31 July 2017

Large Solar Flare and Sea of UFOs Near Sun ~ UFONEARSUN Myunhauzen74 ~ 28 July 2017

This is stunning footage of that humongous Solar burst that took place a couple of days ago. Although not Earth-facing and therefore not picked up by instruments, I still maintain that we will nevertheless feel the effects in some way.

Watch this short clip here; lots of craft (or structures?) revealed as well.

Recalibration ~ Lee Harris ~ 30 July 2017G

** Gracefully recalibrate **
Source: Lee Harris


Evolving More ~ Kara Schallock ~ 30 July 2017

Source: Soulstice Rising

We are and have been in a powerful transition in the last month especially. (Of course, we have been transitioning from the old to the New for a very long time...lifetimes.) We have been preparing in the last month for the eclipses and the 8-8-8. Eight is symbolic for Power, so expect a leap up in your personal Power, which means that you take Responsibility for all in your life. There is no acting small or deciding something or someone else is to blame for any perceived shortcomings you might see yourself having (the Truth is that you have no shortcomings). What makes you happy? Nothing makes you anything. Your Joy is within; your Power is within; your Knowing is within. You need nothing outside of yourself to prove who you are. There is no need; therefore, you're not needy. You are a powerful, sovereign being of Love.

During this particular preparation, we have had an Opportunity to dive deep into ourselves, which has led to more uncovering of the Truth; if you took this Opportunity, that is. Leo symbolizes the Power of the Heart and wow; do we get to roar out who we are! We not only got to dive deep into the layers of us, to core issues; we also have been receiving powerful downloads of Light at the same time. The downloads of Light help shine a light onto that which we still need to let go of and to who we truly are.

Our physical bodies are adjusting; and this is nothing new. Do realize that nothing will go back to the way it was. This is not the new norm, for things continue to shift and you do as well. Nothing remains the same. We are continuously evolving; there is no stopping place. As we evolve, our consciousness shifts higher and therefore, life continues to reflect this high place to us and continues to shift. What helps is to let go of any desire to control your life, simplify and meditate. Being in Nature, even if it is just to step outside your home, greatly helps. We are purifying through elimination, becoming an empty chalice so that the chalice we are fills with nothing but Love.

As we become more and more Love, we recognize our Godness/Divinity. We are urged to let go of all identification, which means letting go of labels and words that separate. As Divine, we are One with all and we need not define anything, for definition limits evolution. It places things in a box with immovable walls. Everything flows according to resonance. All the surrendering we have been doing helps prepare us for our Godness. Be aware that unless you make room for the New and unless you trust the process, nothing changes. Trust and stay committed to the path you're on.
Do you wonder how shifting to being crystalline, your DNA being replaced with New DNA and activations to your Pineal Chakra affect you? Have you doubted these things, looking at life and not finding “proof” for your intellect to wrap itself around? These things are real. We are becoming New, as Earth is. They affect each one differently, based on their Soul's Wisdom and the choices they make. Generally speaking, you may feel very tired. You may find yourself bubbling over with anger or depression or sadness when there is no “reason” for it. Others may react to you differently; you may even seem invisible to others. You might feel lost and directionless. All of these things could be going on for a long time or not at all or for a short period of time. They all have to do with your ascensional shifting.

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The Light of Kamura ~ Joanna Fay ~ 30 July 2017

Source: Heart Star

Dear All,

Today we’re updating from the Ascension Light mission of July 7-9 mentioned in this postwhich was a sacred, beautifully coordinated star family undertaking. Its completion has given birth to a new Light Tower transmitting Ascension frequencies from a planet of the star Theta Carinae in the Carina constellation, a planet returned now to its original grace and name, Kamura.

We send so much gratitude, love and mutual joy to all who took part in or assisted this undertaking in various ways, including those of you who have focused with anchoring the Light of Kamura to Earth, increasing its flow into the crystalline heart grid of Gaia and all the supporting light grids, while this new light also exposes and dissolves energies of the old ego-based grids. This is a very deep transformative process, increasing in amplification as we now transition into the Lion’s Gate period, which will peak on August 8th (8-8)….so the more who focus with inviting and anchoring through our beings as much of the newly available Ascension Light flow as possible, the better for All.

Location of Theta Carinae, home star of the planet Kamura, in the ‘Diamond Cross’
asterism of Carina, showing Crux (the Southern Cross constellation) nearby.

 Theta Carinae (photo: ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey)
The renewal of Kamura (transformation of the former ‘Set-Hades’ hub) and its restoration to a high vibrational state will continue to have a deepening effect on this region of the Milky Way galaxy and further afield. Our Solar System is receiving a wonderful, direct flow of this Love through Kamura’s sister planetary soul, Venus….radiating to Earth in a constant stream as a gift for our planet’s Shift, while rearranging  energies throughout this and other star systems. Tune in to the continuous Light flowing deep ‘behind the scenes’, and you will become attuned to how that flow is already impacting every level of our beings and the overall planetary vibration.

