14 July 2017

Breaking Through the Limitation Matrix ~ Judy Satori ~ 14 July 2017

This is a follow-up transmission to "Opening to the New You", and you can listen to it at Judy Satori's site (it's on the right panel).

Here's what Judy has to say about this latest transmission:

Most of us have perceived limitations that frustrate us and that we feel are somehow holding us back in life. We wish we knew what to do to rise above these feelings of being “stuck” that appear to act like a barrier to our advancement.

Some of us have an in-built reaction of always getting sick just when we are about to break through into what we really want to create, or getting depressed, or creating accidents that stop us in our tracks.

We give up on our own highest good in various emotionally and physically painful ways.

Spirit say that this limitation is an illusion and that we are living out a set of beliefs about ourselves that arise at the level of karmic trauma held within the monad.
So let’s test this theory!

Breaking through the Limitation Matrix is a 10 minute audio track that removes a barrier of limitation at the level of the Monad, the soul group that we incarnate through from the time of our separation as an individuated “spark” of the divine from the Godhead.

Each monad is comprised of a group of 144 souls. Each monad or soul group is created with a unique energy signature and reason for being. As human beings we remain linked into this overriding energy matrix. We are affected by the experiences in our soul group and we share a commonality and reason for being.

I have come to realize that it is not just our own past life karmic experiences that affect our lives today, it is also the combined energy effect of the monad that we incarnate through.

It’s easy to use. The 10 minute audio explains about and delivers the energy. You can go back and just listen to the energy part to repeat three times at one session for seven consecutive days. Write down how you feel each day. That’s it. Simple! Leave your feedback on Facebook.

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