18 January 2017

Continued Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Chapter 12 (Conclusion) ~ Kamooh and SunBow DawaOutah Lomakatsi

This is posted in full, with permission from SunBow. Sadly, this is the final chapter ~ I've enjoyed this series as much as the first, and have felt the strong and loving energies of both messenger and scribe. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Kamooh and SunBow for sharing this second series of teachings with us.

Please know that all messages will be compiled at Psychic Sasquatch; DawaOutah's fb has more postings about his on-going experiences with the Sasquatch.
Source: One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace

''The hugely wide range of scales of the microcosm only reflects that of the macrocosm. To help you understand, let us have a brief look at the cosmos to get some perspective. Let us now explore the dimensions of space, properly said, as its many different scales. First, the planetary scale expands much beyond the planet itself, including the various levels of its atmosphere, its electromagnetic shield, and satellites, in our case the Moon.''

''Our Moon is the fifth largest of one-hundred-and-sixty-six known moons in our solar system. Its diameter and circumference are a little over a quarter of those of the Earth. Its density is about seven eleventh of the Earth's density, but its mass is only a mere one point two percent, because of its hollow core surrounded by a thin, light, yet solid crust. The average distance between Earth and Moon approximates thirty Earth's diameters.''

''From the planetary scale, let us move on to the stellar scale. The Sun's circumference and diameter equal about one-hundred-and-nine times the proportions of the Earth. Its volume is 333,000 times the volume of Earth and its mass, one point three million times. It contains over 99% of the mass of the whole solar system, which spreads far outwards. The Sun is considered as a medium size star, of G-Type Main Sequence, or Yellow Dwarf.''

''Our solar system now counts ten known planets, including the newly discovered planet X, without counting the ancient planet Malkut between Mars and Jupiter, turned into the asteroid belt. It was destroyed millions of years before the birth of Humanity in the intergalactic war of the five worlds; my Sasquatch People lived for ages on those planets. This is why you keep finding numerous signs of life and remains of civilization on Mars. The red planet itself saw the mass extermination of its life through nuclear warfare, and this is why its surface is contaminated with Xenon 129, a residue from nuclear explosions. Ancient remains of star nations can be found on all planets of our system, and on moons. The war of the five worlds involved Earth, Malkut, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, while Venus was not yet colonized. Sasquatch were an important part of it until fifty million years ago. Let us skip details of the history of our solar system and continue on our cosmic journey.''

''The solar system extends way beyond the planets unto a zone of debris: the Oort Cloud. Within its boundaries, countless other celestial bodies follow regular orbits or irregular courses, such as comets, asteroids, and planetoids or dwarf planets, some of large sizes. It also contains large reservoirs of plasma, gases, ice, dusts and debris of all natures.''

''There is a wide variety of types of star, sorted in classification by scales, according to their temperatures and colors through spectrometry, or given their luminosity and magnitude. Their colors, from hotter to colder for their sizes, appear as inversely represented, compared to their appearances; or in other words, hotter stars appear with cold colors, while colder stars show hot colors. They range, from the largest and hottest to the smallest, between Blue, Blue-White, White, Yellow-White, Yellow, Orange and Red. The categories by their luminosity range from Hyper-giants (one in three million stars), Super-giants (one in eight hundred), Bright Giants (one in one-hundred-sixty), Giants and Sub-giants (three percent of stars), Main Sequence (7.5%), Sub-dwarfs (12%), to Dwarfs, either white, yellow, red or brown, making another seven and a half percent of all stars.''

''Apart from their classification by sizes, luminosity, temperatures and colors, stars also display a diversity of forms and compositions. Protostars are giant molecular gas clouds whose gravitational field is not strong enough to condense it to create nuclear reactions. They are denser concentrations of plasma intermingling with some elemental molecules.''

''These are stars that do not classify by their luminosity nor by their colors in the scale. Variable Stars pulsate in size and brightness in unstable phases. Methane Dwarfs are little, cool, gaseous stars, with small mass and low density. Black or Brown Dwarfs are colder, denser stars, emitting no heat or light, resembling a black hole of a planetary scale. Neutron stars are very small and super dense stars, only a few miles in diameter, crushing electrons and protons into condensed neutrons. A Pulsar is a rapidly spinning Neutron star emitting radiations in pulses. A Binary Star is two stars rotating around a common mass center or barycenter. An X-Ray Star is a binary star with one in the pair being a collapsed body as a small Dwarf, a Neutron Star or a Black Hole, emitting X-rays.''