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Long Island Daily Meditation.....Let's Keep This Up!!

As you know, the Long Island Meditation is still on-going, daily.

With Cobra's recent update, there's all the more reason to continue participating with our full intention as Sovereign creator beings! I encourage as many as possible to please join this meditation so that we can positively contribute to steadily anchor more and more high-vibrational Light and progressively turn things around.

Daily, at 2pm UTC ~ please check for full details here.

Thank you and Namaste!

Short Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 30 July 2017

This is news to which we have been looking forward! I know it's easy to say after the fact, but I'm very certain many of us felt (or even "seen") the progressive effects of the "loving attention" (Cobra's term) that's been given to the Black Stone.

Cobra makes a reference to Peter Reed's Taiwan Conference notes (manifesting abundance), which I have already posted in April. In light of current circumstances, it's definitely worthwhile to re-visit it again.

Cobra's wit is appreciated, too....

Source: The Portal

Clearing of the Chimera group and their exotic weapons continues and big breakthroughs have been made.

A process of dehadronization of the Black Stone has begun. This simply means that the Black Stone has begun to decompose into smaller, more manageable chunks of heavy quark matter that get smaller and smaller as the Light Forces give them „loving attention“.

This will further accelerate the process of removal of remaining toplet bombs and the Yaldabaoth plasma entity.

On a Galactic scale, the healing of the remaining quantum spacetime anomaly, the last remnant of the galactic wars that raged across the galaxy for millions of years, is taking place. This means that „tortured space“ is finally being straightened out and healed and the Galactic body of the Pleroma looks healthier that ever before, and for the most of the Galaxy, the trauma of the galactic wars is completely healed.

On a planetary scale, one significant aspect of progress is the Chinese quantum teleportation link between Low Earth Orbit and the surface:


The Light Forces are very effectively using that link to clear plasma anomaly between Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and the planetary surface, accelerating the process of Compression Breakthrough.

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30 July 2017


8-8 Lion's Gate Activations ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 29 July 2017

White Wolf Journeys
Source: New Earth Central

The annual 8:8 Lion’s Gate occurs on August 8th during the time of Leo, the Lion. It is the time of year when our planet aligns with Star Sirius and the Galactic Center, creating a harmonious portal that unites “matter and antimatter”. It is a special galactic event that enhances your ability to fully embody the divine self in physical form. The powerful energies of the Lion’s Gate portal are assisting Gaia through the Gateways of Time and into the higher dimensions that are guarded by the Royal Sirian Lions of yesterday and tomorrow.

The 8-8 Lions Gate opens the ‘hallways of time’ to ancient history when Sirian Masters traveled to Earth and taught the principles of Ascension in the Mystery Schools of Egypt’s Zep Tepi civilization. They taught the lost Art of Alchemy, which they recorded on sacred scrolls, on pyramid walls and in the Halls of Amenti.

Blue Star Sirius streams the indigo blue Light codes of an advanced race of Light Beings to Gaia and humanity that initiates the path of Ascension. The Sirian Masters acted as mediators between the Galactic 12 Tribes at the Great Central Sun and the new human race of earth. The Sirian Masters introduced “Christ Consciousness” to humanity. They would stream the Crystal Light into the Pyramid complex at Giza and transmit the Codes into the Earth Grids, allowing for a peaceful and fluid transmission of divine energies.

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Long Island and Weekly Ascension Meditations ~ Reminders

** sticky until after meditations **
Coming up in just a few hours! See you later....

Long Island Meditation at 2pm UTC ~ details here.
Weekly Ascension Meditation at 4pm UTC ~ details at the fb page, or at The Portal.

29 July 2017

Making its Presence Felt.....

Who Is the Creator of Your Reality? The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie--Also Lauren Galey's Healing Retreat ~ Suzanne Lie ~ 29 July 2017

Source: Awakening With Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,
Do you have a message for me today?

Yes, we have a message for all who wish to receive it. It is not a new message, but instead a reminder message. What we wish to remind you all of is that there is always more to learn and more to remember.

We say, “learn and remember” with the intention that “learning” is something new that you have not yet experienced during your many incarnations in which you wore an earth vessel.

On the other hand, by “remember” we mean that many of you cannot remember the lives in which you did not wear a third dimensional earth body, and instead, you wore your innate fifth dimensional lightbody. The difference between your earth body and your light body is the frequency of light within the form you are wearing.

When you are wearing your innate Lightbody, you no longer need to manipulate portions of your body and breath to create words for the purpose of communication. With light body, the neural networks in your brain and articulators, which would create words which are replaced with the variations of frequency, intention and projection that your thoughts are emitted into your aura, and then into your environment.

When you are wearing your Lightbody, there are no third or fourth dimensional components of your form that would lower your frequency into a state of individuality. When you are wearing your fifth dimensional Lightbody you are “individualized” by frequency and flow of your thoughts, intentions and emotions.

These thoughts, intentions and emotions are based on the HERE and NOW, as well as the Unity consciousness of a fifth dimensional reality. There are no time markers such later, before, or when you get around to it. Once a concept enters your awareness, literally within a flash of light, it becomes a reality.

