05 February 2017

Recovering Our Core Self ~ Lisa Renee ~ 30 January 2017

Harmonic Universe 1: 1D, 2D, 3D
HU 2: 4D, 5D, 6D
NAA: Negative Alien Agenda

Source: Energetic Synthesis

The planetary body is shifting into the higher frequency band that is located in the next Harmonic Universe. The collective consciousness has been shifting through the layers of the higher dimensional frequency bands quite consistently, during the Ascension Cycle. However, what is happening now has a massive impact on the configuration of the construct that makes up the individual and collective mental bodies. The impact to the three lower layers of the mental body construct generates forces that create intense energetic pressure upon people’s bodies, in so that they learn to adjust their 3D ways of thinking, behaving and negative ego coping mechanisms to evolve into the higher mind. Many people may feel the pressure as they are being forced to move past old 3D identities and let go of the false self. As a result of current shifts, all people are being pushed to recognize and feel the differences between the authentic core self and the false identities used to mask pain and trauma. This discernment is needed to help people develop into their higher mental bodies, in so that they can align to the higher frequencies that are transmitting during the current collective consciousness shift. The planetary body is rolling up the lowest three frequency bands, 1D, 2D and 3D. This means that the lower three dimensional frequency bands will cease to exist in the same way they have on this planet. This produces a massive pressure upon the constructs that exist as the lower mental bodies, which for some people with unhealed trauma, will be felt as surges of electrical pressure on the nervous system that generates even more mental anxiety and physical tension. We are under a lot of pressure to recollect our soul fragments and transform into a new and higher version of ourselves. This pressurized sensation upon our body and mind can bring up feelings of fear as we progress into facing the unknown and overcoming fears of uncertainty and self-doubt.

The false self or the false identity is usually formed to generate inner walls in our unconscious mind as a result of unhealed painful trauma and fears. This wall of separation that exists between our unconscious mind and conscious mind hides secret negative beliefs or internal fears that we have collected about ourselves as the result of how we perceived life experiences. For some people, these deeply buried fears and pain is so devastating that they avoid addressing it, as it can sink them into a dark abyss of emotional pain that they do not know how to cope with. To hide from this emotional pain, they develop coping mechanisms to help them better survive in the 3D world of obligations and stress, while living in a culture that emphasizes escapism, which is pain and fear avoidance. People in pain form opposite sets of compensating behaviors, which means they act out behaviors that are actually the opposite of who they really are, in so to keep up appearances or expectations connected to their belief system. These negative habits form into coping mechanisms that help them to deal with the anxiety they feel that is created from past unhealed pain and trauma. These compensating behaviors turn into fear coping mechanisms in order to get through life, people putting up a fa├žade or false identity that they believe other people will accept or love. Or they may be reduced into impersonating other people’s behaviors around them in order to feel safe, and other peoples behaviors become the mental body architecture that form into the false identity mask that they show to the world. When we allow others the power to dictate to our identity, we become lost, confused and very unhappy.

At this time it is important that we not seek to repair and reprogram the false identity mask of the negative ego’s pain, that part of our lower mind that has compensated behaviors to hide away our deepest fears that we are unlovable, worthless, or inadequate. It is time to break through the ego walls of separation and fear, to discover the true authentic core self, to recover our core self through unconditional self-love and unconditional self-acceptance.

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  1. It's so many years that i read in the spiritual sources network the same archontic deception, that in order to ascend and reprogram the subtle and physical bodies we need to - putting it simple - suffer some more: here i read that the more you suffered for traumas, abuses, shocks, the more you have to suffer to deliver yourself. In fact, this is how many divulgated advices sound. In fact, trying to spread light and hope, some supposedly reliable sources seem to do everything to prevent painless solutions to be found by those of us who already suffer enough. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! There are infinite possibilities, not only in nuce, and some of these don't contemplate pain. I hope many understand that various Lightworkers has been detaching from Ascension Tasks not really because of the ego fears, or because of the obscure ones harassment, BUT BECAUSE THIS PHYSICAL PAIN WE'VE HAD TO DEAL WITH HAS BEEN - AS THIS ARTICLE ITSELF STATES IN SOME POINTS - UNBEARABLE. Once again, enough is enough. The painless options are less and less available because the ego of the obscure ones finds food and fuel in this new agish point of view, the de facto unavoidable suffering in order to evolve, once again, one of the most evil and idiotic archontic deception. Some of us are so sick of following an agenda of supposed light that denies us our basilar rights showing an edulcorated arrogance. IF ANYTHING, THOSE NEW AGERS THAT WANT CONVINCE US THAT SOME MORE PAIN CAN'T BE AVOIDED ARE CHAINED TO THEIR EGOS, THEY RAHTER SUFFER THAN TRULY ACT THE CHANGE THEY FILL THEIR MOUTHS WITH, WHEN THEY SUFFER, OR, STILL BETTER, THEY LEAVE THE NASTY PAINFUL JOBS TO OTHER LIGHTWORKERS "LESS EVOLVED", CONSIDERED SUCH MAYBE BECAUSE THEY DON'T HIDE THE COMPREHENSIBLE RAGE, USE VULGAR EXPRESSIONS, DO DRUGS, ETCETERA. My girlfriend and me we've been suffering a lot in time, so if some of those who wish to work suffering (or so they say...) need some more pain, we're glad to share our own, in change we'd like to experience some benefits and often almost painless options that seem to be a prerogative of those who accept the ultra-polite, politically correct way to work, the "don't swear, don't smoke, don't think about the abuses from a sick power in order to keep yourself vibrationally clean" mantra repeated in years to the nausea. I've noticed that the obedient ones often must suffer very less than those who doubt the exposed supposed truths, just like in every other context of this society. Very racist aspects taint this ascension, and we're so sick not only of suffering but also of having to notice how a doble standard affected our lives not less than the obscure ones agendas and the non-awake ones prejudices, and that many "ultra-polite" Lightworkers tend to be jealous when they see other Lightworkers able to work in a different way. Double standard: one treatment for the "positive", "light-filled" workers, THAT DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER TOO MUCH EVEN IN THE MOST DELICATE PHASES OF THE SHIFT, and another for those who are not interpreting devotional roles without doubting the authority. I'M NOT TRYING TO SOUND AS A TEEN REBEL, I'M JUST TALKING IN THE BEHALF OF MY GF AND ME AND ALL THOSE OF US WHO ARE SICK TO DEATH FOR AVOIDABLE PAINS THAT ARE NOT AVOIDED BECAUSE A RELATIVE MAJORITY OF LIGHTWORKERS DON'T WANT TO PUT IN DISCUSSION THEMSELVES, WHILE EXPECTING THAT OTHERS DO IT INSTEAD OF THEM. THE ASCENSION CAN BE ACHIEVED WITHOUT ALL THIS SUFFERING!!! Now, i wanna see if my comment will be published or if the Orwellian censorship (like happened in the past) is operative also in Light Websites an' will shut me up. Sorry if i sound too harsh but having been used and abused as remote-controlled robots and being even repeated over and over again that "it's your karma" (archontic deception at its finest) just made us sick just like it ruined our lives!

    1. ?? Perhaps you should read the article again. Blessings