19 January 2017

Magenta: Opening the Doorway to the Soul ~ Miranda

More on Magenta....

Since I posted my own Magenta message a couple of months ago, I've been receiving some very nice feedback from several Beautiful Souls about their own experiences with this colour, and one sent me pictures of her gorgeous artwork (thank you all, thank you Trisha 💖)

The most recent feedback comes from Miranda, who sent me the following message in response to the posting from Anna Merkaba, who talked about Magenta being the merging of the two colour ends of the Rainbow. The rainbow circle that opens the doorway to the Soul.....thank you, Miranda 💜

Indeed the importance of Magenta is that it completes the rainbow circle and opens the doorway --->>>

Connecting violet back to red
Or in the case of electromagnetism it connects ultraviolet back to infrared - mmmmmmmmmmm....

Everything in the cosmos operates in circular vortexes and so Magenta is the magic key colour/frequency to completing the circle of colour frequencies and so then magically, it opens the doorway to the soul.

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