You can see why only ascended and ascending beings who have gained full control of their thoughts and emotions could embrace Light Language because any random thought or emotion would instantly become a component of the reality in which you are choosing to experience.

Yes, in a frequency of reality in which one could speak and understand Light Language everyone has complete mastery of his or her thoughts, emotions, communications, and actions. What does “Mastery” mean?

In the terms in which we are speaking, Mastery meant that they are aware that they are creating the HERE-environment and NOW-the frequency of reality that resonates to the “no time” of the fifth dimension and beyond.

“How does it work to not have a “time-bound” reality?” we hear you ask. The answer is that it has a lot to do with perspective. In a third dimensional reality, everyone believes that what he or she sees outside of his or her own bodies is NO them.

 Therefore, their concept of Self only extends to the confines of their physical form. Some of the more evolved third dimensionals (as we often call those who believe they are only third dimensional) believe that they have and Aura, which extends beyond their physical form, but in an unseen manner.

Hence, their body is limited to the third dimension, but they have a fourth dimensional aura. Their aura is largely unseen to them, but with meditation, they can begin to realize that their aura can be greatly influenced by their thoughts and emotions.

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Soul Fuel ~ Lee Harris ~ 28 July 2017

Source: Lee Harris

Remember to have contact and connection with your soul each day. This can strengthen your soul-ignited experience on Earth. You will forget to do this. You will forget to have a conversation with your soul and ask what it is you want to bring in next. You will forget to say to your soul - I am gold, I am golden. You will want to, you will like the idea of it and you might try it a few times but it is in your human nature to forget about the soul, for at this point, that is dominant in the collective consciousness. It is no mistake or error of yours, you all live in a way that feeds and informs each other. So if mass consciousness is not remembering the soul on a day to day basis, it will become quite easy for you to forget that, unless you are immersed in and around people who are practicing with the soul everyday.

- From Soul Fuel

Perfecting Your Skills as a Co-Creator ~ Archangel Michael & Ronna Star ~ August 2017

Previous months' messages can be viewed here. At the time of posting, the August message hasn't yet been uploaded to Ronna Star's site, so I'll copy the complete message below.


Beloved masters, for many years now there have been so many new inventions and scientific breakthroughs, along with an overwhelming amount of philosophical and spiritual information bombarding the minds of humanity, that the human brain can hardly absorb the countless theories and new concepts without going into overload.

You are in the midst of a monumental process – a complex procedure of choosing and manifesting your destiny for the New Age, which will gradually become your more refined, expanded reality of tomorrow. Your choices − especially the focus, clarity and power of your thoughts and actions, will determine how quickly your desires will manifest in the material world of form. It is vitally important that you learn to discipline your mind, strengthen your concentration abilities, and stay in control of your emotions and mind chatter. The gifts and opportunities or Divine dispensations that are being offered to you require / demand a corresponding strong, personal discipline, along with a high level of responsibility.      

Becoming sharply aware of your emotions and your thought patterns is a critical component within the process of cocreation, for it will determine the quality of the vibrational patterns you will send forth into your personal Twelve Ray Creator Wheel.**

The frequencies of the Seed thoughts you plant in your personal Wheel of Creation will determine the quality of what you will manifest, and they will also determine what you will experience in your everyday life – whether positive or negative. These occurrences will be your barometer as to what kind of vibrational patterns you are sending forth into the world of cause and effect. Your primary task / goal at this time is to develop a state of mindful awareness, as you move deeper and deeper into the core Seed Atom of your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind; this is where you will find all the strength and guidance you will ever need. As you develop your cocreative abilities and become more proficient in your personal mind control and visualization abilities, you will understand how important it is to constantly monitor the frequency patterns you are radiating forth out into the world. Always be mindful that you live in a world of vibrating, neutral cosmic energy – the forces of Creation – which are waiting for you to mold them into anything you can imagine. You create your own Heaven or hell. You cannot blame anyone else for the reality you are presently experiencing.
** Instructions for creating Your Personal Flower of Life Creator Wheel with illustrations can be found in our Study Manual: REFERENCE & REVELATIONS * GLOSSARY & ILLUSTRATIONS. www.StarQuestMastery.com/books. (RHV)

You are a Spark of the Divine Creator, and when you were given the gift of individualized consciousness, an awareness of your Divine, independent nature, you were encoded with a permanent Memory Seed Atom which stated: “Go forth and create worlds without end in my name.” From that time beyond remembering, you have been experimenting, striving, learning, succeeding at times and failing many times as well; yet, you have steadily made progress and are now being given an opportunity to become a full-fledged participant in the creation of a new Golden Age.

Integrating and perfecting the virtues, qualities and attributes of your many Higher Selves is a gradual process. The multitude of Sparks of your God Self contain a wealth of information, and each individual Facet has many wondrous experiences and successes to share with you, along with a great infusion of Divine love, bliss and joy. Each Seed Atom of your Higher Soul Self that you integrate will supply you with more wondrous gifts of God Consciousness: abilities, talents and wisdom beyond your wildest imagining.

