14 July 2017

A Small Fragment of Solara's June 2017 Surf Report

I was so sure I had already posted this, but just realised I didn't. I'll copy the entire article here because it will be removed from Solara's site once July's is out (the free version). Solara's story gave me Soul-bumps.

Source: The NVisible


    Last month brought us a powerful infusion of the New Reality of AN. This has opened the floodgates of the New Reality of AN. The Activation of the Tower of Light of AN in late May flung open our access into previously unseen Worlds within Worlds. This has triggered a profound RESET that is more fully aligning us with the Blueprint of the New Reality.

    Many of us entered the month of June feeling a lot like the Incredible Hulk. We had just experienced such an amazing expansion of our beings that the seams of our old clothes had split apart and were falling off of us. We can no longer cover up who we really are. And we have grown too large to fit into our old perceptions, old limitations, old activities, old jobs, duality-based relationships and old lives.

    Many people think that the Ultra Greater Reality and the New Reality are interchangeable terms and realities, but they are not the same at all. The New Reality cannot be birthed directly into duality. First, we had to bring to Earth the frequency band of the Ultra Greater Reality ~ a supra normal reality beyond duality.

    The main purpose of the 11:11 Activations from 1992 - 2012 was to create a Zone of Overlap between two totally different evolutionary spirals ~ that of duality and Oneness. With every 11:11 Activation, the energy of the Ultra Greater Reality became stronger. Finally in 2015, the Ultra Greater Reality was strong enough so we could start manifesting the New Reality into the physical at Heart of AN in Peru.

    The New Reality is completely new; it hasn't been on the planet before. It is full of LOVE beyond measure, unbridled CREATIVITY, absolute TRUENESS, great BEAUTY and contains the long missing element of PERSONAL FULFILLMENT where our Wildest Dreams can finally manifest on the physical.

    The Ultra Greater Reality has been here since 1992 and is much more neutral than the New Reality. The Ultra Greater Reality is still here, only now it is infused with the New Reality of AN. This infusion of the New Reality is what enables increasing numbers of us to now unhook ourselves from duality and reweave ourselves as True Ones into True Lives.

    In June, it's again time to take a clear look at our lives. What are we doing now? Are we returning to our expired, duality-based responses and activities? Are we lamenting the ever worsening world situation in a state of grief or numbness? Are we in permanent reaction mode like a puppet whose strings are being constantly pulled? Or are we now putting our full focus on openly being True Ones living True Lives? The Bottom Line is: Are we feeding duality or anchoring the New Reality?

    If we're still feeding duality, it's really time to cut the cords, all the cords, even the most comfortable, well worn ones, even the shimmery, glamorous ones. The tide of duality is on its way out and we really don't want to be swept away with it.

    If we're still clinging to the perceived comfort of our familiar old lives in duality, than we might realize that there is absolutely nothing more comfortable, or that fits us better, than living our Trueness in the New Reality of AN.

    Things will continue to get increasingly worse in the outer world until WE, both individually and collectively, decide that "Enough is Enough!" and pull the plug out of duality. That is what will trigger the Great Shift we've been waiting for and that's why duality is still around. When enough of us willingly remove the threads of our beings from the Tapestry of Duality, it won't be able to hold itself together. And when enough of us reweave the threads of our beings into the Tapestry of the New True Reality, it will become our predominant reality on planet Earth.

    The more we live our Trueness, the more we sing in star language as we do our daily tasks or walk in nature, the more we nourish the sacred in every moment, the more we see the Unseen, the more will the illusory energies of duality dissipate. We will be anchoring the New Reality with every breath we make.


         A Story from the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN:

        Two days before the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN, we had an afternoon full of various work parties to tend to practical details that needed to be done before the Ceremony. My group's task was to wash the crystals and special rocks which people had brought from their various countries as offerings for the new land. To do this, we sat outside in a circle in a beautiful natural area. We each had a plastic basin of water in front of us.

        Each crystal and rock was washed individually, one at a time. The person who had brought it would begin by dipping it in their basin of water while singing to it in star language, then pass it on to the next person who repeated the process. Many stones were being passed around in this manner at the same time, so we were all constantly singing, washing, passing the stones.

        Shortly after we started doing this, the energies dramatically shifted and we moved into a pure, timeless world which we had long forgotten, but instantly knew so well. This was a pure, timeless world where activities like washing crystals while singing in star language was a normal occurrence. We were all filled with silent wonder to suddenly find ourselves in this pure, timeless world, while also fully present in the HERE and NOW at the Heart of AN. EVERYTHING BECAME ULTRA REAL....

        We all experienced a powerful activation in our cellular memory banks of these Original True Worlds ~ so long forgotten, yet so profoundly familiar. These Original True Worlds aren't from previous lifetimes or simultaneous, parallel worlds; they are our natural state of being. They are the quintessence of ancient worlds that served as the seeds or templates for manifestation of Pure True Love on the physical plane.

        Now that everything is going through the Great Sieve of Trueness, all the false layers of distortion are being removed until only the pure true essence remains. At the same time, the New Reality of AN is becoming ever more visible. More people are seeing and feeling it for the first time. This is why the Original True Worlds have now begun to merge with the New Reality, as it was ever meant to be. This is what happened when we were washing the crystals....

        This intersection of the New Reality with the Original True Worlds is what enabled us to flip the switch and activate the Tower of Light of AN. These Worlds within Worlds had to start merging before this could happen. Now, the seeds of the Original True Worlds are descending into the center of the Tower of Light of AN like falling stars and from there, the enriched New Reality is spreading outwards.

        The rediscovery of the Original True Worlds which are now merging into the New Reality gives us a major key of how to live on Earth in a state of Trueness. There is an eternal part of us who never left these worlds and who still resides there. This is the part of us who already knows how to live in the New Reality. This is our true nature.

        By connecting with our original true nature, we can discover sacred songs of creation that we didn't know that we carried within us. These songs of creation can be used to bring the Earth back to its natural state of wholeness.

    This is a small fragment of Solara's complete JUNE 2017 SURF REPORT. The Full June Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: The May 2017 Review, The Ultra Greater Reality and the New Reality, The Original True Worlds, Anchoring the New Reality and the June 2017 Overview.

    Solara's Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription for $11 per month in English, German, Russian and Spanish at the Nvisible Mercado: NVISIBLE MERCADO.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!
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