''Stars undergo transformations, depending on chemical processes and variations in their gravitational and electromagnetic fields, and they change category over the course of their existence. A Red Giant can become a Carbon Star in the end of its life, which can turn into a Diamond Star, if compressed under extreme gravitational force. A Supernova is a large star that explodes to giant size, expulsing most of its matter, and then collapses on itself into an extremely dense mass, with a maximal gravity, known as Black Holes. Supernovae emit more energy in a few days, than our Sun can emit over billions of years. As for Gamma Ray bursts that are projected from black holes, they produce more energy in only ten seconds than our Sun can generate in over ten billion years of combustion.''

''Stellar systems in the macrocosm can be compared to atoms on the microcosmic scale. They have a core, with particles gravitating around them, held together as an ensemble by gravity and electromagnetism, and separated by vast distances many times their size. The size of stars vary widely, from the smallest being only a few miles wide, to the largest being multiples times the size of our Sun. The largest star known today to your science has 265 times the mass of our Sun, 1,700 times its radius and over seven million times its luminosity. The second biggest star has thirty times the Sun's mass and 1,640 times its radius. This brief overview is to explain how, when we speak of stars, it is really so vast.''

''Now, let us move on from the stellar scale to the galactic scale. All active galaxies have at their center a huge black hole, as their denser, heavier core, and gravitational axis. Only the centrifugal force caused by the galaxy's rotation prevent it from collapsing into the black hole at its center. In other words, the movement in 4D linear time of its 3D holographic projection in Hyperspace is maintaining its existence in the physical universe. If movement in linear time ever stops, the galaxy returns to the 2D Meta-Matter matrix.''

''This is why in the physical world, galaxies appear to us in 3D as a flat horizontal plane, and black holes appear as spheres, while in fact black holes made of Meta-Matter belong to the 2D Flat Meta-Universe and galaxies exist only in 3D space through 4D linear time. Would there not be the rotational movement of the galaxy in linear time, physical matter could not exist. Only the centrifugal force of this movement allows physical matter to be extracted into 4D time, from the centripetal force of the black hole and its Meta-Matter. While the physical galaxy manifests its energy in the 4D linear space-time continuum, the whole information about its energetic potential and the timelines of all its existence are conserved unchanged and out of time, in the 2D conceptual plane of the Meta-Universe. At any time of its existence, its complete history is all written and contained in its core.''

''Black holes can exist in any proportions, from microscopic scales to galactic dimensions. An average black hole holds one billion times the mass of our Sun, while the biggest one known has forty billion times its mass. We explained their nature and properties earlier. Summarized, as reservoirs of Meta-Matter, they are gateways into the Meta-Universe.''

''Massive black holes are generally surrounded by Quasars, or Quasi-Stellar radio sources. They are super compact regions, radiating high concentrations of electromagnetic signals of almost the whole spectrum ranging from radio waves, infrared, X-rays, to Gamma rays. They are the brightest celestial bodies, reaching a luminosity as high as one hundred times that of the Milky Way, explaining the brilliant giant globe appearing at its center.''

''Quasars act in fact as buffer zones, in which the particles of Alter-Matter, leaking into 3D Hyperspace from the black hole Meta-Matter, enter linear time below the speed of light. The Cosmic Ray made of the most subtle particles of Alter-Matter emerging into 3D space from the 2D Flat Meta-Universe, interacts with a variety of frequencies and waves of the electromagnetic spectrum, causing these zones of intense energetic activity: the quasars. At lower frequencies, the Alter-Matter particles then turn into plasmic ions of physical matter, causing light to be created by photoelectric reaction, first source of cosmic light. When the particles combine into atoms and molecules, the density of their energy fields increases, as well as their mass, so they get caught into the rotational movement of the physical galaxy and its centrifugal force, moving deeper linearly into expanding space. Your science knows now, that there is no void in space, the cosmos is filled with energy.''

