02 February 2017

The Great Solar Flash ~ Cosmic Disclosure: Free Access for Next 12 Hours ~ Season 7 Episode 5

Aka Galactic Wave, Cosmic Superwave, Galactic Sneeze, The Event etc....although the title has "Solar", I resonate with the premise that this "flash" comes from the Great Central Sun (Central Sun of the 22 Galaxies).

I had intended to view this episode earlier but just didn't get to it. I just noticed that Siv Fordelsen from the Cobra Etheric Liberation fb group posted this link, which enables free viewing of said episode. Currently, there's about 12 hours left to catch this for those who do not subscribe to Gaia TV.

I'll add notes later for reference, just wanted to get it out now.

Here's the link for those without fb.

** Update **
Some highlights, text in purple are mine. Please note that this video is only about 30-minutes, best to watch it yourself as these are only highlights:

  • Jay Weidner explains the message of 2001: A Space Odyssey ~ Humanity must choose: go down path of AI or rebel against the AI and go on the organic path which leads to Ascension, depicted in movie as Bowman goes through stargate (we become our own stargates). It's also an attempt to disclose existence of Ancient Race as well as SSP
  • Title was originally "Journey Beyond the Stars" but was changed to "2001: A Space Odyssey" based on Get Smart episode "Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho", where explosives were placed inside building (called "Odyssey") as they're building it (WTC built in same year as this episode, 1967); this was confirmed by chief assistant of architect of WTC
  • Corey's glass pads tell of similar Solar flash occurring between 2018 - 2023
  • Arthur C Clarke is "....the Insider's Insider's Insider", made movie "2010" which tells of a "flash"
  • Alchemising lead into gold ~ "gold" is "god" with "l" (lead) taken out; our transformation is both spiritual and physical, we are transforming into gods (our Divine Blueprint)
  • Rift in 1700s split the Freemasons into White Hats (who had the Elixir of Life) and Black Hats; the latter have been hunting down the former since then
  • Evidence all over Planet of coming gigantic Solar Flash, this knowledge handed down from Freemason father to son
  • Corey: the Cosmic Web interconnectedness of all the Stars in other Solar Systems means that all others will also be affected. Jay refers to "Mysteries of the Great Cross" by Hendave, which tells of "Galactic Burp" of the Central Sun that will affect all Stars
  • Jay confirms that our Sun, which used to be yellow, is now white (so happy to hear some public figure verify this!) ~ after 25,000+ years, its torsion shear has reached critical phase
  • Chemtrailing's purpose is to block our Sun's Light; construction workers have commented to Jay that 75 degrees (F) now feels like 90. UV levels now "through the roof"
  • Corey has heard that Cabal is developing technologies to prevent these Solar Rays from reaching Planet; Jay confirms this
  • Jay believes that Denver Airport has been constructed to protect against this flash, it's a plan for continuity of government and species
  • Corey reviews that the "Blues" had appeared to US govt in 1950s, telling them that we're heading in wrong direction and in league with wrong terrestrial groups; they would help us if govt scraps their agendas but were shooed away
  • Jay tells of old Sufi alchemical text "Language of the Birds" ~ Bird Beings (main one being blue) bring alchemical knowledge to Earth
  • David shows text extracts from the 1950s "The Brown Notebook", a Law of One precursor, which suggest coming huge change for Humanity. "If your people are to survive the coming cataclysm, this must be done (love one another). The Creator is bringing this solar system back into balance. We must do our part. Live, Love and Learn the wishes of your Creator. You cannot go wrong."
  • Jay said that William Tompkins reported that in the 1950s, about 1400 regular people telepathically received the same sort of message

  • Jay believes that the whole point is to turn us into Ascended Beings, into "gold". Being electrical in nature, when we turn into gold, then our electricity will be able to flow freely
  • He also reminds us that our Pineal Gland is activated by Sunlight; Serotonin and Melatonin are governed by light and darkness ~ when the Sunlight changes, our Pineal Glands change, that's why they're chemtrailing. The changing Sun is changing Consciousness.


  1. Thank you for the rundowwn. There are some things happening on/in the sun. http://spaceweather.com/

    1. Welcome :) And thank you for the link. Blessings

  2. What about the tech that the cabal is developing to prevent this? Doesn’t that mean that this might not happen?

    1. All I can say is that each of us, as individuals and collectively, must do what we can in our own capacity to ensure Ascension becomes a reality.