It is vitally important that you learn to be a conscious, directing agent of all life forces. In order to become a proficient cocreator, you must hold an idea in your mind long enough for it to register clearly within the brain. All events and created manifestation of form are evidence of energy and mind force: the use or misuse of force. 

Remember, the breath is the conductor of the vital Life Force energy. In the years to come, humanity will understand that the breath is sacred – it is the gift of life – and you will learn to not waste it. As you inhale each breath, be aware that it is the only breath you are assured, for it may very well be your last breath. It is vitally important that you to take time to ponder on and integrate the important concepts of Creation that we are relaying to you. You, the Star Seeds, who have attained the required level of harmonious frequency patterns, are now ready to put all you have learned into practice. As you do so, those around you who are still struggling within the confines of the restrictive lower-Dimensional environment, will be awed at what you are accomplishing, and gradually they will begin to follow your example. As you are aware, teaching by example is the most effective way to get the attention of those around you. A truism from the past also applies: “By the fruits of your labor, you will be known.”


**  Become a bystander, an observer, not a participant in all the negative drama that is constantly going on around you. It is the state of your emotions that draws you into the maelstrom of negativity. If you are radiating harmonious, higher frequency patterns, you will be immune to the discordant energy around you.

**  You are in the process of expanding your conscious awareness of what is occurring around you, and so it is vitally important that you maintain a detached state of mind.  You are developing a new way of thinking, which is based on personal mental and emotional control.

** First comes Self-awareness, then Soul-consciousness, followed by Galactic-consciousness and eventually Sub-universal-consciousness. You are striving to tap into the streams of Infinite Awareness, as well as the vast Light Pyramids, which contain the Cosmic Manifest for the complete Divine Blueprint for this Sub-universal experience - a transition into a HUMAN evolutionary advancement and into the more refined frequencies of the AGE OF AQUARIUS.

**  You are also developing a heightened, controlled sensitivity to those you interact with, which includes an empathetic, but somewhat detached viewpoint. This is an integral part of developing nonjudgment. You will diligently seek, claim, and live your truth to the best of your ability. It is vitally important that you allow all others the same right.

**  Do not allow anything or anyone to disturb your serenity. Develop a high level of forbearance and sensitivity, and diligently practice being patient and slow to anger. 

**  While seeking Self-mastery, part of your testing will be that you will have to experience, overcome, and possibly even move beyond some of the trying relationships with the people in your life who are not ready or willing to move forward on the spiral of conscious Soul-awakening. Each and every Soul must choose the path they will follow. You are only responsible for your own spiritual evolution.

**  It is imperative that you do not abdicate your search for personal Spiritual-awakening and Self-mastery because of a false sense of duty or loyalty to those who are seeking to continue to draw on your energy, or because of those who demand an unreasonable amount of your attention and time.

My brave Ones, now, more than ever, you have the tools of manifestation at your fingertips. You must step out of your comfort zone, and release all that no longer serves your greatest good.  Each of you knows where this applies in your personal life – it has been staring you in the face for months and even years -- and will become even more unbearable until you finally relent and release that which is holding you back.  As you become more proficient as inspired cocreators, no longer will you focus your energy on creating the small, mundane desires of the past. You will have established a constant flow of Adamantine Particles into and throughout your physical vessel, with the remainder flowing out into the world of form. You will have programmed in the smallest detail that which you wish to manifest for your personal comfort and enjoyment. Your constant mantra will be: “All my needs and desires are fulfilled even before I realize what they are, which will always be for my greatest good and the most beneficial good for all.”

You will have meticulously outlined your path of service to humanity, which will be in perfect harmony with your Divine mission for this new era. You will have a constant, clear and beneficial connection with your resident OverSoul-Higher Self, and you will graciously and easily follow the Path of Light that ever winds higher and higher into the more refined realms of existence. Be assured that I will always guide, direct, inspire and protect you as you journey forth into the unknown. I radiate the eternal love of our Mother/Father God to each of you. I AM Archangel Michael.

​​​​​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : RonnaStar@earthlink.net​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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28 July 2017

Crytalline Grid Amplification: The Now Preparations ~ Sandra Walter ~ 27 July 2017

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our sacred passage of the August Gateway (August 3 – 25) will be stepping up in intensity as Gatekeepers unite on SUNday July 30 for a global amplification/opening for this powerful passage. Join the Unity Meditations on SUNday to connect with this activity and the highest intentions of peace, acceleration and Ascension. We welcome every heart in service to unify in this field of Pure Light to assist the global collective.

The Cosmic Trigger last SUNday, which involved the Cosmic Stargates for the third time this year, sent a massive Solar blast toward Mars. Interaction with these stargates will pick up in August. Remember this is a Universe-wide operation utilizing massive influxes of Divine Intervention and Divine LoveLight.

