04 January 2017

Self-Regulating Cosmos ~ Galactic Historian ~ 7 July 2015

Source: Galactic Historian

Beyond the dance of duality there is a Light of Neutrality where all infinite possibilities are waiting NOW

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE means no-strings-attached to the Love you give. You may or may not receive Love back because that's not part of the deal. If you had to receive it back, that would be a condition. You Love without expecting anything at all in return.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE knows no boundaries,no limitations and no conditions,no spiritual commerce..no energy traffic!

Do not trust those astral entities who offers you something(secret knowledge,super powers etc.,"love") in return.

Whether in sleep state or meditations,it is important to know and realize that there are many hyper dimensional pockets,trick windows,astral delusions,and consciousness traps that may look like or impersonate doorways to the higher realms.

Heart centered entities don't ask nothing in return...they don't promise "ascension"/illumination,or give you super powers in return of doing something "good" for "humanity"...all this are traps.

Super powers abilities/all Knowledge are inside of each of us..just the Unconditional Love Frequency(Neutral essence of Divinity),the regained Self Sovereignty can wake up this dormant powers in a Natural Divine way which will last forever because you became self sustainable..a Perpetuum Mobile!

You are God...nobody externally can activate your powers than you,of course,you can choose to set up a belief that someone gave you special powers by doing something special(but in reality are short term powers) ..integrating your Higher Self by your request and by your determination,activating your DNA codes...waking up from the hypnosis induced from the mind control technology of the Archons and from destructive Ego mind,you will be able to access your powers permanently.

A Heart centered Being/Entity can show you the way,give you the tools how you can activate your powers without conditions in one way or another...but just your self determination/discernment in reclaiming your Self Cosmic Sovereignty can activate your inner super powers permanently,period!

Physically we are still living in a 3D/4D duality/Ego mind reality where the energy exchange is money not Love..more than that we are trapped in an manipulated artificial reality,based on domination and control!

Unconditional Love Light frequencies are Now here more than in other periods of time/no time,surrounding us,we must just allow them to activate our DNA memory and remember how to access(from within) other Dimensions where the energy exchange is Love and not money.

Realities based on instant materialization of thoughts,bilocation,telepathy,telekinesis,self healing,interdimensional travels exist are reachable Now,in this realities the energy exchange is true Love/true Friendship...we don't need money exchange or gold,silver or other dense energy exchange,we don't need to work hard every day to pay the rent,a car or a holiday(once a year)...or any external technology because we are all this technology and more...

In the dual worlds based of Ego mind the energetic blocks in the form of beliefs and self-limiting behavior prevent us from naturally functioning this way.

The false parasitic construct system can have super power abilities but just by stealing energy from us..and with this energy they build their Vampiric Empire of black Magic!

Just think about... what ask Mother Earth in return for her Unconditional Love?!

She Love us so much that allowed to be destructive if we so chose- she give us everything free,the SUN too..this is the true Love/Universal Love/Unconditional Love...however everyone knew when they first came into manifestation here on Mother Earth what the rules of the game were,and rules were: there is a certain way the energy systems here work..there is a certain leeway to where they can be pushed into being used in ways they were not meant to.

But if you push too hard,the literal laws of inter-dimensional physics will push back,and you will get consequences you will not be happy with.Everyone knew that when they came in but many have forgotten it.

In conclusion:the Universe,Multiverse,Cosmos are self-regulating.

Source/God does not play warden.(this last statement is especially for Archons and all parasitic Empire..)

GH Team

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