universe, possibilities of timelines intermingle, blend and morph, beyond any comprehensible concept from the 4D linear space-time. The 4D space-time continuum is the dimension in which everything seems separated.''

''Just like the blades of a fan switch places in space at a speed so fast that they seem to blend into one energy field, in the Helical 6D, different timelines can be superimposed. Consciousness finds the understanding of the Multiverse in this dimensional plane. Multiple universes co-exist and your consciousness could be living another existence elsewhere, without you even consciously knowing it in this physical incarnation and linear timeline, within this universe. Again, this level of existence might sound abstract from the point of view of 4D time-consciousness, but reality unfolds in multiple layers and realms.''

''The different dimensions of time-consciousness constitute various levels of existence and perceptions, and an array of scales of knowing and understanding of the Omniverse. Interdimensionality is the aspect of existence that allows all created beings to travel from one plane to the other, when consciousness becomes familiar with the different planes. To understand it, you must go beyond the limitations and illusions of the material plane. You have to allow your consciousness to travel faster than the limiting speed of light.''

''Everything you perceive around you in the physical world is the product of an illusion. The shapes and colors you see are simply reflections of light on electromagnetic fields, projecting images captured through the retina of your eyes and interpreted by the brain. The objects and forms you see are themselves no more than energy fields organized into molecules, and this physical matter is itself made of information held by consciousness. Just like in a camera, the image received is inverted in the captor lens, or the iris, and then converted, turned upright in the reflector lens, corresponding to the optical nerve. This is why your brain can interpret the image as it appears, instead of upside down.''

''Every animal species interprets shapes and colors in different ways, suiting their needs. Herbivorous have their eyes on each side, to see possible danger coming while grazing. They see their green sustenance as gray, since being so abundant in nature, they do not need to look for it; but any grayish or tawny fur coat of a predator flashes as a red alert. The insects on their side, have so many faceted eyes that they receive multiple images of the surroundings and process rapidly a large amount of information in their tiny brains. There are also numerous eyeless species that rely on their other senses for orientation.''

''Most evolved animals have kept five extra senses, that most modern Humans have lost. The sixth sense, as you call it, or intuition, is the perception of circumstances that your conscious mind cannot have access to. This is why animals can feel earthquakes, storms and tsunamis hours ahead and flee to high grounds to seek refuge. The seventh sense is the sense of orientation, developed in a variety of ways in many different species. Migratory species often have a natural internal compass in their brain, that can orient the animal through electromagnetic perception of the magnetic pole and the magnetosphere. Insects and smaller animals rely mostly on their sense of smell to find their way around. Cetaceans and bats use mainly echolocation with their biological echo-sonar system''

''We could call this special ability the eighth sense, and the natural detection of movement in the surrounding, as sharks, some rodents and other species use for their main mean or orientation, the ninth sense. The tenth sense is called the group instinct. We refer to it as the Great Soul of species, which is the source allowing natural telepathy. This is the sense you can observe when a flock of birds suddenly takes off all at once, or when a school of fish or a pod of dolphins swims as one, in perfect synchronicity.''

''The sounds you hear are simply waves of movement through air, that your ears decode. The odors you smell are clouds of particles carried on air, that your nostrils can perceive. Whenever you feel a touch, either pleasant or painful, heat or cold, it is the the nervous web of networks in your skin that send electromagnetic signals to your brain for analyze. The flavors you experience, with bliss or disliking, are chemical reactions on the taste buds of your tongue, that your brain processes and classifies according to memories. Every time you experience an emotion, it is a chemical reaction in you body and brain.''

''These are simple examples from the physical world to explain how perceptions can vary. The variations in perceptions influence and alter the conceptions of our consciousness. The levels of perceptions and conceptions of each soul determine its subjective reality. Subjective reality is the destiny that every soul creates for itself, through interactions. Every soul has the power to transform its subjective reality and co-create the collective.''

''But every subjective reality is a minuscule part of a greater preexisting objective reality. As finite created beings, the infinite Omniverse we are part of has a predetermined reality and sets of laws that our subjective realities cannot alter or change. As a simple example, on the physical level, we can all see the same mountains that were here before us all. Our subjective reality decides how we perceive and interact with the mountain, but not of its existence. Likewise, the objective reality is beyond our perceptions and conceptions, but we can choose how we will learn from it, know it, relate to it and interact with it. Some prefer their subjective reality over the objective, caught in dogmas and ideologies.''

