10 March 2017

The Strain in the Veil Breakthrough ~ Disclosure News Italia ~ 9 March 2017

Regardless of whether these are accurate or otherwise, I've been reading updates from Disclosure News Italia regularly, and am posting this one which reports a positive breakthrough. As always, follow your own inner guidance.

Source: Disclosure News Italia

The Strain in The Veil Breakthrough – Pleiades 1.In a very exciting information, that shows how the Lightworkers are getting positive results, the Pleiadians said that there was another large and significant step forward of the Light Forces within the Solar System.
An energy called “Point Attractor” is sucking the rest of the old residual negative energy still in the Solar System very quickly.

They also announced another big action that is still in progress, is the deactivation of the remaining underground bases of the Cabal, in the main capitals of the world, they also revealed that some of them tried to escape without success!

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