03 March 2017

The Light Body ~ Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 28 February 2017

Source: Elizabeth Trutwin

The light body is the seer of reality within the individual identity. It is the Wholeness Navigator that detects the frequencies of fifth dimensional essence in the lower dimensions of matter, time, and space. It is the bearer of alignment to the Plan of the One Creator. It is the portal of guidance within the one who is separated from unity by the veils of illusion. It is the voice within the void that calls to your mind and heart, beckoning its recognition and restoration as your true identity and that of all others as well. It is the connection between the heart and mind that allows for true creation to occur. It is the telepathic portal that hears and sees the divine intelligence and then activates its expression within the lower realms by mere presence.

Source: Elizabeth Trutwin

The light body reveals one’s inner light and wisdom. It is the vehicle of creativity that telepathically listens to the family of light and expresses its unique signature of insight in response to the family of light, adding dimension and nuance that deepens our interconnection and collective wisdom.

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