The Now Preparations

I AM about to begin my mostly-offline time, to focus on Gatekeeping and transformation into the next levels of embodiment. Updates will be posted as they present. It is time to go deep into transformation mode and surrender to the New. Perhaps this will inspire others to do the same. Let the Light change you; create the space for metamorphosis.

Please read on....

August 2017 Solar Eclipse & the Physical Separation of Worlds ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 27 July 2017

Source: High Heart Life

I’ve tried to write this particular article since July 16th and every time I tried to do much of anything, I’ve had to lay down and do nothing but release more, expand more and Embody more NEW higher Light and deal with the natural physical aches, pressures, pains, hot flashes and related sweating purging, and related anomalies of doing so. This severe amplification started for me on July 16th and lasted that whole week.

I assumed it was just a “tough week” and that I’d feel better the next week but these same extra intense AEP (Ascension Embodiment Process) side effects continued into the next week and are still happening as I write this today, July 27th. Some of these side effects have felt being very weak, muscle weakness, joint aches and pains, inner heat hot flashes and shock-like sweating from burning off more density, head spinning, head feeling cosmic-sized and very “spacey” from Embodying more and moving into expanded NEW space etc., linear time not being linear at all and needing to get better at dealing with that, increased anomalies happening such as small physical objects showing up in my house I didn’t buy or weren’t given to me etc., other objects disappearing for periods of time, two atomic clocks and one electric (not batteries but a plug into a wall outlet) clock all suddenly displaying different times at the same time, Seeing/seeing energies and lights and groups of lights and energies in strange clustered shapes moving through my house, and other amplified high weirdness including feeling extra strange and painful in NEW ways continues. I’m still amazed at how I can feel so empowered, increasingly sovereign and at times blissful and all beat-up physically at the same time sometimes!

All to be expected (and more) due to the ongoing Separation of Worlds happening fully in the physical level finally, which the full Solar Eclipse across the USA (Forerunner with this) in August 2017 during the Lion’s Gate has been greatly amplifying since mid-July. Things have and will continue to get increasingly intense, cause more and new physical body aches and pains for some of the Forerunners, unusual otherworldly Spherical Consciousness and reality periods for those energetically able to cope with being conscious of their multidimensionality, and increasingly confusing and frustrating for many others as greater chunks of the old lower 3D patriarchal world and reality rapidly disappears the rest of this year and beyond.

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Message from Matthew via Suzy Ward ~ 27 July 2017

Source: Matthew's Messages

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Many of you have expressed much the same as this reader: “With so much craziness and corruption in governments all over the world, it is difficult to see how we can transform our planet and its people into the New Age we envision.” We can relate to that feeling because many of us have lived in those circumstances in one civilization or another, and we also have lived in those kinds of civilizations after they had transformed their worlds into magnificence beyond your imagining. Someday it will be so on Earth.

For millennia brutality, bigotry, deception, betrayal, avarice, warring, impoverishment and ignorance blanketed the planet. Then, about 80 years ago, came light in such measure that it yanked back the cover and exposed all the ugliness. That is when the seeds of a profound learning process were sown in your world, and what you have been seeing is the clash between the “education” and the “students” who are resistant to the enlightening new courses.    

Only a comparatively few students are fighting to keep the old courses because those have let them control the world, and their resistance to the new will be their downfall. The majority of resistors are immersed in prejudice—pre-judging the unknown simply because it is different from the known—which is passed down from one generation to the next. With more education, more enlightenment, they will conquer bigotry by mastering the course of respectful loving spirit. In time, all peoples will be united in conscious and spiritual awareness, and lightworkers are leading the way.

“I have read repeatedly & from trusted sources, that there are multiple, negative ET factions waiting to capture us outside Planet Earth, where they have the technology to remove & permanently steal our souls.” There are negative, or dark, extraterrestrial civilizations, but not anywhere near Earth, and of far greater significance is this: Souls are the love-light energy of Creator, the most powerful force in the cosmos, and regardless how advanced technology may be, never will it have the capability to remove or steal a soul. Perhaps the sources of that information were giving their interpretation of the series of events in the continuum that led to Creator’s decree. Even if that is not the case, knowing what was decreed and why will help you understand the state of your world today, and I asked my mother to copy that part of a book.  

Please read on....

26th July : Galactic and Planetary New Year and the Opening of the Lion's Gate Portal ~ The Lion's Gate Diary ~ Celia Fenn

Source: Starchild Global

Today is the day when the Light Codes emanating from Hunab Ku, or the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy, initiate a New Cycle of Time. These new Light Codes also initiate the opening of the Lion's Gate Portal which allows the new Diamond Codes to enter into the Earth Grids and into our Light Bodies.

The incoming energies will continue to accelerate until they reach a climax on the 8th of August at the 8/8.

This is the day to celebrate new beginnings as we commence a new Time Cycle. It is the time to focus on what you wish to achieve and create in the next year. Take time to be with your self and listen to your soul as you feel into what you will create together.

How will you deepen your mission on Earth and your service to the Light? Keep your focus on these feelings and dreams as you journey towards the eclipse on the 7th and the Portal on the 8th.

