29 January 2017

Mother Earth's Rejuvenation Process ~ 25 January 2017

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Source: Alexandrian Kosmos

Our common references to time in our lives are largely based upon the symbols of the clock and calendar. The clock in our modern societies is a gauge for managing our daily affairs in the most efficient way possible, for example, in arranging our time of awakening, our arrival at work or school, or coordinating our meals into our schedule. We use the calendar to accommodate our many personal concerns, such as scheduling events outside of our weekly work or school routine or in the many monthly and annual events in our lives needing time to acknowledge, celebrate, or accommodate. Our clocks and calendars are actually artificial replications of earth’s movement around the sun, as a clock is a device imitating earth’s approximate 24 hour movement in the day while the calendar is a formatted replication of earth’s 365 and ¼ day journey around the sun. In attempting to define time itself, most definitions allude to the most obvious aspect time produces through an elapsed duration: an observable beginning and an observable endpoint. Time in the Universe, however, is a consequential result produced through our Universe’s constant motion and vibration, as our Universe is designed to Create Events, not time itself! Universal Events include the formation of Galaxies, the birth of individual Sun-Stars, and the Creation of new planets in a Sun-Star’s own solar system. The eventual result of each and every Universal Event is the manifestation of experience, the experience each Soul acquires towards manifesting Joy!

The Universe is in a constant state of motion and vibration to Create Events through the Creation of Light, Love, and Harmony! Everything within the Universe, dear Ones, is comprised of the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe! As we as Lightworker Souls begin to reacquaint ourselves and reacquire our Soul’s many innate abilities and skillsets to use with the Universe’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibratory Frequency, we will not only be discovering our current dependence upon our modern society’s clocks and calendars to be of little use, but also, obsolete towards the manifestation of our Soul’s Joy! Our Souls perpetually function with the Time of the Universe – Time as an experience of manifesting our Joy! When we recognize that we are truly innate Creators of Joy, we are essentially beginning the initiation of our Soul’s Purpose through the experience of Time as the Movement of the Soul! Not everyone on Earth entering into the fullness of her Fifth Dimension on March 27, 2017 will have an adequate understanding of his or her innate ability to Create Joy, much less the comprehension of her or her own Soul’s unique and individual Purpose! But then, not everyone entering into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will be able to call him or herself a Fifth Dimension’s Innovator! On January 15, 2017 Mother Earth aligned her Crown Chakra into the Universal Grid of Sun-Stars and thereby achieved her complete Integration with the Universe’s Fifth Dimension!

If our experiences with Time in the Fifth Dimension continue to be dependent upon the symbols of the clock and calendar, we will not only continue being completely out of synchronicity with our own Universe’s unique ability to Create Events, but also, our Universe’s entire purpose for Creating such Events – the experience each Soul acquires towards manifesting Joy! From January 29 through February 4, 2017 Mother Earth and her accompanying Sun and Solar System will initiate a process of rejuvenating and healing every part of her external body for her role as a Fifth Dimension Creator Planet! Mother Earth’s Rejuvenation Process of her external body will be coinciding with Mother Earth’s “echo response” on January 31, 2016 manifesting as a result of the alignment of her Crown Chakra. Although Mother Earth has previously produced an “echo response” with each of her previous Chakra alignments since April 30, 2016, her Crown Chakra’s alignment will be serving to rejuvenate and heal all her external body! The outcome produced by Mother Earth’s “echo response” on January 31, 2017 will include many weather related and geophysical changes to introduce her required adjustments for assuming her role as a Fifth Dimension Creator Planet! What we are now witnessing through the anomalies produced by Climate Change evidence will seem in retrospect as trivial, like comparing a region’s transition of the seasons, from spring to summer, summer to autumn, autumn to winter, and back to spring!

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