08 February 2017

Transformational Power of the Great Solar Flash (Available for Free Viewing For 48 Hours) ~ Jay Weidner, David Wilcock & Corey Goode ~ 7 February 2017

This is the second part of "The Great Solar Flash", which was posted earlier.

I've "gifted" this video, which means it will be available for free over the next 48 hours, the countdown of which starts from the moment the first person clicks on this link:

Some notes for referencing, my additions in brown. Please do watch the video (instead of just reading the notes) as it's only about 30-minutes in length.

  • CG: Negative beings won't be able to survive this frequencies. These beings believe that they are doing Humanity good and see Benevolents as evil
  • JW has heard from other sources that these Negatives are really worried, they know that this great cleansing will come
  • CG/DW: Death is part of illusion of Space-Time, also part of learning experience
  • CG thinks that these Negatives will be recycled (which is what Cobra says, that their Souls will be brought to the Galactic Centre to be "recycled")
  • JW: Humans have been "messed with" to have shorter lifespans which means we don't have sufficient time to figure things out (this aligns with many sources that speak about the genetic engineering abuse of the Human template by the Archons, of which shorter lifespans is one effect). Alchemists therefore attempt to prolong their lives so that they are able to figure things out. They believe that 300 - 800 years is a normal lifespan ~ this alone would entirely change the world
  • CG: Oldest and wisest amongst us are still spiritual children
  • JW/CG: Drugs, Fluoride (pineal), metals in food and water mitigate these shifts in Consciousness
  • DW: Mr X, Project Camelot's first whistleblower, tells of documents from 1950s about the meeting with Eisenhower and The Blues, which resulted in the govt rejecting the condition of nuclear disarmament. The Blues told the govt that if they covered up this incident, they can only get away with it until 2012, at which time The Blues will return
  • CG: It's becoming obvious from the Cabal's panic and changes to programs that things have moved up from the extended 2018 "end date"
  • CG: It would be child's play for Sphere Beings to transport billions from one planet to another

(It's a COSMIC Reset, not just this Galaxy.)

  • CG: These Spheres are spaced out throughout Solar System, acting as harmonic buffer, to allow Humanity more time to acclimate to the rising frequencies
  • JW reiterates (from previous video) that 1442 seemingly random and "ordinary" people in 1950s were receiving information such as that in the Brown Notebook
  • William Tompkins concluded that his knowledge to build ships came from benevolent ETs
  • JW/DW: Balancing the Solar System is the most intelligent way to defeat the Negatives
  • Hatton and Latue, sources of this Brown Notebook information, were the same beings who later worked with Carla Rueckert before she channelled Law of One
  • "The Space Story and The Inner Light" by Baird Wallace were a collection of channelled messages received by various people in the 1950s and 1960s
  • JW: In "Mysteries of the Cathedrals" by Fulcanelli, he states that the entire Human Race is an alchemical experiment, as evidenced by the 22 ET races (who some, like Alex Collier, say are our progenitors). Main purpose being, can we take a guttural creature and transform it into a spiritually advanced being? (As per "2001"). Gaia is a main part of this change in Consciousness (I'm very glad JW mentioned this ~ She is an integral part of this Ascension. Unfortunately, he didn't get the chance to elaborate.)

  • CG: That's why the Spheres are buffering the energies ~ the Earth is changing faster than we are. If this wasn't done, there would be more physical planetary changes than what we have now, and this would have caused more fear in the population. He also confirms that the SSP said that our system is moving into a high energy nebula cloud (Photon Belt). Personnel sent into this cloud to investigate were affected and had breakdowns. When they artificially reproduced this energy, people who were exposed to it were drastically affected, eg. sociopaths lost it, while those who were positively oriented became blissful, and those with psychological issues had them enhanced
  • JW/DW: The good get better while the bad get worse, and the crazy get crazier

  • JW: Masonic ritual for Elixir of Life by tricking pineal gland ~ involves spending 3 days in dark room, then looking at rising Sun's Light for 3 minutes, followed by 40 days in dark room. This produces super Serotonin (akin to DMT) which turns into super Melatonin, the latter being able to reverse ageing process. Apparently, the initiate's age is reversed by 15-20 years
  • CG: Tells of intuitive empaths who were chemically enhanced with shots

  •  CG confirms that the orbits of planets in our Solar System isn't in harmony, unlike others

  • CD: This is about Ascension; "bridegroom" represents alchemical wedding of flesh and Spirit, like the eclipse
  • JW/CD: At least 5 eclipses in "2001"; Kubrick definitely understood Alchemy. He picked "Thus Spake Zarathustra" at the last moment, Zarathustra being the Persian Alchemist, opening trumpets of score is over the eclipse. Zarathustra is Zoroaster, author of the Prophecy of Frashokereti which tells of a Solar Flash that transforms Humanity

  • JW: Nervous system carries electrical currents through body. When the Electric Sun's Light enters the eyes, go through endocrine system, changes nervous system, makes us more electric, and we live longer as Light Bodies.