Silence ~ Gordon Hempton

** Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything.
Gordon Hempton **

Thank you to Galactic Historian for posting this.

27 July 2017

Sacred Heart Power: For the Love of Self ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 25 July 2017

Source: Think With Your Heart

In the scheme of things, July has been such an important transition month between the purifying Pentecostal energies of June and the upcoming eclipse energies of August. In some ways it may have felt as if we’ve been feeling our way forward thru a long, dark, underground corridor, one that has all but prevented us from seeing outside of our personal processing, but the tide is turning again and we are finally catching glimpses of where we’ve been, why, and what all the struggle has been for.

With both Mars and Sun in the emoceanal realm of Cancer all month long, we’ve been called to some serious deep see diving, way down to the core of ourcellves, all in preparation for the next robust celestial events of the year: a partial lunar eclipse on 8-7, the Lion’s Gate on 8-8, and the highly anticipated total solar eclipse on 8-21, all of which takes place in Heart-powered Leo.
We create our YOUniverse each step we take toward unconditional Self LOVE.CLICK TO TWEET
While recently digging deep into our foundations/dealing with remaining core issues, we have also been simultaneously assimilating to the new/higher frequencies initiated via the June solstice gateway. Those DNA altering solar waves really cranked the universal vibe to stun…again, in preparation for the August events…and we’ve all been feeling the burn in ways that may have been difficult, but that are fervently challenging us to step into greater life experience.

These notably stronger/purer energies are the next, new normal and like always we must adjust, we must adapt & align with the frequencies by raising our own personal & biological frequency to meet them…which always amounts to dumping more inauthenticity, more mental, emotional and physical toxins in order to increase our vibration/rate of spin.

The extent to which we have been able to de-densify the first half of the year, will be relevant to the totality of liberation waiting for us in the remainder of the year, especially by way of this very unique eclipse season and the always empowering 8:8 gateway.

For those of you inquiring about when the energies will “let up”, remember that the evolutionary process is ongoing in that the energies don’t ever step down but force us to step up. Aka, the only way around is through which means a constant process of personal refinement …attuning/retuning…dialing into the new bandwidth and then dropping all that is no longer in alignment with that new/higher frequency. But once we do, once we lighten the load, integrate and acclimate, we coast again…and always in a better, purer, brighter, more creatively alive and fulfilling way.

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Interpretation for Gaia Portal ~ Disclosure News Italia ~ 26 July 2017

Source: Disclosure News Italia

Gaia Portal Stellar Connects are Accelerated. Below the Gaia Portal of July 26 2017, together with our free interpretation.

Stellar Connects are Accelerated

We could interpret the Stellar Connections in a variety of ways, one is that a multitude of Galactic Beings, as stated by Pleiades 1, are coming to Earth in this delicate phase leading us to the Event. The energy projections toward the Planet’s Physical and Astral Planes are perceived and reflected to more and more people every day, this reflection of energy through the Earth’s Energy Grid and the Earth’s Surface Population causes an acceleration/numeric increase in Connections and, as a consequence, toward the Events.

A second interpretation of the Star Connections could also refer to the Eclipse, Lunar and Solar, occurring in August, where, through two distinct meditations, there will be a powerful acceleration of the connection to the Moon, in the case of the Lunar Eclipse, and the Galaxy Center, in the case of the Solar Total Eclipse of August 21st.

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26 July 2017

Stellar Connects are Accelerated ~ Gaia Portal ~ 26 July 2017

Source: Gaia Portal

Stellar Connects are accelerated.
Serenities of the Higher Light experienced in full.
Higher Guideds lead the way.
Flowers of Lights come forth.

The Lion's Gate Diary ~ Celia Fenn ~ 25 July

Source: Starchild Global

25th July : The Day out of Time. Today is the day to celebrate the "Day out of Time", and to honor Jose Arguelles who helped us to remember the Sacred Mayan Calendar.

The Day out of time is that moment when the old cycle has completed and the new is yet to begin.

It is a time within the "void" and the emptiness, but filled with possibility and potential.  It is like being in the womb, between death and infinity and the process of rebirth.  It is a magical and joyous time in which to celebrate the ongoing spirals of life and creation.
It is also a good time to consider what might be left behind and released as you move forward into the new cycle of time.

Remember that in the Fourth Dimension Time is experienced as a fluid quantum wave, and this is the moment when you prepare yourself to catch the incoming wave that lifts you through the Lion's Gate and into a higher level of conscious experience.  As Jose Arguelles would have said, now is the time to prepare to surf the "Zuvaya "or quantum Light wave from the "Hunab Ku" or Galactic Center , that will create another cycle of experience for us in 2017/2018..

Consciousness of Love ~ Kryon through Lee Carroll ~ January 2017

Image: Comos Magazine

Consciousness of Love

From Kryon Live Channelling, "Five Deceptions of the Old Energy"
January 2017 in Salt Lake City, UT

The center of the Universe has a consciousness of love that is the Creative Source and it lives within you every day. Can you smile with that?

