28 July 2017

26th July : Galactic and Planetary New Year and the Opening of the Lion's Gate Portal ~ The Lion's Gate Diary ~ Celia Fenn

Source: Starchild Global

Today is the day when the Light Codes emanating from Hunab Ku, or the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy, initiate a New Cycle of Time. These new Light Codes also initiate the opening of the Lion's Gate Portal which allows the new Diamond Codes to enter into the Earth Grids and into our Light Bodies.

The incoming energies will continue to accelerate until they reach a climax on the 8th of August at the 8/8.

This is the day to celebrate new beginnings as we commence a new Time Cycle. It is the time to focus on what you wish to achieve and create in the next year. Take time to be with your self and listen to your soul as you feel into what you will create together.

How will you deepen your mission on Earth and your service to the Light? Keep your focus on these feelings and dreams as you journey towards the eclipse on the 7th and the Portal on the 8th.

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