19 January 2017

Huge Timeline Shift ~ Celia Fenn ~ 18 January 2017

This short update from Celia Fenn appears in full below, for the benefit of those without fb access.

Source: Celia Fenn

Huge timeline shift under way this week.
We are moving into a timeline or time spiral that is unknown.
It is a wild card. It will unlock potential and possibility for our evolution that was not expected or planned.
As we begin this new path it is important that we hold our vision of what we are desiring to create in our Reality, and not to be pulled into duality and conflict. That is the old path, and it leads nowhere.
We are here to "be" the New Earth and to hold an Energy Signature of such a high frequency that it manifests the New Earth Reality in our Sacred Space.
Be ready to step into another version of Earth Reality.
Be ready to embrace another version of Yourself.
One that is more powerful and creative.
Be ready to Shine with Diamond Light.
Be ready to transmit that light to the Planet as she rises in frequency.
In this New Cycle you choose Who You will BE and what you will Create.
This is the biggest challenge so far.
We were born for this time.
We are up to it.
Here goes......<3

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