''The Omnipresent Consciousness creates concepts that are imprinted into the universal mind or matrix in 2D Meta-Matter which, when activated by vibrational frequencies and waves, conglomerates to compose particles of 3D Alter-Matter, combining to constitute ions of plasma, condensing into particles, atoms and molecules of physical matter in 4D. Physical matter raising its frequency above the speed of light becomes 5D Para-Matter. The Para-body made of Para-Matter is not subjected to linear time or the laws of physics. It is what some call the ascended body, that immortals incarnate beyond physical limits.''

''Within a galaxy, apart from black holes and quasars, there are other large size bodies. Star clusters are regions with dense concentrations of stars, within intense energy fields. They are grouped into super-clusters, made of connected clusters filling galactic sectors. Between galaxies, there are vast areas looking almost empty and others packed densely. Nebulae are denser than star clusters, being composed of thick clouds of space debris like rocks, sand, gas and ice. Bigger than galaxies, an average Nebula extends for one hundred million light years; the largest known stretches in the cosmos for two hundred million light years. As a comparison, it is two thousand times the length of our Milky Way. Nebulae are vast reservoirs of energy and matter, from which most galaxies are born. Nebulae can take all kinds of forms and colors, often resembling gigantic cosmic beings.''

''The mind has the natural tendency to associate what it perceives with known images, through the phenomenon called apophenia, and most commonly to imagine faces out of random patterns, which is called pareidolia, partly explaining why some can see beings into natural formations, that are rather subjective interpretation, than objective reality. This phenomenon is often used as an excuse to dismiss paranormal or interdimensional sightings, due to the fact that many people can get confused in distinguishing what is out there, from what is in their head. It is true that misinterpretation of facts can easily occur. Nevertheless, there is no coincidence nor any random happening in the universe, every thing is the effect of a cause, the product of calculations, and the result of an equation.''

''Creation unfolds and manifests in the physical plane under the direction and supervision of consciousness. So when you see faces on trees, on rocks, in the sand or in the clouds, it is not only the product of your imagination; everything is spirit and has consciousness. When it comes to a large Nebula, an enormous mass of condensed energy and matter stretching over millions of light years, for it to take any shape or move in any direction requires a tremendous amount of time and energy, that coincidence alone cannot fulfill. The Elementals and Nature Spirits, also called Devas, are always at play and work directly with the primal elements constituting the fabrics of the universe, to shape the worlds.''

''With your recent scientific advancement, the number of stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way, is now estimated to be over four hundred billions. Stretching over one hundred thousand light years across, it stands in the class of the Mid-range galaxies, along with three quarters of the existing galaxies. Dwarf galaxies expand less than two hundred light years across and contain in average tens of millions of stars. Gigantic elliptical galaxies can reach up to two million light years across, and are filled with trillions of stars. Most galaxies in the cosmos appear as a spiraling ellipse on a flat plane, but some appear spherical, or with any irregular shape. Nebulae can have any random forms and shapes.''

''Galaxies, like stars, are grouped in collections, as clusters and larger super-clusters. Your science now estimates the number of existing galaxies in the visible universe to be near one hundred billion. This is as far as you can observe, until light stops reaching you. Based on this fact, through calculations, your science estimates the age of this physical universe to be around nineteen billion years, because no light is perceivable beyond this. This is a very imprecise and improbable educated guess, given the lack of complete data. It is a very relative 4D linear time scale, which could be calculated in many other ways.''

''Your science attributes the expansion of the universe to the so-called original Big Bang. Yet, although they see space expanding, they have not been able to localize its center. The latest scientific model shows the universe in a lenticular shape; such is the hologram. Having discovered lately that the expansion of the universe is increasing in speed, as opposed to what was previously believed, science added in the equation newly identified particles like bosons and gravitons, and quasiparticles like plasmons and phonons, plus the recently detected gravitational waves, whose existences complement the equation and even the results fairly enough, so that the freshly devised explanation of the universe seems to have solved all the riddles. It is a fair attempt towards understanding the nature and fabrics of the cosmos, yet still limited to a materialistic 4D linear time point of view.''

