11 February 2017

USA: The Spiritual Awakening of a Nation ~ Vera Ingeborg ~ 10 February 2017

Source: The Wake Up Experience

We are witnessing great chaos, lots of confusion, hate, and conflict in the US and all over the world right now. Trump has announced and put into place a lot of changes within the first weeks being in office. Opinion against opinion, arguments against arguments, lots of “fighting fors”, “againsts” and deep frustration and fear. The country seems to be deeply divided. Many are losing hope.

So far the situation. But – What if all of what is going on right now is a good thing and is the initial phase of the birthing of a new era and form of living together in peace and harmony on this planet? WTF?? Many will ask now? With a guy that divides instead of unites and gives a shit about what people say?!?
I am not a citizen of the US and could be very upset about how Trump is behaving right now with his “America first” approach – if I would see it from the 3D human perspective. It is impossible to see the perfection in this from a human point of view. Humans are always caught up in duality and an “either / or” way of thinking. As a human, you can be either for or against something. It does not even appear to us that we have a third option: Becoming a neutral observer without being drawn into the drama. So let’s leave the human perspective for this article and look at what is happening from a higher perspective: A soul perspective; a universal perspective, an energetic perspective.
“In order to understand the bigger picture, we need to leave the human perspective and see it from a higher perspective: A soul perspective, a universal perspective, an energetic perspective.”
What we are actually experiencing right now is an exact blueprint of the spiritual awakening of a Nation. The USA is the first nation to go through this in the western society and will lead the process of this grand awakening for the whole planet. The easiest way to understand why that is, is to draw the parallels to our own spiritual awakening experience on an individual level and to understand the deeper layers and energetic perspective running in the background.

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