11 January 2017

Turbulence, Chaos, Deafening Silence and Vibrant Order

irv rothman
The title is, in itself, totally contradicting. That best describes the energies that I'm feeling so far over this barely two weeks of 2017. This is a short personal update.

There's a strong sense of turbulence, and I feel that it's not yet presented. While I do not know when this turbulence will manifest, I feel that it's not too far away.

From what I've experienced in the past couple of weeks, chaos seem to rule in many personal lives. This actually felt quite apparent in the waning weeks of 2016, and has since accentuated. Based on what I've personally gone through, as well as what a few others have shared with me, it looks to me that we aren't actually experiencing the chaos ~ rather, it's the people in our own circle whose lives have erupted in chaos. Generally speaking, we are like the eye of the storm ~ we are the calmness to the chaos around us as our loved ones go through their own challenges.

What gets complicated is when we are helping those in chaos. Unless we are balanced, centered and in our zone as much as possible, we will not be much better than clueless participants in the chaos. I sometimes think that this is just a micro version of what it would be like when The Event breaks ~ we would need to be able to cope with the likely chaos around us, so this is a good time to "practice".

There is also this deafening silence that's permeating the Planet. This sounds utterly contradictory to what I just wrote about turbulence and chaos, but you know what I mean :)  This "silence" pertains to not only data or information (very little "actual" data coming out but a lot of "noise") but also to our own guidance. I feel that my guidance has become somewhat silent, but when I properly listened to the silence, I get that it's not because there's no guidance. On the contrary (and this seems to be a very strong theme ~ contradiction), it's because more of our own Divine guidance is being integrated within our own fields. Our own voice is becoming "louder", as we embody more and more of our Divine Essence.

In the midst of the chaos around us, we also have a strong sense of what I call "Vibrant Order" that we are increasingly feeling within, as well as without. When we tap into this Vibrant Order within, there's a deep knowingness that this "energy" is what will guide and sustain us when the time comes. We also sense this Vibrant Order is something that is currently positioning and readying itself for manifestation....."shortly". It's like an energetic blueprint or code that will be inserted into the template of Creation when we make the Shift. We are currently working to match the vibrational instruction sets of this Vibrant Order.

Namaste and Blessings!


  1. Hi Grace
    When your mind is silent your future will come...
    I too am holding the silence as the storm gathers near me but not of me!
    Its a test of strength faith & great self love
    To sit in the centre of the storm
    And know what is mine & what is not
    To shine a Light
    And be at peace

    1. Thank you, Trisha....that's beautiful! It's the only way we can go forward on our highest path. Blessings :)