''Do not confound this universal objective reality with any collective reality, which are also only fractions of it, as numbers of a complicated equation, or elements in the ensemble. The collective reality can also be unaligned with the objective reality, as religions, armies, political parties, secret societies, sects and other Human organizations have proven. Every being is part of collective realities, learning how to relate to and influence them.''

''When you look at distant stars, you look into the past, yet see as it was long ago in your present timeline, because light travels at a given speed and the material world vibrates below its frequency, explaining why its density reflects it. The constant churning of ionized plasma and nuclear reactions happening within the stars and producing their light, provides interdimensional portals bridging the physical plane with planes beyond. This is how light is created in stars, akin to its main source in the cosmos, the infrared background made of plasmic ions coming in and out of existence faster than linear time. This is why some star faring people use stars as gates for interdimensional space travel.''

''So if you can see the past in your present timeline because of the vastness of space, it means that past and present co-exist at once and can be read simultaneously. From another star at mid distance, the timeline of the furthest star would precede by millennia the one we can read here, while ours would appear millennia behind our actual timeline. This is because the speed of light is the limit veil creating linear time and physical worlds. Every star system and planet has their own time scales, cycles and specific timelines. The same applies to all beings on a smaller scale, explaining why our subjective realities can transform our timelines, but positively only by learning to adapt to the objective reality. We can only know the objective reality through our subjective reality, or in other words, we learn to expend our consciousness to Oneness through experiences and interactions.''

''As for the future, when you outpace the speed of light, you can see it coming before it manifests in the physical realm. Differently put, if you could see a distant star as it appears now, you could read its timeline before it becomes naturally visible within the physical laws of the 4D space-time continuum. This is why in 3D Hyperspace beyond the speed of light, as in higher dimensions of time-consciousness, linear time is perceived as the scale by which consciousness reads timelines as 3D holographic projections in space. The layers, the direction, the chronological order or the speed depend on consciousness. The key to understand interdimensionality is by reminding your consciousness that you are not the holographic illusion making you physical body, nor limited to linear timelines.''

''Only a century ago you could not know that your eyelashes carry fifty species of acarids, that your body is made of one hundred billion cells and hosts one trillion microorganisms, of over three hundred million species, making your biological body an ecosystem in itself. All your cells are completely replaced with new ones about every seven years, meaning that the body you incarnate as an adult and the one you take to the grave as an elderly are completely different physical shells made of new sets of cells than the one you were born with, or the one you embodied as a teenager. So think deeper when you fall into the illusion of believing that this physical body belongs to you, or that you are it, in any way. If you lose an arm or a leg, you still remain fully the same person and a complete soul.''

''When you look at the Earth, with the actual seven continents, you have a fixed idea in your mind of what She has looked liked over the billions of years of continued existence. With a deeper gaze, you find fossilized seashells on mountains tops, and cities on sea bottoms, proving that continents have shape-shifted, being emerged, then submerged. So, the fixed image in linear time you have of Earth only applies to your short and limited Human scale, but not to the Earth's timeline, which is itself beyond your understanding.''

''Thus, the vastness of Her space, Her variety of scenery and Her biodiversity are beyond accessible to the knowledge of any Human consciousness in one, or even many lifetimes. So this planetary scale in itself is superior in size and in consciousness to any creature's. Hence, by joining our consciousness to Mother Earth's, we can expand ours prodigiously.''

''Let us take the example of the Tardigrade, this almost microscopic worm, barely visible to the naked eye, with eight fingered hands, that survives to extreme colds and heats, and extreme levels of salinity, alkalinity, acidity, radiation or chemical contamination. It is one of the most ancient species living on our home-plane and one of the rare that has survived the five previous mass extinctions. So for this small humble being, Humanity is the latest addition on the map of their environments. The timeline of the Tardigrade is incomparably longer than that of Humanity, and if your species ever becomes a victim of the ongoing sixth mass extinction event you are causing, known as the Anthropocene omnicide, there are some very good chances that the Tardigrade will survive your kind. This should be a lesson of humility for Humanity, adopting an anthropocentric ideology.''

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