03 February 2017

Cobra Interview with Prepare For Change Turkey: Transcript ~ 2 February 2017

Source: Prepare For Change

(Note from Summer Sun:  Personally and on behalf of the Prepare for Change-Turkey group, I would like to thank you Cobra for taking the time and answering our questions. When my awakening started with a “dream” back when you did the second IS:IS Portal activation, I wasn’t able to find much information online that would help me understand what was happening to me. The only place I found information that made sense was Cobra Portal. Reading your blog and especially listening to your interviews made such a big difference for me and helped me in the process of remembering the forgotten. So, thank you for doing these interviews. These interviews make such a big difference for us.

Below questions were prepared by PFC-Turkey group. We have asked our members on our Facebook group what questions they wanted to ask you. Many questions were sent, however. A lot of them had been answered in earlier interviews – so some had to be eliminated as we had too many questions. Given this, I would like to apologize to those group members who will not find their questions below.

Thank you again Cobra.)

Q1: As you might remember, there was a big earthquake on Aug 17th, 1999 where the epicenter of the earthquake was Golcuk, Turkey. This location was also where the biggest Turkish Naval Base was located at the time. I was personally one of the ones lived that earthquake and a lot of people I knew died there.

USGS instantly measured the earthquake as 8.3 according to the Richter scale, then in time they lowered it to 7.4 . It was huge and lasted more than 40 seconds causing the death of thousands of people.

Later, there were theories about H.A.A.R.P effect. Or it could be a deep underground tactical nuclear bomb like Fukushima.

What do you think? If it was not natural, what would be the purpose? Just a test or a threat for the Turkish government to convince them for doing an unacceptable act?

C: It was a natural earthquake which was a direct response to the opening of a cosmic portal on August 11th, 1999 and subsequent evacuation of the vast majority on non-incarnated humans from the astral plane to the motherships of the Galactic Confederation. Such intense events put a great stress upon the planetary energy grid and upon the tectonic plates. Actually, drastic cataclysms were expected globally for 1999 and only because of the intervention of the Light forces they did not happen.

Q2: USS Saratago (CV-60) fired two See Sparrow missiles in 1992 during a NATO drill and shut down TCG Muavenet (DM 357). After this event, there was no logical explanation as to why this happened. We all learned from mass media that it was an accident.

Do you have any information about the real reason behind this attack?

C: Communication mismatch in the chain of command.

Q3: Was Ottoman Empire a plan of the Cabal? And was the collapse of the empire also the plan of the Cabal? Can you give us a different perspective on the Ottoman history?

(link provided by C) http://www.schillerinstitute.org/conf-iclc/1990s/conf_feb_1994_brewda.html

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