26 July 2017

August Eclipses "Love Signal" ~ Ada Shaw, Prepare For Change ~ 24 July 2017

There will be two Eclipses coming up in August, with corresponding global guided meditations being held. The potential power of these two days are further augmented by the Full Moon occurring during the Lunar Eclipse, and a New Moon during the Total Solar Eclipse. Makes me feel that this is divinely guided.... definitely perfect opportunities for us to create the catalyst for massive change!

Date & Time:
Lunar Eclipse: 7 August at 18:20 UTC
Total Solar Eclipse: 21 August at 18:25 UTC

There'a a guided meditation in English (here), or just the music alone (here). For now, there's only the English version but other languages will be available when they are ready.

The synchronised Meditation will also be available at prepareforchange.coeo.cc.

For all the details, please visit Prepare For Change.

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