''Since galaxies speed up as they diverge towards the outskirts of our universe, they end up outrunning the speed of light and reaching the 5D Para-Universe, beyond linear time. They disappear from linear time and from our visible universe, or in a sense, ascend into a dimensional plane beyond material, explaining why you lose track and reach times end. Beyond the borders of our universe, Hyperspace stretches into infinite vastness in which many other universes exist, with their own realities, laws, dimensions and continuums.''

''Here, is the Multiverse; the collection of all those universes composes the Omniverse. Interdimensional travel through various universes can be achieved within the seventh dimension of time-consciousness, connecting parallel universes and alternative timelines. The 7D Ultra-Universe is obtained by folding upon itself the 6D Helical Supra-Universe. This allows for all possibilities of timelines to co-exist in multiple parallel universes. Parallel universes are grouped in clusters or super-clusters, within the 8D Macro-Universe. There, all levels of conceivable possibilities are multiplied by infinite universes' potentials. In 9D time-consciousness, all possibilities exist within infinite consciousness, including fictional timelines. If consciousness can conceive it, any reality exists in some realm.''

''Of course, physical universes exist in linear time, so they have a beginning and an end. A universe is created by what could be described as an original big bang explosion, and it extends until it reaches its maximum entropy, from where some galaxies ascend into higher dimensions, while some slow down to be drawn back to the center in a big crunch. This process of creation and destruction, expansion and retraction, is Brahma's breath. The Creator exhales and the worlds are born, then inhales and the worlds are dissolved. Everything starts, exists and ends by the power of consciousness; and only it is eternal.''

''Just like energy and matter are divided between two opposite currents within a galaxy, either aspired by the gravitational centripetal pull into the central black hole, or attracted outwards by the gravitational centrifugal push of the rotational movement of the galaxy, the same principles applies on the larger universal scale, with galaxies super-clusters. The core of the big bang is a dense black hole that has kept diminishing in size with the expansion of space, since the beginning of times, explaining why it is yet undetected. Hence, either pulled back into Meta-Matter or pushed out into Hyperspace and the Para-Universe, reaching in higher dimensions, physical matter eventually ends up dissolving.''

''This description of the universe we just gave, with all this statistic information and data, was to give you an idea of how immensely vast is space, beyond any possible reasoning. With this perspective, linear time is but a very relative scale, largely variable in value. Interstellar travel simply cannot be accomplished in 4D linear time, in the physical plane. Thus, by definition, star travelers who make it here or anywhere else are interdimensional since interstellar travel can only be achieved with the knowledge of interdimensionality. The ones who come to you only through technological means and in physical densities, are generally species of the local system, moon dwellers or else intraterrestrials hybrids.''

''How could we calculate the age of the universe with such a measure as Earth years? First, Earth years represent only a vague, relative, unstable, variable and changing value. Any variation in the speed of rotation or translation, any fluctuation in the distance separating the Earth from the Sun, any deviation of the Earth from the course of its orbit, alter the duration of days and years, falsifying calculations based on this unfixed value.''

''The simplest example, that your science knows of, is the annual difference of one point two second between the elliptical year, or the complete translation around the Sun, and the tropical year, which is the return of the Sun over the tropic, completing four seasons. This difference adds two extra minutes every century to the elliptical year, and adds up. This is because the Earth's orbit, is not a regular ellipse, but rather an expanding spiral. In an expanding space, this should not surprise you, yet your science still has to notice it.''

''This is only the actual scale of this growing gap, but its speed has often been altered. Since the Earth emerged from the Sun, its spiraling orbit has been taking it further away from its star at every turn, but days have been generally getting shorter, adding more days in every consecutive year. This can be verified by simply observing the planets of our solar system, that have longer duration of translation and shorter of rotation, the further away they are from the Sun. The rhythm of these changes has not been stable either, having known sudden changes when, for instance, the planet's orbit is altered by major cosmic events, like meteorite impacts, gravitational pulls of comets, or pole shifts.''

