03 April 2017

A Blessing Gift for You: New April Energy ~ Judy Satori ~ 2 April 2017

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Hi Everyone,

This month I want to bring you a blessing to give you faith and trust when you feel lost and alone and don’t know and cannot see what is ahead for you. As we move into April a new energy is coming that will lift you up and take you to places that you have never gone to before. Before this energy comes in you may feel low at times as deep within you changes are occurring. These deep inner shifts are to do with your psyche and as you deepen into knowing yourself more than you ever known yourself more of your true soul’s Light will begin to express.

The audio recording that I want to share with you comes from the True Colors program that I presented in Auckland. It will help you move through uncertainty and change.

Love and blessings,

Please listen here.

If you would like to download this audio, click the button to play. On the play screen, right click (control click on MAC) anywhere on that screen and choose Save As to download.

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