27 January 2017

Shining Our Light and New Guides

A couple of things to share :)

Shining Our Light
I will be very honest and get right to the point ~ many of us are becoming too invested in, or overly distracted by, the unfolding and increasingly messy drama that's being staged by forces who are desperately working overtime to prevent us from coming together in Unity Consciousness and focussing on what truly matters. "What Truly Matters" will be different for different people, because each one of us will do what needs to be done in our own unique way. As far as I'm concerned, "What Truly Matters" is Shining Our Light in whatever manner that best suits us.

As if to underscore this, I had a related meditation vision very recently; I was carrying a torch that emitted a strong glowing golden-white Light. Although it was me in the vision, I knew that it wasn't just about me, it's for all who resonate with the message.

I was walking slowly but steadily into a "world" that was looking a little dark and dim. Each step I take, the area where my foot landed would glow with the same golden-white Light that was emanating from my torch. It reminded me of Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" video (here).

My understanding is that this is a reminder to us that we need to re-focus on shining our Light, bringing Light to as yet unlit places. Being mired in the duality/polarity that we are supposed to transcend beyond needs to cease.

New Guides?
The next thing to share is a dream. I was having a discussion with a baby whose energy signature was as old as Creation Itself. I had some energy charts that I was analysing, and wanted to seek guidance from the baby (!) so that I could decipher them. We communicated telepathically, and although I have no details, the discussion was deep.

When I woke up from the dream, my understanding was that new Guides would be coming into our lives to help us through the next stage. I don't have anymore details other than that.

Namaste, and all I have left to say is......


  1. "I am the Light of the world. That is my Only function. That is why I am here." (ACIM)
    Yes Grace, to be the Light in the midst of messy drama is now the order of the day. T

    1. "I Am the Light, the Light I Am".....as per Matt Kahn :) Thank you, Trisha <3