03 January 2017

Evolving in the New ~ Kara Schallock ~ 2 January 2017

Source: Soulstice Rising

As we continue to evolve it happens non-linearly, which means that we don't just end one phase and begin another. It is much like swinging on a park swing and deciding to go slide. As you whoosh down the slide, you look over and see that the swing you left is still moving from your momentum. It is the same as our own evolution. We may move forward and yet the old phase we just left is still operating; slower than before and losing Power. As we continue to integrate the New, we may very well still feel the energy of the old. This is part of the integration of the New and completion of the old. Completion is important. If you find you are still drawn to old issues, you may have to bring them to completion. The old is not intended to continue into the New. This can feel disjointed and you may wonder why you are still dealing with old issues you thought you had left behind. It is all purposeful, so that you simply do not recreate the old in a new form and call it The New. Complete the old and act in a new way. Empower the Soul Essences you wish to create from; like Love, Joy, Peace, Wonder, etc; by being them and focusing on them. In time, your actions are different; your thoughts are different and you feel different. By focusing on how you want to feel, you create from that feeling.

As we enter the New more strongly, we notice some very different things. We are more detached from events and people. There is less drama and more Understanding of what is below the surface of people's actions and circumstances. There is more Flow and a letting go of pushing things to happen. We notice that what used to bother us does not any longer. This is also true of a shift in our preferences...what we used to enjoy, we may find we no longer do. We love ourselves more, as we are more nurturing to ourselves by choosing those things not out of duty, but out of a feeling of Joy and Passion. More and more we do not look outside ourselves for our answers and if we do, the answers are confirming of what we already know. We find that whatever we focus on is manifest, for all begins with energy and essence. Slowly we are becoming masters of our own making.

Each of us has our own unique gifts. We need not compete with others, but honor and respect them, as we do ourselves. We are like Ocean waves, unique and yet part of the Whole. We are the wave and we are the Ocean. We are energy and our job is to be a conscious, awake flow of energy/Light/Love. We attract or repel according to what our energy is. As we have the highest Light/energy, we rise higher in consciousness and we let go of anything that no longer resonates with us. Likewise, we create and manifest those things and people and circumstances that resonate/match our own energy. We have agreed to integrate our Soul consciousness, rather than just a separate ego consciousness (I want, I want, I want).

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