''Hence, when my Sasquatch People first walked on this home-planet, two hundred million years ago, Earth's year had only about three hundred days, while, when the Lizard-People started colonizing Earth nearly one billion years ago, it was just over one hundred days. This explains partly why successive cycles and ages are always getting shorter in years. So this is why, when using Earth's years to calculate the age of the universe, or even of the Earth itself, is a very tricky operation, never exempt of some large margins or errors.''

''The universe is made of successive evolving cycles, vortices and spiraling galaxies. Linear thinking would like to see the mechanics of the universe fit perfectly in equations. But the dynamics of the creation answer to the need for evolution and constantly change. This is another reason why linear time, not only is an illusion, but an ever varying scale. So, all timelines can be read at different speeds, depending on the level of consciousness. The Hummingbird or the Sloth proceed information and live at other speeds than you.''

''At Human scale, just a few centuries ago, many of your cultures did not know the Earth was round, had no knowledge about distant lands and civilizations, nor about the cosmos. This was due to the loss of ancient star knowledge, through the enslaving uncivilization. You have finished mapping your home-planet just over half a century ago, while some regions are still unexplored and uncharted to this day. Your actual level of uncivilization is still at the stage of national rivalries and commercial competitions, fighting wars over resources, building its foundation and orientation on the backbone of weaponry and wars. Your technologies are still at a low level where they drain non-renewable resources at an increasing rate, while destroying ecosystems and the environment, with toxic pollution. Your scientific knowledge barely starts to envision the realms of quantum physics and of the interdimensionality of the Multiverse, while still speculating and kept in the shadows.''

''So, at this point of its evolution, Humanity as not yet reached the first level of planetary civilization, characterized by high spiritual values, peaceful relations and environmental balance, consisting in a wise management, protection and fair sharing of the limited resources, and the use of non-polluting technologies, with renewable and free energies.''

''Even on what you call the Kardashev scale, a classification of civilizations by their levels, Humanity has not reached the definition of a civilization of the first level that can harness the full energetic potential of its planet. On that scale, the second level describes a civilization that can use the energy of its star, while the third level defines one that can use the energy potential of its galaxy. Yet, this vision is still limited to a very materialistic point of view, without involving any of the spiritual evolution, nor the knowledge of interdimensionality that are required. Of course, there has been some civilizations that have chosen such a materialistic path of evolution, going around using the energy of the cosmos, instead of producing and providing it. They are the ones we have to watch for.''

''As we come closer to conclude this message, let us have a quick look at ancient history. We told you earlier that Humanity was conceived and created in Lemuria, by the Council of Star Elders. Your DNA star seeds inherited of several genetic materials of many origins. The most prominent of your ancestors came from the Pleiades, called the Sanat Kumara. Your first Human ancestors inherited from them their long tall skulls with open fontanel, their deep blue skins, and their long longevity, stretching over tens of thousands of years. Their blue-black completion is called Keshava in Sanskrit, a language received from them. The purest descent of this root race are found in some tribes of south-eastern India, like the pre-Dravidan Devvas, tribes of northern Australia, or some tribes of eastern Africa.''

''Fossil records of this root race have been found, but kept ignored or hidden by scientists because they do not fit in their timeline, and can debunk their official theory of evolution. The different racial types within Humanity have all evolved from this original root race. But their diversity is not only the result of long term adaptation to environments, but also of the different star genetics that have, over time, dominated in one group or the other.''

''Remember that the different species of hominids that are part of your ancestry were not so different genetically, as generally thought, explaining why they could interbreed, and they were more often born from introductions of new genetic material in the lineages, rather than through natural selection, explaining why they have cohabited for many ages. Modern Human genetics are the product of various hybridizations of the root race in time. Thus, already back in Lemuria, the four main colors of Human skins existed side by side. Although continents have changed in shapes and sizes since Humanity was born, some having been submerged or having emerged, the genetic lineages naturally remain concentrated in some territories over ages. So, on a general scale, the Black race lives mostly in the South, the White in the North, the Yellow in the East, the Red in the West. Furthermore, the interbreeding between the four mother races and the root race gave six sub-races, that inhabited different parts of the worlds, migrating from Mother Lemuria.''