~ KRYON through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

Holy Moly.....

Heart Math Institute
Thank you all for helping me monitor these readingsđź’–

Planetary New Year and Lion's Gate ~ Celia Fenn and Claudia Pureco ~ Charlotte View Radio Show ~ 21 July 2017

Please access the audio here.

Here's the given description:

Celia Fenn and Charlotte View invite you to our fourth episode of our 2017 Planetary Activation Series: Planetary New Year (Jul 25) and Lion's Gate (8/8)

During these Planetary Activation Shows Celia explains the current position of the planets and stars and how they affect our lives. On each date we welcome Archangel Michael's Energy Activation in relation to the cosmos

The energies of July have built up preparing the road to a major acceleration as we enter the Planetary New Year of July 26th preceded by the Day of Out Time (july 25th). We will reach a climactic point in August at the Lion’s Gate and the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in Leo, especially the Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August, when Celia Fenn will be back on Charlotte View Quantum Network for a special activation.

Celia Fenn is a Channel for Archangel Michael and a Spiritual Facilitator, Writer and Speaker/Performer, and the Founder of Starchild Global. She travels the world to work with groups of people, working with the energies of Archangel Michael, the Elohim Angels, the Councils of Light, as well as the Cetaceans, to bring information about the transformation and ascension of the planet, the Christ Consciousness and the Diamond Codes, the significance of the Grail Codes and the Sacred Heart, and the work of the Indigo and Crystal and Diamond Star Children at this time. She also runs the Star Shaman School of Shamanic Studies online, and offers online webinar courses on Spiritual evolution, and the relationship between Spirituality and Creativity. Private sessions are also offered by Celia on a limited basis.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CeliaFenn


The Power of Sound ~ Galactic Historian ~ 24 July 2017

** I walk the path of the Ancient Ones, Nature is my church **

Source: Galactic Historian

SUN and GAIA urge you to dream, to embrace beauty, to love with no limits, to expand your heart chakra to fill the Universe, to drench everyone and everything with your over flowing chalice of Light.

There is so much love and expansion here for you!

Everything and everybody vibrates with a certain frequency. Every vibration has its sound, (the majority of them are not in the range of human hearing) and sound creates material form supported with power of intention.

Our Thoughts and Emotions also Vibrate/Pulsate,in the form of electromagnetic waves and they also have their own Sound and Image, which shapes our material reality. By knowing these facts we can always change our life, and give it a more dignified and enchanting shape.

The Power of Sound is an amazing creative force, which has been used from ancient times, and is also the oldest way of healing.Ancient cultures understood the power sound has on the Human Body. Through chanting and drumming, ancient man used sacred music to balance Physical, Mental and Spiritual Energies.

The Multiverse can be thought of as a Giant Symphony of Sound, with each Entity represented by a unique Sound. You can see The Source/The ONENESS in the order and harmony of the Multiverse. Geometry is “God” himself. The Multiverse is a musical instrument and everything in it is Vibrating/Pulsating in tune with the larger things that contain it.

-with much Love and Appreciation ,GH Team

August Eclipses "Love Signal" ~ Ada Shaw, Prepare For Change ~ 24 July 2017

There will be two Eclipses coming up in August, with corresponding global guided meditations being held. The potential power of these two days are further augmented by the Full Moon occurring during the Lunar Eclipse, and a New Moon during the Total Solar Eclipse. Makes me feel that this is divinely guided.... definitely perfect opportunities for us to create the catalyst for massive change!

Date & Time:
Lunar Eclipse: 7 August at 18:20 UTC
Total Solar Eclipse: 21 August at 18:25 UTC

There'a a guided meditation in English (here), or just the music alone (here). For now, there's only the English version but other languages will be available when they are ready.

The synchronised Meditation will also be available at prepareforchange.coeo.cc.

For all the details, please visit Prepare For Change.

24 July 2017

Message from Spirit for Today ~ Judy Satori ~ 24 July 2017

Source: Judy Satori

Here is a message from Spirit for today...24 July...

Waves of energy are coming in to prepare us for the 8.8 Lion's Gate opening on the 8th of August. At this time we will all be individually and collectively ushering in something new, both for ourselves personally and for others.

The word here is just BE with what is...RELAX and let go into LOVE...

When we disconnect from our preconceived ideas of what is possible, Miracles and Magic can begin.

So Spirit say to set that intention..."I accept miracles and magic in my life". And so it IS.

I arrive in Ladakh on the 8th of August, so I wonder what is in store! Thank you to all of you who have given feedback about the Breaking Through the Limitation Matrix audio.


Cosmic Dates and Events

Revel Wallpapers
We've got all these events happening:

New Moon ~ 23 July
Day Out of Time ~ 25 July
Galactic New Year ~ 26 July
Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon ~ 7 August
Lion's Gate ~ 8 August
Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon ~ 21 August.

We're in a very powerful period that's full of potential.

