08 March 2017

"On Hold": The March Energies and Their Hidden Power ~ Vera Ingeborg ~ 7 March 2017

Source: Wake Up Experience

Pffffhhh, the crazy ride continues, and the energies are continuing to push us forward relentlessly. Often, we just feel that we would rather just hide under the blankets right now until this dense period is over. Just to be followed by a bliss wave that takes us up into the sky to crash again. “What a freakshow” is all we can think these days. We are changing so quickly and moving forward so fast, that we can hardly keep up with the changes going on. We feel different from day to day and yet at the same time we feel that we are not able to take any decisions. “Should I stay or should I go now” is the common theme in this Venus retrograde period.

Although we all know deep down inside it has to be that way, and we are the one’s to move through this first to pave the way for others to follow it can just feel like too much to take sometimes. All we want is go home, exit to not have to feel anything anymore at all. After every big block cleared out of the way, there seems to be more. “Every time I thought I had figured it all out, I had to learn and accept: No, there is more”. These words of Dolores Cannon echoing our experience right now. In addition, the physical symptoms, the despair and the nagging question of “What’s the point of all of this? Why did I sign up for this. Does it ever stop?” are accompanying us. This often comes in combination with the feeling of being useless and the whole thing we do is pointless anyways, just to be followed by the next wave of bliss and feeling this planet is the best place to be in ever. No wonder many of us are feeling like losing their mind. And… that is exactly what is happening as it is needed to enter 5D: We need to lose our ego mind and transform it into a free spirit: A mind that no longer judges, worries, doubts, interprets or sticks to certain beliefs, but only perceives and sets intentions.
“In order to enter 5D we need to lose our ego mind and transform it into a free spirit: A mind that no longer judges, worries, doubts, interprets or sticks to certain beliegs, but only perceives and sets intentions”

Nevertheless, our mind is still trying to make sense of what is going on, and of course it is not capable to do so because it cannot process that amount of energy and data that is coming through our heart and with the intense light influxes we have been experiencing lately. Again, we are pushed to our very borders of what we can still bear. We have to remind ourselves that not everything we feel is ours, and that we are processing a lot of energy for the collective. The world and humanity have entered the great chaos to prepare for the big shift upwards in frequency. And we are the brave forerunners to hold the space and high frequency for the collective to shift into. It is so important to detach from these sensations, knowing that this is just collective energy running through us to be transformed through our heart centers. That is a major part of the lightwork we came here to do.
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