''These six sub-races are cross-breed hybrids, that are known to some of your ancient esoteric traditions. They are the following, in chronological order of appearance: the actual descent of the Purple race is sparsely found in Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and South America, carrying more genes from Homo Denisova than other Humans; the Green race, whose descent is nowadays found mainly in Melanesia, Malay tribes and South-East Asia, was more related to Homo Erectus; the Brown race left descent from Homo Habilis all around the Indian Ocean basin, from Africa to India, and into Australia; the descent of the Beige race is mostly concentrated in Eurasia, and intermingled closely with Neanderthals and Hyperborean Elves; the Orange race lived mostly in western and southern Atlantis, its genetics are found mainly in North Africa, western Europe and in the Americas, closely related to the Cro-Magon; the Pink race was living in northern Atlantis and left more genes in North America, Europe, and in North Africa to a lesser extent; their genetic pool was the main stock for the Homo Sapiens.''

''Here, we must make a clear distinction between these colors and the hominids species. Every hominid species, just like modern Humans, can carry all those skins completions. These colors used here for classification are mostly describing the dominant racial type that had genetic additions in different places and times of the Human timeline, creating different types of hominids and hybrids. All those hominid species ended up mingling and interbreeding at some time, and the results of those lineages are found in your genetics.''

''In the first phase of your history, Humans were conceived and born in Lemurian temples through tantric alchemy, a practice consisting in raising vibrational frequencies to attain spiritual ecstasy, allowing interdimensional procreation. Highly spiritually evolved beings transmit their DNA codes interdimensionally, without any need for physical intercourse. This involves working in concert with the souls invited to incarnate, allowing only the best karmic candidates to be born, while maintaining the purest genetic pool and longevity.''

''This practice insures that a species will evolve spiritually at a fast and growing rhythm, while its loss allows any unrelated and unprepared soul to incarnate, slowing down the evolutionary process of the collective consciousness, and weakening the Greater Soul of the species. This sacred practice gradually got lost over time, by a growing number of Human populations, but it was maintained by initiates until as late as fifty thousand years ago, when the newly genetically modified Homo Sapiens started reproducing as animals and taking over the world, exterminating other hominids, during the last Atlantean war.''

''The history of Lemuria stretched over six millions of years and would be too long to tell. It covers the largest part of your Human timeline, starting with its very first beginnings. During its existence, Humanity was involved in three major intergalactic wars, in which my Sasquatch People, along with Star Elders, protected you and combated by your sides. The first one began since your birth six million years ago, and lasted for two million years. It was an ongoing battle opposing the Star Council to reptilian factions cloning monsters.''

''The second cosmic war Humanity went through started three and a half million years ago and lasted one million years, involving again sensibly the same parties. Nuclear weapons were used and underground shelters became the safest refuges. The third interplanetary war Humanity experienced lasted for over half a million years, and ended one and a half million years ago. During that time, the Elves established in Hyperborea were also our allies and they defended you against orcs, dragons, giants and robots.''

''There was four major wars of the two empires, that opposed Mu to Atlantis. The first one started around eight hundred and fifty thousand years ago and lasted one hundred thousand, after the dark fleets of the lower lords established military bases in Atlantis. Since flying dragons were bred and mounted in battle, it is called the war of the dragons. This was when Atlantean kings started cloning several kinds of slave species and hybrids. This was also the period when some factions of Elves made pacts with the lower lords.''

''The second war of the two empires occurred three hundred and fifty thousand years ago and lasted fifty thousand years. It was the war of the giants, in a time when many races of giants of all sizes, carrying or not Human genetics, ruled and competed over kingdoms, some in righteousness, some in evil ways. This is when cannibalism, necromancy, sorcery and wizardry spread among many Human tribes, provoking the first downfall of Lemuria. It is after this war that the Elves were ordered to leave Earth, because of their behaviors.''

''The third war of the two empires happened about one hundred thousand years ago and lasted around twenty five thousand years. It was the war of the wizards, involving spells and curses. By then, tantric alchemy was getting largely lost by most Human cultures. Most Elves had left Earth by then, but Star Elders still lived among you in sacred centers.''

