10 February 2017

Gatekeepers and Gridworkers Utilising the Eclipse Window ~ Sandra Walter ~ 9 February 2017

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Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

You may notice a dramatic increase in the energies as this Eclipse window ushers in the next wave. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers will be activating and releasing the Solar aspects of the grids over the next weeks.

This directly affects your pineal-pituitary complex, DNA and Heart center as it unlocks the new HUman template encodements. Expansion, blissed-out sensations and exhaustion are expected; it is what it is. Take care and welcome the activation with an open heart. Side-effects within the body are one conversation; receiving all that is available and assisting Gaia, HUmanity, Kingdoms and Elementals is another.

As mentioned in the previous post, the death of old Self can be complete if you surrender to this, and actively allow the new template of the Higher Self to step forth.

This always works in tandem with the external events unfolding; death of old systems. Much is happening behind-the-scenes as well; let it be. All is incredibly well, Beloveds. It is our responsibility to create and call forth the New. Shifts are occurring to fully empower the Light Tribe who are focused on embodiment and activation of global Christ Consciousness templates.

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