How to Jump Timelines ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 23 July 2017

Source: High Heart Life

To talk about jumping or switching timelines we first need to talk about different frequencies and different layers of frequencies. Think of energy vibrating at different frequencies, different rates of vibration and speed. View the image above and the different colors of each frequency band of energy in it.

Now think of how lower, dense, negative thoughts and emotions like fear, hatred, violence, warring, greed, corruption, negative ego, lying, manipulating people, deception, self-deception and hundreds of other low vibe, low-frequency thoughts, emotions and actions exist within the lowest, most dense of these different bands of frequency, such as the old Earth and world reality we all incarnated into. When we have any lower frequency thoughts, emotions or actions we automatically become energetically, vibrationally aligned with that same low-frequency world and matching external reality. When we have higher frequency thoughts, emotions and actions we’re automatically energetically, vibrationally aligned with matching higher frequency Earth world(s) and realities. When Forerunners Pathpave we’re aiming for, aligning with and anchoring ourselves within the highest frequency Ascension Earth world(s) and doing this causes all lower frequency worlds and people in them that are an energetic and consciousness match with them to increasingly exit from our reality. They don’t disappear from our higher view and perception, we’re just no longer energetically, vibrationally bound to them through being a frequency match with them.

If I want to jump timelines and go to a lower frequency one than I’m in now, then I would intentionally focus on lower, dense issues, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and/or actions, mine or other people’s. By doing this it’s very easy and almost instantaneous now in 2017, to drop out of a higher frequency and matching location down into a lower one or ones. You “fall” in other words, either intentionally or unintentionally and for whatever the reason(s) may be in that moment for you.

Please read on....

Being Still ~ Eckhart Tolle

** You are never more fully yourself than when you are still inside.    Eckhart Tolle **

The Lion's Gate Diary ~ Celia Fenn ~ 23 July 2017

Celia Fenn will be providing energy updates for this key period leading up to the August Solar Eclipse. Please check the link below periodically in case I forget to post them here :)

Source: Starchild Global

23rd July : New Moon in Leo
Today the sun moves into Leo and we also have the New Moon in Leo.  This is a time to go within and to start the process of letting go of the old and sowing the seeds of the new cycle of Manifestation and Creation.  Use this deep and quiet time to really consider what you wish to create in this next cycle of Time Flow.  You are the creator of your own reality, and in the 4th Dimension you are also a Master of Time.  Use your ability to focus intention for the incoming cycle.  You can call on the Royal Lion's of Sirius to guide you to the Portal and assist you to move across into a higher level of conscious creation on your new Time Line/Spiral.

You may find the energies quite difficult right now as the frequencies accelerate on the Timeline.  Many people may be feeling tired as they adjust to the new frequencies.  Also, you may feel headaches, nausea and dizziness.  All  the symptoms that indicate Time/Space upgrade.  In this time it is really important to take it SLOW!  The higher the frequency, the slower you need to go!  It is one of those spiritual paradoxes.  Rest, relax, don't rush anything!  There is plenty of time.  Eat good food, sleep as much as you need to and drink lots of water.  Stretching exercises and yoga are also good, as is walking in nature and enjoying the sunshine.  Be at Peace with yourself and your world!

Solar Killshot Erupts....At Mars ~ Suspicious 0bservers ~ 23 July 2017

I'm no expert, but somehow I just feel strongly that we can still feel the effects here even though the Solar flares are not Earth-facing. And again, Astrology isn't my thing at all, but I'm thinking that this will trigger people into erupting in rage, or more precisely, be on the war-path.

Please watch the video here.

Total Solar Eclipse: 21 August 2017 ~ Arbre Solaire ~ 23 July 2017

Please view this short video here.

23 July 2017

Long Island & Weekly Ascension Meditations

Long Island Meditation details here
Weekly Ascension Meditation ~ details at the fb page, or at The Portal.

8-8 Lion's Gate Lunar Eclipse ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 22 July 2017

Lion’s Gate 8:8 by Ellen McDonough of www.PlacesofLight.com
Source: New Earth Central

The Sun moved into the fiery, passionate sign of Leo today, Saturday, July 22nd. We also see star Sirius rising every morning on the horizon with the Sun. The annual 8:8 Lion’s Gate occurs on August 8th and is the time of year when our planet aligns with Star Sirius and the Galactic Center, creating a harmonious portal that unites “matter and antimatter”.

Leo is the sign of the ‘heart center’ and signifies the personal individuation of your Divinity, as the dormant Soul DNA awakens and activates in your human energy field. During this event a Stargate is fully opened, streaming intense Light waves from the Great Central Sun, through our Sun, The Star Sirius, the Earth Grid Point of the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid of Giza. When the Sun is conjunct Star Sirius it creates a Solar Stargate that pours Solar Star Codes for mastery and ascension directly from Sirius.

The annual 8-8 Lion’s Gate portal is a pivotal Cosmic Ascension event, as humanity and Gaia are thrust through the Lion’s Gate portal into the higher realms. Every being on the planet will be offered the choice to align with the original, divine Law of One.

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