''The fourth and final war that opposed Mu to Atlantis, was called the war of the species. It started around thirty thousand years ago and lasted until the destruction of Mu, about thirteen thousand years ago, followed in turn within centuries by the sinking of Atlantis. During that conflict, the lower lords in Atlantis devised countless hybrids, cloned species of monstrous appearances, and used bacteriological warfare, turning Earth into a hell. The last millennia of Atlantis and Lemuria saw so much evil practices and anti-nature technologies, that both civilizations had to be erased from the surface of the Earth. But many of their colonies have left remains on every continent, although wars destroyed much of their civilizations and the essential parts disappeared forever under the oceans.''

''The continent of Lemuria got this name in the nineteenth century, when paleontologists realized that the populations of lemurs found in Madagascar and India had to be in contact at some point through land bridges, since they do not exist anywhere in between. It is no coincidence that this name became famous, since my Sasquatch Lemur-People was living in large tribes alongside with our Star Elders and your people, for many ages. Although we have walked all over this home-planet for aeons before you were conceived, Lemuria was our mother-land, where we were born, so we lived there in large numbers. This is why, still to this day, the largest populations of Sasquatch People and our relatives are found around the Pacific and Indian Oceans, many having migrated from Lemuria.''

''Lemuria is a vague designation for several masses of land that split from Hyper-Austra. Antarctica and Australia were the first ones separated, ages before Humanity was born. Lemuria itself was made of a large strip of lands stretching across the Indian Ocean into the South-West Pacific. The ancient Dravidian culture of the Tamil, in southern India, has kept memories of this sunken land, from where they say they have migrated, and which they call Kumari Kandam, or 'Kingdom of the Kumara', where Devas taught and ruled.''

''The same continent is given the name Sveta Dvipa, or 'Bright Island', in Sanskrit, while the same language calls Atlantis: Atala. It is no coincidence that the Greek name Atlantis for the sunken continent in the Atlantic finds resonance in many other distant languages. For example, the continent was called Aztlan by the Aztec, who had escaped its doom, Tollan by the Toltec, Atahentsic by the Huron-Wendat, all telling the same story about it.''

''During its late history, Lemuria was split and fractionated in a few series of land masses. The two largest ones were Kumari Kandam, in the Indian Ocean, and Mu, in the Pacific. The latter name is the same in both the Tibetan tradition, as in the Mayan, whose name originating from there they have kept, since they migrated to America 350,000 years ago. This is why their calendar starts at that date, and some remains that old were found in Mexico, although mainstream archaeology has not acknowledged this important discovery, and the discoverer has lost her job, for debunking the Bering Strait theory.''

''All the Pacific Islanders, from Micronesia and Melanesia to Polynesia, share common stories about their origins on a large sunken continent in the Pacific, that they call Kontiki, Taikiki, Tahititi, or Paititi. They say it was a land of spiritual wonders and temples, where star gods and giants lived. The abundance of unexplained megalithic monuments across the Pacific, most of which are kept unaddressed or simply ignored, proves the veracity of those accounts. Everyone is familiar with the giant statues of Easter Island, but few know yet that the Moais also have bodies buried beneath the ground, with gigantic proportions, and some of them were found underwater, proving that they date from before the end of the last ice age. There has not been any plausible explanation yet, as to why such enormous statues were built, even less why they were buried several meters in the soil, nor how long could this process have taken, if they were buried by natural erosion.''

''The half submerged ruins of Nan Madol, on the small island of Pohnpei, in the Caroline archipelago, is the largest known megalithic complex in the Pacific. Built on about one hundred artificial islands, with basalt columns weighting up to fifty tons, that had to be carried for miles across the island, it is only the largest of three similar sites on the island. Mainstream science cannot get rid of such imposing evidence, nor explain it away easily. Archaeologists claim it was built by the local islanders around a millennium ago, while the Natives say those ruins were built by a long vanished race of giants, that had preceded their own arrival on the island. They say the ruins are haunted and avoid visiting them.''

''Other megalithic construction, some of large sizes, are found in the Marquesas, the Marianas, Society Islands, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tahiti, Palau and Lelu, to name a few. Even on the small uninhabited island of Rapaiti, there are three pyramidal structures with clear geometrical designs and patterns, although the island was never populated in historic times. Such proofs of the Lemurian civilization abound and should all be known.''

''The underwater megalithic city with pyramids discovered offshore from the small island of Yonaguni, near Okinawa in Japan, gives another impressive example of the Lemurian civilization, that has been sitting at the sea bottom for nearly thirteen thousand years. Dozens of known submerged cities around the Indian peninsula, the most famous of which are off the coast from Mahabalipuram and from Ayodhya, also provide evidence of ancient civilizations that disappeared at the end of the last ice age. During the ice ages, the sea levels was at times several hundred feet lower than it is now, and was inhabited.''

''Underwater monuments, pyramids or cities have been discovered off the coast of Cuba, the Bahamas, the Azores, the Canaries, western Spain, and in the Baltic Sea, the English channel, the Gulf of Morbihan in Brittany, and too many other places to list them all here. Pyramids and cities exist under the sands of the Sahara and the Gobi deserts, under the ice of Greenland and Antarctica, as well as in a large number of underground complexes. With this amount of proofs, the deniers and skeptics of ancient vanished continents and their civilizations are left way behind the actual level of knowledge from collected data.''

''Now Little Brother, since linear time as its limits, we will soon come to the conclusion of our message. In the last couple days, you were again given some beautiful signs to give you confidence, and help you in finishing this work of transcription of our transmissions. Your physical body is now exhausted, not only from the lack of sleep, but mainly from the intensity of the energy that transpires through your soul when busy doing the channeling. It is a harder work than most would imagine, and we thank you for having carried it until its completion, restlessly and devotedly, only to be able to taste the simple satisfaction of accomplishing your spiritual mission in this world, while you are given the ability to do it.''

''Two days ago, Tsa-Hila went walking in your front yard and left for you two trails of huge footprints, turning into wolf tracks, so you could know for sure that it was her visiting you. Her tracks were twenty inches long with a six foot stride, to show you that she can double her size to twelve feet tall. It had not been an hour since you had found her footprints, that a beautiful fairy came flying by your window, hovered for half a second and flew off. You had time to see her clearly, standing about eight inches tall, with a svelte, slim body, long thin limbs and dragonfly wings, wearing a sleek velvety garment with white fringes.''

''Her name is Lalubela, a very old and wise soul, and she came to remind you that the Elementals are our Eldest Elder Brothers among the hybrid species seeded on our Earth. They have always kept faithful to their spiritual mission and can be of great support to you and to whoever honors them and aims at spiritual, conscious, interspecies relations. It is the first time you ever were given to see a fairy so clearly; it might not be the last.''

''Last night in dream time, two Star Elders with large tall skulls came to visit you. You looked deeply into their large aura and could read much wisdom, peace and love in them. You saw in their eyes images of the cosmos unraveling and understood they come from the Orion Nebula. With gestures of the hands, they invited you to board their landed ship. It was a large saucer-shaped silvery disk, about eighty feet wide, with its door opened. You went in on your own, walked along the circular corridor around its periphery, until you reached a passage giving you access to the central cockpit. There, two Sasquatch were at the commands, and they stood and greeted you when you arrived. You saw their faces clearly, two individuals you had not met yet, since they spend most of their time as star ships crew members, due to their long experience and training with our Star Elders.''

''These were the last gifts we offered you to share in this message, that we are now ending. As our last words to our friends and allies who have followed us all the way until now, we say that we are here to help you on your evolutionary path, out of spiritual duty and responsibility, but also our of Love towards Humanity and affection for those of you who respect us and hear our message of return to balance with the Divine Cosmic Order. If your hearts are sincere and your quest serious, you can know us and work with us.''

''This is our greatest wish, as that of our Star Elders, so that Humanity can raise its collective consciousness and reestablish a peaceful, spiritual, planetary civilization, that will reconnect with our star relatives, to join the Council of Star Elders, to evolve higher into interdimensional knowledge, and eventually, in its turn, reach itself to the far stars.''

''With these words, we bid our farewell to our readers, wishing them the best blessings. Our journey will now continue on other levels, that will not need to be reported at large. May the Great Spirit and all the powers of the Omniverse be with us on our Earth walk.''

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